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English to Bosnian translators and interpreters » General fields

English to Bosnian Tech/Engineering translators (5064)
English to Bosnian Art/Literary translators (28664)
English to Bosnian Medical translators (1143)
English to Bosnian Law/Patents translators (22836)
English to Bosnian Science translators (23851)
English to Bosnian Bus/Financial translators (25654)
English to Bosnian Marketing translators (27946)
English to Bosnian Other translators (27233)
English to Bosnian Social Sciences translators (28064)

English to Bosnian translators and interpreters » Specific fields

English to Bosnian translators: Accounting
English to Bosnian translators: Advertising / Public Relations
English to Bosnian translators: Aerospace / Aviation / Space
English to Bosnian translators: Agriculture
English to Bosnian translators: Livestock / Animal Husbandry
English to Bosnian translators: Anthropology
English to Bosnian translators: Archaeology
English to Bosnian translators: Architecture
English to Bosnian translators: Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting
English to Bosnian translators: Astronomy & Space
English to Bosnian translators: Finance (general)
English to Bosnian translators: Automation & Robotics
English to Bosnian translators: Automotive / Cars & Trucks
English to Bosnian translators: Biology (-tech,-chem,micro-)
English to Bosnian translators: Botany
English to Bosnian translators: Construction / Civil Engineering
English to Bosnian translators: Business/Commerce (general)
English to Bosnian translators: Materials (Plastics, Ceramics, etc.)
English to Bosnian translators: Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs
English to Bosnian translators: Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng
English to Bosnian translators: Poetry & Literature
English to Bosnian translators: Cinema, Film, TV, Drama
English to Bosnian translators: Textiles / Clothing / Fashion
English to Bosnian translators: Telecom(munications)
English to Bosnian translators: Computers (general)
English to Bosnian translators: Computers: Hardware
English to Bosnian translators: Computers: Software
English to Bosnian translators: Computers: Systems, Networks
English to Bosnian translators: Law: Contract(s)
English to Bosnian translators: Cooking / Culinary
English to Bosnian translators: Cosmetics, Beauty
English to Bosnian translators: Medical: Dentistry
English to Bosnian translators: Media / Multimedia
English to Bosnian translators: Economics
English to Bosnian translators: Education / Pedagogy (278)
English to Bosnian translators: Electronics / Elect Eng
English to Bosnian translators: Energy / Power Generation
English to Bosnian translators: Engineering (general)
English to Bosnian translators: Engineering: Industrial
English to Bosnian translators: Mechanics / Mech Engineering
English to Bosnian translators: Nuclear Eng/Sci
English to Bosnian translators: Environment & Ecology
English to Bosnian translators: Esoteric practices
English to Bosnian translators: Fisheries
English to Bosnian translators: Folklore
English to Bosnian translators: Food & Drink
English to Bosnian translators: Forestry / Wood / Timber
English to Bosnian translators: Furniture / Household Appliances
English to Bosnian translators: Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino
English to Bosnian translators: Mining & Minerals / Gems
English to Bosnian translators: Genealogy
English to Bosnian translators: General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters
English to Bosnian translators: Genetics
English to Bosnian translators: Geography
English to Bosnian translators: Geology
English to Bosnian translators: Government / Politics
English to Bosnian translators: Photography/Imaging (& Graphic Arts)
English to Bosnian translators: Medical: Health Care
English to Bosnian translators: History
English to Bosnian translators: Tourism & Travel
English to Bosnian translators: Human Resources
English to Bosnian translators: Idioms / Maxims / Sayings
English to Bosnian translators: Insurance (148)
English to Bosnian translators: International Org/Dev/Coop
English to Bosnian translators: Internet, e-Commerce
English to Bosnian translators: Investment / Securities
English to Bosnian translators: Metallurgy / Casting
English to Bosnian translators: IT (Information Technology)
English to Bosnian translators: Journalism
English to Bosnian translators: Real Estate
English to Bosnian translators: Law (general) (435)
English to Bosnian translators: Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright
English to Bosnian translators: Law: Taxation & Customs
English to Bosnian translators: Linguistics (308)
English to Bosnian translators: Transport / Transportation / Shipping
English to Bosnian translators: Management
English to Bosnian translators: Manufacturing
English to Bosnian translators: Ships, Sailing, Maritime
English to Bosnian translators: Marketing / Market Research
English to Bosnian translators: Mathematics & Statistics
English to Bosnian translators: Medical (general)
English to Bosnian translators: Medical: Cardiology
English to Bosnian translators: Medical: Instruments
English to Bosnian translators: Medical: Pharmaceuticals
English to Bosnian translators: Meteorology
English to Bosnian translators: Metrology
English to Bosnian translators: Military / Defense
English to Bosnian translators: Music
English to Bosnian translators: Names (personal, company)
English to Bosnian translators: Nutrition
English to Bosnian translators: Petroleum Eng/Sci
English to Bosnian translators: Other
English to Bosnian translators: Paper / Paper Manufacturing
English to Bosnian translators: Patents
English to Bosnian translators: Philosophy
English to Bosnian translators: Physics
English to Bosnian translators: Printing & Publishing
English to Bosnian translators: Psychology
English to Bosnian translators: Religion
English to Bosnian translators: Retail
English to Bosnian translators: Safety
English to Bosnian translators: SAP
English to Bosnian translators: Science (general)
English to Bosnian translators: Slang
English to Bosnian translators: Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc.
