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Jan 1, 2014

CafeTran Espresso 2014 – Gandalf versiyonu çıktı, Temmuz ayından beri eklenen özellikler aşağıda:

2013-07-01 Progress indicator in Statistics
2013-07-04 Source-side synonyms
2013-07-08 Export segment notes to Word documents with: ‘Project > Export current document with notes’
2013-07-08 The last location of the Find panel is remembered.
2013-07-09 The menu ‘View > Project notes’ displays only segments with notes. You can also search for text in the notes after applying the notes filter.
2013-07-10 F2 hits are sorted alphabetically now.
2013-07-10 It is now possible to add new terms to several (txt) glossaries at the same time (like in the Add Term dialogue for TMX memories) using the new checkboxes in the New Term dialogue.
2013-07-15 Click on (blue) source term in Glossary in tabbed pane to edit it in new Quick Term Editor!
2013-07-16 Tab-delimited CSV/TXT glossaries now have a header, which can be used to define which field names appear in the new Quick Term Editor. The header stays put even after sorting glossary alphabetically.
2013-07-16 Searching all glossaries simultaneously is now possible from the Ctrl+F dialogue, under Default scope: Resource (Web, Glossary)
2013-07-16 Clicking on a blue glossary term in the tabbed pane now opens the new Quick Term Editor showing all fields (which you can define in ‘Edit > Options > Database’ & the txt/CSV header). That is, now empty fields are also shown so you can add metadata to empty fields in terms in your glossary straight from the Quick Term Editor.
2013-07-19 Clickable links in glossary pane and project notes. Links open in your system browser.
2013-07-19 Holding CTRL blocks automatic transfer of selected words to the target box from resource panes.
2013-07-21 Saving project as HTML is improved (along with notes and segment numbers). The html file can be opened in a web browser or edited in Word or LibreOffice.
2013-07-25 New: ‘Translation > Action > Add checked segment to memory and go to next segment’ (Ctrl+Shift+Enter)
2013-07-25 New: ‘Translation > Action > Add checked segment to memory and go to next unchecked segment’ (Ctrl+Shift+Backslash)
2013-07-26 Glossary headers are now created automatically for new glossaries.
2013-07-28 New: ‘Document note’ item in the Notepad menu. Press it, edit the note and then click the Save icon to save the document note. This note is exported to the header of the HTML export.
2013-07-08 New: Project | Include source segments in notes; This adds the source segment text underneath your notes. Works for Ms Word and LibreOffice (Writer and Calc).
2013-07-08 New: ‘Edit > Options > Desktop Search Tool’ (field for command line options to trigger your desktop search tool from inside CafeTran with a shortcut)
2013-08-8 Two important improvements have been made to the Transit filter, concerning the way certain tags (LineFeeds, tags surrounding spaces) in Interleaf/Quicksilver projects are handled, thus improving auto-assembling results.
2013-08-10 When using pipe characters at the source side of your glossary, you don't have to use these pipes anymore while searching for these terms via the Find and Replace dialogue.
2013-08-12 Showing the last new lines of the glossary when adding a new term is back
2013-08-12 Term prioritising based on term fields.
2013-08-12 Checked segments are better marked in the grid.
2013-08-12 The word ‘Source’ is added to Word notes that include source segments.
2013-08-12 Further improvements to "subsegment guessing" function to enhance accuracy.
2013-08-12 DOCX file in the Def field is now clickable
2013-08-12 Some glossary issues: Fixed
2013-08-12 Added: ‘Library > Glossary > Remove duplicate entries’
2013-08-12 Added: ‘Library > Glossary > Remove source=target’
2013-08-14 Case change in Quick Term Editor fields.
2013-08-14 Transpose words on the whole selection, too (‘Edit > Target segment > Transpose selection to the left/right’). See here.
2013-08-18 Transpose words: The two shortcuts are reversed, in order to make them more intuitive.
2013-08-18 Terminology matching based on the property fields in TMX files as it has been in tab-delimited glossaries.
2013-08-19 New feature: Contextual Priority aka Context-aware Auto-assembling (C-3A). See here
2013-08-23 Selectable metadata lists in glossaries and memories for terms. You can now load two lists (Subject fields, Client names) from text files. See the Edit > Options > Database tab (two new buttons to load the lists). See here.
2013-08-23 CafeTran remembers the last source language document folder.
2013-08-23 Searching TMs posssible during Pretranslation.
2013-08-23 Setting (or removing) names to table columns at table creation in External DB.
2013-08-23 Font size change recognized in Word filter.
2013-08-23 Notes can include line breaks at Export with Notes.
2013-08-24 The keymap buttons in Options have the key names next to action descriptions.
2013-09-01 , or " characters creating incorrect line breaks in metadata fields in glossary pane: Fixed.
2013-09-01 .idml footnotes issue (where CafeTran placed the footnote content right where the footnote number appears in the source text.): Fixed.
2013-09-05 ProjectTM.tmx reverted to keeping duplicates after restart of the project: Fixed.
2013-09-05 While transposing a word to the left, the cursor should remain at the start of the transposed word, so that one can repeat transposing
2013-09-05 Gluing: When loading a non native XLIFF file that contains several files, the Glue dialogue should be shown.
2013-09-05 Allow copying the Statistics table (tab-delimited) via the right mouse button to the system clipboard. Fixed. It is automatically copied to system clipboard after performing the analysis.
2013-09-04 Adjust trailing punctuation character: improve handling of closing bracket ')'. In my opinion the bracket should be kept before a period, comma, exclamation or question mark and when it stands on its own at segment end. Now it is deleted it all cases mentioned. Fixed.
2013-09-04 Allow Tab key to switch between Find and Replace field (and a key+Tab combo to insert a Tab character). Fixed. Now it is any configurable key except TAB (see the menu: ‘Window > Segment windows > Cycle focus…’) It works for other dialogues too. Except TAB.
2013-09-06 Regular expressions in source terms in TXT Glossaries! In TXT Glossaries, it is now possible to extend the pipe character to catch very complex terms by means of a regular expression. You just need to precede your source term with the pipe character and replace the complex term with a regular expression: E.g., if you are trying to catch: ‘voor 23% gevuld’, ‘voor 100% gevuld’, ‘voor 25% gevuld’, etc., you can now enter: ‘|voor \d+% gevuld TAB filled up to 23%’ In the regular expression ‘\d+%’, ‘\d’ = a shorthand character class, which matches all numbers; it is the same as [0-9], and ‘+’ = one or more of the expression. NOTE: there is no need worrying about adding a regular expression for the target side. CafeTran will automatically insert the correct number(s) there. See here.
2013-09-06 Placeables can now be stored in a text file. You can add them with Alt+P (Add selection to placeable) and edit the list with ‘Translation > Placeables > Edit placeables’
2013-09-08 Any remaining (unused) tags that were put at the end of a segment in .IDML projects were not inserted automatically from the Project memory (TMX) when pretranslating a next project. Fixed.
2013-09-08 Automatic transfer of remaining tags added as an option -> ‘Translation > Transfer > Automatic transfer of remaining tags’ For example: there are a bunch of tags in your source segment left over that you are not going to use in your target segment. CafeTran can now automatically insert them all at the end of your translation so you don’t have to insert them manually, one by one.
