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Dari translators and interpreters » General fields

Dari Tech/Engineering translators (29691)
Dari Art/Literary translators (4265)
Dari Medical translators (2419)
Dari Law/Patents translators (931)
Dari Science translators (34674)
Dari Bus/Financial translators (33442)
Dari Marketing translators (18447)
Dari Other translators (1148)
Dari Social Sciences translators (4879)

Dari translators and interpreters » Specific fields

Dari translators: Accounting
Dari translators: Advertising / Public Relations
Dari translators: Aerospace / Aviation / Space
Dari translators: Agriculture
Dari translators: Livestock / Animal Husbandry
Dari translators: Anthropology
Dari translators: Archaeology
Dari translators: Architecture
Dari translators: Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting
Dari translators: Astronomy & Space
Dari translators: Finance (general)
Dari translators: Automation & Robotics
Dari translators: Automotive / Cars & Trucks
Dari translators: Biology (-tech,-chem,micro-)
Dari translators: Botany
Dari translators: Construction / Civil Engineering
Dari translators: Business/Commerce (general)
Dari translators: Materials (Plastics, Ceramics, etc.)
Dari translators: Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs
Dari translators: Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng
Dari translators: Poetry & Literature
Dari translators: Cinema, Film, TV, Drama
Dari translators: Textiles / Clothing / Fashion
Dari translators: Telecom(munications)
Dari translators: Computers (general)
Dari translators: Computers: Hardware
Dari translators: Computers: Software
Dari translators: Computers: Systems, Networks
Dari translators: Law: Contract(s)
Dari translators: Cooking / Culinary
Dari translators: Cosmetics, Beauty
Dari translators: Medical: Dentistry
Dari translators: Media / Multimedia
Dari translators: Economics
Dari translators: Education / Pedagogy
Dari translators: Electronics / Elect Eng
Dari translators: Energy / Power Generation
Dari translators: Engineering (general)
Dari translators: Engineering: Industrial
Dari translators: Mechanics / Mech Engineering
Dari translators: Nuclear Eng/Sci
Dari translators: Environment & Ecology
Dari translators: Esoteric practices
Dari translators: Fisheries
Dari translators: Folklore
Dari translators: Food & Drink
Dari translators: Forestry / Wood / Timber
Dari translators: Furniture / Household Appliances
Dari translators: Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino
Dari translators: Mining & Minerals / Gems
Dari translators: Genealogy
Dari translators: General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters
Dari translators: Genetics
Dari translators: Geography
Dari translators: Geology
Dari translators: Government / Politics
Dari translators: Photography/Imaging (& Graphic Arts)
Dari translators: Medical: Health Care
Dari translators: History
Dari translators: Tourism & Travel
Dari translators: Human Resources
Dari translators: Idioms / Maxims / Sayings
Dari translators: Insurance
Dari translators: International Org/Dev/Coop
Dari translators: Internet, e-Commerce
Dari translators: Investment / Securities
Dari translators: Metallurgy / Casting
Dari translators: IT (Information Technology)
Dari translators: Journalism
Dari translators: Real Estate
Dari translators: Law (general)
Dari translators: Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright
Dari translators: Law: Taxation & Customs
Dari translators: Linguistics
Dari translators: Transport / Transportation / Shipping
Dari translators: Management
Dari translators: Manufacturing
Dari translators: Ships, Sailing, Maritime
Dari translators: Marketing / Market Research
Dari translators: Mathematics & Statistics
Dari translators: Medical (general)
Dari translators: Medical: Cardiology
Dari translators: Medical: Instruments
Dari translators: Medical: Pharmaceuticals
Dari translators: Meteorology
Dari translators: Metrology
Dari translators: Military / Defense
Dari translators: Music
Dari translators: Names (personal, company)
Dari translators: Nutrition
Dari translators: Petroleum Eng/Sci
Dari translators: Other
Dari translators: Paper / Paper Manufacturing
Dari translators: Patents
Dari translators: Philosophy
Dari translators: Physics
Dari translators: Printing & Publishing
Dari translators: Psychology
Dari translators: Religion
Dari translators: Retail
Dari translators: Safety
Dari translators: SAP
Dari translators: Science (general)
Dari translators: Slang
Dari translators: Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc.