English to Bosnian translators: Sports / Fitness / Recreation
English to Bosnian translators: Surveying
English to Bosnian translators: Wine / Oenology / Viticulture
English to Bosnian translators: Zoology

English to Bosnian translators and interpreters

About membership column ProZ.com Member Profile Keywords Native Language
KudoZ Points
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Identity Verified   Natasa Grubor electronic, electric, power, humanitarian, serbian, Bosnian, croatian, metals, plastics, metal, technical, medical, civil, study, Retail, trade, law, rules, regulations, prevod, prijevod, materials, tourism, turizam, business, correspondence, tools, machines, mašine, tender, contract, consulting, government, manuals, translation, space, technology, news, technical, tehnologija, science, fiction, comics, Archaeology, newspaper articles medicine health care medicina, History, politics, politika, survey, research, agencies, furniture, gambling, trading, road, transport, maritime, promet, engines, engineering, space, hardware, software, IT, computer, news, creative, pharmacy, Pharmacology, health, medical, cosmetics ... Serbian/Bosnian
Bosnia and Herzegovina
108 points
English to Bosnian
Identity Verified   Vedad Lihovac
  IT, Localization, Medical, Law
Bosnian translator, Bosnian, translation, Bosnian translations, English to Bosnian, translator Bosnian, English to Bosnian translations, English to Bosnian Translator, Vedad, Lihovac, Vedad Lihovac, Lihovac Vedad, Trados, Trados Studio, Trados 2009, Trados Studio 2009, Trados 2011, Trados Studio 2011, Trados 2014, Trados Studio 2014, Trados 2015, Trados Studio 2015, Trados 2017, Trados Studio 2017, LEAF, LEAF Pro, LSTool, Trados 2007, Wordfast, Logoport, TranslatorTool, SDLX, Across, Passolo, Transtool, MS LocStudio, LocStudio, IT, networks, systems, software, hardware, computers, medical, health care, IT, Information Technology, law, contract, contracts, cooking, culinary, furniture, household appliances, Geology, automotive, cars, trucks ... Bosnian
Bosnia and Herzegovina
32 points
English to Bosnian
Identity Verified   Almir Comor MITI
  In-House Experience in Banking and Law
Bosnian translator, banking, legal, law, finance, Accounting, Bosnian, translation, Bosnian translations, English to Bosnian, translator Bosnian, English to Bosnian translations, English to Bosnian Translator, English to Croatian Translator, English to Croatian translations, Croatian translator, Almir Čomor ... Bosnian
Bosnia and Herzegovina
16 points
English to Bosnian
Identity Verified   A.Đapo
  reliable, dependable, dedicate and profe
medicine, Diabetes, health, cancer, telecom, Haematology, education, business reports, IT, software, contracts, ugovori, localization, oncology, medicina, obrazovanje, izvjestaji, English, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, engleski, bosanski, hrvatski, srpski, kompjuteri, translation ... Bosnian/Croatian
Bosnia and Herzegovina
27 points
English to Bosnian
Identity Verified   Maja Stevanovic
  Translation, transcreation, localization
Bosnian Translator, Croatian Translator, Serbian Translator, Proofreading, Localization, Website, Software, Manuals, Technical devices, Mechanic, Electrical, Tools, Household appliances, Advertising, Public Relations, Media, Multimedia, Mobile phones, Surveying, Textiles, Clothing, Fashion, Marketing, Market Research, Business, Economics, Law, Contracts, Cooking, Culinary, Food & Dairy, General, Conversation, Greetings, Letters, Government, Telecom(munications), Politics, Human Resources, Tourism & Travel, News… ... Bosnian/Croatian
Bosnia and Herzegovina
4 points
English to Bosnian
Identity Verified   Kemal Radaslic
  14+ years of experience
Bosnian, translation, editing, transcription, IT, Engineering, Mechanical, localization, User Manual, proofreading, freelance translator, technical, Serbo-Croat, computers, technology, software, localization, engineering ... Bosnian/Serbo-Croat
Bosnia and Herzegovina
4 points
English to Bosnian
Identity Verified   Ana Maretic
  Words matter.