2013-09-08 QA terms check (‘QA > Terms consistency check’) now also works against TXT Glossaries. Previously, this was only possible for Memories for Terms (M4Ts)
2013-09-08 Placeables for the current segment are ignored in spell checking. Note that you have to add new placeables by selecting text in the source segment.
2013-09-08 Various improvements to the .idml filter to catch additional character styles (bold, italics, etc.).
2013-09-08 New Glue dialogue, real button: Glue all files virtuallyicon_smile.gif.
2013-09-09 Additions to the placeables list can now be made from the target box too.
2013-09-09 Regular expressions now also possible in Placeables. Entries should be preceded with a pipe character (|), just like in Glossaries.
2013-09-10 Empty metadata fields in Glossaries are no longer displayed in the Glossary pane.
2013-09-13 Auto-completion with punctuation characters at the cursor has been fixed. In the past, you couldn’t start typing and have auto-complete work if there was no space between your cursor and the next character. For example, if you had the word 'fuel', and then a full stop: 'fuel.' If you wanted to select the word 'fuel' and delete it, and then immediately trigger auto-complete by typing a letter, this wouldn't work because of the full stop which was up against your cursor. Fixed.
2013-09-13 Non-breaking spaces are allowed at target side in glossaries now. This can be used to create lists with units that should get a non-breaking space between digit and unit (like: 2 km, 14,4 kV, 50 MW). A specially prepared glossary 'Units.txt' will be available here. See: here
2013-09-13 Groups of (adjacent) words in the target segment can now be excluded from QA Spell-checking by placing them in the placeables.txt with non-breaking spaces (NBS) between the words. Examples: VertriebsNBSGmbH, VerkaufsNBSGesellschaftNBSmbH. Excluding single words via the placeables.txt was already possible. See: here
2013-09-14 No non-breaking spaces required in placeables.txt for excluding word groups from QA Spell-checking.
2013-09-16 Using regular expressions for auto-assembling of separable verbs is possible now. See: here
2013-09-23 CafeTran wiki gets sitemap and breadcrumb navigation!
2013-09-30 RAM size optimization (mainly for huge TMs as the EU DGT loaded in read-only mode but it may affect text glossaries as well).
2013-10-03 It is now possible to run QA on segments with status set to 'Checked'. See: Edit > Options > QA tab: QA for checked segments box
2013-10-08 CafeTran did not ignore the hidden text in picture (drawing) objects inside Word: Fixed.
2013-10-09 New button in Project Info dialogue box to select a folder of source files to import.
2013-10-23 Project Manager redesigned. New division into: Segments, Phrases, Terms.
2013-10-23 Window > Segment windows > Cycle window with tab keys … you can now cycle between various windows in CafeTran using the tab key on your keyboard (whereas previously an actual tab character would have been inserted). Works in Source/Target box, Find & Replace dialogue, and New Term dialogues.
2013-10-23 TXT Glossaries now also have a case sensitive/insensitive switch. Please go to the forms/GlossaryAddResource and add the following: ‘Match case=’ (You can also add this line to your .res files e.g. ‘Match case=yes’ or ‘Match case=no’)
2013-10-23 It is now possible to quickly send terms to various TXT Glossaries or TMX memories with Alt+1,2,3, etc. shortcuts in the New Term dialogues. Note that these keyboard shortcut aren't available on OS X with the U.S. International PC keyboard layout.
2013-10-23 Project > Export as bilingual document … CafeTran can now export a bilingual .docx file that you can send to your proofreader, who can edit it using Track Changes in MS Word. Once they are finished, they can send this file back to you and you can import it back into your CafeTran project and update your segments and notes. The .docx file contains 4 columns: 1. source text, 2. target text, 3. segment notes, and 4. a column used for identifying changed segments as changed in CafeTran. See:
2013-10-23 Project > Export as bilingual document with notes
2013-10-23 Project > Import bilingual document
2013-10-23 New ‘Remove’ button in the .res definition editor (Library > Edit resource info). The user no longer needs to navigate inside the Java package to delete the definition files (.res) for loaded TXT Glossaries.
2013-10-23 New feature: Window > Hide search buttons (Annoyed at those buttons that pop up every time you select a term with your mouse? Switch it off!)
2013-10-30 Revamped Project Manager, facilitating novices
2013-10-30 Import of edited notes from bilingual external review file back into CafeTran.
2013-10-30 Glossaries are now displayed alphabetically in the New Term dialogue. This is useful in connection with the new Alt+1, Alt+2, Alt+3, etc. shortcuts to add terms to one of your connected (selected) glossaries. Previously, they would be in any old order. Now they are displayed alphabetically, you can always use the same shortcuts to send terms to specific glossaries. Alt+1: send term to Phrases glossary. Alt+2: send term to General glossary. Alt+3: send term to project glossary, etc.
2013-10-30 New Translate folder check box in Project Info dialogue
2013-10-30 Memory > Import > Import Pretranslation…
2013-11-01 Selecting a word in the source or target box and pressing Ctrl+Enter would replace all instances of the selected word in the default scope set in the Find & Replace dialogue (i.e., in all your project source segments, memory target segments, etc.) with the segment text from your current target box. Fixed.
2013-11-01 ​New alphabetical display of glossaries in New Term dialogue feature broke their priorities. Fixed.
2013-11-01 Pressing Ctrl is no longer needed to insert hits from the auto-completion list. That is, both F2 and auto-complete terms lists now use the same term insert shortcuts/system.
2013-11-01 Brand new menu item: Glossary inserted between Library and Memory
2013-11-01 Translate segment (Alt+Enter) renamed to Translate selected fragment (Alt+Enter) (accessible from the Translation menu of via the shortcut)
2013-11-01 Shortcut removed: New memory… (Alt+Shift+N) (formerly accessible from the Memory menu)
2013-11-01 Placeables system improved. Next placeable (Shift+Escape), Previous placeable (Alt+f Minus), and Transfer current placeable (Alt+O) have been removed. Previously, only the current placeable was highlighted pink, and the aforementioned shortcuts were used to insert them. Now, all placeables are highlighted pink, and can be inserted using List placeables (F4) (under: Translation > Placeables)
2013-11-04 Documents can now be removed from projects via Project > Remove document…!
2013-11-04 The cursor used to be in the target box when opening the New Term dialogue. Now it starts in the source box.
2013-11-04 ‘Document notes’ are now stored in the .xlf project file.
2013-11-04 Glossaries ticked in the PM are actually loaded now in a fresh Transit project.
2013-11-09 Improvements to fuzzy matches highlighting. (1) CafeTran will now mark all the missing words in the source segment (with red highlighting), even if they are shorter than the fuzzy TM source segment. (2) All changes, additions and subtractions in/to your current source text, in relation to the fuzzy match source text are now shown via red highlighting. Previously, for example, CafeTran didn't show you when a word or phrase had been added to your current source segment text that wasn't in your fuzzy match source text. (3) Both your current source segment and the TM fuzzy source segment are now displayed in the fuzzy match. Note that changes in word order are not shown!
2013-11-09 Line breaks in segmentation .srx files.
2013-11-09 Highlighting QA double words.
