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To connect your products with the worlds largest network of language professionals, request a quote or contact:

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Drew at proz dot com
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HTML Emails

HTML and text emails can be targeted by geographic location as well as based on demographic variables. An email can be targeted to site users based on geography (users based in Italy only) or demographic variables such as: freelancers versus agencies, years experience, CAT tool experience, field of expertise, language pair and more.


Pay per 1,000 emails (CPM)

  • Advertiser pays a flat fee for every 1,000 emails sent
  • Freelance translator emails are priced at $50.00 per 1,000 emails sent
  • LSP/Agency emails ads are priced at $75.00 per 1,000 emails sent
  • For example, $500 = 10,000 freelance translator emails OR 6,666 LSP/Agency emails
  • All emails require a minimum $500 spending commitment


Client must provide completed HTML document for email delivery in a single file with all images hosted on clients servers. Max 500KB. File size and a subject line of no more than 100 characters. Clients HTML email will be delivered wrapped in a ProZ.com template from advertising@proz.com. If client is unable to provide complete HTML, they can provide copy in the form of a text document along with images, and ProZ.com will format the HTML email from the client's text, however a production fee of $100 may apply. ProZ.com will run email through a spam filter and test delivery prior to sending. Client will have an opportunity for final approval prior to sending. ProZ.com reserves the right to deliver to a small sample to determine if there is a large unsubscribe effect observed with client email delivery. All email delivery via ProZ.com is on a pre-pay basis, and email delivery start date will begin once completed banners and initial payment is received.

Translators Monthly Marketplace mailer

Each month ProZ.com will send a Translators Monthly Marketplace email to over 100,000 ProZ.com users. Email contains 12 advertisers and offers a low cost means to reach a large segment of the ProZ.com community via email. Opportunity is perfect for software vendors, new products, agencies looking to hire, conferences and more. Advertisers can purchase follow-up direct email delivery to those users that clicked on their ad. Reach a wide audience and then follow up with direct targeted messaging to users that have expressed an interest in your product.

  • $500 per month
  • 100,000+ recipients
  • 12 clients per month limit – must be booked/paid in advance
  • Includes logo (150 pixels wide, 72 DPI) with hyperlink back to site of your choice and 360 characters of text including spaces (strictly enforced)

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