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English to Macedonian translators and interpreters » General fields

English to Macedonian Tech/Engineering translators (782)
English to Macedonian Art/Literary translators (1133)
English to Macedonian Medical translators (738)
English to Macedonian Law/Patents translators (1)
English to Macedonian Science translators (14215)
English to Macedonian Bus/Financial translators (6051)
English to Macedonian Marketing translators (11983)
English to Macedonian Other translators (718)
English to Macedonian Social Sciences translators (1132)

English to Macedonian translators and interpreters » Specific fields

English to Macedonian translators: Accounting
English to Macedonian translators: Advertising / Public Relations
English to Macedonian translators: Aerospace / Aviation / Space
English to Macedonian translators: Agriculture
English to Macedonian translators: Livestock / Animal Husbandry
English to Macedonian translators: Anthropology
English to Macedonian translators: Archaeology
English to Macedonian translators: Architecture
English to Macedonian translators: Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting
English to Macedonian translators: Astronomy & Space
English to Macedonian translators: Finance (general)
English to Macedonian translators: Automation & Robotics
English to Macedonian translators: Automotive / Cars & Trucks
English to Macedonian translators: Biology (-tech,-chem,micro-)
English to Macedonian translators: Botany
English to Macedonian translators: Construction / Civil Engineering
English to Macedonian translators: Business/Commerce (general)
English to Macedonian translators: Materials (Plastics, Ceramics, etc.)
English to Macedonian translators: Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs
English to Macedonian translators: Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng
English to Macedonian translators: Poetry & Literature
English to Macedonian translators: Cinema, Film, TV, Drama
English to Macedonian translators: Textiles / Clothing / Fashion
English to Macedonian translators: Telecom(munications)
English to Macedonian translators: Computers (general)
English to Macedonian translators: Computers: Hardware
English to Macedonian translators: Computers: Software
English to Macedonian translators: Computers: Systems, Networks
English to Macedonian translators: Law: Contract(s)
English to Macedonian translators: Cooking / Culinary
English to Macedonian translators: Cosmetics, Beauty
English to Macedonian translators: Medical: Dentistry
English to Macedonian translators: Media / Multimedia
English to Macedonian translators: Economics
English to Macedonian translators: Education / Pedagogy
English to Macedonian translators: Electronics / Elect Eng
English to Macedonian translators: Energy / Power Generation
English to Macedonian translators: Engineering (general)
English to Macedonian translators: Engineering: Industrial
English to Macedonian translators: Mechanics / Mech Engineering
English to Macedonian translators: Nuclear Eng/Sci
English to Macedonian translators: Environment & Ecology
English to Macedonian translators: Esoteric practices
English to Macedonian translators: Fisheries
English to Macedonian translators: Folklore
English to Macedonian translators: Food & Drink
English to Macedonian translators: Forestry / Wood / Timber
English to Macedonian translators: Furniture / Household Appliances
English to Macedonian translators: Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino
English to Macedonian translators: Mining & Minerals / Gems
English to Macedonian translators: Genealogy
English to Macedonian translators: General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters
English to Macedonian translators: Genetics
English to Macedonian translators: Geography
English to Macedonian translators: Geology
English to Macedonian translators: Government / Politics
English to Macedonian translators: Photography/Imaging (& Graphic Arts)
English to Macedonian translators: Medical: Health Care
English to Macedonian translators: History
English to Macedonian translators: Tourism & Travel
English to Macedonian translators: Human Resources
English to Macedonian translators: Idioms / Maxims / Sayings
English to Macedonian translators: Insurance
English to Macedonian translators: International Org/Dev/Coop
English to Macedonian translators: Internet, e-Commerce
English to Macedonian translators: Investment / Securities
English to Macedonian translators: Metallurgy / Casting
English to Macedonian translators: IT (Information Technology)
English to Macedonian translators: Journalism
English to Macedonian translators: Real Estate
English to Macedonian translators: Law (general)
English to Macedonian translators: Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright
English to Macedonian translators: Law: Taxation & Customs
English to Macedonian translators: Linguistics
English to Macedonian translators: Transport / Transportation / Shipping
English to Macedonian translators: Management
English to Macedonian translators: Manufacturing
English to Macedonian translators: Ships, Sailing, Maritime
English to Macedonian translators: Marketing / Market Research
English to Macedonian translators: Mathematics & Statistics
English to Macedonian translators: Medical (general)
English to Macedonian translators: Medical: Cardiology
English to Macedonian translators: Medical: Instruments
English to Macedonian translators: Medical: Pharmaceuticals
English to Macedonian translators: Meteorology
English to Macedonian translators: Metrology
English to Macedonian translators: Military / Defense
English to Macedonian translators: Music
English to Macedonian translators: Names (personal, company)
English to Macedonian translators: Nutrition
English to Macedonian translators: Petroleum Eng/Sci
English to Macedonian translators: Other
English to Macedonian translators: Paper / Paper Manufacturing
English to Macedonian translators: Patents
English to Macedonian translators: Philosophy
English to Macedonian translators: Physics
English to Macedonian translators: Printing & Publishing
English to Macedonian translators: Psychology
English to Macedonian translators: Religion
English to Macedonian translators: Retail
English to Macedonian translators: Safety
English to Macedonian translators: SAP
English to Macedonian translators: Science (general)
English to Macedonian translators: Slang
English to Macedonian translators: Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc.
