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English to Ukrainian translators and interpreters » General fields

English to Ukrainian Tech/Engineering translators (19032)
English to Ukrainian Art/Literary translators (527)
English to Ukrainian Medical translators (23187)
English to Ukrainian Law/Patents translators (24807)
English to Ukrainian Science translators (2513)
English to Ukrainian Bus/Financial translators (15237)
English to Ukrainian Marketing translators (463)
English to Ukrainian Other translators (12)
English to Ukrainian Social Sciences translators (3516)

English to Ukrainian translators and interpreters » Specific fields

English to Ukrainian translators: Accounting (903)
English to Ukrainian translators: Advertising / Public Relations
English to Ukrainian translators: Aerospace / Aviation / Space
English to Ukrainian translators: Agriculture (838)
English to Ukrainian translators: Livestock / Animal Husbandry
English to Ukrainian translators: Anthropology (234)
English to Ukrainian translators: Archaeology (216)
English to Ukrainian translators: Architecture
English to Ukrainian translators: Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting
English to Ukrainian translators: Astronomy & Space
English to Ukrainian translators: Finance (general)
English to Ukrainian translators: Automation & Robotics
English to Ukrainian translators: Automotive / Cars & Trucks (1117)
English to Ukrainian translators: Biology (-tech,-chem,micro-) (544)
English to Ukrainian translators: Botany
English to Ukrainian translators: Construction / Civil Engineering
English to Ukrainian translators: Business/Commerce (general)
English to Ukrainian translators: Materials (Plastics, Ceramics, etc.) (478)
English to Ukrainian translators: Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs (1411)
English to Ukrainian translators: Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng (571)
English to Ukrainian translators: Poetry & Literature (1209)
English to Ukrainian translators: Cinema, Film, TV, Drama
English to Ukrainian translators: Textiles / Clothing / Fashion
English to Ukrainian translators: Telecom(munications) (1159)
English to Ukrainian translators: Computers (general) (1825)
English to Ukrainian translators: Computers: Hardware (947)
English to Ukrainian translators: Computers: Software
English to Ukrainian translators: Computers: Systems, Networks
English to Ukrainian translators: Law: Contract(s)
English to Ukrainian translators: Cooking / Culinary (1412)
English to Ukrainian translators: Cosmetics, Beauty (1370)
English to Ukrainian translators: Medical: Dentistry (365)
English to Ukrainian translators: Media / Multimedia (1625)
English to Ukrainian translators: Economics
English to Ukrainian translators: Education / Pedagogy (2359)
English to Ukrainian translators: Electronics / Elect Eng (896)
English to Ukrainian translators: Energy / Power Generation
English to Ukrainian translators: Engineering (general) (1337)
English to Ukrainian translators: Engineering: Industrial
English to Ukrainian translators: Mechanics / Mech Engineering
English to Ukrainian translators: Nuclear Eng/Sci
English to Ukrainian translators: Environment & Ecology
English to Ukrainian translators: Esoteric practices
English to Ukrainian translators: Fisheries
English to Ukrainian translators: Folklore
English to Ukrainian translators: Food & Drink
English to Ukrainian translators: Forestry / Wood / Timber
English to Ukrainian translators: Furniture / Household Appliances (524)
English to Ukrainian translators: Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino (1010)
English to Ukrainian translators: Mining & Minerals / Gems
English to Ukrainian translators: Genealogy (110)
English to Ukrainian translators: General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters (1725)
English to Ukrainian translators: Genetics
English to Ukrainian translators: Geography
English to Ukrainian translators: Geology
English to Ukrainian translators: Government / Politics
English to Ukrainian translators: Photography/Imaging (& Graphic Arts) (743)
English to Ukrainian translators: Medical: Health Care
English to Ukrainian translators: History (1126)
English to Ukrainian translators: Tourism & Travel (2862)
English to Ukrainian translators: Human Resources
English to Ukrainian translators: Idioms / Maxims / Sayings (534)
English to Ukrainian translators: Insurance
English to Ukrainian translators: International Org/Dev/Coop
English to Ukrainian translators: Internet, e-Commerce
English to Ukrainian translators: Investment / Securities
English to Ukrainian translators: Metallurgy / Casting (435)
English to Ukrainian translators: IT (Information Technology)
English to Ukrainian translators: Journalism (1056)
English to Ukrainian translators: Real Estate
English to Ukrainian translators: Law (general) (1811)
English to Ukrainian translators: Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright
English to Ukrainian translators: Law: Taxation & Customs (758)
English to Ukrainian translators: Linguistics (1939)
English to Ukrainian translators: Transport / Transportation / Shipping
English to Ukrainian translators: Management (1526)
English to Ukrainian translators: Manufacturing
English to Ukrainian translators: Ships, Sailing, Maritime (344)
English to Ukrainian translators: Marketing / Market Research
English to Ukrainian translators: Mathematics & Statistics (345)