2013-11-11 Previously, a slash character (/) would prevent neighbouring term recognition. You may now treat the slash as an additional whitespace character (a word separator). To do so, enter its Unicode character ‘U+002F’ (‘SOLIDUS’) here: Edit > Options > Memory > Additional space characters (Unicode numbers) to enable neighbouring term recognition. Note that the slash currently has to be reinserted into the target manually:
2013-11-11 There was a problem where adding a slash in Edit > Options > Memory > Additional space characters (Unicode numbers) (and have it recognized as a space; see previous item) could break CafeTran’s handling of tags since the slash is also a part of the tag. Fixed.
2013-11-11 New item in the TMX Memory dialogue: ‘Pretranslate only’. This is a new TM function to deal with huge memories, which frees up all the RAM from all unused segments just after Pretranslation is over. See: ‘Pretranslate only’ here.
2013-11-16 Work on Java 7 support for OS X Mavericks has started. New File Open/Save dialogues etc.
2013-11-24 Previously, local files in metadata fields in text glossaries didn't turn into clickable links if they had spaces in them. That is, 'C:\Users\Administrator\Google Drive\Text files\Legal\loss of dependency.pdf' wouldn't work because it had spaces in it. This has been fixed. Local files with spaces are now clickable links, just like internet URLs.
2013-11-24 You can now increase/decrease the size of the fomnts in the Translation Editor with the plus/minus icons in the tabbed pane toolbar. The buttons used to change the font size of the text in the tabbed pane.
2013-11-24 Added menu Edit > Options > Glossary tab options. Added item 'Sort matches' (which sorts displayed source entries alphabetically in your glossary pane) and 'Number of fields to display'.
2013-11-24 Added menu Task > (Remove tasks on TMX files) can be performed on attached memories now. Two more tasks that can be performed now: Remove TMX units with no letters and Remove filtered TMX units.
2013-11-29 CafeTran has a new Glossary tab under Edit > Options > Glossary and a new metadata popup will appear when you hover over a blue term in the glossary pane. See screenshot here.
2013-12-01 New: QA > Bracket check: See screenshot here.
2013-12-01 Full integration with operating system searching tools. Terminal output is displayed in the tabbed pane in CafeTran and matches are highlighted. Set: Terminal Tool option in Edit > Options. The placeholder is for the Desktop Search Tool command is {}. ‘grep’ (Linux and Mac. Also available for Windows), ‘mdfind’ (Mac spotlight in terminal). ‘find’ (Windows) Examples: grep {} /path/to/my/huge/memory.tmx, mdfind -onlyin /path/to/directory {}, find "{}" "C:\path\to\my\memory.tmx" Note: Use fgrep -h {} /Users/Hans/Dropbox/CafeTran/Prj/test/my_text.txt for faster searches, suppressing the file name display. See
2013-12-01 ‘Subterm entry’ now possible in New Term dialogue! It is now also possible to add a term pair to your glossary from inside the New Term dialogue. Imagine that you are adding a long term pair to your glossary, and you notice that it itself contains another potential term (a ‘subterm’, so to speak). Just select the source and target term as you would in the Translation Editor, and it will be added to the same (selected) glossaries as the original term you opened the New Term dialogue to enter. Select 'Satz' and 'zin' in the New Term dialogue box, and both Satz=zin and Dieser Satz=Deze zin are added to the glossary. See screenshot here.
2013-12-01 Non-breaking spaces, etc. are now visible in the New Term dialogue box.
2013-12-03 Cancel button in font dialogues renamed to Exit.
2013-12-03 Adjust trailing punctuation in SDLXLIFF now fully implemented.
2013-12-03 Font settings for New Term dialogue box added.
2013-12-04 New feature: regular expressions can now be defined at the glossary level. You can now skip adding the pipe (|) in front of terms when this flag is on. Just add the following line to your .res files: ‘Regular expressions only=yes’
2013-12-06 Suppressing tags in WF TMs (changing to tags positions maybe next year)
2013-12-04 Working with piped system commands such: /bin/sh -c "mdfind -onlyin /path/to/my/dir/ {} | xargs grep -h —extended-regexp —ignore-case '{}'"
2013-12-07 It is now possible to hide specific metadata fields in the Glossary pane. This can be useful to keep the Glossary pane from getting too messy if you tend to enter a lot of metadata. The fields you wish to hide can now be defined by comma separated numbers. Go to: Edit > Options > Glossary > Fields to hide, and enter a number for each field you wish to hide. Imagine your Glossary has 10 fields (#nl-NL –– #en-GB –– #Context –– #Subject –– #Client –– #Note –– #Sense –– #Usage example –– #Source –– #URL), and you want to display only the ‘sense’ field (and of course the source and target term). You would therefore enter: ‘1,2,3,4,6,7,8’. Only the source, target, and the sense field will now be displayed in your Glossary pane.
2013-12-08 It was sometimes hard to differentiate between separate glossary entries in the glossary pane because consecutive entries would sometimes all have the same highlighting colour (light green). This has been fixed: there is now a thin grey line around each entry, and a black line between the source/target entries and any metadata (fields).
2013-12-11 Memory > Open memory… opens directly any tab-delimited text file for use as a Translation memory
2013-12-11 Saving memory (Memory > Save as..) with a .txt extension converts any TMX to TXT tab delimited (removing duplicates in the process).
2013-12-11 DST tab-delimited output replaces the tab with newline for better viewing: source and target segments are displayed underneath each other now.
2013-12-16 Removed the trailing ; from autocomplete suggestions when Autocomplete is fed by typing in the target window.
2013-12-16 Removed duplicates from context menu list (override AA).
2013-12-16 Tried to fix freezing issue (words to the left/right) but it is hard to reproduce since it does not occur here at all.
2013-12-22 Added user-definable colours for Subsegment match font color and for No subsegment match font color, which in combination with the already existing settings Subsegment match color and No subsegment match color allow more combinations of foreground and background colours, offering better legibility (e.g. white text on red background).
2013-12-22 CafeTran now shows clickable properties for the current segment in the TMX edit.mode.
2013-12-22 Bug fixed where setting a specific field to ‘hidden’ would break term recognition in Glossaries.
2013-12-28 CafeTran lets you extract strongs using regular expression from your current project (either a TMX, XLIFF or TTX project). See Edit > Find… > Extract reg. ex. results. Enter your regular expressions, set the Find scope and click the Find button. CafeTran will show the matching strings in the tabbed pane. This can be used to automatically extract all non-translatables from your text before starting the job. See Collecting non-translatables via the Find and Replace dialogue box.
2013-12-28 Enhanced editing and manipulating of Properties for TMX files (setting, replacing and removing globally, displaying them in the current TMX segment - in the TMX edit mode). New features when CafeTran is in TMX edit mode: (1) View > Segment properties (to filter); (2) Task > Set or Remove property for TMX units (for global changes); (3) Click at the property of the current segment in the project grid to edit it. (4) Right-click at the source segment window to access a particular property of the current segment quickly.
2013-12-28 New shortcut in the menu Window > Focus current tab. This means it is now possible to switch to a glossary tab when translating and scroll it without having to use your mouse to click on the glossary tab to change focus to it.


