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Please tell me how to get a moderator to squash abusive users!
Thread poster: Teresa Duran-Sanchez

Teresa Duran-Sanchez  Identity Verified
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Mar 23, 2002

I\'ve been often critizised for posting nasty comments in the disagree/agree sections when I see somebody posting more than 10 questions in less than an hour. I believe only moderators have the power to squash questions, but HOW DO I CONTACT THE MODERATOR? Who are the moderators? This situation is very frustating, especially if there\'s only one moderator who obviously cannot be alert all day long.


Ralf Lemster  Identity Verified
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Contact ProZ Mar 24, 2002

Good evening,

First of all, it\'s not only moderators who can squash questions, but also members with a certain minimum number of KudoZ (if I remember correctly, the level is 500).

Very recently I have submitted the suggestion to ProZ staff to add a \"Contact Moderator\" button which would allow you to forward a message to the moderator(s) for the respective language pair. For the time being, I suggest you send a Support Request to ProZ, asking them for the moderators in your preferred language pairs. (Sorry, but I don\'t know who covers EN>ES, ES>EN or DE>ES.)

Since I\'ve seen you contribute to DE>EN on a regular basis, the moderators for this pair are Marcus Malabad and myself, while EN>DE is looked after by Dierk Seeburg.

HTH - best regards, Ralf


José Luis Villanueva-Senchuk (X)  Identity Verified
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Please tell me how to get a moderator to squash abusive users! Mar 24, 2002


De acuerdo contigo: 100%

I thought off squashing a question more than once but it does not do any good if other colleagues keep answering. Those colleagues are just \'eager\' for the good ol\' Kudoz know... It seems like if these points marked the difference and made us better or worst souls. We need some team spirit here.

Our moderator is Cristobal:

\"C. Santiago\"

Ciao bella,



Mats Wiman  Identity Verified
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SQUASHING is abuse! Mar 25, 2002

One main idea with KudoZ is to create the \"Glossar of glossars\".


All askers posting many questions


instead of being name-called or being stamped as abusers.

What are you all afraid of?

That somebody gets too many points or that someone gets TOO MUCH HELP?

(I leave aside the erroneous thought that askers are snatching away work from us - sacred professional translators).

Instead, see each question as the opportunity to learn (and to help), which they all are.

They also display the quality of - so cherished by many all over the globe - to be helped by professionals in matters of language.

Don\'t destroy this friendly image by wanting to put askers off.

Besides, 10 or 20 questions is typical for some very professional translators:

Having finished the \'raw translation\' they have a collection of words they cannot cope with.

So: They post them in the KudoZ arena and often have good answers in minutes.

KudoZ should be allowing (almost) any question as long it is within the rules (in principle max. one sentence) per question.

The great sin in the KudoZ domain IS TO LEAVE QUESTIONS UNGRADED and that has been partly addressed but could be improved.

As a moderator I cannot recall squashing any question but duplicate ones.

Instead I have unsquashed a number of questions being victims of narrow-eyed censors, that want to police any number of things in this community.

To solve the problem of offensive questions

I have made the following suggestion to Henry:


Dear Henry,

As a Swede I have never had a problem with the content of any question. If I have found a question disgusting or even offensive, I\'ve just left it be.

To those who are offended I think I have a solution (suggested by Sven):

Create a \'Behind the black curtaion section\' to which one could shove off possibly offensive questions instead of squashing them.

The \'shover\' could be the asker if s/he has good judgement, the moderator or the warden (see my previous email).

With this measure the squashing problem could be done away with and the KudoZ arena could be left the arena of free (but non-offensive) speech.

To get behind the \'black curtain\' one would have to tick an affirmative button or include it in one\'s email preferences. Thus NOBODY could be inadvertently offended and squashing would be a thing of the past.

Duplicates I\'m sure you or Jason could make automatically controlled, squashing the duplicate even before it appears.

Thus, a lot of \'problems of work\' could be avoided.


Best regards

Mats J C Wiman

Übersetzer/Translator/Traducteur/Traductor > sve moderator (deu>sve)

Träsk 201

S-872 97 Skog


(Hohe Küste/High Coast/Haute Côte/Costa Alta)

Tel: +46-612-54112

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Fax: +46-612-54182

Fax: +46-612-54181 (eMail)


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Why squash??? Mar 25, 2002

Hi everyone - I completely agree with Mats, he has said very sensible things. I don\'t understand why anyone would want to squash questions if they are too many and asked by the same person. Why do you mind so much that someone is willing to help a colleague and earn Kudoz? I\'m sure you will be needing help someday and will be glad that some colleague knows what you yet don\'t! I think it\'s more abusive when people agree just to get more browniz and thus confuse the asker.

