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English to French translators and interpreters » General fields

English to French Tech/Engineering translators (782)
English to French Art/Literary translators (5402)
English to French Medical translators (1)
English to French Law/Patents translators (265)
English to French Science translators (2621)
English to French Bus/Financial translators (20821)
English to French Marketing translators (952)
English to French Other translators (17849)
English to French Social Sciences translators (1159)

English to French translators and interpreters » Specific fields

English to French translators: Accounting
English to French translators: Advertising / Public Relations
English to French translators: Aerospace / Aviation / Space (1767)
English to French translators: Agriculture (2365)
English to French translators: Livestock / Animal Husbandry
English to French translators: Anthropology (1750)
English to French translators: Archaeology
English to French translators: Architecture (2097)
English to French translators: Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting
English to French translators: Astronomy & Space (936)
English to French translators: Finance (general)
English to French translators: Automation & Robotics
English to French translators: Automotive / Cars & Trucks (4019)
English to French translators: Biology (-tech,-chem,micro-) (2438)
English to French translators: Botany
English to French translators: Construction / Civil Engineering
English to French translators: Business/Commerce (general)
English to French translators: Materials (Plastics, Ceramics, etc.)
English to French translators: Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs (5008)
English to French translators: Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng
English to French translators: Poetry & Literature
English to French translators: Cinema, Film, TV, Drama
English to French translators: Textiles / Clothing / Fashion
English to French translators: Telecom(munications) (6133)
English to French translators: Computers (general)
English to French translators: Computers: Hardware
English to French translators: Computers: Software
English to French translators: Computers: Systems, Networks
English to French translators: Law: Contract(s)
English to French translators: Cooking / Culinary (5890)
English to French translators: Cosmetics, Beauty (4230)
English to French translators: Medical: Dentistry (1109)
English to French translators: Media / Multimedia
English to French translators: Economics
English to French translators: Education / Pedagogy
English to French translators: Electronics / Elect Eng
English to French translators: Energy / Power Generation (2754)
English to French translators: Engineering (general)
English to French translators: Engineering: Industrial (2190)
English to French translators: Mechanics / Mech Engineering
English to French translators: Nuclear Eng/Sci (788)
English to French translators: Environment & Ecology
English to French translators: Esoteric practices (833)
English to French translators: Fisheries
English to French translators: Folklore
English to French translators: Food & Drink
English to French translators: Forestry / Wood / Timber
English to French translators: Furniture / Household Appliances
English to French translators: Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino
English to French translators: Mining & Minerals / Gems (799)
English to French translators: Genealogy (448)
English to French translators: General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters
English to French translators: Genetics
English to French translators: Geography (2449)
English to French translators: Geology (808)
English to French translators: Government / Politics
English to French translators: Photography/Imaging (& Graphic Arts)
English to French translators: Medical: Health Care (3907)
English to French translators: History
English to French translators: Tourism & Travel
English to French translators: Human Resources
English to French translators: Idioms / Maxims / Sayings (1823)
English to French translators: Insurance
English to French translators: International Org/Dev/Coop
English to French translators: Internet, e-Commerce
English to French translators: Investment / Securities
English to French translators: Metallurgy / Casting
English to French translators: IT (Information Technology)
English to French translators: Journalism
English to French translators: Real Estate (2053)
English to French translators: Law (general)
English to French translators: Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright (2544)
English to French translators: Law: Taxation & Customs (1293)
English to French translators: Linguistics
English to French translators: Transport / Transportation / Shipping
English to French translators: Management (4610)
English to French translators: Manufacturing
English to French translators: Ships, Sailing, Maritime (1159)
English to French translators: Marketing / Market Research
English to French translators: Mathematics & Statistics
English to French translators: Medical (general)
English to French translators: Medical: Cardiology
English to French translators: Medical: Instruments (1501)
English to French translators: Medical: Pharmaceuticals (3069)
English to French translators: Meteorology (301)
English to French translators: Metrology (254)
English to French translators: Military / Defense
English to French translators: Music
English to French translators: Names (personal, company)
English to French translators: Nutrition (2626)
English to French translators: Petroleum Eng/Sci
English to French translators: Other
English to French translators: Paper / Paper Manufacturing
English to French translators: Patents (1067)
English to French translators: Philosophy
English to French translators: Physics
English to French translators: Printing & Publishing
English to French translators: Psychology (2834)
English to French translators: Religion (2631)
English to French translators: Retail (1804)
English to French translators: Safety
English to French translators: SAP (724)
English to French translators: Science (general) (3910)
English to French translators: Slang (1063)
English to French translators: Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc.