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Bu uzun liste ne işe yarar? Jan 1, 2014

Kimsenin yeni özellikleri okuyacağını sanmıyorum. Ama önemli olan bu programın geliştiricisi Igor'un ne istenmişse hiç vakit kaybetmeden eklemesi. Bu kadar hızlı gelişen bir CAT programı görmedim. Üstelik sadece 3,44 MB büyüklüğünde. Siz hâlâ Trados, Studio filan mı kullanıyorsunuz?icon_smile.gif


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Moderator of this forum
fiyatı artmadan... Jan 3, 2014

Bilgiler için çok teşekkürler.

CafeTran muazzam bir hızla ve çevirmenin kullanımını en üst düzeyde kolaylaştıracak şekilde gelişiyor. Bunun en büyük sebebi Igor'un kendisinin de çevirmen olması. Ayrıca geliştirilen veya eklenen özellik sayısı da çok, çok fazla. Bu arada Java tabanlı olduğu için Linux ve Mac ortamlarında kullanılabilen sınırlı sayıdaki birkaç iyi yazılımdan biri.

Sizin de daha önce belirttiğiniz gibi, CafeTran'ın fiyatı ileride muhtemelen bu kadar düşük olmayacak. Kısa bir süre önce ben de satın aldım. Hâlâ bu kadar ucuzken değerlendirilmesinde fayda var bence de.

[Değişiklik saati 2014-01-03 04:16 GMT]


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Igor durmuyor Jan 7, 2014

Igor durmadan çalışıyor ve CafeTran'a yeni özelliklerin eklenmediği gün yok gibi.

Yukarıdaki listeye ek olarak son 6 günde eklenenler:

2014-01-06 In TMX edit mode, when you do: View > Segment properties, the number of filtered units is now displayed in the grid.

2014-01-06 In TMX edit mode: in a TU, right click: Properties > New property, which will call up the Property choice panel. Click on the ‘Property name’ button, and a dropdown arrow should appear in the Name box. Click the arrow and you will see a list of all of the property names in the attached memories.

2014-01-06 New feature (occasioned by the discussion here) which indicates that the TM exact target is different than the current target segment. See Options > Memory tab > Compare with the target segment, or right click at the TM tab pane to activate it for a particular TM.

Son özelliği daha iki gün önce istemiştik, hay hay dedi hemen:) Yeter ki kullanıcılar istesin, hiç ikiletmiyor. Bir lisans daha alacağım, destek şart.


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CafeTran'da web resources Nov 10, 2014

CafeTran'da çeviri yaparken bir sözcüğü seçip sağ tıkladığınızda internetteki sözlüklerde arama yapabiliyor. Tureng, Zargan, Dragomanos, TDK Türkçe Sözlük, Microsoft Terminology Search hatta İngilizce Türkçe (ya da istediğiniz diğer dil çiftlerindeki) KudoZ sorularını bile görebiliyorsunuz.

Bunun için web tarayıcınızı (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome ya da benim yeni keşfettiğim Maxthon) kullanmak mümkün ama sonuçları CafeTran'ın arayüzünde görüntülemek zaman kazandırıyor.

Nasıl göründüğünü merak edenler aşağıdaki sayfaya yüklediğim bir resmi görebilir.!topic/cafetranslators/Focf2jV_BrM


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özellikler hakkında... Dec 14, 2014

.ttx yükleyip .ttx ve doc(x) alabiliyor musunuz?
trados için gelen paketleri açabiliyor mu yazılım.
Bana çok saydıda trados paketi geliyor (package) çünkü trdaos 14 900 TL bu çok uygun bir çözüm olacak eğer yukarıdakileri yapabiliyorsa.
Lütfen aydınlatınız


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ttx Dec 14, 2014

CafeTran ile xliff dosyalarının yanı sıra Trados TTX, Studio SDLXLIFF, Wordfast TXML, Transit dosyalarını da çevirebiliyorsunuz.

