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POLISH Country-Side Sweetness

Ivan Petryshyn

Country-Side Sweetness

Oj lulaj, lulaj (bis)
Siwe óczka stulaj
Oj, siwe ocie stulisz
do mnie się przytulisz (bis)
Oj lulaj, lujaj/ (bis)
Maleńki sukole
Oj, jak ty mie urośniesz
Pójdziesz ze mną w pole/ (bis)
Kołysz mi się,
kołysz kolibejko lipia
Oj, niechże cię, synuniu
Łóziuniu usypia/ (bis)
Kołysz mi się, kołysz
od ściany do ściany
to ja ci uwiję wianecek ruciany

Oh, get lulled, allay,
Close your eyes, all gray,
Your gray eyes, you’ll close up,
And me, you will hug.
Sleep, oh, sleep, my pride,
The eaglet of my sky,
When you grow more,
To the field, we’ll ride.
Sway, the cradle, sway,
The cradle from lime,
Let you, oh, my dear sonny,
The bed get sleep on time.
Sway , oh, sway,
From side to side,
If you sleep, I’ll make
For you, a rue crown, bright.

Translation into English from Polish by Ivan Petryshyn

Write a lullaby, 5-6 syllables in each line, rhymed. Use the words “ lullaby, lull, eyes, close up, sleep, fall asleep, eaglet, cradle…” to imitate the Polish lullaby.
Ivan Petryshyn

Na zielonej łące,
raz, dwa, trzy,
pasły się zające,
raz, dwa, trzy.
A to była pierwsza zwrotka,
teraz będzie druga zwrotka.

Na zielonej łące,
raz, dwa, trzy,
pasły się zające,
raz, dwa, trzy.
A to była druga zwrotka,
teraz będzie trzecia zwrotka:


On the meadow, shared,
One, two, three,
There grazed the hares,
One, two, three.
And, that was the first refrain,
Now, there’ll be the second turn.

On the meadow, shared,
One, two, three,
There grazed the hares,
One, two, three.
And, that was the second verse,
Now, there’ll be the third turn.
Translated from Polish into English by Ivan Petryshyn

Write a children’s verse song using the same rhythm and rhyme employing the words” hares/rabbits, meadow, numbers, and the synonyms for “verse”.
THE Songs OF THE Northern Slavs. THE White Slavs, THE Belorussians.

IN Belorussian:

Пэршае сьвята - з красным яйкам.
Хрыстос, Сыне Божы, васкрос!
Сьвятая Радаўніца- ўсі радаваюцца.
Сьвятое Ягор’я- у паля гонюць.
Сьвяты Мікола- аўсы сеюць.
Сьвятое Вазнесеньне- палі барануюць.
Сьвятая Тройца- ячмень сеюць.
Сьвяты Яне- на купальле ходзюць.
Сьвяты Пятро - сена косюць.
Сьвяты Ільля - жыта зажынаюць.
Сьвятая Багародзіца- жыта засяваюць.
Сьвяты Спас- усё паспяваюць.
Сьвятая Багародзіца - авсы жнуць.
Сьвятое Вазьвіжаньне- бульбу капаюць.
Сьвяты Пакров - зямлю сьнегам, ваду- лёдам
Пакрый Хрыстос, Сыне Божы, васкрос!
Хрыстос васкрос! Хрыстос васкрос!
(У. Врублёвскі ад маці, 1928 год, Зубрава)

English Translation:

The first holiday – with the fancy egg.
Christ, the Son of God, has risen!
St Holies Day- all are in joy.
St Yagor- all run to the fields.
St Michael- they sow the oats.
St Exaltation- they harrow the piles.
Holy Trinity- they sow the barley.
St John- they go to the Koupala purification,
St Peter- they mow the hay.
St Elijah- they reap the rye.
Holy Mary- they sow the rye.
St Savoir- they manage on time.
Holy Mary – they harvest the oats.
St Exaltation – they dig up potatoes.
St Mother’s Protection- the soil is under the snow,
The water- under the ice.
Protect, oh, Christ the Son of God- has risen!
Christ is risen! Christ is resurrected!

Translation from Belorussian Language into English – by Ivan Petryshyn

Assignment: write an unrhymed poem about the Holidays in your Culture and match them with the agricultural activities of the believers in the country-side.

Belorussian Carol
Ivan Petryshyn

V. Belorussian Carol

IN Belorussian:
Учора звячора
(Калядная песня)

Учора звячора
Засвяціла зора.
Зора засвяціла,
Свет узвесяліла.
Свет узвесяліўся:
Хрыстос нарадзіўся.
Хрыстова раджэнне
Людзям на збаўленьне.
Людзі, выбягайце,
Хрыста прывітайце.
Хрыста прывітайце,
Нам каляду дайце.

IN English:

“Yesterday Since THE Night”
(Koliada /Calendulae Carol)

Yesterday, since the night,
There’s shone a star, bright.

There’s shone the star, bright,
Having granted to all delight.

The world wondered in delight:
Christ has been brought to the light.

Jesus Christ’s birth revelation
Is the people’s salvation.

Come out, folks, of your habitations,
Greet Christ in joy and elation.

Meet Christ in elation,
Give us the Noel donation.

Translated from Belorussian into English by Ivan Petryshyn

ASSIGNMENT: write a simple melody carol on the pattern of the Belorussian carol about the joy and the importance of Christmas preserving the rhyming and the rhythm.



Зімовая калыханка

Ваўняная хустка ўкрывае плечы,
Гольле ад ялінкі закранае столь.
“Сьпі, маё каханьне, беднае малеча,
Я з табой заўсёды, я заўжды з табой".

Winter Lullaby

th' shoulders, with a woolen shawl, embraced ,
the table's covered by th' yule shoots.
"sleep, my love, my fragile baby,
I'm with you, I'm with you for good".

Translation from Belorussian into English by Ivan Petryshyn


Прыйшла ночка да зязюлі

Прыйшла ночка да зязюлі
Ты ж ня сьпі, мая красуля
Прыляці ў маю хацінку
Прасьпявай са мной хвілінку

Будуць зорачкі мігцець
Хачу я з табою сьпець
Хачу ночку кукаваці
Хачу сьвет той забываці.
Ты лажыся на бачок
Сьпіць пад печчу сьветлячок
Выйшла мышка прасьпяваць
Каток шэпы паляваць

Вось і месік узыйшоў
Жоўты мілы віташок
Ён па небу праяжджае
І ў калыскі пазірае

Калі ж ты не б
удзеш спаць
Цябе будзе месік браць
Зорнай сіньню павязе
Закалыша у вазе.


( lullaby)

to the cuckoo, there came the night:
"do not sleep, my beauty light,
oh, fly over to my home,
and sing with me for a mo".

the far stars will calmly glisten,
I will sing with you and listen,
I want to cockoo all the night
to forget the world's light.

Lie down, dear, on your side,
By the oven, sleeps a firefly,
A mouse came to sing, have fun,
The cat's lazy to hunt.

And, the moon has risen,
Yellow, cute, to pay a visit,
And, across the sky, it strays
Looking at the cradles' babes.

If you don't sleep and are awaken,
By the moon, you will be taken,
It will carry you through starry haze,
Lulling you on the weighs.

Translation from Belorussian into English by Ivan Petryshyn

ASSIGNMENT: write a lullaby on one of the patterns keeping in mind the age of the babies to be used for.


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