prevoditelj, prevođenje, prijevodi, prevodilac, lektor, lektoriranje, lektura, korektura, hrvatski, bosanski, engleski na hrvatski, hrvatski na engleski, engleski na bosanski, bosanski na engleski, croatian, Bosnian, English to croatian, croatian to English, English to Bosnian, Bosnian to English, serbian to English, montenegrin to English, translation, translate, translating, translator, translator croatia, translator bosnia, professional translator, certified translator, profesionalni prevoditelj, profesionalni prevoditelj hrvatska, profesionalni prevoditelj hrvatski, profesionalni prevodilac bosanski, professional editor, certified linguist, editor, editor croatia, editor bosnia, editing, proofreader, proofreading, proofreader croatian, proofreader Bosnian, lektor hrvatska, lektor hrvatski, lektor hrvatskog jezika, lektor bosanskog jezika, lektor bosanski, review, reviewer, review croatia, review croatian, review Bosnian, interpreter, subtitler, subtitling, subtitling croatia, subti ... Croatian/Bosnian
8 points
English to Bosnian
  Menad Mujkic
  Full-time professional translator.
translator specializing in medical, legal and IT translation, Linguistic researcher croatian, Linguistic researcher Bosnian, medicine translator croatian, legal translator croatian, Patents translator croatian, freelance translator English croatian, localization croatian, bosanski, srpski, hrvatski, medicina, prevodilac, prevoditelj, ugovor, prijevod, prijevod BiH, contract, legal translation, medical translation, user manual translation, proofreading, health, freelance croatian translator, games translation croatian, subtitling croatian, subtitles serbian specialist, MemoQ croatian, WordFast croatian, humanities, Linguistics, dentistry, tourism travel translator, transportation translator, military technologies translator croatian, patent, lokalizacija, translation, informatika prijevod, prevod, linguist Bosnia, engleski-hrvatski, engleski-bosanski, engleski-srpski, CAT tool, Trados, English to croatian translator Trados, English to Bosnian translator, ... Croatian/Bosnian
Bosnia and Herzegovina
0 points
English to Bosnian
Identity Verified   Kornelija Halkic
german, Bosnian, croatian, deutsch, bosnisch, kroatisch, translator, übersetzer, English, englisch, serbian, serbo-croatian, serbo-kroatisch, prijevod, prevod, tehnika, medicina, psihologija, kulinarstvo, technik, medizin, psychologie, fischen, Linguistics, Psychology, Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, Tourism & Travel, Education / Pedagogy, Environment & Ecology, Mechanics / Mech Engineering, Biology (-tech, -chem, micro-) Cooking / Culinary, Finance (general) Fisheries, Government / Politics Insurance, Livestock / Animal, Husbandry, Medical (general), Other, Energy / Power Generation, Computers: Software, Textiles / Clothing / Fashion, Automotive / Cars & Trucks, Religion, Medical: Health Care, Marketing / Market Research, History, Furniture / Household, Appliances Engineering (general), Construction / Civil Engineering, Cosmetics, Beauty Economics, Electronics / Elect Eng, General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters, Law (general), Poetry & Literature, Science (general), Telecom ... Croatian/Bosnian
Bosnia and Herzegovina
94 points
English to Bosnian
  Sherefedin MUSTAFA
  Eppur si muove!