TTX ile ilgili ayrıntılı bilgi

TTX yükleyip doc(x) alma kısmını anlamadım. Biliyorsunuz TagEditor programı Word dışında InDesign, Excel, PowerPoint ve diğer pek çok dosya türünün çevirisi için kullanılabiliyor.

Orijinal format InDesign ise doc(x) ile ne yapacaksınız? Orijinal format doc(x) olsa bile amacınızı anlamadım.

CafeTran (ve diğer CAT programları) sıfırdan TTX dosyası oluşturmaz ama müşterinin gönderdiği "presegmented" TTX dosyalarını Cafetran ile çevirebilirsiniz.

Aklınıza takılan, soracağınız şeyler varsa CafeTran grubunda sormanızı tavsiye ederim.!forum/cafetranslators


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Yanıtınız için teşekkürler Dec 18, 2014

Önce yanıtınız ve link için teşekkürler. Bir müşteri .ttx gönderip hem .ttx ve hem de .doc(x) istemişti. Bu içerdeki bilgisyarda yüklü olduğundan orada yaptığımı hatırlıyorum. Yanılmıyorsam save target as komutu ile doc(x) e çevriliyordu eski Trados 7 ile.


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son 1 yılda eklenen özellikler Feb 20, 2015

Yeni özelikleri en son 2014 Ocak ayında buraya kopyalamıştım.
Aşağıdaki uzun liste tek bir programcının neler başarabileceğini gösteriyor.

Bu kadar çalışkan, yaptığı işi böylesine seven bir programcı bulmak ne kadar zordur.

