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ProZ.com advertising options provide tools and opportunities for vendors to engage in a dialog with the ProZ.com community that leads to increased market presence, brand awareness and direct sales of vendors' products. Vendors can engage in a dialog using any of the industry leading, exclusive and measurable opportunities at ProZ.com.

ProZ.com's virtual conferences offer vendors one of the most innovative and cost effective mechanisms to engage in a dialog with translation professionals.

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ProZ.com's 2010 virtual conference by the numbers:

  • 15,000 registered and 10,000+ attended during the 12 hour live event
  • Over 50,000 booth visits
  • Over 30,000 webcast views
  • 35,000 downloads of vendor white papers and product briefs

The ROI for the virtual conference was tremendous. We had significant traffic to our virtual booth, and welcomed the opportunity to present Logoport, our hosted translation productivity solution, to the ProZ.com community.
Marcus Casal, Lionbridge's Director of Community Integration.

ProZ.com's virtual conference was the first virtual event for Across Systems. At first, we were really skeptical, but in the end we were overwhelmed by the leads we generated and the great support from the people at ProZ.com. Being part of this event allows exhibitors to gain great exposure with little effort and relatively little expense. This event format offers a superb value, especially in this time of marketing budget cuts and the freezing of travel expenses.
Heike Nock, Across Systems Inc., Marketing Manager

I really felt like a part of a big–and what a great!–community. It was a nice break from my daily work to be able to attend a global conference with interesting presentations. It should become a translators' day tradition.
attendee Camilla Larsen

I looked at the list: simply everyone is there: old acquaintances and new persons.
attendee Zsuzsanna Vajdovics

ProZ.com’s virtual event provided a fantastic opportunity to meet a huge number of customers and prospects in one day. We had over 4,000 visitors to our virtual stand and we were able to offer help as well as show case our newest products. To staff the equivalent booth at an in-person conference would require at least 10 people for few days, which would cost in excess of $20,000. We are looking forward to ProZ.com’s 2010 virtual conferences.
Massimo Ghislandi, SDL Trados Marketing Director, Field Marketing

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