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A noble profession: The human face of translation

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Conference speakers

Maya Hess Gwenydd Jones Gala Gil Amat Robin Joensuu
Helen Shepelenko Camilla Ferard Erik Hansson Irene Koukia
Jørgen A. Andersen John Richard Stokbak Sciaba Tanya Quintieri João Roque Dias
Anna Frandsen Inga Michaeli Oleg Rudavin Erik Mattsson
Caterina Saccani Elisabet Tiselius Judy Petersen Ola Persson

Maya Hess (United States), Red T (CEO and founder of Red T)
Bio: Maya Hess is the founder and CEO of Red T, a US-based non-profit organization that advocates worldwide on behalf of translators and interpreters in high-risk settings. As a forensic linguist, Maya provided language support and expert witness services in many high-profile terrorism trials and experienced firsthand how vulnerable members of this profession can be. She holds an M.A. in Journalism from New York University, a Graduate Certificate in Terrorism Studies from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, as well as an M. Phil. and Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from the City University of New York.

Web site:


Gwenydd Jones (Spain)
Bio: Gwenydd Jones is a freelance Spanish-to-English translator and translator trainer. She has two MAs, the first in Translation Studies and the second in Legal Translation, in addition to the DipTrans (CIOL). A full-time freelancer for nearly 10 years, Gwenydd specialises in legal and business translation. You can read her blog and discover her translation courses at

Web site: profile: Gwenydd Jones


Gala Gil Amat (Spain)
Bio: Gala Gil Amat is a marketing advisor helping businesses communicate marketing messages across different cultures and technology platforms. Thanks to her background in language communication and translation, she helps brands connect with their audience in different cultures through social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. As a marketing mentor and speaker, she also empowers translators to utilize the power of digital marketing. Selected as one of the top 100 Social Media Experts to follow on Twitter, you can find out more about her at:

Web site: profile: transgalator


Robin Joensuu (Germany)
Bio: Robin Joensuu is an English into Swedish translator mainly working in the fields of IT, telecom, marketing, and engineering. He holds a Master of Arts in Literature, Culture and Media (Lund University), and has studied various additional university courses in different ways related to his line of work.

As primary reviewer for a major virtualization software company, and later as an in-house vendor for a renowned American IT company, where he spent his days pointing out translators’ mistakes as diplomatically as possible, Robin has collected a set of strategies that he more than willingly shares.

Web site: profile: Robin Joensuu


Helen Shepelenko (Ukraine),
Bio: Helen Shepelenko is a staff member working out of the site’s office in Kharkiv, Ukraine. As the manager of’s training area, Helen oversees the recruitment of new site trainers, and reviews proposals and suggestions for courses offered through the platform.

Web site: profile: Helen Shepelenko


Camilla Ferard (United Kingdom)
Bio: Camilla has been working as a freelance translator since 2008 and runs her own company “Amalia Translations Limited” in London. She specializes in technical (with a specific interest in aviation) and legal translation, working from French, Spanish and German into English and her theoretical interest focusses around the application of cognitive linguistics to translation training.

In 2009 she was awarded an MA in “Applied Translation Studies” from London Metropolitan University. Her dissertation focused on the progressive dominance of English in the annual reports of the European Central Bank. She used a cognitive linguistic approach to argue for the importance of maintaining a multilingual and multicultural EU and her work was published by the translation magazine Jostrans the same year:

In 2015 she completed an MSc in “Scientific, Technical and Medical Translation with Translation Technology” at Imperial College London. Again, her dissertation focused on the application of cognitive linguistics, but this time in the technical field, arguing that this approach can help find a way out of the objectivist/subjectivist dichotomy by showing how technical translation is both grounded in physical and bodily reality but also subject to cultural constraints.

Camilla is involved in numerous CPD activities and has been a frequent attendee at European translation conferences since 2011. She is always keen to hear the new ideas and approaches of fellow translators and believes that translators need to work together to boost the status of the translation industry. Her contention is that, while practical experience is essential, translators also need to have a good grounding in translation theory since this provides the raw material from which to set out and explore new territory. profile: Camilla Ferard


Erik Hansson (Germany)
Bio: Erik is a native Swede living in Germany since the beginning of the 1990s. He is a professional translator for German into Swedish and specialized in technical areas such as general engineering, electronics, renewable energy and automation.

As one of the founding members of the German translation association DVÜD e.V, his main objective is to improve the professional awareness among colleagues.

Next to these activities, Erik is an active contributor on Twitter and also the founder and moderator of the well-known Facebook group Things Translators Never Say which was chosen as the most popular Facebook page in the Community Choice Awards in 2014 and 2015.

