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Nov 28, 2002

\'Spanglish\' speakers mix home languages

By Ellen Sorokin


Spanglish — a hybrid of Spanish and English languages — is increasingly making its way into mainstream America, a trend critics say could hamper the advancement of Hispanics who may not learn proper English.

Spanglish words and phrases can be heard on television shows like WB\'s \"Mucha Lucha,\" in music lyrics like Ricky Martin\'s \"Livin\' La Vida Loca,\" in restaurant kitchens, on school playgrounds and at after-school programs where educators encourage Hispanic children to express themselves in both languages.

There\'s also a Spanglish dictionary in the works, and a Spanglish translation of the first chapter of Miguel de Cervantes\' \"Don Quixote\" already has been completed.

The controversy over Spanglish is largely the same as that over ebonics, or black English, during the late 1990s: Is Spanglish just slang or is it a legitimate dialect? Will children and adults learn and adjust better if they are forced to speak and write purely English in schools, or should schools and businesses accommodate the mix of English and Spanish?

Critics of the movement said the only way Hispanics will advance is if they know how to speak both languages well.

\"The idea is good English and good Spanish. Spanglish has no future,\" said Antonio Garrido, director of the New York-based Instituto Cervantes, which was created by the Spanish government to promote Spanish and Hispanic-American language and culture.

\"A person who doesn\'t speak English well in the United States doesn\'t have a future,\" he said.

Roberto Gonzalez Echevarria, a professor of Hispanic and comparative literature at Yale University, agreed.

\"We\'re going to end up speaking McSpanish, a sort of anglicized Spanish. I find it offensive the United States\' values and cultural mores, all of that, are transmitted through the language filter into Spanish culture,\" he said.

Spanglish speakers and those who study it, however, claim it is an expression of pride.

\"Spanglish is proof that Latinos have a culture that is made up of two parts,\" said Ilan Stavans, a professor of Latin American and Latino culture at Amherst College.

Mr. Stavans recently finished translating into Spanglish the first chapter of \"Don Quixote\" and is working on the Spanglish dictionary, which is expected to be published next year.

\"You live on the hyphen, in between,\" Mr. Stavans said. \"That\'s what Spanglish is all about, a middle ground.\"

Heather Williams, an assistant professor of politics at Pomona College, shared Mr. Stavans sentiments.

\"It\'s a way of celebrating their culture,\" said Miss Williams, who teaches classes on social movements and Latin American politics. \"It\'s a way for them not to be quite part of the United States and not quite from their homeland.\"

Spanglish is everywhere. It\'s spoken throughout the United States by many of the country\'s more than 35 million Hispanic residents. It varies by region and nationality, including Puerto Ricans and Dominicans in New York, Mexican-Americans in the Southwest and Cuban-Americans in Florida.

Immigrants still learning English may turn to Spanglish out of necessity. Bilingual speakers may dip into one language, then weave in another because it\'s more convenient, educators say.

In an after-school \"Spoken Word\" class in San Francisco, Hispanic middle school students experiment with writing by mixing the sounds of Spanish and English. Freedom to speak as they want builds the students\' confidence in becoming more fluent in whatever language they find challenging, educators say.

A number of universities are offering courses on Spanglish, its history and development.

It\'s also on the radio, from the Spanish group Las Ketchup with \"The Ketchup Song\" to Mexican singer Paulina Rubio singing all of her songs in Spanglish when she opens concerts for Enrique Iglesias.

Then there\'s the cartoon show \"Mucha Lucha,\" whose characters\' dialogue is peppered with Spanglish.

The sounds of Spanglish also can be heard in restaurant kitchens, where 16 percent of the 11.6 million employees in the industry are Hispanic.

It\'s also in stores.

Hallmark, the greeting-card giant, is expanding its line of Spanish-language cards with some Spanglish messages. One card reads: \"Una mujer defines herself sin palabras (without words) in her style in her confianza (confidence) in her libertad (freedom) in her integrity.\"

Those cards are aimed at younger recipients, not an older audience, which \"may not approve of mixing languages,\" according to company officials.

Magazines have caught onto the trend, too. features plenty of stories that blend English and Spanish. The latest issue features a story on \"belleza\" (beauty) blunders, or singer-actress Jennifer Lopez talking about \"las\" Christmas.

Spanglish is not a new phenomena in the United States, said Jorge Osterling, an assistant professor at the Graduate School of Education at George Mason University. Rather, Spanglish is just one of more than 100 dialects in the English language, Mr. Osterling said.