English to Ukrainian translators: Medical (general)
English to Ukrainian translators: Medical: Cardiology
English to Ukrainian translators: Medical: Instruments (511)
English to Ukrainian translators: Medical: Pharmaceuticals
English to Ukrainian translators: Meteorology
English to Ukrainian translators: Metrology
English to Ukrainian translators: Military / Defense
English to Ukrainian translators: Music (1102)
English to Ukrainian translators: Names (personal, company) (481)
English to Ukrainian translators: Nutrition
English to Ukrainian translators: Petroleum Eng/Sci
English to Ukrainian translators: Other (484)
English to Ukrainian translators: Paper / Paper Manufacturing
English to Ukrainian translators: Patents (353)
English to Ukrainian translators: Philosophy
English to Ukrainian translators: Physics
English to Ukrainian translators: Printing & Publishing
English to Ukrainian translators: Psychology
English to Ukrainian translators: Religion
English to Ukrainian translators: Retail
English to Ukrainian translators: Safety (335)
English to Ukrainian translators: SAP (167)
English to Ukrainian translators: Science (general)
English to Ukrainian translators: Slang
English to Ukrainian translators: Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc.
English to Ukrainian translators: Sports / Fitness / Recreation
English to Ukrainian translators: Surveying (339)
English to Ukrainian translators: Wine / Oenology / Viticulture
English to Ukrainian translators: Zoology

English to Ukrainian translators and interpreters

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KudoZ Points
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Identity Verified   Vladyslav Golovaty
  a top-rank. native English-Ukrainian-Rus
lower cost direct native translator, English, Ukrainian, Russian, law, legal, clinical trials, pharmaceuticals, medicine, Patents, science, covid-19, virology, engineering, construction, survey, hi-tech, Accounting, marketing, manuals, IFU, питомо українська лексика, CAT tools, Trados, Across, memoQ ... English/Russian
1070 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Dmitrie Highduke
Ukraine, translation agencies, webmasters, companies and individuals, experience, deadline, quality assurance, effective budget, services, Website translation, HTML, , plain text, Translation of documents, editing, Proofreading, Localization, Estimation, mOther tongues, Russian, Ukrainian, language pairs, English Russian translation, English Ukrainian translation, Russian English translation, Ukrainian English translation, Ukrainian Russian translation, German Russian translation, German Ukrainian translation, degree, Bachelor’s degree, Linguistics, Master’s degree, references, 0.07 USD, 0.05 EUR, per word, 0.035 USD, 0.025 EUR, methods of payment, Bank transfer, Western Union, Postal order, Check, software, Trados, TagEditor, MS Office, Photoshop, SDLX Lite, expertise, Agricultural, Automotive, Building, Business Letters, Communications, Economics, Education, Engineering, Equipment, HTML, IT, Legal, Literary, Manuals, Marketing, Meal, Medical, Oil&Gas, Technical, Travel, Ukraine, Über ... Russian/Ukrainian
352 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Roman Soluk
  Professional UKR & RUS translations
English, Ukrainian, Russian, translator, translations, competitive rates, professional, experienced, business, marketing, advertising, travel, tourism, Management, linguist. ... Ukrainian/Russian
351 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Nadiya_S
  Clothing/Fashion, Hospitality, Contracts
Translator, eng-ukr, eng-rus, localization, Ukrainian, Russian, перекладач, з англійської на українську, переводчик с английского, переводчик на русский ... Ukrainian/Russian
266 points
English to Ukrainian
  The Ukrainian Translator
English to Ukrainian translator, English to Ukrainian translation, English, Ukrainian, translator, native, freelancer, localization, localisation, localize, localise, technical translation, software localization, technical writing, Ukrainian subtitles ... Ukrainian
157 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Myron Netchypor
  Both Linguist and Technician
japanese, ウクライナ語, ロシア語, イングランド語, chinese, 乌克兰语, 俄语, 英语, korean, 우크라이나어, 러시아어, 영어, automotive, technology, electrical engineering, Mac, Macintosh, Mac OS X, Macbook Windows XP, mechanical, telecommunication, localization, localize, mobile phones, scanner, printer, camera, digital camera, lens, DVD, Home Theater System, DVD-player, DVD-recorder, engineering, metallurgical engineering, machine-building, machinery construction, technical translation, manual, software manual, hardware manual, instruction, instructions, guide, quick start guide, programs guide, printer, computer, scanner, localization, business, transport, transportation, Economics, studing, language, law, jurisdical, diplomatic, oil, gas, presentation, diplomatic, computers, correspondence, travel, literature, science, sport, tourism, travel, education, culture, marketing texts, marketing text, marketing ... Ukrainian/Russian
257 points
English to Ukrainian
  Viktoriia Horiachko
  English - Ukrainian translator
English to Ukrainian translator, native Ukrainian translator, translation, subtitles, localization, TV shows, drama, films, feature films, e-learning, documentaries, legal, fashion, native Ukrainian, expert, certified ... Ukrainian
16 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Zoryana Dorak
  Sworn Translator!