Anyway, that\'s all I wanted to say, smile icon_smile.gif))))))).



Werner George Patels, M.A., C.Tran.(ATIO) (X)
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Advice for Mats Mar 25, 2002

Mats, please, once and for all, take note that the English word is \"glossary\", not \"glossar\". At first, I thought it was just a typo, but you keep using \"glossar\" in all your postings.



Ralf Lemster  Identity Verified
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I beg to disagree Mar 25, 2002


I believe squashing is legitimate where an asker is using KudoZ to essentially get a whole paragraph translated (as seen in the \"Easy\" section of EN>DE/DE>EN over the weekend). The problem with those postings was not the number of questions, but the fact that they related to *phrases*, not *terms*. Of course, phrases asked will not help create the \"mother of all glossaries\" (I guess there\'s a reason why KudoZ etiquette clearly states that this is *terms help*).

Also, I have found that even a large string of legitimate terminology questions usually doesn\'t raise as much as an eyebrow in the community, whilst quite obvious attempts to get homework etc. translated for free will pretty quickly be a target for snide comments. I recognise that this is also against KudoZ etiquette (and have politely asked quite a number of users to contact ProZ or a moderator, if known), but what it does show is a certain level of frustration regarding these issues.

Best regards, Ralf


Marcus Malabad  Identity Verified
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no abuse! Mar 25, 2002


On 2002-03-23 23:16, Cidcampeador wrote:

I\'ve been often critizised for posting nasty comments in the disagree/agree sections when I see somebody posting more than 10 questions in less than an hour.

If you don\'t want to answer, then don\'t! The asker certainly wouldn\'t want to coerce you in acting against your will. Exercise your vote and vote by not doing anything. May I reiterate: there has never been and there is no rule that states that there is a maximum number of questions that should be asked within a certain time. If you think there is one, then you\'ve invented it.

I sometimes post all my collected questions, say, 15 within 30 minutes, simply because that\'s how I prefer to work. If you don\'t like it, and you may holler until you\'re blue, then go read a book or skip rope. There will always be colleagues who are glad to answer. Just as I will think nothing of answering questions, 10-15-20, posted by a colleague, provided I have the inclination and the time.

Regarding what Ralf pointed out: yes, there were some outsiders who have posted entire paragraphs, consecutive phrases, etc. but these have been rare exceptions. Most members are responsible and generally seek genuine help.

I would tend to agree with Mats, spelling mistake or not. Squashing should be done judiciously. Those who seem to love wearing cop hats and swinging their Web batons seem to be the first to cry wolf and sound all too shrill in their pontificating.

As a moderator, I would act just like Mats: I would unsquash any question that was squashed for alleged reasons of abuse trumped up by over-zealous members who conceive phantom rules they impose on everybody else.

It\'s a simple rule of thumb: this site is about collaboration. If you remember that, then it will probably (finally!) force you to stop yellin\' abuse all the time. So can it, Mary.


Giuliana Buscaglione  Identity Verified
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Abuse & Squashing ---> Abuse? Mar 25, 2002

Hi everybody,

I can\'t say I am a \"friend\" of squashing, BUT I do squash a question, whenever it is vulgar and definitely. Why? I think we should look professional. Repetitions are squashed, too. Is it so difficult to check first in the glossaries? A good point is of course the fact, that I seldom squash a repeated question, if other colleagues have already proposed something... I can\'t see \"squashing\" as a form of abuse, if not when we abuse this right. Any right has a duty and our duty is to try to be correct.

(By the way, I think it\'s a good idea to add a \"contact your moderator\" button, as I have noticed many colleagues don\'t know who\'s the moderator of their SC(s). What about a link to a \"Moderators\' Page\" where Prozies could directly find out who the moderators are? Moderators in my SCs use to contact newcomers privately, in order to introduce themselves, or to post a ****welcome message**** to all newcomers directly in the KudoZ area, when they are too busy to contact them one by one.)




Jacek Krankowski (X)  Identity Verified
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Mats is right AND Ralf is right Mar 25, 2002

As the owner of this site has stated repeatedly, since it is so hard to draw the line between freedom and abuse in the cyberspace, for ProZ purposes it is enough to comply with the rules of the game, i.e. to grade your questions and not to use foul language. So, I do not see any problem with providing terminological assistance to someone who needs 10-20 terms within half an hour. Other than that, I always recommend common sense on a case-by-case basis. My SC, for instance, automatically ostracized once a guy who was hoping to have a big chunk of a EU regulation translated by feeding it sentence by sentence. On the other hand, someone from the German-Polish SC gave me once a hand when, after returning from the Dolomites, I wanted to reinforce my son\'s familiarity with simple German phrases he had just been exposed to. I posted about 20 sentences then and I appreciate the friendly response I got from one of the colleagues. Not much harm was done as no one else was going to get the job of getting my son interested in German and I was not going to pay for such an exercise anyhow. Too often, much ado about nothing.