\"It\'s a worldwide phenomena,\" said Mr. Osterling, who works at the university\'s Center for Multilingual/Multicultural Education. \"Spanglish is just one more example of what happens when two languages come together. You\'ve got to ask yourself, what is the purpose of a language? It\'s to help people communicate efficiently, and if that\'s the purpose then it is OK.\"


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Para muestra, un botón... Nov 28, 2002


Pues no lo comprendo.… It\'s not surprising that the Kansas City area\'s Hispanic population has doubled during los 10 años pasados, according to the last census. What is surprising to hear is that, during las dos decadas pasadas, Washington, D.C.\'s Hispanic population has risen 340 por ciento. ¡Ay, Chihuahua! ¡Somos muchos!

A network news agency recently reported that Hispanics are becoming the \"new darlings\" del mundo de la publicidad. Remember, dear readers, that for más de 20 años, you\'ve been the darlings of Dos Mundos, back when it wasn\'t cool to be un mexicano. Recuerdo one time when Dos Mundos co-founder Clara Reyes told J.C. Penney at Indian Springs Shopping Center she was reaching el mercado hispano. The shopping store\'s advertising exec told her, in so many palabras, \"We don\'t want those people here!\" Now, Dos Mundos is still here, its Hispanic readers are still here. ¿Donde está J.C. Penney? Ya no está en Indian Springs Shopping Center.

Apparently, some viajeros got stuck with dud Vanguard boletas after la línea aérea halted operations. Federal regulators are saying that otras líneas aéreas must honor Vanguard tickets on flights that go los lugares mismos if asientos are available. Hay esperanza todavía.

In other aviation news, U.S. Airways is going bankrupt, but is still flying while it reorganizes. U.S. Airways is claiming its aviones son viejos and costly to repair. ¡Hombre! There\'s an incentive to fly U.S. Airways (estoy sarcástica).

Recientemente, reportera Dos Mundos Carmen Cardinal flew an avión American Airlines 777 to Europe. Her flight was to go to Dallas and then New York, but el avión had to land in Tulsa, Okla., because the engines weren\'t getting gasolina.

Entonces, los pasajeros got otro avión, which was delayed because a light bulb didn\'t work on a cargo door (federal regulators insist that light bulbs on airplanes must work). From there, la reportera intrépida de Dos Mundos made a mad dash to el avión próximo disponible at Kennedy Airport and then on to London and más allá.

The only security difference that Cardinal noticed was when she was asked if anyone had asked her to carry anything onto the plane or if she was carrying any appliances she hadn\'t owned for a while. Es todo.

Según la reportera intrépida, the graffiti is horrendous in Europe. Ancient edificios are being marred by tontos con spray cans. Pero, Europeans seem to be more accepting of graffiti than Americans are.

Many edificios in Europe have scaffolding to restore the damage at the top. But the bottoms are all full of graffiti. In fact, Cardinal went to el balcón de Juliet in Verona, Italy, and saw not Romeo, but people being encouraged to write their names on the walls. Arruinan muchos edificios.

Well, at least one can\'t blame that graffiti on los vatos de Kansas City, Mo. There are few Mexicans in Europe.

However, la reportera intrépida de Dos Mundos did encounter some Guatemalans selling productos latinos on the banks of Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. ¡Qué un mundo pequeño!

Surprisingly, la reportera intrépida de Dos Mundos didn\'t have any major problemas with people not speaking inglés. Although Europeans claim to not like us \"ugly Americans,\" they still speak nuestro idioma (¡Qué raro!). Furthermore, Cardinal learned that people who speak español can get along pretty well in Italy (¡Qué bueno!).

The euro (the new money that almost everyone uses in Europe) has made travel màs fácil, Cardinal said. Of los paises she visited, England and Switzerland didn\'t use the euro. Pero los paises en Europa no quieren el peso.¡Qué lástima!

It\'s just a few semanas before it will have been un año since terrorists flew two airliners into the World Trade Center towers in New York City, another into the Pentagon in Washington and still another into a Pennsylvania field. In other terrorism-related news, the FBI is investigating a guy named Hatfil who is a virus expert. He claims he\'s not the anthrax mailer who killed five people and made others enferma. Anthrax is a bacterium, and he claims he doesn\'t know anything about anthrax. Is he just a scapegoat for the FBI, which hasn\'t yet solved the crime? ¿Quién tiene la culpa?

We Americans are still looking over our shoulders to see if there are terrorists en los Estados Unidos. Authorities are expecting an attack on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, where it has been said that terrorists plan to fly un avión into the famous bridge. Meanwhile, people still are reporting sightings of terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, who is still clearly in hiding, if he\'s alive. Moreover, President George W. Bush is champing at the bit to get into una guerra with Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, and the Saudis don\'t seem to be supporting the United States the way they should. ¡Qué un mundo loco!

