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Short Description Outsourcer verified completion of work Scientific articles for the general public
Job Type777 Translation
Languages pairs English to Polish
General Fields Science
Social Sciences
Specific Fields
Environment & Ecology
Energy / Power Generation
Astronomy & Space
Volume 500000 words
Date completed Dec 2011
Keywords astronomy, space, research, development, science, medicine, European Union, Framework Program, social sciences, archeology, chemistry, nanotechnology, environment, cooperation
Comment Translation of articles about various innovation, research and development projects co-funded by the European Union. More than 40.000 words each month for more than three years now. The articles are swarming with very specialized vocabulary from many different fields: astronomy, physics, agriculture, medicine, chemistry, ecology, social sciences, linguistics, pedagogy, etc. Consequently, each article requires quite a lot of searching, not only on Internet but also in expert publications and specialized dictionaries - sometimes I even need to contact professionals (for example my doctor) to find the right term. Demanding and time consuming but quite interesting and very developing work.
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Dec 24, 2013 10:27 GMT
Outsourcer Elena Rista

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