translation and proofreading services, from English into Ukrainian and vice versa, from Russian into English, fields I work in, Accounting, business, audit, law, banking, advertising, marketing, politics, education, Economics ... Ukrainian/Russian
106 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Gulliette
  ITI-certified ENG/ESP<>UA/RU
medical translation, pharmaceutical translation, clinical trials, proofreading, editing, English to Ukrainian translation, Ukrainian to English translation, translation of MRI reports, CT, diagnostic imaging, psychiatry, autism, ADHD, bipolar affective disorder, Psychology, psychOtherapy, neurobiology, legal translation, English-Russian translation, Russian-English translation, localization, adaptation, biology, biological engineering, professional translation, over the phone interpreting, pharmaceuticals, law, contracts, Lviv-based translator, informed consents, medical journals, anatomy, pathological anatomy, autopsy reports, discharge summaries, drug labels, medical devices, medical equipment, randomized clinical trials, cosmetics and beauty, cosmetic devices, cosmetics industry, beauty science, alternative medicine, перекладач, перекладач Львів, професійний медичний перекладач, професійний сертифікований перекладач, юридичний переклад, переводчик Львов, медицинский перевод, юридиче ... Ukrainian/Russian
96 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Vadim Khazin
  over 40 years of experience
Geology, engineering, environment, Russian, Ukrainian, legal, business, literature, advertisement, edit, translate, transcribe, interpret ... Russian/Ukrainian
United States
90 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Tetiana Tkachenko
  MA in Translation, 12 years experience
English, german, russian, Ukrainian, translation, medical translation, pharmaceutical translation, clinical trial translation, legal translation, business translation, law, business, finance, financial statements, financial reports, minutes, power of attorney, agreement, contract, memorandum, articles of association, by-laws, charters, life sciences, medicine, pharmaceutics, pharmacovigilance, clinical trials, clinical studies, medical records, GMP, CPP, SmPC, PIL, PSUR, certificate of analysis, analytical procedures, investigator's brochure, patient's brochure, study protocol ... Russian/Ukrainian
84 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Oleksiy Savkevych
  Ukrainian localization specialist
Website localization in Ukraine, Translation English Ukrainian, English-Ukrainian translator, English-Russian translator, Proofreading English Ukrainian, English-Ukrainian proofreader, English-Russian proofreader, website localization, Website Localization into Russian and Ukrainian, Web Localization into Russian and Ukrainian, UI localization, translation from English into Russian, translation from English into Ukrainian, translation from Russian into English, translation from Ukrainian into English, Freelance Translator, Localization, Transcreation, History translation into Ukrainian, Archaeology translation into Ukrainian, Manuals translation into Ukrainian, Marketing translation into Ukrainian, Fashion translation into Ukrainian, Tourism translation into Ukrainian, Hospitality translation into Ukrainian, Sports translation, Bikes translation into Ukrainian, PR translation, Website translation, Politics translation, Education translation into Ukrainian, Arts translation into Ukraini ... Ukrainian/Russian
36 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Olga Sushytska
  It's not a problem, just a challenge
translator, interpreter, Ukrainian translator, Russian translator, Ukrainian interpreter, Russian interpreter, Russian, Ukrainian, English, French, перевод, услуги перевода, переводчик английского, переводчик французского, переклад, послуги перекладу, перекладач англійської, перекладач французької, Vancouver, Canada, Ванкувер, Канада, юридический перевод, юридичний переклад; legal, law, legislation, legislative, court, case, statement, ruling, decree, good standing, incorporation, contract, agreement, Shareholder Certificate, Power of Attorney, PoA, by-laws, Articles of Association, AoA, Charter, decision, cease-and-desist, cease and desist, claim, order, lease, aircraft lease, lease agreement, deed, undertakings, representations, warranties, equity, equity purchase, gift contract, joint venture, purchase and transfer agreement, Shareholders Agreement, license agreement, loan claims assignment, obligations transfer, memorandum of understanding, MoU, put option deed, settlement agreeme ... Russian
