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We should have the ability to chat on
Thread poster: Francesco Barbuto

Francesco Barbuto  Identity Verified
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Nov 21, 2002

Valued fellow translators,

I am wondering how long will have still to wait before

we can see a \"chat zone\" on ProZ.

I think we should \"syndicate\" in a way or the other

and push this issue with Henry.

I think it should really be worthwhile to

have a mean to network in real time.

The number of hits o reply to this very post of mine could be

a reasonable hint at how bad we need this facility

on ProZ.

With very Best Regards,




Nathalie M. Girard, ALHC (X)  Identity Verified
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Do you think... Nov 21, 2002

... that having a chat zone would maybe create a *lull* in the forums, and the information exchanged in chats would not be posted for all to see and comment on?

Don\'t get me wrong, I think a chat zone would be a great addition, but I am wondering if we start chatting there, that some *great* information may not end-up on the forums for all to see & reply to.


Just my thoughts... icon_smile.gif



gianfranco  Identity Verified
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Place this idea in the Suggestions forum Nov 21, 2002


On 2002-11-21 16:15, fbarbuto wrote:

I am wondering how long will have still

to wait before we can see a \"chat zone\"

on ProZ.

You can place your suggestion in the Suggestion forum and if it is technically feasible it may be created.

I quite like it... you have my vote.



Domenica Grangiotti  Identity Verified
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Instant messaging Nov 21, 2002

While I see all the pros (ah ah) of chats and instant messaging, I also see the cons, in terms of information lost to those who are not participating and also to \"chatters\", if they do not take it down somehow.

I am thinking about forums but also about Kudoz questions.

Imagine you are chatting and working at the same time? Wouldn\'t it be a great way of exchanging information/ asking for advice? But then the rest of the community would miss it all.

I need to give it more thorough thought.

I am waiting for more ideas and comments.


Gayle Wallimann  Identity Verified
Local time: 01:16
Member (2001)
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I agree, Nathalie Nov 21, 2002

Yes, I do agree that a chat room might drain some important information out of the forums. However, I am not downright against the idea. I would like to hear other reactions to the subject too, some pros and cons. I do know that I personally don\'t feel comfortable chatting, because I always miss so many things while I type a reply.;/


Elías Sauza  Identity Verified
Local time: 18:16
Member (2002)
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So far so good... Nov 21, 2002

The way works has allowed me to exchange with colleagues all the information I need. Forum postings, peer opinions and direct email have sufficed so far. A proz chat room would definetely distract me. I feel I do not need it that badly here.

Elías Sauza


Jacek Krankowski (X)  Identity Verified
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One example of valuable chat not to miss Nov 21, 2002


On 2002-11-21 16:19, CTIS wrote:

I am wondering if we start chatting there, that some *great* information may not end-up on the forums for all to see & reply to.

Right on, Nathalie! I, for one, would have certainly missed, for instance, the following thread:

Translators, this unknwon creature: What do we have in common?

It opened with the following reply by Anneken:

\"I think most of us have a lot in common

Such as:

1. Freedom loving individuals who like to think that the world is their village

2. Intellectually minded, but not to such an extent that we forget about the economic reality (earning money)

3. Openness of mind and thought. How else can one make a good translation from a text that originated in a sometimes totally different culture?

4. Independent creatures - Working for a boss - at least full time - would render most of us highly depressed in no time...\"

I have nothing against chat zones. For very selfish reasons (I never visit chat zones), I would hate seeing discussions like the one above relegated out of sight of everybody. I hope that once a ProZ chat zone is created, no one will start censoring our homepage, arguing, for instance, that \"Palindromes for fun\" is rubbish because what really matters is \"Need help with page layout in Word 2000!\" (I am just looking at today\'s Recent Forum Postings.)

Again, please read above about freedom loving individuals and their openness of mind and thought. ON THE HOMEPAGE.


Bob Kerns  Identity Verified
Local time: 01:16
Member (2002)
German to English
You won't find me chatting on ProZ Nov 21, 2002

... or anywhere else on the Internet for that matter. I am a professional translator who has relatively little time during the working day to answer questions and forum postings on ProZ and I definitely don\'t want any more messages popping up every few minutes (or seconds or whatever) asking if I want to chat to someone. I get enough of those messages from exhibitionists (both male and female) and the instant response is always NO.

If someone has a serious subject or problem to discuss then he or she can initiate a forum posting or even send me an email and if I have the time and if I am interested in the subject then I will provide my contribution (as I am doing now), as and when I feel like doing so.

In summary: I\'m not in favour of a chat room on ProZ.