English to French translators: Sports / Fitness / Recreation
English to French translators: Surveying (1330)
English to French translators: Wine / Oenology / Viticulture (1768)
English to French translators: Zoology

English to French translators and interpreters

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Identity Verified   Stéphanie Soudais
  Finance and sustainable development
traduction, anglais, français, traducteur, English, French, translation, translator, tarifs, indépendant, Economics, finance, asset Management, banking, corporate, Human Resources, Management, Accounting, international organizations, Botany, beekeeping, horticulture, gardening, wood, sylviculture, forestry, sustainable development, climate change, économie, finance, gestion d'actifs, banque, ressources humaines, comptabilité, organisations internationales, botanique, apiculture, sylviculture, foresterie, développement durable, changement climatique ... French
5317 points
English to French
Identity Verified   Michel A.
  IT, HR and Marketing Expert
Human Resources, recruitment, employment law, employee relations, career Management, pay and reward, HR website, IT, software, user guide, specifications, bids, hardware, telco, localisation, presales, sales training, international development, classical Music, chess, cooking, sport, Slang, paris, sci-fi, photo, politics, international, development, government, NGO ... French
4528 points
English to French
Identity Verified   Bertrand Leduc
  Medical translator and proofreader
500-stroke volume hold-down plate, accuracy, accurate, adjunctive therapy, advertising, aerobes, Agriculture, air-filled organs, ampoule, anaerobes, anaesthesia, analysis, aneurism, antibiotics, aquaculture, artery, articles, assay, assays, atherosclerosis, auditory, background treatment, bacteria, bacteriology, biochemistry, biologic, biology, Biomedical journals, birds, blood, BMAT, BMJ, body, booklets, bottle, brain, breakpoints, brochures, buccal, business, cabinet, cambridge, cancer, CAP, capillaries, capsule, capsules, cardiology, careers, carotid, catheter body, central authorised, roduct, central break-line, certificates, CFS, CgA level, chemistry, chest pad, chewable tablet, child-, esistant closure, circulatory, clinical, clinical studies, clinical study, clinical trial, clinical trials, clinically indicated, cloudy patches, CME-accredited, coated tablet, coated tablets, colonization, communication, complementary medecine, conducted RF IEC, connectors, container, contract, co ... French
United Kingdom
2578 points
English to French
  Alain Marsol
  Wordsmith for your French markets
English to French translation, professional English to French translation, English to French translator, professional English to French translator, macedonian to French translation, professional macedonian to French translation, macedonian to French translator, professional macedonian to French translator, French copywriter, CV specialist, CV professional, resume specialist, resume professional, English, French, macedonian, serbian, translation, proofreading, copywriting, layout design, CV, resume, résumé, advertising, business, commerce, computer specialist, English to French, software translation, professional software translation, computers, software, information systems, IT, marketing, photography, digital imaging, wordfast, access, excel, powerpoint, pagemaker, publisher, word, acrobat, photoshop, dreamweaver ... French
Macedonia (FYROM)
1937 points
English to French
Identity Verified   Florence Bremond
  Art of the French language
Scuba diving, Apnea, regulator, buoyancy compensator, BC, mask, fins, tank, diving computer, diving suit, swimming, salt water, fresh water, tek diving, neoprene, underwater, divers, Nitrox, oxygen, nitrogen, Arts, Arts techniques, Medieval arts, Art, Artist, Artists, Painting, Pigment, Tempera, Gold Leaf, Gilding, Modern art, contemporary art, exhibition catalogue, Medieval, Oil Painting, Watercolour, paint, colors, brush, red, vermilion, carmin, ochre, blue, ultramarine, azurite, yellow, orpiment, lemon yellow, green, malachite, phtalocyanine, emerald, purple, Art History, Genealogy, Heraldry, Blazonry, Personal Data, Resumes, Letter, Website, Automotive Industry, Car, Cars, Vintage cars, Model cars, r/c, Radio-controlled, Tires, Tires, Tyre, Tyres, RC models, Environment, Water, Air, Pollution, Depollution, Pollution Management, carbon sink, CO2, climate change, greenhouse gases, MSDS, Waste treatment, Tourism, Hotels, Hotel, Restaurant, Holidays, Camping, Sightseeing, Catering, Spo ... French