2015-02-03 Tracked down and solved an issue that could prevent reimport of translated MQXLIFF files in memoQ. Thank you, Igor!
2015-01-30 Further improvement to the handling of MQXLIFF projects. All EMs and CMs are now inserted during Translation > Insert all matches.
2015-01-28 Improved the handling of tags inside words in MQXLIFF projects.
2015-01-28 Improved the QA of tags in MQXLIFF projects.
2015-01-21 New feature: Tools > Abbreviations > Scan Project for abbreviations. CT will list abbreviation candidates in the tabbed pane. Pressing button in list of candidates adds the relevant abbr. to the Abbreviations file (see 2015-01-20.1). Any one, two or three letter string + . is a candidate for the abbrs. list. See:
2015-01-20.2 "Dynamic segmentation": CafeTran now auto-joins segments at any next occurrence of an abbreviation added via Tools > Abbreviations > Add selection to abbreviations (i.e., whole project is not re-segmented).
2015-01-20.1 New features under Tools > Abbreviations. CafeTran auto-creates a simple abbreviations text file for the given source language (on Windows @ …\CafeTran\cafetran\resources\abbreviations\abbreviations-nl_NL.txt, on Mac @ /Applications/ These abbreviations lists can work independently or in tandem with the segmentation rules. New abbreviations can be added via Tools > Abbreviations > Add selection to abbreviations (Ctrl+Shift+B). Abbreviations added to the abbr. list [via Tools > Abbreviations > Add selection to abbreviations or Tools > Abbreviations > Scan Project for abbreviations (and clicking on a button)] work the same as items added to the segmentation rules (with a no break instruction). That is, CT will not break the text at this abbr. in the future. In contrast to single-word abbreviations (Any one, two or three letter string + . is a candidate for the abbrs. list), multi-word abbreviations won't trigger the new automatic segment joining mechanism and will only work in the segmentation phase of a new project.
2015-01-18 Generate a list with all words with unknown spelling via Task > List words with unknown spelling. See:
2015-01-15 The Project Info dialogue box is now called Project Configuration. Changed the default project location on Windows to the Documents folder. Also, there is a new field called Project Folder in the Project Configuration panel where the user can see the exact folder of her Project. It is updated as you type the name of the new Project.
2015-01-12 CafeTran introduces: Super Simple Follow-up Project Creation: If you reuse the project folder for the new project, CT notices existing ProjectTM.tmx and ProjectTerms.txt in that folder and loads them.
2015-01-12 Dashboard has been optimised so that from LTR all settings are made in a logical, intuitive way and the D&D area is available at the right-hand side, which is nice if CafeTran isn't maximised, since you then can D&D easily from the Desktop. New layout, the number of the Dashboard buttons has been reduced to the absolute minimum. New button labels.
2015-01-06 Added two alternative buttons in the Dashboard to quickly start a project.
2015-01-06 The status box of the grid went to the right-hand side.
2015-01-05 Adding Notes and Alternative translations broken: Fixed.
2015-01-04 First time you press Alt+down when starting a project doesn't work: Fixed.
2015-01-04 Pop-up window issue with read-only TMs (reported by Will): Fixed.
2015-01-03 Added an option to extract frequent word from the current segment (in real time translation) to the Task > FW menu.
2015-01-03 You can change where to add FWs (TMs or glossaries) via the Task > FW menu.
2015-01-03 It was impossible to switch off the new ‘Automatic insertion [of MT] in target segments’ (right-click in MT pane) feature without restarting CT. Fixed.
2015-01-03 Unicode sequences like \U200b are removed from the MT results.
2015-01-03 Right-click at the MT online service pane to create a TMX memory in one pass. See:
2015-01-03 Right-click at the MT online service pane to toggle automatic insertion of MT results into the TL segment pane. See:
2015-01-03 Frequent Words got a new option to show only unknown FW (see the menu Task). Here, only the FWs are displayed that are not present in TMs and glossaries. See:
2014-12-23 Propagated status is now shown (together with the other statuses) in the box between the src/trgt boxes in the grid. Previously, it was shown as a note.
2014-12-23 Problem with fuzzy match word counts when running Statistics: Fixed.
2014-12-22 CT now handles hidden individual cells in Excel:
2014-12-22 You can now import MS Excel files into a Glossary (Glossary > Import MS Excel glossary…):
2014-12-22 You can now import MS Excel files into a TMX Memory (Memory > Import > Import MS Excel memory…). See:
2014-12-22 Small changes to the display in the grid: (1) The word "propagated" no longer appears as pink highlighted text; it is now a small red "P". (2) Grey shading to indicate a checked segment is back to covering the entire segment again (was temporarily changed to cover only the new box in between src + trgt boxes in the grid).
2014-12-21 Coffee cup undock icons changed to new Glossary icons. Old Coffee cup undock icons still apply for TMX termbases.
2014-12-19 "Library" menu renamed "Tools".
2014-12-19 New (combined) "Memory & Glossary" tab in Project Info dialogue. Project memories (or Project Glossaries) are no longer preselected in this tab. They can now be selected in the Dashboard, at the top of the "Translation Memories" and "TMX Termbases & Glossaries" tabs.
2014-12-19 Edit > Copy source segments to clipboard is now sticky (i.e., it survives restarts).
2014-12-19 Edit > Options > Window has been removed as it is no longer needed: CT now remembers all window positions on a restart!!!
2014-12-19 Problem in Excel filter where CT did not recognise multi-lined cells: Fixed. See:!topic/cafetranslators/i4J1yA7KSXM
2014-12-19 Some cool UI changes. Mainly, improvements of the grid display and some changes to the Dashboard as well.
2014-12-19 Resources (translation memories, TMX termbases, glossaries) that were previously selected in the Dashboard will be selected on a restart.
2014-12-19 Various changes to Dashboard: Start/Open buttons now at far right, to be clicked after you have set everything moving from left to right in the Dashboard.
2014-12-11 Removing a document from the project now deletes it from the project folder
2014-12-11 "Project" section moved from centre to far left in new integrated Dashboard
2014-12-09 Glue issue mentioned in the Google Group: Fixed.
2014-12-08 More improvements made to the Dashboard (formerly known as Project Manager): (1) "Termbases & Glossaries" changed to "TMX Termbases & Glossaries"; (2) Green check mark icons changed to check boxes (which now select/de-select all); (3) Book icon changed + something else in the Project section; (4) New Translation Memory icon + New (TMX) Termbase icon.
2014-12-08 New Glossaries icon
2014-12-06 Important improvements to the new integrated Project Manager.
2014-12-04 Project Manager integrated into the main UI (first preview of CafeTran 2015).
2014-12-04 Improvements to the OCR Word filter
2014-12-04 Excel import problem fixed: Fixed.
2014-12-01 New: Filter > Display current segment in context … being shown the previous and next segment ("context") when running a QA routine is useful when working with alternative translations, but if you're not, they often get in the way. You can now switch this off using the aforementioned switch.
2014-11-28 New Excel filter: See the Filter options tab in the Project Info dialogue box after you added an Excel document. Here you can set which columns to translate and (optionally) where the translation should be inserted. You can also specify which column should be loaded into the Source Language column of the grid and which one into the Target language column. See: and
2014-11-14 All the stuff related to Text shortcuts + Non-translatable fragments has been moved into the Library menu. Text shortcuts stuff was formerly in the Edit menu. Non-translatable fragments stuff was formerly in the Translation menu.
2014-11-13 Improvement of the IDML filter. CafeTran now should skip the hidden layers from import. To be tested.
2014-11-11 Now CafeTran can deal with those pesky internal padlocks in Studio XLIFF projects. Note that these special tags cannot be deleted in CafeTran.
2014-11-04 Fix for the resetting issue: CafeTran could lose its settings in rare occasions.
2014-11-04 (probably much earlier, though) When performing a QA for trailing punctuation marks/spaces, corrections now are propagated. Make sure to re-filter during QA regularly, to profit from this.
