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جمعيات الترجمة الدولية: دروس مستفادة
International translator associations: Lessons learned

Date and time: 16:10-16:30, Sunday, 25 April, 2010
NOTE: This session has already been held

Room: Valencia


تغطي هذه الكلمة القصيرة تجربة المتحدث مع عضوية الجمعية الأمريكية للمترجمين، حيث يتناول أنواع العضوية ومتطلباها والتزاماتها، كما يتعرض لفوائد عضوية هذه الجمعية بالنسبة للمقيمين في الولايات المتحدة مقارنة بغيرهم، مع إلقاء الضوء على تأهيل الجمعية واختباراتها خاصة أزواج لغات العربية/الإنجليزية، كما يتناول المتحدث مؤتمر الجمعية السنوي وأهميته القصوى.

This short talk will cover the speaker’s experience with ATA membership. Membership types, requirements, and obligations will be covered. The talk will take a look at ATA membership benefits from the perspective of a US resident in comparison to non-US residents. ATA certification and exams will be addressed focusing on the Arabic/English language pairs. Arabic language presence in the all important ATA Annual Conference will also be reviewed.
Language: Arabic

Alaa Zeineldine

Bio: Alaa Zeineldine is an ATA certified Arabic/English translator. Alaa holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken. He graduated from Alexandria University in 1975 to serve as a Computer instructor in the Air Defense Academy. His work as a software engineer then took him from Egypt to Britain and finally to the US, where he worked for AT&T, DEC, Compaq, and HP. Alaa cultivated his interest in language and translation as a pastime alongside his software engineering career, until he finally decided to leave HP in 2003 to work as a fulltime freelance translator focusing on technical translation. He now works mostly from Alexandria, Egypt. Alaa is currently involved with the ATA ad-hoc committee working on establishing an English>Arabic certification exam. He had also served for six years as a moderator. member: Alaa Zeineldine

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