Dari translators: Sports / Fitness / Recreation
Dari translators: Surveying
Dari translators: Wine / Oenology / Viticulture
Dari translators: Zoology

Dari translators and interpreters

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Identity Verified   Naweed Miakhel
  Medical translator, 20 yrs of experience
english, Dari, pushto, health, medicine, medical, health-care, biology, chemistry, law, contract, general, computer, education, pedagogy, Management, business, marketing, finance, Accounting, development, organization, Human Resources, cardiology, Manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, instruments, internal, electric, electronic, paper, book, reports, transportation, transport, translation, translate, engineering, engineers, engine, letters, conversation, documents, files, or, type, and, farsi, but, social, security, receipt, military, defense, army, police, politics, political, science, society, societies, sociology, socioeconomic, Psychology, psychological, psychological, country, council, counseling, transcription, transcript, transcribe, transcribing, transliteration, transliterated, transliterate, localization, voice, voice over, demonstrate, demonstration, computer, computing, computers, phone, international, travel, traveling, training, mental, health, healthier, hospital, hospitality, ... Dari/Pashto (Pushto)
4 points
Identity Verified   Ajmal Hamza Translation, Revision, Editing, Proofreading, Subscription, Legal documents, educational documents, contracts, letters, court judgement, Research, surveys, economy, reports, website materials, advertising, marketing, Dari, Pashto, Pushto, Pukhto, English, Farsi, Translation, Persian, subtitling, documents, technical, legal, business, marketing, letters, contracts, translation, Afghan, Afghanistan, Pashto, Pushto, Pukhto, Pakhto, Dari, Persian, Farsi, Translate, Pashto into English, Dari into English, English to Pashto, English to Dari, Translation, Interprete, Interpretation, Law, Legal, Interpreting, Editing/proofreading, Technical translation, proofreading, Dari, pashto, ATA, American Translators Association, ATA, Pashto, pushto, religious, financial, government, Kabul, Nangarhar, Laws, Islamic, Shariah, English, voice over, Consecutive, Simultaneous, corporate, commercial law, business law, general law, Interpreting, Accounting, Advertising / Public Relations, Agriculture, Anthropol ... Pashto (Pushto)/Dari
0 points
  Said Tabibi
  Writer & Translator
History, literature, Sociology, Politics, Government, History of Iran, Central Asia, Afghanistan, Archaeology, History of Persian Literature, Geschichte, Deutsche Poesie der Gegenwart, Literaturwissenschaft, Old Persian, Classic Persian Literature, Humanities, Religion, Islamic Art, Philosophy, Spirituality, medical terminology, law and legal terminology, Oil- Petroleum, Automotive, فارسی، دری، پارسی-دری، افغانستان، ایران، فارس، Persepolis, Achaemenids, Pasargade, Safavids, Ottoman Empire, Afghan War, Soviet Union, Bayern, Bavaria, Deutsche Geschichte des 20. JHs, Sprachwissenschaft, Asyl, Asylanten, Refugees, EU, Refugee Crisis, border security, Human Rights, Environment, German, Germany, Austria, depositions, questionnaires, subtitling, scripts, transcripts, healthcare, pharmaceutical, legal and medical interpretation, documents, diploma, books. ... Dari/Farsi (Persian)
United States
0 points
  Hamed Kermanshahani , Religion, Manufacturing, Linguistics, Law (general), IT (Information Technology), Human Resources, Engineering (general), Computers (general), Telecom(munications), Business/Commerce (general) ... Dari/Farsi (Persian)
United Arab Emirates
0 points
Identity Verified   Mahmood Movassaghi
  Quality, Punctuality, Competative Rates