2014-11-04 Intruding black lines in tabbed pane are now decent dark grey. (Beautiful black lines in tabbed pane are now dark grey, which messes up Michael's formerly perfect black & white UI.) If you want to match the lines in the tabbed pane with the borders of the other panes, choose background colour Steel in the Themes. Choose Aluminium for a less distracting grey that still matches the new grey lines.
2014-11-04 Subsegment guessing (HITS) has been further refined. The "HITS" are coloured depending on accuracy of a guess. Blue: only one hit (CT shows the full target segment - no guess); Orange: from 2 hits to 7 (7 is the default setting (set in Options) for treating the hit as the exact fragment - e.g. in Autoassembling); Purple: more than 7 hits (here the guess should be quite accurate).
2014-11-01 New menu Task > Transfer non-translatable segments to target. Now it is possible to skip segments that only contain non-translatables: which, depending on your document type can be a HUGE time saver. See Non-translatables.
2014-10-29 CT can now load multiple .txt/.csv glossaries from a single folder simultaneously, just like was already possible with TMX files. CT automatically sets these glossaries to read-only. As you set the path to your glossary, point to the folder with your glossaries (instead of a file).
2014-10-26 CafeTran is one of the few CAT tools with a Settings Backup feature! It is now possible to export/import your settings. (see Options panel).
2014-10-26 Total Recall for all tables in one go (as an option).
2014-10-26 It is now possible to import a folder containing multiple TMXs into a Total Recall db. CT will import all files in the folder with the .tmx extension, ignoring other files.
2014-10-25 Spell checker issues with language-specific custom dictionaries: fixed.
2014-10-24 CT was mistakenly automatically joining the Segments + Phrases TMXs (if selected in the Memories section in the Project Manager). This has been fixed so it is the two MTs (not TMs) that are now automatically joined.
2014-10-21 Navigating to the Start/End of non-translatables list and user.dic is now possible with keyboard shortcuts, like in almost any editor. Saving via disk button is enabled??
2014-10-20 New, streamlined Project Manager. TMs & TBs are now set in the Project Info dialogue box.
2014-10-14 Deleting existing tables from Total Recall did not remove underlying index. Fixed.
2014-10-10 Revamped F2 system: it is now alphabetical (and thus much more intuitive).
2014-10-10 TMX property (Client) wasn't being imported into Total Recall databases. Fixed.
2014-10-09 New, smarter database access system. It is called ‘Total Recall’ and it is currently based on the H2 database. The idea is to recall from Database to Memory only segments in the Project context to avoid loading all huge data to RAM. Please see the "Total Recall" menu. See also new Recall segments… and Recall phrases… submenus. See:
2014-10-?? Something changed with SmartArt graphics handling (check!)
2014-10-?? Something changed re: PowerPoint handling (check!)
2014-10-06 Different languages now have different custom dictionaries:
2014-09-29 Issue where certain TM properties would cause problems with the AA panel (prevent it from appearing) and auto-insertion (stop it from working): Fixed.
2014-09-29 Significant performance improvements in the H2 SQL database. New indexing system; existing tables won’t work. You need to delete the existing tables. Next, create a new table and import your data again. On an i3 laptop it takes 2-3 seconds to complete a search in 1.5 million TUs.
2014-09-25 Small fix so it is no longer necessary to put a backslash in front of target entries containing regexes for numbers. ‘|\d+€ \t €000’ now works instead of ‘|\d+€ \t \€000’
2014-09-22 You can now drag & drop a file or folder onto the Project Manager and Project name, Project location and Document fields will be filled in automatically. File type is also automatically selected based on file extensions.
2014-09-14 Small changes to the border line colours when transparent themes are used.
2014-09-14 More intuitive Project conversion menu (see Project > Convert Project menu)
2014-09-14 Installation of spell checking dictionaries directly from CT interface (see the menu Edit > Spell checker > Install Dictionary) See:
2014-09-10 New update mechanism: update CafeTran via Help > About panel > Install update button.
2014-09-10 New feature: ‘Filter with context’. When you filter something, CT now displays the segment's previous and next segment in the Grid too, to provide you with a little more context. This applies to all of the filters available from the Filter menu, but also to the QA routines. For example, if you press QA > Double spaces check, you will now be shown all segments with a double space (like before), but each time you click into a specific segment, its previous and next segment will also be shown (i.e., its context).
2014-09-09 More memoq tags processed by CT
2014-09-08 Creating an Alternative Translation (AT) for a segment blocks it from being auto-propagated. No changes will be propagated to and from this segment.
2014-09-06 Keyboard shortcut for 'Reload glossary' has been added (see menu for the default setting: Ctrl+Shift+L).
2014-09-05 New filter: Filter > Alternative translations. Shows all segments that contain Alternative Translations (ATs). When you are finished with a project: temporarily de-activate ‘Auto-propagation to other segments’ + ‘Auto-propagation to current segment’ (under Translation > Options >) and use this filter to check that all your segments containing ATs are correct. Remember to re-activate auto-propagation when you are done!
2014-09-05 Alternative Translations (ATs) are now highlighted yellow in the Grid, so segments that contain ATs stand out better.
2014-09-04 Handling of certain tags in memoQ XLIFF improved: they don't hinder term recognition anymore.
2014-09-04 New filter for OCR files called Ms Word OCR. It suppresses some unnecessary tags.
2014-08-25 Term match and Term match font colour have been added. Now CafeTran can show in the translation editor (source segment box) which terms from your glossary (and probably TM4terms) have been recognised. Previously it was only possible to see segments and subsegments indicated by colours.
2014-08-25 If only one selection is made in the New Term dialogue box, the other language entry is added completely. Saves one selection to make.
2014-08-21 Improvement of the case toggling feature (Ctrl+=): Now it is possible to toggle X.Y. at the start of a segment to x.y. or X.y.
2014-08-20 Further improvements to the SDLXLIFF filter (regarding empty segments and better treatment of EXT LINK tags, they now no longer hinder term recognition, nor do they cause false positives in QA spell-checking).
2014-08-20 New Replace & Edit function in F&R dialogue box. ‘Replace & Edit creates a special filtered workflow where on each next segment the find phrase is automatically replaced with the replace phrase. At the same time, it is editing your replacement after each next segment.’ (Igor) This means: First you press Find, then R&E and the first occurrence of the Find string is replaced in the filtered view. When you press the Add/Next segment button/shortcut and move to the next filtered segment, the next occurrence is replaced, etc. This way you can cycle through the filtered view. I don't know how to skip a single occurrence in the filtered view…
2014-08-20 Joining segments in CafeTran projects is improved (already translated part of a segment will stay translated when joining, auto-assembling is only used for the "new", joined part).
2014-08-10 Accurate extracting of terms and phrases from TMs. Settings for the TM = Fuzzy and Hits turned on. Please lower Subsegment to Auto threshold to 2 (Edit > Options > Memory tab). Look for HITS results in the TM tab.
2014-08-07 Thin grey lines added between joined resources in tabbed pane and between docked resources to improve visual clarity of the UI.
2014-07-28 Appearance and Font menu items have been moved to the new View menu too.
2014-07-24 Some menu names have been made more consistent with other apps/user's expectations: Window is now called View and the old View menu has been renamed to Filter. Also the term "Pane" is now used in the View menu now (instead of "Window").
2014-07-24 For third-party XLIFF projects the PM buttons now take the name of the folder instead the name of the XLIFF file. Handy for cooperation with clients that always use the same name for their XLIFF files, e.g. because of the CMS system they use.
2014-07-16 New Glossary switch ‘Stop automatic matching’ available via right-click in Glossary pane.
2014-07-16 Project > Statistics works with Views and Filters too now. Previously, running Statistics on your project included ALL segments, even if you had applied a View (e.g., View > Unchecked segments) prior to running it. Now, if you select View > Unchecked segments, and run Statistics, only segments whose status is ‘Unchecked’ will be counted. This is very handy for proofreading, where all segments might be translated, but you would like to know how much you have left to check.