perkthyes, shqip, holandisht, shqip-holandisht, perkthyes shqip-holandisht, holandisht shqip, holandisht maqedonisht, maqedonisht holandisht, perkthyes holandisht, perkthyes frengjisht, perkthyes anglisht, perkthyes zyrtar, perkthyes i betuar, flamisht, perkthyes gjyqesor, perkthyes shqip holandisht, perkthyes holandisht shqip, vertaler albanees nederlands, vertaler nederlands albanees, tolk nederlands albanees, tolk albanees nederlands, perkthyes, shqip, holandisht, albanees, kosovaars, perkthyes holandisht, perkthyes flamisht, shqip holandisht, holandisht, shqip, albanees, doolaard, nederlands, nederlands albanees, tolk albanees, vertaler albanees, schriftelijke vertaling albanees, schriftelijke vertaling albanees nederlands, vertaling albanees nederlands, perkthyes nga holandishtja, përkthyes nga holandishtja, përkthyes nga hollandishtja, vertaling nederlands albanees, vertaling albanees, perkthim shqip, perkthim holandisht, perkthim shqip holandisht, perkthim me shkrim, perkthim gj ... Albanian/Macedonian
138 points
English to Bosnian
Identity Verified   V&M Stanković
  Sci/tech/leg. translators & Court transl
tech/engineering, contracting, science, law, social sciences, education, sociology, Psychology, humanities, marketing, project Management, quality Management, tourism, pharmacology, technology, industry, pulp&paper, chemistry, food, environment, ecology ... Serbian/Serbo-Croat
124 points
English to Bosnian
Identity Verified   Gordana Sujdovic
  English to Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian&vv
serbian, croatian, Bosnian, montenegrin, Trados Studio, technology, technical, engineering, manuals, printing machines, web guides, hydraulic pumps, software, localization, websites, HDTVs, mobile, smart phone, tablet, signage, home appliances, business, tender, public procurement, corporate governance, privacy policy, contracts, questionnaires, surveys, medical, discharge letters, certificates, trados, Xbench, proofreading, editing ... Serbian
116 points
English to Bosnian
  Medicine Sciences Pharmaceutics
Law (general), Marketing / Market Research, Medical (general), Medical: Pharmaceuticals, Medical: Health Care, Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng, Medical: Cardiology, Psychology, Medical: Instruments, Government / Politics, Biology (-tech, -chem, micro-), Cinema, Film, TV, Drama ... Croatian/Bosnian
80 points
English to Bosnian
Identity Verified   IVAN-57
  Croatian experienced translator
computer, car, automotive, automobile, truck, motorcycle, power electronic, user guide, power supply, GSM, electrotechnic, electronic, printer, hardware, software, air conditioner, manual, service, TV, DVD, VCR, camcorder, palmcorder, video, IT, technical, antivirus, antimalware, croatian, English, prevoditelj, računala, automobil, viličar, bager, rovokopač, disk, televizor, projektor, električno napajanje, pisač, hardver, softver, elektronika, elektronički, klimatizacija, sigurnosni list, antivirus, kvaliteta, točnost, brzina, iskustvo, quality, accuracy, promptness, experience. Lego ... Croatian
92 points
English to Bosnian
Identity Verified   Lingua 5B
  Right translation. At the right time.
technical translation, machinery manual, Croatian, French, German, English, Croatian translation, traduction croate, kroatisch Übersetzung, engineering, medical device manual Croatian, serbisch Übersetzung, Serbian translation, Bosnian translation, traduction bosniaque, bosnisch Übersetzung, technische Übersetzung, traduction technique, Bosnian interpreter, Croatian interpreter, Serbian interpreter, Bosnian project manager, Bosnia marketing manager, Bosnia account manager, multilingual project Management Bosnia, localization manager, international business, web localization, technical manual localization, technical manual translation, medical translation, life science translation, healthcare translation, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, clinical protocols, clinical trials ... Serbian/Croatian
Bosnia and Herzegovina
91 points
English to Bosnian
  Mirela Tankovic, CoreCHI™
  Certified medical translator/interpreter
Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Serbo-Croatian, Montenegrin, translator, interpreter, medical, pharmaceutical, clinical trials, social science, business, finance, law enforcement, military, defense, legal, marketing, politics, immigration, personal documents, ... Bosnian
United States
32 points
English to Bosnian
Identity Verified   Gordana Podvezanec
  A new job is a new challenge!