English - Farsi (Persian) Translation, English - Farsi (Persian) Editing, English - Farsi (Persian) Proofreading, English - Farsi (Persian) Revision, English - Farsi (Persian) Subtitling, English - Farsi (Persian) Transcription, English - Farsi (Persian) Transcreation, English - Farsi (Persian) Copy-writing, English - Farsi (Persian) Localization, English - Farsi (Persian) Consecutive Interpretation, English - Farsi (Persian) Phone Interpretation, Farsi (Persian) Typesetting; Farsi (Persian) - English Translation, Farsi (Persian) - English Editing, Farsi (Persian) - English Proofreading, Farsi (Persian) - English Revision, Farsi (Persian) - English Transcription; Farsi (Persian) - English Consecutive Interpretation, Farsi (Persian) - English Phone Interpretation, English Typesetting; Dari - English Translation; Dari - English Editing, Dari - English Proofreading, Dari - English Revision, Dari - English Transcription, English - Farsi (Persian) Translator, English - Farsi (Persian) Edito ... Farsi (Persian)/Persian (Farsi)/Dari
United States
0 points
  Sahar Maghsudi
  With more than 13 years of experience
Dari/English translation, Persian DTP, Dari DTP, Dari Legal texts, Persian Legal Texts, Dari personal Documents, Persian Personal Documents, Dari to English, Persian to English, English to Dari, Persian to Dari, technical Dari translation, Technical Persian translation, Medical Persian translation, Medical Dari translation, Dari localization, Dari translator, Farsi Translator, English to Farsi translation, Farsi to English Translation, Dari translator, Farsi Translator, English to Farsi translation, Farsi to English Translation, Dari translator, Farsi Translator, English to Farsi translation, Farsi to English Translation, Dari translator, Farsi Translator, English to Farsi translation, Farsi to English Translation, Dari translator, Farsi Translator, English to Farsi translation, Farsi to English Translation, Dari translator, Farsi Translator, English to Farsi translation, Farsi to English Translation, Dari translator, Farsi Translator, English to Farsi translation, Farsi to English Tra ... Farsi (Persian)
0 points
Identity Verified   Amin Zanganehinaloo
  Putting theory into practice
Translation, Localization, Interpretation, Translator, Interpreter, Freelance, Professional, Editing, Editor, English, Persian, Farsi, Literature, Management, Accounting, Technical, Law, Engineering, Humanities, ترجمه, شفاهی, مترجم, انگلیسی, فارسی, ادبیات, مدیریت, حسابداری, فنی, علوم انسانی, مهندسی, حرفه ای, ویرایش, ویراستار, حقوقی, ... Persian (Farsi)
0 points
Identity Verified   Marzieh Izadi
  10+ Yrs Language Services Provider
Freelance Translator, English to Persian (Farsi), Persian (Farsi) to English, Dari to English Translation, Interpreting, Localization, Proofreading, Editing, Subtitling, Desktop Publishing, Copywriting, Transcreation, Transcription, Contracts, Agreements and Arrangements, Purchase-Sales Contracts, Premises Lease Agreements, Labor Agreements and License Arrangements, Articles of Association, Resolutions, Minutes Of Meetings, Registration Certificates, Applications, Petitions, Court Judgments, Instructions and Resolutions, Powers of Attorney, Certificates, Licenses and Permits, Immigration Documents, Affidavits, Police Reports, Lawsuit Documents, Land Deals, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, School/College Leaving Certificate, Death Certificate, Registration Certificate, Ration Card, Degree and Diploma Certificates, Medical Certificate, Passports, Brochures, Booklets, Pamphlets, Catalogues, Product Catalogues, Product Manuals, Standards, Specifications, Service Instructions, Softw ... Farsi (Persian)
0 points
  Sina Salehi
  My two mottos, punctuality and precision
Surveying, Linguistics, Computers (general), Food & Drink, Law: Taxation & Customs, Advertising / Public Relations, Philosophy, Medical: Pharmaceuticals, Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, IT (Information Technology), Internet, e-Commerce, Human Resources, Cooking / Culinary, Environment & Ecology, Cinema, Film, TV, Drama, Business/Commerce (general), Automotive / Cars & Trucks, Architecture, Anthropology, Livestock / Animal Husbandry, Aerospace / Aviation / Space, Computers: Systems, Networks, Medical: Cardiology, Electronics / Elect Eng, Medical (general), Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng, Science (general), Medical: Health Care, Medical: Instruments, Biology (-tech, -chem, micro-), Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc., Idioms / Maxims / Sayings, Medical: Dentistry, Fisheries, Journalism ... Farsi (Persian)
0 points
  Shamshad Saad
  Authentic and timely service!