English to Macedonian translators: Sports / Fitness / Recreation
English to Macedonian translators: Surveying
English to Macedonian translators: Wine / Oenology / Viticulture
English to Macedonian translators: Zoology

English to Macedonian translators and interpreters

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Identity Verified   Milena Čkripeska
  Sound as a pound service
Conference interpreter, translator, interpreter, EU affairs, Economics, politics, law, legal English, political English, medical English, consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, written translation, CAT tools, Wordfast, Macedonian, English, Serbo-Croatian, Bosnian, professional, acquis communautaire, microbiology, ISO standards, on time delivery, top quality, sworn translator, certified translation, Department of Translation and Interpreting, консекутивно толкување, симултано толкување, преведувач, толкувач, писмен превод, конференциско толкување, ЕУ терминологија, правна терминологија, економска терминологија, медицинска терминологија, микробиологија, ИСО стандарди, политичка терминологија, ефикасност, efficient, effective, reliable, detail-oriented, thorough, experienced, avid, консекутивен, консекутивен превод, симултан, симултан превод, писмен превод, simultan, simultano, simultano tolkuvanje simultan prevod, konsekutiven, konsekutivno, konsekutiven prevod, konsekutivn ... Macedonian
Macedonia (FYROM)
1257 points
English to Macedonian
Identity Verified   Ivan Dimoski
  Excellent, reliable, reasonable
English-Macedonian translator, Macedonian-English translator, Medical translations, Legal translations, Software localization, English to Macedonian translator, Macedonian translator Macedonian freelance translator, Macedonian freelance interpreter, Macedonian translation, Macedonian translations, македонски превод, македонски преводи, англиско-македонски преводи, англиско-македонски преведувач, македонско-англиски преведувач, превод, преведување, преведувач, English-Serbian translator, Serbian-English translator, serbian translations, serbian freelance translator, Macedonian and English language teacher, Macedonian language, legal translator, court interpreter, Macedonian translator, Serbian translator, Macedonian and English translator, qualified Macedonian interpreter, Qualified Macedonian and Serbian translator, Преведувач од хрватски на македонски јазик, Преведувач од македонски на хрватски јазик, Преведувач од македонски на босански јазик, Преведувач од босански на македонски јаз ... Macedonian/Serbian
Macedonia (FYROM)
725 points
English to Macedonian
Identity Verified   Kire Dimik
English to Macedonian translator, Macedonian to English translator, French to Macedonian translator, English to Macedonian translation, Macedonian to English translation, French to Macedonian translation, Macedonian translator, Macedonia, English Macedonian freelance translator, English freelance translator, Macedonian English freelance translator, Macedonian freelance translator, french Macedonian freelance translator, freelance translator, traducteur français macédonien, Macedonian translation, translation into Macedonian, Macedonian translations, Macedonian translator Skopje, Macedonian translator Macedonia, French Macedonian translator, French to Macedonian, Translation English to Macedonian, Translation Macedonian to English, Translation French to Macedonian, English to Macedonian Court Translator, Macedonian to English Court Translator, French to Macedonian Court Translator, Macedonian to English Certified Translator, English to Macedonian Certified Translator, French to Macedoni ... Macedonian
Macedonia (FYROM)
358 points
English to Macedonian
Identity Verified   Darko Ivanovski
  Information Timeliness
Translation, English, German, Macedonian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Sworn Translator, Court Translator, German Macedonian translation, German Macedonian sworn translator, English Macedonian translation, English Macedonian sworn translator, subtitling, translator, translation, translating, translate, expert, professional, freelancer, freelance translator, IT, information technology, technology, software, electronics, manuals, localization, localisation, technology, computers, mobile, applications, games, trados, technical ... Macedonian