Ralf Lemster  Identity Verified
Local time: 01:16
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I share the skepticism Nov 21, 2002

I have no general problem with chat rooms on the web, but I don\'t think one is needed at, or appropriate for,


Magda Dziadosz  Identity Verified
Local time: 01:16
Member (2004)
English to Polish
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Can't see any good reason to have a chat zone at ProZ Nov 21, 2002

Basically, chat rooms are just time thieves: at the end of the day you feel you lost a lot of time talking about nothing. It is just the opposite for discussion forums where you can read all the previous posts whenever you have time and mood, replay and contribute when you feel like it. There are so many chat rooms in the Net, but only one disussion forum.


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Karina Pelech  Identity Verified
Local time: 18:16
Member (2003)
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I have to agree.. Nov 21, 2002

... with most of my colleagues, so far, on this topic.

I\'m not a great fan of chatrooms, and will only use a messenger for example with my personal friends and/or family who live afar. It is - for me at least - a very personal medium.

I have to share the sentiments of some of those saying that they believe that people would be distracted from the forums and information would be \"lost\", or not available for all to see at a later time/date.

Most of the facilities that are necessary for professional translators, are here, or here at times.

The majority of us have little time to chat. We work long and strange hours. Some of us use the glossaries, and ask questions from our colleagues at times. When we DO have the time, we help others in whatever way possible.

The forums and the kudoz question pages, profiles and direct communication with those who may be able to help, are all that is required and that does not take more time than we currently have.

I\'m not sure a chatroom or similar would get my vote.

Dr. Allan C.Brown


Céline Graciet
Local time: 00:16
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chat room as a coffee-machine? Nov 21, 2002

The only real use I can see in a chat facility on ProZ would be to allow translators to \'socialise\' with their colleagues, sort of a virtual coffee machine that would allow translators feeling a bit lonely to relax by chatting to colleagues. But I can\'t imagine it being of any serious use (i.e. to discuss real issues related to our profession) as, unlike forums, the information would be lost to anyone not sharing in the conversation.

However, I must say I would probably quite enjoy sharing jokes and banter with other translators when I\'m not too busy/in need of human interaction.


Nathalie M. Girard, ALHC (X)  Identity Verified
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perhaps then a *chat-room* forum? Nov 21, 2002


I still feel strongly that an actual chat-room will lead to valuable information *still* being exchanged on there and that it would not end-up in the forums. We can\'t control the flow of a conversation in a chat room and knowing other venues myself, I know that some information is going to get lost in there.

We already chit-chat a bit on the regular forums (trying to keep to the line of discussion of course but we all \"gotta have\" a little fun!)...

So instead of a live chat, why not simply have a forum by that name \"The chat-room\" or \"The coffee machine\" or \"The water-fountain\" so that you can just hang out and talk about other topics than things which are related to our line of work.... or perhaps simply renaming the *off-topic* forum to a name more conducive to coffee-break kind of chat icon_smile.gif

This way, if a conversation or topic should be placed in another forum, it can be moved... if a conversation happens in a live chat, the info which might come up in the middle of the conversation will be lost for ever.

Plus, if people really want to chat, there are tons of places for this already on the net. You can always invite others to join you one evening (on another venue) and chat as much as you want icon_smile.gif

The way I see it is that Proz is a place of business and knowledge exchange first and foremost.

There is obviously a nice level of friendship and camaraderie amongst many users and that is wonderful too...

But I still do not think that a live chat-room would be appropriate on this particular venue.

Best regards,


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Adil Osman
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yes for socialization....... Nov 21, 2002

I totally agree with Celine that a chat room/zone could be a good idea and medium for chatting and lighthearted exchanges and socialising.


Céline Graciet
Local time: 00:16
English to French
coffee machines and water coolers Nov 21, 2002


I see your point and it\'s definitely a valid one. There is a danger of valuable information getting lost in a chat zone.

It is also true that there is already quite a bit of chit-chat going on in the forums, which is nice. However when you actively fancy a chat, forums are too slow to be a good medium. If I suddenly feel the need to have a chinwag, posting soemthing on a forum then having to refresh constantly to see if I\'ve got an answer isn\'t going to help very much. You can be spontaneous and get an instant response on chat zones, not on a forum.

You\'re also right in saying that there lots of places where I could \'chat\' (I don\'t know any though, maybe that\'s why I like the idea of having one on ProZ!), but visiting this site every day, I feel quite comfortable here and it would be nice to make it a \'one stop shop\'. And I know people here have the same issues as me and share similar experiences.

I appreciate you see this venue as a workplace first and foremost, but I don\'t think having a little chat zone would detract from that aspect.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my post Nathalie, I\'ve enjoyed this discussion!



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We should have the ability to chat on

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