José Luis Villanueva-Senchuk (X)  Identity Verified
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:-)) Mar 25, 2002

Hola Mats,

Thank you for your message.

I agree with your point regarding the professional who finishes the translation and has \'100 questions in 1 hour\'...if it was possible. But, two days ago \'Maria\' finished a driving manual thanks to all of us. I include myself as I answered ONE question out of over 30 BASIC questions.

All of us can read behind the questions, I think. I have asked three or four questions on a row. I usually tend to let my colleagues know that I will be bombarding with questions. Some people, however, are abusing the site. On top of the abusers, we find people who are just eager to get points. They answer and answer and that attitude attracts more and more abusive people. It is a chain, a circle: more abusive questions flooding the system equals less speed/system overload for those who do need real help and are pros who just finished an important translation and NEED a term or confirmation for an idea or thought.

I think a \'warning hot line\' is needed in order to let others know what is going on and give a \'heads up\' to those who are not able to read between the lines.




Jacek Krankowski (X)  Identity Verified
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But where do you draw the line? Mar 25, 2002

All the numerous discussions on this topic have failed so far, as no one (and certainly not Henry) was able to specify whether by abuse we should mean over 5, 10, 15 or 20 questions asked within 12, 24 or 48 hours. Everybody has a different opinion about this. The 20 long German questions I once asked myself amounted maybe to 3/4 of a typewritten page. A typical manual is usually much longer so chances are that trying to have fellow ProZers translate it for us would not go unnoticed and people should simply ignore such a barrage of questions. If it is not a barrage, I would not worry.


Teresa Duran-Sanchez  Identity Verified
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KudoZ should exist without points being awarded for answers Mar 25, 2002


On 2002-03-25 08:03, marcushm wrote:


I sometimes post all my collected questions, say, 15 within 30 minutes, simply because that\'s how I prefer to work. If you don\'t like it, and you may holler until you\'re blue, then go read a book or skip rope. There will always be colleagues who are glad to answer.

I can´t believe somebody who calls himself a professional can admit being dependent on the KudoZ to such an extent. Don´t you have other resources, Marcus, to do your translations? How can a real translation professional possibly need to post more than, say, 10 or 20 questions in less than an hour? I can understand some exceptions like the one mentioned by Jacek, but considering the way you say it (\"that´s how I prefer to work\"), it seems to me it is a regular practice of yours to go and post 15 questions in a row. Maybe you should get some extra documentation skills, mate...

I personally consider it disrespectful to post so many questions in a short time span. I would feel like a scrounger if I did so and I will never incur in such a practice. Plus, what quality are you going to get in the answers posted to you, if you´re stressing out the KudoZ community?

Anyway, the point here is that we are actually getting people who get a WHOLE text translated for free thanks to KudoZ, and surprisingly there are always members ready to put up with it because they are hungry for points.

I wish there weren´t any points involved in the KudoZ. We would then see who is genuinely interested in building up that \"glossar of glossars\" (he he) Mats mentions.

There should definitely be other means of squashing abusive questions. If I´ve got a sleepless night I don´t expect the moderator to have it too, so how do I report and stop an abusive use of KudoZ? Because posting a whole text IS abusive, it still surprises me some of you guys think it´s perfectly normal.

I urge Henry to implement new rules for KudoZ including a limit in the number of questions per person.


John Kinory (X)
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Well, no: squashing is NOT abuse, as it happens Mar 25, 2002


On 2002-03-25 04:29, MatsWiman wrote:

KudoZ should be allowing (almost) any question as long it is within the rules (in principle max. one sentence) per question.

So why exactly is it the case that last week, after I complained about an asker (non-member) who regularly posts batches of questions largely consisting of 2 sentences at a time, you sent me a long string of rude emails telling me to stop referring to the rules?

In your later posting in this thread, your misleading header states that \'squashing is not allowed\'. That is an invention. Those who are authorised to squash, are allowed to squash. That is what the words mean.

[ This Message was edited by: on 2002-03-26 12:25 ]


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Dear Mats, removing abuse is cleaning the site! Mar 25, 2002

Today, we in En>Farsi pair received a short story: a disgusting hard-core porno, a complete dirt. I am so sad to see such a dirty insult today, that is the mourning (most sacred) day of Muslims, Ashura. The passage, some 1000 words which was inserted as a question was really disgusting. I just found out its nature accidentally and informed a moderator to squash it. Was a I right or wrong, dear Mats?

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Please tell me how to get a moderator to squash abusive users!

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