Hasta luego.


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If I have ever seen a couple of small multicultural countries, these are Aruba and Curazao, in the Netherlands Antilles. They are a Dutch territory, so they speak dutch. They are 30 miles off the coast of Venezuela, they see the TV from Venezuela and receive many Venezuelans on vacation, so they speak Spanish. They receive a lot of tourism from the USA and see the TV channels in English, so they speak English. And they also have their own language, Papiamento. These territories were successively under British, French, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese dominion. And papiamento es a real mixture of these. Although anybody who understands Spanish would understand Papiamento. I used to joke saying that Papiamento is miss-spelt Spanish. I even remember having printed a page of a Papiamento newspaper for a friend of mine to play a joke on a Spanish teacher. He said: Mom, a friend of mine asked me to translate this into English, but I don´´t understand it\". She stared at it, and said ¿Qué es esto?

Just out of curiosity, have a look at the local newspaper:

Just a short example. Below are the linke if you want to see more:


ORANJESTAD (AAN) -- Pa loke ta trata e punto di Agenda relaciona cu Hueznan cu a worde trata durante e reunion di Gobierno di Aruba y Minister Presidente di Antiyas Hulandes, señor Ettienne Y’s a declara pa DIARIO, cu na e momentonan aki tin un caso andando contra ambos Gobierno, riba e compensacion cu Hueznan ta haya.

Premier Ettienne Y’s:\"MESTER CORDA HULANDA CONTINUAMENTE CU NOS TA PARTNERNAN IGUAL DEN REINO\". Cu no ta sin mas ta mete den asuntonan di otro!

ORANJESTAD (AAN) -- Prome Minister di Antiyas Hulandes, señor Ettienne Y’s, a duna comentario pa DIARIO na Aeropuerto Reina Beatrix, poco prome cu aborda su vuelo pa Curacao, despues di un encuentro cu Gobierno di Aruba.Na prome lugar señor Ettienne Y’s a felicita Prome Minister señor Nelson Oduber pa e forma con el a guia e reunion,cu tabata hopi al caso, manteniendo e discusionnan sumamente interesante.

Car-Rental a haya problema cu 60 di su vehiculonan! STACION DI GASOLINE CU MEZCLA ROBEZ DI COMBUSTIBLE

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Den oranan di merdia a worde solicita presencia di Polis na Texaco. A resulta cu e homber naci na Suriname, y di inicialnan P.B.M. di 44 aña a splica Polis cu e tin problema. Ta asina segun version di e homber cu segun e tin entendi cu den tanki di e stacion di Texaco, cu combustible tipo Diesel y Unleaded Gasoline a mezcla cu otro.


ORANJESTAD (AAN) -- Den e transcurso di ayera (diadomingo) diferente yamada di consumidor a drenta nos mesa di redaccion, relaciona cu e problema a surgi desde diahuebs y den fin di siman ainda, cu combustible robes.Ta asina cu diferente persona a pasa gasoline station pa hinca combustible den auto, y despues di un auto a dal para riba caminda.

Ministerio Publico mester investiga esaki! DIAHUEBS ANOCHI EMISORA DI RADIO TABATA PIDI HOBENNAN PA BAY “BAO PALO DI COLEGIO”. Diabierna mainta ata ta haya droga!

ORANJESTAD (AAN): E momento a yega pa na Aruba introduci un sistema di screening, pa asina bo tin un mihor control riba e personanan cu bo ta laga bay funciona como Locutor na radio. Esey ta e reaccion furioso cu DIARIO a ricibi, relaciona cu loke a socede siman pasa na Aruba.

Diahuebs anochi trempan, tabatin un programa na e emisora nobo Cool FM, unda e Locutor tabata resona su voz constantemente, consehando hobennan pa Diabierna nan topa bao Palo dilanti Colegio. E tabata bisa e.o.: “Polis ta haci coy loco core hende di eybao.”


Oranjestad(AAN): Diadomingo atardi un masa di hende (di cual mayoria tabata tata cu yiu) a acudi pa mira yegada di Sinterklaas y Zwarte Pietnan. Tabatin alegria, yoramento y hasta mayornan reclamando ora Pietnan a cuminza tira mangel sin envoltura (papel of Cellofan) rondi di nan. riba e fotonan por mira mas di e yegada.