18 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Victoria Batarchuk
  Experienced technical/legal translator
технический перевод, русский, английский, украинский, энергетика, электростанция, нефть, газ, промышленность, техника безопасности, стандарт, оборудование, грузоподъемная техника, кран, строительство, технические условия, математика, статистика, САПР, маркетинг, юридическая документация, программное обеспечение, кибербезопасность, угроза, technical translation, Russian, English, Ukrainian, engineering, industrial, industry, Petroleum Eng/Sci, power plant, power engineering, work execution plan, construction Management plan, pipeline, valve, HVAC, equipment, machinery, construction, specification, civil engineering, crane, hoisting, lifting, device, consumer electronics, standard, occupational Safety, HSE, environment Safety, Human Resources, personnel Management, risk assessment, cost estimate, calculation, mathematics, statistics, operation, manual, instruction, localization, software, oil, petroleum, gas, drilling, environment, environmental protection, CAD, IT, software, cybersecuri ... Russian/Ukrainian
72 points
English to Ukrainian
  Natalie Lyssova
  Always pursuing facts and words
English to russian, English to Ukrainian, Ukrainian translator, russian translator, technical translator, legal translator, environmental translator, agricultural translator, Agriculture, aircraft, ultralight aircraft, hang glider, kayak, canoe, paddling, cattle, cereals, contracts, donor, engine, English, environment, ecology, farmer, forestry, GPS Navigation, hangglider, health care, incentive, instruments, judicial, mOther and child health, natural birth, organic, paraglider, partner delivery, patent, penitentiary, policy, protection, reform, responsible consumption, Russian, self-government, state, sustainable development, technical, tourism, trike, Ukrainian, ultralight, user manual, veterinary, aquaculture, permaculture, EU legislation, organic law, OLED TV ... Russian
8 points
English to Ukrainian
  Olia Kukhta
  Professional translator, proofreader
legal translation, юридичний переклад, юридический перевод, юриспруденція, юриспруденция, jurisprudence, освіта, образование, education, педагогіка, педагогика, pedagogy, лінгвістика, языкознание, Linguistics, Ukrainian translator, Russian translator, перекладач з англійської на українську, перекладач з української на англійську, англо-русский переводчик, business translation, financial translation, localization, subtitling ... Ukrainian
4 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Lesya Zelenko
  Missing link between you and your client
English, Ukrainian, Russian, Italian, law, business, finance, fashion, contracts, customs, localization, ... Russian
0 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Yulia Zubkova
English to Ukrainian translator, English to Ukrainian translation, English, French, Italian, French to Ukrainian translation, French to Ukrainian translator, Italian to Ukrainian translator, medical translation, pharmaceutical translation, legal translation, English to Russian translator, English to Ukrainian interpreter, translation for international organizations, translation for government bodies, translation for law-enforcement, financial translation, law, banking, oil & gas, Religion, Philosophy, government ... Ukrainian/Russian
0 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Larysa Kramarenko
  Translator & Proofreader of English
Ukrainian=English professional translation Russian=English professional translation ... Ukrainian/Russian
0 points
English to Ukrainian
  Iryna Zavizion
  IT, medical, engineering, finance
translation, editing, proofreading, transcreation, MTPE, PEMT, MT post-editing, post-editing, LQA, linguistic evaluation, testing, translation project Management, transcription, subtitling, subtitle translation, timecoding, time coding, localization, translator, editor, proofreader, transcreator, translation project manager, PM, linguist, evaluator, tester, transcriber, subtitler, subtitle translator, timecode, experienced, native, subtitle, timecode, time code, documents, diploma, bachelor, master, tertiary, background, professional, 5*, five star, 5 staf, feedback, rating, high, quality, high-quality, software, hardware, QA, linguistic, foreign language, confidentiality, privacy, data, security, protection, NDA, non-disclosure, safe, deadline, urgent, video, text, document, file, consistency, consistent, website, vendor, specialized, subject, field, industry, computer, PC, laptop, mobile, subject matter expert, English, Russian, Ukrainian, English to Russian, Russian to English, Engl ... Russian/Ukrainian