1727 points
English to French
  Vincent SOUBRIE
  Financial and legal translations
asset Management, fund Management, finance, financial sector, investment Management, stock exchange, banking, Insurance, life Insurance, Human Resources, sustainable development, code of ethics, request for proposal, requests for proposals, corporate governance, business translation, financial translation, financial translator, equities, bonds, equity markets, bond markets, fund prospectus, fund supplements, UCITS, investment funds ... French
1495 points
English to French
  Stéphanie Bellumat
  AITC +2O years experience MA translation
Articles, booklets, brochures, business correspondence, catalogues, corporate documents, handbooks, informed consent forms, interviews, labels, newsletters, packaging, posters, presentations, press releases, product information, questionnaires, MSDS, specifications, marketing surveys, training material, tutorials, user documentations, web content, Advertising, Marketing, Public relations, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Government, International Organizations, NGOs, Software localization Human Resources, Management, Education, E-Learning General correspondence ... French
1222 points
English to French
Identity Verified   Joëlle Bouille
Psychology | depth Psychology | cognitive Psychology | jungian Psychology | cross-cultural Psychology | psychometrics | mental health | self-help | employee assistance program | personal growth | personal development | international cooperation | sustainable development | environment | green economy | European Union | United Nations | UN | EU | humanitarian aid | humanitarian assistance | NGO | non governmental organisation | training | training material | Safety | Safety at work | transcreation | psicología | psicología cognitiva | psicología analítica | psicología junguiana | psicotécnicos laborales | salud mental | desarrollo personal | cooperación al desarrollo | cooperación internacional | ayuda humanitaria | medio ambiente | economía verde | desarrollo sostenible | Unión Europea | Naciones Unidas | organización no gubernamental | formación | educación | seguridad | seguridad laboral | ergonomía | documental | formación online | cursos online | adaptación | transcreación | psychol ... French
1054 points
English to French
Identity Verified   Fabien Champême
  Technical Translator EN>FR - ES>FR
freelance, freelancer, translator, French, English, spanish, translation, localization, website, web site, html, patent, electronics, engineering, industrial, mechanics, computers, hardware, software, systems, networks, IT, information technology, automation, robotics, biology, construction, civil engineering, energy, power generation, environment, ecology, Manufacturing, internet, materials, plastics, ceramics, mathematics, statistics, media, multimedia, metallurgy, casting, Metrology, paper, Physics science, Telecom(munications), telecom ... French
1061 points
English to French
Identity Verified   Christiane Allen
  Corporate Content Specialist
translation | translations | translator | linguist | fr-ca | en to fr | en to fr-ca | English to French | English to canadian French | English to French canadian | native French | fluent in French | French (canada) | French ca | bilingual French English | bilingual English French | réunion de groupes | études de marchés | recherche | publicité | relations publiques | prospection | plan stratégique | étiquettes | vins | american English | business | powerpoint | presentations | French | cultural | adaptation | metropolitan france | marketing | advertising | public relations | organizations | prospecting | entering | French-speaking | overseas markets | wine labels | wine documentation | strategic marketing plan | focus groups | Management summary | exporting | French canadian | web site | localization | business plan | plan d'affaires | resume | résumé | cv | curriculum vitae | mauritius | ile maurice | île maurice | quebec | québec | ontario | nevada | british columbia | colombie-bri ... French
United States
1022 points
English to French
Identity Verified   Eric Le Carre
  IT, Renewable Energy, Marcom since 1993