Macedonia (FYROM)
345 points
English to Macedonian
Identity Verified   Irena Kacarski-Kimova
  Legal translator/conference interpreter
law, legal, legal translation, finance, financial, financial translation, politics, political, political translation, contract, contracts, contract law, tort, damages, commercial law, international law, international organizations, EU, legislation, EU legislation, Acquis, acquis communautaire, правен, правен превод, терминологија, финансии, финансиски превод, политика, договорно право, облигациони односи, проширување, Европска унија, ЕУ, директиви, силултан преведувач, консеутивен преведувач, EU enlargement, EU directives, corporate law, corporate social responsibility, company law, trade, trade law, customs, border control, Single Window, право, финансии, корпоративно управување, општествена одговорност на претпријатијата, увоз, извоз, едношалтерски систем, царинско работење, трговија, трговско право, obligations, business, Real Estate, movable property, immovable property, Telecom(munications), telecom, electronic communications, business, bankruptcy, public-private partnership, PPP, c ... Macedonian
Macedonia (FYROM)
185 points
English to Macedonian
Identity Verified   Maja_K
  Technical translations savvy
IT, electrical engineering, electronics, Telecom(munications), Economics, software, hardware, computer, Trados, legal, finance, engineering, German to Macedonian, English to Macedonian, Macedonian to German, Macedonian to English, German Macedonian, German to English, English Macedonian, Macedonian German, Macedonian English, Deutsch Mazedonisch, Mazedonisch Deutsch, Deutsch Englisch ... Macedonian
168 points
English to Macedonian
Identity Verified   Sashenka Ljuben
  20 years of experience, prompt, accurate
automotive industry, computers, software, localization, website localization, trade, law, Management, business, marketing, justice, Accounting, medicine, pharmacy, banking, education, telecommunicaitons, technical manuals, defense, forestry, Nutrition, tc. ... Macedonian
Macedonia (FYROM)
105 points
English to Macedonian
Identity Verified   Gabriela Nikolova
  Experienced translator and economist
Economics, finances, financial reporting, Accounting practices, transaction, income, balance sheet, health care, instruction manuals, handbooks, home appliances, washing machine, drain hose, drain filter, supply hose, connector, mechanics, mechanical engineering, construction, construction equipment, elevator, compressor, cutters, weldable, wire mesh, girders, steel, steel products, raw materials, concrete, concrete pump, reinforcing, dredgers, suction dredgers, feeders, milling machine, crane, rock drilling tools, crevice, cutting iron, fitting, bushing, density, power wiring, pipeline, butterfly valve, installation, Safety instructions, спојница, електрична инсталација, крилест вентил, textile, fashion industry, cloths, fly, pocket, chain stitch, hook, sewing machines, looper, bobbin case, bobbin holder, thread thrimmer, lower feed, feed dogs, needle, needle holder, needle feed, circuit board, control box, bearing, belt, needle guide, button clamp, screw, nut, washer, bolt, roller, s ... Macedonian
Macedonia (FYROM)
78 points
English to Macedonian
Identity Verified   Sonja Kitanovska
  Absolutely reliable and professional
translator, interpreter, proofreader, website localisation, software localisation, Telecom(munications), mobile phones, marketing, business, Agriculture, animal health, animal welfare, plant health, dairy production, veterinary, forestry, wine, environment, ecology, EU legislation, law, Economics, health care, labour, taxation, machinery, преведувач, толкувач, лектор, локализација на веб-страници, локализација на софтвер, телекомуникации, мобилни телефони, земјоделство, здравје на животни, благосостојба на животни, здравје на растенија, млекарство, ветерина, шумарство, вино, животна средина, екологија, законодавство на ЕУ, право, економија, здравство, труд/работна сила, даноци, механизација ... Macedonian
Macedonia (FYROM)
24 points
English to Macedonian
Identity Verified   Rodna Ruskovska
  With great attention to detail...