Pashto (Pushto), English, Dari, business, administration, marketing, operation, education, law, guideline, ... Pashto (Pushto)
0 points
Identity Verified   Binod Ringania
  Translation Services India
English to Hindi,  Bengali,  Nepali & Assamese professional translator

bengali english translator, paragraph translator english to hindi, hindi translator hindi to english, bangla translation english, hindi translator english to hindi, hindi english translator, hindi translation service, english to hindi translation services, bengali translation services, document translation, medical translation company, Medical Translation Bangladesh, translation services india, Punjabi translation services, English to Punjabi translation, https://www.linkedin.com/in/ringaniahinditranslator/?ppe=1, Hindi translator, Bengali translator, Nepali translator, Hmong translator, Punjabi translator, Gujarati translator, Tamil translator, Telugu translator, Assamese translator, Manipuri translator, Burmese translator, ...
0 points
  2 language couple - Scientist/Marketeer
marketing, mercadeo, business, negocios, Insurance, seguros, fashion, moda, transport, transporte, shipping, logistics, logística, materials, materiales, metals, metales, finance, finanzas, hydroelectric, hidroeléctrica, telecom, Telecom(munications), telecomunicaciones, Human Resources, recursos humanos, games, juegos, tourism, turismo, science, ciencia, technology, tecnología, packging, embalaje, IT, medical, médico, cancer, cáncer, engineering, ingeniería ... English/Spanish
0 points
  Sajjad Ali Zaki Medical and scientific papers translation, transcription and narration . Also papers, essays and books from different fields of humanities and Philosophy . ... Dari
0 points
  Ahmad Tabesh
  translation interpretation
, Tourism & Travel, Sports / Fitness / Recreation, Real Estate, Other, Names (personal, company), Media / Multimedia, Medical: Health Care, Marketing / Market Research, Linguistics, Human Resources ... Dari
0 points
  Khan Maa
  Native Dari
, Linguistics, Poetry & Literature, Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting, Education / Pedagogy, Environment & Ecology ... Dari
0 points
  Abdul Sadaat Furniture / Household Appliances, Tourism & Travel, Anthropology, Cooking / Culinary, Folklore, History, Human Resources, International Org/Dev/Coop, Linguistics, Management, Philosophy, Religion, Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc., Science (general), Transport / Transportation / Shipping, Archaeology, Advertising / Public Relations, Cinema, Film, TV, Drama, Internet, e-Commerce, Marketing / Market Research, Printing & Publishing, Education / Pedagogy, Food & Drink ... Dari
United States
0 points
  Ahmadshah Ahmadi , ... Dari
United Kingdom
0 points
  Enter a tagline
, Medical (general), Law (general), Furniture / Household Appliances, Government / Politics, Real Estate ... Dari
United Kingdom
0 points
  Mujtaba HASHEMI , Linguistics, Media / Multimedia, Journalism ... Dari
United States
0 points
  Latif Lutfi
  English Language & Literature, BA
, Cosmetics, Beauty, Folklore, Linguistics, Poetry & Literature ... Dari
0 points
  Ibrahim Mosavi
, Accounting, Economics, Finance (general) ... Dari
United States
0 points
  Shakira Bahri
  We speak your language.
, Other ... Dari
0 points
  Roein Saba , ... Dari
0 points
  Esmatullah Sultani , ... Dari
United States
0 points
  Abdul jalil
  I am in your service
Pashto, Urdu, Translation, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kabul, Pashto translation, Dari, ... Pashto (Pushto)/Dari
0 points
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