information technology, IT, software localization, enterprise resource planning, ERP, CRM, business intelligence, BI, data warehousing, data warehouse, data mart, analytics, Accounting, Financials, e-business process automation, e-business, business process automation, enterprise application integration, EAI, security, computer security, Cloud-based technology, network security, green IT, green Computing, going green, GUI, graphical user interface, software documentation, open source software, Linux, PO files, web site, web content, online help, computer manual, software manual, training manual, operating instructions, installation instructions, IT marketing, marketing materials, press release, marketing brochure, data sheet, white paper, case study, testimonial, product description, PPT, PowerPoint presentation, business software, renewable energy, environment, biogas, onshore wind, offshore wind, wind energy, solar PV, solar photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, marine energy, biomass ... French
989 points
English to French
Identity Verified   Alain Mouchel
  Experience and accuracy
English to French, French to English, law, contracts, general business, marketing, translation, proofreading, Danish to English, Danish to French ... French
795 points
English to French
Identity Verified   CFournier
  Ingénieur-docteur / Engineer & PhD
brevet, ingénieur, sciences, scientifique, biologie, biochimie, chimie, pharmacie, pharmaceutique, médecine, génétique, microbiologie, santé, pharmacologie, biotechnologie, immunoanalyse, immunologie, protéomique, vaccin, toxicologie, docteur, PhD, INSA, ingénieur, médical, biomédical, FDS, fiche signalétique, médicament, Nutrition, sécurité alimentaire, OMS, patent, engineer, scientific, biology, biochemistry, chemistry, pharmacy, pharmaceutics, pharmaceuticals, medicine, Genetics, microbiology, pharmacology, biotechnology, immunology, immunoassay, vaccine, toxicology, MSDS, SDS, chemical, REACH, food Safety, EPAR, WHO ... French
737 points
English to French
Identity Verified   Hervé du Verle
  23 yrs in French medical edition
health, medicine, biology, physiology, drugs, pharmaceutical industry, pharmacology, psychiatry, cardiology, neurology, drug reports, study designs, History, Religions, medias, politics, corporate, accounts and finance, editing, proofreading multimedia ... French
772 points
English to French
Identity Verified   Robert Morin
  20+years Certified Translator
IT, telecom, marketing, engineering, Trados, automotive, MSDS ... French
641 points
English to French
Identity Verified   Igor Kazmierski
  Your voice in the Chemistry desert !
chemistry, polish, English, French, organic chemistry, organic, doctor, PhD, Patents, science, technical, board games, games, pharmaceuticals, delivery systems, galenics, delivery systems, galénique, chimie, chimie orga, chimie organique, traduction, polonais, français, anglais, jeux, jeux de plateau, technique, chemia, organiczna, tlumacz, patenty, polski, francuski, angielski, techniczny ... French
565 points
English to French
Identity Verified   Thierry Renon
  Experienced and reliable
Traducteur translator proofreading proofreader French English français anglais IT hardware software video games PlayStation N-Gage PSP Xbox PC Xbox PlayStation GameCube GBA videogames RPG MMORPG adventure game industry FPS gamer sony nintendo DS mobile media magazines scripts cartoons subtitles dubbing doublage pharmaceuticals general business marketing questionnaires cooking cuisine recettes menus travel tourism ... French
542 points
English to French
Identity Verified   Philippe Etienne
  In the reader's shoes since 2000
informatique, logiciels, communiqué de presse, réseaux, médical, manuel, cardiologie, étude clinique, automobile, sport automobile, course automobile, formule 1, blé, énergie nucléaire, machines, chimie, physique, industrie, français anglais, aide en ligne, traduction technique anglais français, Microsoft, Trados, SDL, SDLX, Tag Editor, TagEditor, industrie lourde, chimie lourde, pétrochimie, EDF, computing, IT, software, localization, English, French, technical translations, networks, medical, healthcare, manuals, cardiology, stent, clinical trial, automotive, motorsport, racing, Formula One, F1, formula 1, wheat, nuclear power, industrial, machinery, chemistry, Physics, science, technical translator, technical translation, online help, chemical, petrochemical, press release, instructions, guide, engineering, ingénierie, formation, training, marketing, quality, human translation, traduction humaine, construction, BTP, génie civil, civil engineering, hydraulics, hydraulique, instru ... French
551 points
English to French
Identity Verified   Bruno De Brouwer
  30 years in the automotive field!