0 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Nadya Korolyak
  Just in time and in a good manner
English, Czech, Ukrainian, Russian, translator, localization, proofreading, editing, translating, editor, proofreader, EN-RU, EN-UK, CZ-RU, CZ-UK, CAT-tools, Trados, Studio, MemoQ, Wordfast, Across, Memsource, interpreting, interpreter, українська, украинский, російська, русский, чешский, чеська, čeština, český, surgical, device, patient records, surgery, SW, software, medical, legal, technical, manuals, IFU, medicine, clinical trials, devices, Patents, consent, user manual, contract, law, studies, study, computers, software, technology, pharmaceutical, pharmacology, medical instruments, медицинское оборудование, медичне обладнання, translation, právní, spravedlnost, lékařský, medicína, smlouva, povolení ... Russian/Ukrainian
United States
0 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Helen Gerdova
  your docs in safe hands
freelance, translator, transcreator, transcriber, editor, proofreader, localizer, law, legal, charter, by-laws, articles of association, business, commerce, memorandum of understanding, contract, agreement, power of attorney, marketing, IT marketing, web-site, menu, e-learning, HR, human resource, personnel training, media, Real Estate, property, cosmetics, personal development, home, leisure, travel guides, travel, guides, web-sites, beauty, perfume, Real Estate, training manuals, fashion, jewelry, clothing, apparel, consumer products, durables, internet, Management, publishing, cookery, diet, Nutrition, drinks, gastronomy, cuisine, catering, hotel, food, wine, PR, newsletters, tourism, experienced, skilled, dedicated, hospitality, hotels, cuisine, leisure, home, English to Ukrainian, English-Ukrainian, English to Russian, English-Russian, Spanish to Russian, Spanish-Russian, Spanish to Ukrainian, Spanish-to Ukrainian, Ukrainian-Russian, Russian-Ukrainian, native speaker ... Russian/Ukrainian
0 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Yana Anufriyeva
  Translator English, Ukrainian, Russian
translator, translation, translate, translating, testing, test, tester, qa tester, qa testing, proofreading, proofreader, proofer, reviewer, editing, editor, lqa, qa, software, engineering, electronics, mechanics, home appliances, industry, technology, computer systems, computer networks, internet, computers, games, web-games, webgames, web game, web games, web, games testing, game testing, game tester, pc games, pc game, video game, videogames, online game, online games, tester, testing, disney, sony, google, ms, microsoft, epson, media, multimedia, it, software, hardware, elections, literature, Linguistics, station, stations, instruction, description, user manual, manuals, user guide, guides, training, mobile phones, printers, subtitles, subtitling, movie, movies, localise, localize, localisation, localization, localising, localizing, localisator, localizator, cat, trados, sdlx, locstudio, English, Ukrainian, russian, en-ru, eng-rus, en-rus, English-Ukrainian, English-russian, ukrain ... Ukrainian/Russian
0 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Denys Dömin
  14+ years in T10n & L10n, ≈9 mn words
technische übersetzung deutsch russisch, übersetzung deutsch russisch, English to russian translator, translator English to russian, deutsch russisch übersetzung, English to Ukrainian translation, übersetzung russisch, translation from English to russian, English Ukrainian translator, translation English to Ukrainian, übersetzer deutsch ukrainisch, übersetzung deutsch ukrainisch, deutsch ukrainisch übersetzer, übersetzung deutsch russisch preise, casual game, stragegy, RPG, arcade, mobile app, iOS app, Android app, gear motor, Getriebe, Bedienungsanleitung, Betriebsanleitung, Installationsanleitung, operation manual, installation manual, intravascular, good governance, anti-corruption, compliance, human capital Management, software localization, ERP, SAP, market research, corporate code, health care, clinical protocol, HRM, HCM ... Ukrainian
36 points
English to Ukrainian
  Andrey Ishchenko
  Research, Relevance, Reliability
Translation, translate, translator, proofreading, proofread, proofreader, edit, editing, editor, interpret, interpreter, interpreting, interpretation, check, checking, reviser, revise, revision ... Ukrainian/Russian
16 points
English to Ukrainian
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