fast, reliable service, advanced computer skills, excellent aesthetics sense, creative, Swedish, English, Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, translation, proofreading, editing, reviewing, adaptation, internationalisation, localisation, transcreation, copywriting, subtitling, IT, IPR, customs, medicine, health, alternative healing, telecommunication, taxation, Philosophy, gender Philosophy, queer theory, construction, legal, poetry, literature, attention to detail, EU legislation, national legislation, project Management, project summaries, laws, regulations, decrees, manuals, certificates, handbooks, brochures, books, instructions, education, Agriculture, translator, interpreter, interpretation, environment, finance, legislation, general, experienced, near to native English speaker, native in Macedonian, certificate in Swedish, certified court translator for Swedish, certified court translator for English, Wordfast, Trados, domestic violence, tourism, OSCE, World Bank, Swiss Co-op ... Macedonian
Macedonia (FYROM)
34 points
English to Macedonian
  Gordana Petrovska Dojchinovska
  Solving language dilemmas.
Macedonian, English, Spanish, medicine, science, IT, localization, Economics, law, interpreting, certified, translation, translation agency, outsourcing ... English/Macedonian
Macedonia (FYROM)
8 points
English to Macedonian
Identity Verified   Ana Popova Manasievska
  Master in Conference Interpreting EN/MK
Ана Попова Манасиевска, Ana Popova Manasievska, преведувач, толкувач, преведувач англиски македонски, толкувач англиски македонски, преведување, толкување, превод, превод од англиски, превод на англиски, англиски-македонски, македонски-англиски, превод од англиски јазик, превод на англиски јазик, превод од шпански на македонски, шпански превод, консекутивно толкување, симултано толкување, консекутивно толкување на англиски, симултано толкување на англиски јазик, судски овластен преведувач, судски преводи, судски преведувач за англиски, судски преведувач за шпански јазик, preveduvac, tolkuvac, preveduvac angliski-makedonski, tolkuvac angliski-makedonski, prevod od angliski, prevod na angliski, angliski-makedonski, makedonski-angliski, konsekutivno tolkuvanje, simultano tolkuvanje, konsekutivno tolkuvanje angliski, simultano tolkuvanje angliski, sudski prevodi, sudski ovlasten preveduvac, sudski preveduvac za angliski jazik, sudski preveduvac za spanski jazik, Macedonian-English, English ... Macedonian
Macedonia (FYROM)
4 points
English to Macedonian
Identity Verified   Jasna Trandafilovska
  Reliable, Hardworking, On-time
English to Greek, English to Macedonian, англиски на македонски преведувач, македонски на грчки преведувач, μεταφραστής Ελληνικά προς Σλαβομακεδονικά, μεταφραστής Σλαβομακεδονικά προς Ελληνικά, ... Macedonian/Greek
470 points
English to Macedonian
  Slobodan Milevski
  Veni, vidi, translated
, Automotive / Cars & Trucks, Computers: Hardware, Electronics / Elect Eng, Telecom(munications), Transport / Transportation / Shipping, IT (Information Technology), Business/Commerce (general), Computers (general), Internet, e-Commerce, Mechanics / Mech Engineering ... Macedonian
Macedonia (FYROM)
123 points
English to Macedonian
  Sherefedin MUSTAFA
  Eppur si muove!
perkthyes, shqip, holandisht, shqip-holandisht, perkthyes shqip-holandisht, holandisht shqip, holandisht maqedonisht, maqedonisht holandisht, perkthyes holandisht, perkthyes frengjisht, perkthyes anglisht, perkthyes zyrtar, perkthyes i betuar, flamisht, perkthyes gjyqesor, perkthyes shqip holandisht, perkthyes holandisht shqip, vertaler albanees nederlands, vertaler nederlands albanees, tolk nederlands albanees, tolk albanees nederlands, perkthyes, shqip, holandisht, albanees, kosovaars, perkthyes holandisht, perkthyes flamisht, shqip holandisht, holandisht, shqip, albanees, doolaard, nederlands, nederlands albanees, tolk albanees, vertaler albanees, schriftelijke vertaling albanees, schriftelijke vertaling albanees nederlands, vertaling albanees nederlands, perkthyes nga holandishtja, përkthyes nga holandishtja, përkthyes nga hollandishtja, vertaling nederlands albanees, vertaling albanees, perkthim shqip, perkthim holandisht, perkthim shqip holandisht, perkthim me shkrim, perkthim gj ... Albanian/Macedonian
148 points
English to Macedonian
Identity Verified   Nadica Gjosevska
  EN-MK-EN, certified,18 years experience