automotive automobile car vehicle technology manufacturer French ... French
514 points
English to French
Identity Verified   Nina Khmielnitzky
  Certified translator, Eng-Canadian Fr
standard French, French Canadian, Canadien français, Quebec French, General, général, Training manuals, ergonomics, ergonomie, WHMIS, SIMDUT, manuels de formation, Websites, sites Web, Telecom(munications), Cable TV, DVR, PVR, digital box, wireless phones, mobile phones, cellular phones, user guides, télécommunications, télévision par câble, DVR, PVR, terminal numérique, téléphones sans fil, téléphones cellulaires, guides de l'utilisateur, Human Resources, procedures, letters, career monograph, job description, job offers, ressources humaines, procédures, lettres, description de carrière, description de poste, offres d'emploi, kitchenware, articles de cuisine, Retailing, vente au détail, marketing, brochures ... French
512 points
English to French
Identity Verified   Nadia A.
  EN>FR medical device translations
technical translation English to French, technical translator English to French, English to French technical translation, English to French technical translator, medical instruments translation English to French, user manual English to French, English to French user manual translation, SDS translation English to French, SDS translator English to French, website localization English to French, marketing translation English to French, English to French marketing translation, software localization English to French, user guide translation English to French, engineering translation English to French ... French
371 points
English to French
Identity Verified   Sophie Govaere McConnell
  English into French, specialized in IT
software localization, website localization, French, anglais, localisation de logiciel, localisation de site internet, informatique, IT, computer science, translator, traducteur, technical, technique, IT book, livre informatique, pédagogie, pedagogy, programming language, langage de programmation, SQL, C, C++, C sharp, bases de données, database, php, JavaScript, html, css, xml, Java, code ... French
398 points
English to French
Identity Verified   Christiane Lalonde
  French CA - French FR
sciences humaines et sociales, communication institutionnelle, éducation, ong, développement, tourisme, commerce, gouvernement, traduction, translation, government, politics, humanities, NGO, development ... French
366 points
English to French
Identity Verified   Jacques DP
  Sharp and graceful
technical, technique, computer, ordinateur, internet, telecom, télécom, Telecom(munications), télécommunications, audio, software, logiciel, hardware, matériel, tools, outils, equipment, équipement, devices, périphériques, pc, html, web, localization, localisation, science, scientific, scientifique, medical, médical, médecine, molecular, biology, biologie, moléculaire, Genetics, genetic, génétique, biotech, biotechnology, biotechnologie, biotechnologies ... French
402 points
English to French
Identity Verified   Sylvie Chartier
  30+ years experience, Trados user
translation, translations, translator, linguist, fr-ca, en to fr, en to fr-ca, English to French, English to canadian French, English to French canadian, native French, fluent in French, French (canada), French ca, bilingual French English, bilingual English French, English to French translation, English to québécois, English to quebecois, quebecois translation, English to quebec French, quebec French translation, RH, HR, formation, training, beauty products, produits de beauté, ingénierie, engineering, études de marchés, recherche, publicité, relations humaines, étiquettes, american English, business, powerpoint, presentations, French, adaptation, marketing, advertising, French-speaking, overseas markets, French canadian, web site, localization, quebec, québec, ontario, francophone, francophonie, transnational, cultural adaptation in marketing, marketing ethnique, ethnical marketing, category Management, marketing transculturel, business translation, environment, outsourcing policy, o ... French
294 points
English to French
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