VOLKERT A ADMITI DI A ASESINA PIM FORTUYN. Mi a mata Pim pa motibo e ta un peliger pa comunidad

ORANJESTAD (AAN): E homber cu a worde sospecha di a comete e asesinato riba e politico \"Pim Fortuyn\", y cu pa lunanan largo a keda keto, hasta bay den welga di hamber… porfin segun un informe emiti pa Ministerio Publico a bin admiti su culpabilidad.

Volkert van der Graaf dilanti di Huez Comisario, Fiscal y tambe su abogadonan a basha abao. El a declara cu concientemente el a tira Pim Fortuyn mata. Pa algun tempo segun su declaracion, e ta cana cu e pensamento pa mata e lider di e partido Leefbaar Pim Fortuyn (LPF).


ORANJESTAD(AAN)icon_biggrin.gifen curso di diaranzon despues di merdia Fiscal señora mr. C.J. Hemmes - Boender a bin despedi di Staf y personal di Cuerpo di Douane cu kendenan el a traha durante 3 aña largo.

Tabata durante e 3 añanan aki cu personal di Seccion di Douane Recherche Informatie a siña hopi di Fiscal unda cu constantemente nan tabata hiba procesverbal di violacion di importacion y procesverbal di esnan cu tabata worde deteni pa violacion di lei di droga.


ORANJESTAD (AAN): Parlamentario di AVP Benny Sevinger a declara cu den e ultimo temponan nos pais Aruba ta confrontando hechonan berdaderamente violento y peligroso. Situacionnan cu antes nos tabata conoce for di noticia di afo, awor ta tumando lugar na nos dushi isla tambe. Ken por a biba kere ku na Aruba tin un cantidad di arma di candela ta circulando, di tal forma cu varios ciudadano ya a bira victima.

Ciudadanonan pa nada ta bandona nan cas, pa motibo cu nan no kier bin haya nan cas tur pluma. Hopi hende den dianan aki ta puntra nan mes, pakico tanto violencia, na unda nos ta bay asina? Sin duda e temor bao di nos ciudadanonan ta creciendo dia pa dia, miedo di por bira victima di actonan di delincuencia contra nan seguridad personal y di nan propiedad. Nos pueblo ya no ta sintie sigur mas den su propio hogar, ni den su bario.Un situacion cu tin nos tur sumamente preocupa, debi na e forma violento cu e delitonan ta tumando lugar.


ORANJESTAD (AAN): “Asalto” tabata loke a worde menciona entre otro na Central di Polis e anochi ey. Polis a dirigi cu rapidez patruya na un lugar cu ta bende loteria yama \"Lady luck\" situa na Turibana. Na e lugar Polis a papia cu e señora inicialnan D.T.T. di 56 aña.

E señora a conta polis cu dos homber riba un bromer a presenta otro banda di caya. Un di e hombernan a baha cu su cara tapa a drenta den e establecimento arma cu cuchio y a exigi tur placa. Forzosamente e muher a haye ta entrega e suma di placa, cu no a worde menciona den recorte. Despues e homber desconoci a subi riba e brommer y asina nan dos a bandona e lugar.

E CD ta na caminda !!!


Escoge Edicion Dialuna Diamars Diaranzon Diahuebs Diabierna Diasabra

Escoge e dia di siman Busca den Diario Abonnement Contact Diario

Bon Dia - in the native language Papiamento.

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Linguist's cold water Nov 29, 2002

Don\'t want to pour cold water on this celebration of a new language, but...

Code-mixing is certainly nothing new, and it\'s been going on for years. People are just going to express themselves using the lexical item they find most convenient at the moment. It does NOT constitute a new language, and I think the article is quite wrong in saying that \"35 million people speak Spanglish\". It\'s possible that 35 million people tend to code-switch between Spanish and English, but I think you could find an equal number in the world who code-switch between Chinese and English, for example, but that doesn\'t create a new language and make the need for a literature and dictionary in it.

The guy who\'s doing this dictionary -- is he a tenured professor somewhere, by any chance?? icon_wink.gif Sounds like some of the people trying to pass off observations as \"translation theory\" (not on this board -- I\'m talking about actual published stuff I\'ve had to read recently elsewhere, that reeks of \"I need tenure, I have to publish\".)

Well, just my US$0.02 (NT$0.066), your mileage may vary.


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...and so on--->?


Elías Sauza  Identity Verified
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Reminder Nov 29, 2002

All this reminds me of Ernesto Galarza\'s Barrio Boy. Latino writing at its best.



Valeria Verona  Identity Verified
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maybe... Nov 29, 2002


On 2002-11-29 10:09, albertov wrote:

...and so on--->?

El tiempo dirá, Alberto.

Pero no ocurrirá en todos lados, at any rate! icon_razz.gif

Saludos desde Good Airs,



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