Macedonian, English into Macedonian, translator, translation, localization, consecutive translation, certified court translator, proofreading, writing, copy writing, copywriting, teaching, MA in ELT, BA in English language and literature, certified court translator, certified, qualified, advertisements, drinks, food, cars, automotive, legal, law, education, questionnaires, patient questionnaires, medical research questionnaires, medical, software, military, EU, NATO, games, online games, entertainment, computers, business - general, manuals, textile, contracts, advertisements, catalogues, life sciences, translators directory, editing, translator, editor, e-moderator, English language teaching, Macedonian language teaching, SDL Trados Studio 2009 Freelance, LSP, Language services provider, Native Macedonian translator, Medical translations, Education, Court translator, English into Macedonian, Legal texts, Education materials, Advertisements, Catalogues, Military translations, trans cre ... Macedonian
Macedonia (FYROM)
16 points
English to Macedonian
Identity Verified   Emilija Ivanovska
  17 years of experience
Macedonian English translation, Macedonian English translators, English Macedonian translation, English to Macedonian translation, Macedonian English translators, Macedonian to English translators, English Macedonian translation, Macedonian to English translation, English to Macedonian translation, Macedonian translation, Macedonian translator, English Macedonian translator, English-Macedonian translator, Macedonian-English translator, Macedonian to English, English to Macedonian, finance, business, law, medicine, banking, Insurance, EU, directives, regulations ... Macedonian
United States
8 points
English to Macedonian
  Dejan Dimitriev
  Making a change
English, Macedonian, translation, transcription, Religion ... Macedonian
Macedonia (FYROM)
0 points
English to Macedonian
Identity Verified   JovankaJM
Macedonian, English, German, translator ... Macedonian
Macedonia (FYROM)
0 points
English to Macedonian
Identity Verified   Elena Jankoska Business/Commerce (general), General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters, Environment & Ecology, Medical: Pharmaceuticals, Medical: Instruments, Medical: Cardiology, Law: Taxation & Customs, Marketing / Market Research, Government / Politics, Biology (-tech, -chem, micro-), Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs, Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng, Economics, Law: Contract(s), Medical: Health Care, Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Medical (general), Internet, e-Commerce, International Org/Dev/Coop ... Macedonian
Macedonia (FYROM)
0 points
English to Macedonian
Identity Verified   Goran Dimitriev
  My only heart, left on paper
translation, editing, proofreading, Macedonian, English, spanish, serbian, croatian, serbo-croat, bulgarian, french, general, poetry, literature, Linguistics, medical, computers, business, commerce, marketing, Economics, e-content, Religion, sports, fitness, recreation, History, Botany, Zoology, Agriculture, science, social science, sociology, ethics, mathematics, psycholgy, finance, education, pedagogy, Slang, conversation, greetings, letters, idioms, maxims, sayings, tourism, travel, English to Macedonian translator, Macedonian to English translator, English Macedonian proofreader, преведувач од англиски на македонски, преведувач од македонски на англиски, хонорарен преведувач, поезија, литаратура, лингвистика, маркетинг, економија, менаџмент, е-трговија, ИТ, е-содржини, бизнис, финансии, превод, преведување, преведувач, ... Macedonian
Macedonia (FYROM)
0 points
English to Macedonian
Identity Verified   VN Studios
  Specialized in software localization
English, Italian, German, Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian, freelancer, localization, translator, proofreader, advertising, art, automotive, business marketing, computer, contracts, data communications, ecology, education, electrical engineering, engineering, games, general IT, information sciences, legal, literature, medicine, multimedia texts, Patents, pharmacology, software & applications, sport and fitness, Telecom(munications), tourism and travel, trademarks ... Macedonian
Macedonia (FYROM)
0 points
English to Macedonian
Identity Verified   BOBI BLAZESKI
0 points
English to Macedonian
  Nikola Gizharovski
  Language disguises thought
localization, translation, proofreading, editing, Macedonian, german, English, facebook translator, medical translations, information technology, application & website translation ... Macedonian
Macedonia (FYROM)
48 points
English to Macedonian
Identity Verified   Maja Petrovska
  Accurate and clear translations
Economics, finance, stock exchange, review, audit, legal, contracts, taxation, Journalism, banking, interpretation, Macedonian translation, proofreading, literature, veterinary, Agriculture, law, Patents, projects, translation, personal documents, driver's license, translator, ATIO certified, Ontario, business, legal, medical, medicine, health information, government certified, engineering, IT, information technology, technical, revision, transcription, transliteration, copywriting, writing. ... Macedonian
4 points
English to Macedonian
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