IT, Law, Business, Chemistry, General, Industry, Machines, Civil engineering, Building, Architecture, Legal, Law, Contracts, Psychology, Social Sciences, Social Work, EU projects, eTwinning, Localisation, Croatian translations, into Croatian, English into Croatian, Accounting, acquis communautaire, Agriculture, ASPHALT DICTIONARY FRENCH CROATIAN, Audit terms, bankruptcy procedures, clothes, construction and building dictionary, defense techniques ... Croatian
70 points
English to Bosnian
  Amir Mrković
  experienced but eager to learn more
, Finance (general), Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs, Law: Contract(s), Economics, General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters, Government / Politics, International Org/Dev/Coop, Law (general), Linguistics ... Bosnian
Bosnia and Herzegovina
0 points
English to Bosnian
  Fedja Imamovic
  Croatian Linguist, PhD in Linguistics
Linguistics, translation, media translation, contrastive grammar, translation studies, legal translation, prevodilac, prevodioc, prevoditelj, Fedja Imamovic, prijevod, bosanski prijevod, prevod bosanski, hrvatski prevod, prevod na hrvatski, prevod na srpski, prevod na engleski, engleski prevod, prevod na bosanski, prevoditelj, stručni prevodilac, profesor engleskog jezika, translator for Bosnian, translator for croatian, translator for serbian, translator serbian, translator croatian, translator Bosnian, imamovic, linguists, fedja imamovic, tumac engleski, tumac bosanski, prevodilac za engleski, prevodioc zenica, prevodilac engleski, prevoditelj hrvatski englski, engleski prevodilac, engleski zenica, engleski bosna, prevodilac engleski bih, prevodilac, prevodioc, prevoditelj, engleski jezik zenica, prevodilac engleski srednja bosna, sarajevo prevodilac, engleski prevodilac sarajevo, prijevod zenica, prijevod BiH, prevodilac za engleski, prevodilac na engleski, prevodioc na engleski, tu ... Serbian/Croatian
60 points
English to Bosnian
Identity Verified   Eldin Grabovica
  Freelance Translator
Bosnian, serbian, serbo-croat, serbo-croatian, translation, bosanski, srpski, srpsko-hrvatski, prevod, prevođenje, lokalizacija, software, softver, titl, subtitling, titlovanje, film, web stranica, Trados ... Bosnian/Serbo-Croat
Bosnia and Herzegovina
4 points
English to Bosnian
Identity Verified   Goran & Snežana Erdei
  Married Couple of Full-Time Translators
Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, English, Translation, Translator, Translation Agency ... Serbian
43 points
English to Bosnian
Identity Verified   Sasa Kalcik
  Passion for translation!
croatian, french, german, translator, English, Bosnian, serbian, slovenian, travel, turism, hotels, appartements, Music, instruments, technology, computers, software, localization, internet, hardware, transport, shipment, fashion, beauty, marketing, travel, IT, information technology, phones, mobile, gsm, Economics, market research, end products, consumer, catalogues, brochures, menu, products, IP, prijevod, stručni prijevodi, medicinska dokumentacija, IT dokumentacija, nutricionizam, suplementi, medicinski prijevodi, prijevodi softver, multimedia prijevodi, prijevod tehničke dokumentacije, strojarski prijevodi, prijevodi hardver, prijevodi hardware, software, pravni prijevodi, računovodstveni prijevodi, interpretation, proofreading, houshold appliance, ... Croatian/French
48 points
English to Bosnian
Identity Verified   Larisa Zlatic, Ph.D.
   linguistic expert
Clinical trials documentation, inform consent, crf, medicine, medical devices, pharmacy, chemistry, environment, ecology, patients outcome questionnaires, Technical user's manuals, IFU, Software, hardware descriptions, Patent filings, Marketing materials, Court decisions, Packaging/labels, Marketing materials, contracts, Patents, financial reports, Employees handbooks, Accounting, audit, contracts, taxes, tourism, cooking, telecommunication, software localization, website translation, medical devices, military, law, power of attorney, arbitration, marketing, branding, code of conduct, employee manuals, trademarks, SAP, Insurance, court decisions, Economics, business, surveys, questionnaires, technical documentations, video scripts, engineering, social sciences, novels, fiction, education, sociology, Psychology, project Management, immigration, Language testing, language evaluation, Export-Import, Translator, interpreter, editor, proofreader, linguistic validation, assessment, reviewer, ... Serbian
United States
39 points
English to Bosnian
Identity Verified   V&E-Team
  husband-and-wife team
freelance translator, Engineer in Chemical Technology, native Croatian, native Bosnian, technics, Chemistry, IT, computers, software, localization, Medicine, Health Care, Hazardous Materials, Ecology/Enviroment, Safety, Safety Data Sheet, IT, Automotive Industry, Engineering, Marketing, Tourism, Journalism, prevoditelj znanstvene i tehničke dokumentacije na hvratski/bosanski jezik ... Croatian/Bosnian
8 points
English to Bosnian
Identity Verified   Zdenka Novcic
  Tech/Engineering/IT, TRADOS, Court certf
computers, IT, materials, software, hardware, technology, manuals, Safety, construction, engineering, technical, transportation, standards, Economics, marketing, public procurement, instructions, machines, energy, ecology, power generation, localization, home appliances, Safety, clinical trials, medical ... Serbian/Bosnian
Bosnia and Herzegovina
4 points
English to Bosnian
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