Web site: profile: Erik Hansson


Irene Koukia (Greece), Metafrasma (Technical Translator & Trainer)
Bio: Irene Koukia is a freelance Translator, Trainer and Business Coach. She worked as an International Travel Consultant for 20 years and used to teach at IEK Naxos in the Hotel F&B Department. She became a translator only in 2008, but she managed to grow her business successfully on her own, implementing managerial and marketing skills obtained through her former occupation. She obtained a certificate in Translation in 2010 and became a certified Business Coach in 2015. She is currently studying Business Administration at the Hellenic Open University, aiming for an academic career in the future. Today she is making a living as a Freelance Translator & Trainer and she also a Tutor at Metafrasi School of Translation and a member of STEMG for Simplified Technical English.

Web site: profile: Irene Koukia


Jørgen A. Andersen (Denmark)
Bio: Lawyer-Linguist; many years of experience within the Court of Justice of the European Union
and as a free-lance translator. As a lawyer, extensive experience in all common fields of law. profile: Jørgen A. Andersen


John Richard Stokbak Sciaba (Norway)
Bio: John Richard Stokbak Sciabà is a certified interpreter and translator of Norwegian, English and Spanish. He also holds a science degree and a law degree from the University of Oslo. He is a founding member of the Norwegian Interpreters Association, which he headed for ten years, a former board member of the Norwegian Association of Government Authorized Translators and a member of the Norwegian Association of Lawyers. In his 29-year career he has worked extensively for Norwegian authorities and courts, as well as for European bodies. He is passionate about conditions for quality interpreting.


Tanya Quintieri (Czech Republic), Mrs. Divi (The Outsourcing Freelancer)
Bio: Freelancer at Mrs. Divi, awarded Mentor (ProZ), organizer of events for translators and interpreters. Certified translator (CoC) for German and English, specialized in marketing and transcreation. Mentor and mentee, blogger and digital native.

Being a committed entrepreneur, I love to share my knowledge and experience gained in more than 17 years of successful freelancing. I have been invited to speak at conferences, barcamps and universities throughout Europe. My favorite topics are young professionals, social media marketing (always challenging its effectiveness), corporate identity, cooperation opportunities for freelancers, as well as customer acquisition and—much more important!—customer retention.

In my free time, I love to cook (I’m a gourmet foodie) and dance salsa. My favorite pastime is spending time with my family and loved ones. I’d prefer a good TED talk over regular TV any time, which explains why I don’t even own a TV set.

Web site: profile: Tanya Quintieri


João Roque Dias (Portugal), JRDias
Bio: Mechanical Engineer and Technical Translator. Undertaken various duties in engineering, consulting and construction companies in Portugal, Israel, Denmark, United States, Bermuda, Angola and Mozambique. Member of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM International). Independent translator since 1989. Corresponding Member of the American Translators Association (ATA) since 1993. Certified Translator (CT) by the ATA (English-Portuguese). ATA Accreditation Exams Grader from 1994 until 2001. Member of the International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters (IAPTI) and Head of its Portugal Chapter. Vice-chair of the Organizing Committee of contrapor2006 – 1st Portuguese Translation Conference, Scientific Advisor and speaker at the 2007, 2009 and 2010 TRADULÍNGUAS Translation Conferences (Lisbon, Portugal). Keynote Speaker at the 3rd ABRATES International Translation and Interpreting Conference (2010, Porto Alegre, Brazil) and at the Powell River International Translators Conference (2013, Powell River, BC, Canada). Invited speaker at several translator meetings in Argentina, Brazil, Czech Republic, France, Israel, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, and the United States. Trainer of Mechanical Engineering Translation and Professional Development for Translators. Author of several articles and glossaries related to technical translation and mechanical engineering. João’s professional website is at and he tweets about everything technically translated at @PORTranslation.

Web site: profile: João Roque Dias


Anna Frandsen (United States)
Bio: When Anna is not translating, she also works as a Research Nurse. Simply translating is no longer sufficient. Her medical expertise comes from on-the-floor, real time, daily action solving and researching real medical problems and reacting on the spot to the urgent needs of sick people. The pressure of wanting to solve said problems the best that she can is a constant source of motivation to read, study and search for new methods, new ideas and new techniques.

Anna Frandsen is by nature a translator. An American citizen with Spanish residency, her translating practice represents her wide-ranging experiences globally, and her success at bridging language, cultural, and professional divides between companies and clients, organizations and constituents, and between individuals.

Natively fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, Anna is currently working on her PhD in Nursing, and she has a Nursing Degree and a Master's Degree in Nursing from the University of Cadiz, Master's Degree coursework from UCLA in Latin American Studies, a BA with honors from the University of Washington, and various technical certificates for translating and communication. She has traveled the world professionally and has conducted extensive ethnographic studies on various populations in Latin America.

Anna lives with her husband and daughter, their horse, a rescued greyhound and their furry cat, in Cadiz, along the Southern Atlantic coast of Spain. She enjoys global travel, is an avid runner, an experienced horsewoman, and spends the few off-times maintaining an international network of friends, family, and colleagues.

Web site: profile: Anna Frandsen


Inga Michaeli (Israel)
Bio: Based in Israel, Inga Michaeli has translated over 220 titles – fiction, non-fiction and lots of DK and LP travel guides – as well as many hours of movies and TV shows, academic articles and marketing texts in need of some oomph. She is a former Chair of the Israel Translators Association (2008-2010), has taught subtitling, literary translation and creative non-fiction translation at Beit Berl College and is a regular speaker at conferences in Israel and abroad. Her main field of expertise (and true passion) is tourism and travel – she translates (English<>Hebrew) for major airlines, hotel chains, booking sites and other outfits, and is regularly featured in Hebrew travel magazines (Masa Acher) and newspapers (Globes), as well as English travel mags (Holyland and Discover Israel). She is member of the Israel Association of Periodical Press (IAPP), a member of Persona and owner of Wander Words.

Web site: profile: Inga Michaeli


Oleg Rudavin (Ukraine)
Bio: Translator since 1985, freelancer since 1995. ProZian since 2001, trainer, conference organizer and a regular conference attendee. Having been very successful on the freelance translation market, I'm willing to share my experience (like I did in 'Internet Freelancing for Translators')- and learn from yours! profile: Oleg Rudavin


Erik Mattsson (Sweden), Ordrum
Bio: Erik Mattsson is a speaker, moderator and trainer in the field of communication. He is the CEO and founder of the company Ordrum AB, and teaches communication to PhD-students at Chalmers University, Erik has worked as a consultant for numerous companies, organisations, local government organisations, and government agencies. Seom of his clients include the Swedish Bar Association, Ernst & Young, Volvo, the Government Offices of Sweden, Scania, AstraZeneca, IKEA, the Swedish Tax Agency and the National Board of Health and Welfare. Erik has a BA in political science, and qualifications in mathematics, economic history, physics and rhetoric. He has been chair of the youth organisation of the Swedish Red Cross, taught rhetoric at Uppsala University and worked as an actor.


Caterina Saccani (Germany)
Bio: Caterina Saccani is a freelance translator and conference interpreter, specializing in marketing, PR and law. She holds a Master’s Degree in Conference Interpreting from Mainz University and a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting from Bologna University. She was born and grew up in Northern Italy and now lives in Aachen, Germany. profile: CaterinaSaccani


Elisabet Tiselius (Sweden), Stockholm University
Bio: As Director Studies for interpreting at Stockholm University (Sweden), Elisabet Tiselius teaches and develops courses on community, conference and signed language interpreting. Elisabet’s PhD (2013) from University of Bergen, Norway investigated expertise in conference interpreting. Elisabet is an active interpreter since 1996 (Maîtrise en Interprétation de Conférence, Université de Mons-Hainaut). She is accredited to the EU (1996), a Swedish state certified community interpreter (1999), and member of AIIC (2000). At Stockholm University, she is part of the development of a new training program aimed specifically at active community interpreters starting January 2017. Elisabet’s recent research projects cover medical interpreting in Childhood Cancer Care, child language brokering in school settings and Expertise in Community Interpreting. In her blog and on twitter she mainly covers research and pedagogical matters in interpreting. You can follow her @tulkur on Twitter.


Judy Petersen (Sweden)
Bio: Since 1984, Judy Petersen has been (1) writing, editing, indexing, translating, and planning publications; (2) managing publication projects; and (3) training writers, editors, and translators.

In her spare time, she teaches Pilates, ChiBall, and yoga. As a volunteer for a health network, a women’s helpline, and the American Women’s Club, she works with sales, PR, and communications (e.g., web master, Facebook administrator, newsletter designer and editor, and Doodle coordinator).

Find out more: click on the Résumé tab at

Web site: profile: Judy Petersen (X)


Ola Persson (Sweden), WordFinder (Founder of WordFinder Software)
Bio: Ola Persson graduated from the University of Växjö, Sweden, with a degree in Marketing in 1987. During his initial work in a software company, he developed his language technology skills and formed his own company, WordFinder Software, in 1990. The main product, WordFinder, is a dictionary tool that complements other CAT tools.

Today, WordFinder is the market leader in Scandinavia and customers range from private users to the largest Scandinavian multinational companies.

Ola Persson is the founder and CEO WordFinder Software. Since setting up in 1990, WordFinder Software has helped both large and small businesses to find the right word in the right context. Our product make it easier for people to communicate.

Web site: profile: Ola Persson


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