2014-07-16 New ‘Copy for activation’ under Help > About, which copies all the info Igor needs to activate your copy of CT to your clipboard.
2014-07-12 New keyboard shortcut: Window > Segment windows > Request focus in target segment window CTRL+SHIFT+F12, important for automation with AutoHotkey (Windows) or Keyboard Maestro (Mac), works in the translation editor, the Add term dialogue, Quick Term Editor and in the Find and Replace dialogue.
2014-07-11 Project > Statistics > Total statistics now also shows word counts in TM fuzzy matches (previously it only showed percentages).
2014-07-01 Keyboard shortcuts can now be disabled in Edit > Options > Keyboard shortcuts, click on a keyboard shortcut and choose, er, ‘Disable’.
2014-07-01 Notes are now also shown in the Grid when filtering on certain words or phrases in your project. By ‘filtering’ I mean, using one of these shortcuts: ‘Project Source Segments’ or ‘Project Target Segments’ to display all segments containing your selection in the Grid. You can also filter from the Find and Replace dialogue (Ctrl+F), by entering some text in the Find box and clicking ‘Project Source Segments’ or ‘Project Target Segments’.
2014-07-01 Transit files are now exported without an underscore character being inserted before the dot. See:
2014-07-01 Regarding the target box focus issue, Igor changed F12 (cycling focus key) so that if the focus is anywhere outside the target box, F12 brings it back to the target box. This is both handy for translators that are afraid of mice (like M.Beijer) and for automation (now we have a keyboard shortcut to place the caret directly in the target language box of the translation editor, the Find and Replace dialogue, the New Term dialogue and the Quick Term Editor.
2014-06-30 Changes to MT search functionality: (1) New ‘R2’ button in the pop-up search toolbar. (R1 = Resource (Web, Glossary) / R2 = MT Services) (2) New shortcut in the menu Edit > Find at cursor: ‘MT Services’. That is, it is now even easier to select a bit of text and send it to an online MT engine.
2014-06-30 New font zooming shortcuts (for text in the Translation Editor) @ Edit > Font: Zoom +/Zoom −
2014-06-21 Pretranslation error caused by a source segment containing only one punctuation character. Fixed
2014-06-20 Recent projects can now be removed from the ‘Recent projects’ section in the Project Manager by right-clicking at the project name in the PM and selecting ‘Remove’.
2014-06-14 Now you can pause MT by right-clicking ‘Stop automatic MT service’ in the MT pane. This can be useful for when you are reviewing your translation. This setting is sticky and will be remembered between sessions. So now you can enable MT only for the segments where you need some inspiration or can expect good results.
2014-05-28 New ‘Translate’ context menu. Select a word in the source segment box, and then right-click in the tabbed pane over one of the MT sections and select ‘Translate’ to translate your selection with one of the activated online MT engines.
2014-05-28 New task: Task > Replace TMX internal tags with space. This replaces the internal tags in TMX segments with spaces and clears any resulting double spaces if needed. This is basically an improved version of the old command ‘Remove internal tags’ which was/is available in the ‘Filter’ dialogue that can be accessed when opening a TMX.
2014-05-28 New switch: Edit > Options > MT Services > Prefer Autoassembling with Machine Translation This sets the default shortcut for quick MT+AA transfer to the target box. You can also switch the shortcut on on the fly by right-clicking at the MT tab pane.
2014-05-24 There was a problem where no hits were shown in the Glossary pane and no hits were highlighted in source segment box if there were Glossary entries with empty target fields (only source given). Fixed.
2014-05-16 QA Brackets checks is made a bit stricter, causing less false positives
2014-05-13 Fix for the Autocompletion issue mentioned on the cafetranslators forum
2014-05-13 Improve Auto-assembling with Machine Translation Déjà Vu’s ‘Deep Miner’ has finally come to CafeTran!!!
2014-05-13 Setting the QA checks that should be performed on Check all
2014-04-30 When you ‘Export as bilingual document with notes’ in a multi-file project, the exported file is not given the correct file name. That is, the name of the current document. Fixed. Note that this doesn't apply if you have glued the documents and use the above export command.
2014-04-21 HTML project exports (via Project > Save Project as… > HTML) now have clear divisions between the individual documents contained in the HTML file.
2014-04-21 Find and Replace dialogue box now has radio buttons, where appropriate.
2014-04-21 Glossary > Sort Glossary entries by length alphabetically was broken. Fixed.
2014-04-21 New task for TMX memories in the Task menu: Task > Remove duplicate TMX units (where both source and target are duplicate).
2014-04-17 When you add a term pair to a Memory for Terms, the pane doesn’t refresh like with a text Glossary. Fixed.
2014-04-17 New checkbox in Find & Replace dialogue (Cmd+F/Ctrl+F): ‘Preserve case with replacement’ (under Options section. See here
2014-04-17 New checkbox in Find & Replace dialogue (Cmd+F/Ctrl+F): ‘Include Project Segments’ (under Default Scope section). See here
2014-04-12 A small update to the new Pretranslation implementation. An issue with the language code in the translation units of the generated TMX has been fixed.
2014-04-11 The Pretranslation feature has been changed. After running Pretranslate, the program now generates a small .tmx file (called ‘Pretranslation.tmx’) containing the translation units which where found during the Pretranslation process. You can save this file on your computer and re-import it after closing/re-opening CT via Memory > Import > Import Pretranslation…
2014-04-11 Text in MS Word ‘SmartArt graphics’ is now imported into CafeTran. This text can be found if you rename the .docx file to .zip, unzip it, and look in the various folders here: (1) C:\Users\usr\Desktop\example word\word\embeddings, (2) C:\Users\usr\Desktop\example word\word\diagrams, (3) C:\Users\usr\Desktop\example word\word\charts. Some examples of these objects can be seen here and here (screenshots open in a new window).
2014-04-02 MQXLIFF: Locked segments are hidden, pretranslated segments have Checked status
2014-03-30 Changed F2 term display system.
2014-03-30 Problem where longer non-translatable fragments were not displayed when pressing F4, if their constituent parts were present as shorter fragments. Fixed. Now all NTs present in your source segment are displayed.
2014-03-28 Basic formatting is displayed in all visible segments in the grid.
2014-03-28 Improvement of the MQXLIFF filter
2014-03-25 Fix for MQXLIFF and SDLXLIFF autopropagation issue
2014-03-25 Issue where AA would not automatically adjust the case of the first word in a target segment, fixed.
2014-03-15 Improvement of the way memoQ XLIFF files are handled: tags in Help & Manual projects are now treated as CafeTran tags.
2014-03-10 With the Jump over Checked ticked, CT 'thinks' the segment is checked (confirmed) by you and jumps over it (empty or not). The update ignores this jump during QA which might be a solution to this issue. You should have Edit > Options > QA tab > QA for checked matches enabled?
2014-02-17 Locked segments in SDLXLIFF files are now excluded. You don't have to waste any time on them anymore and your project count will be accurate.
2014-02-09 New Project group in Program Manager has been moved to the bottom of the dialogue box, in order to reflect that the settings for Glossary and TMs have to be made first:
2014-02-06 Revamped F2 system.
2014-02-06 Glossary search results in Find and Replace dialogue are now sorted alphabetically.
2014-02-02 CT now supports creating a Project glossary (in the PM) and will load it automatically together with the project.
2014-01-31 CT now remembers the last folder location after you Project > Save as… (HTML, TMX, Package, etc.).
2014-01-29 A small update to deal with the issue of too large Options panel on small screens.
2014-01-27 Creation ID + Creation Date are now displayed in TMX memories (hover over little TU number to see)
2014-01-27 CT not exporting Creation IDs into TMXs created via Project > Save as: Fixed. TMX
2014-01-12 CafeTran gives you a red warning the TM tab pane when the exact match differs (i.e. in case or punctuation) from the current source segment. Also, Jump over > Exact matches should stop at such difference in exact matches.
2014-01-09 Bug fixed where ^& was being inserted into web searches, messing things up considerably.
2014-01-08 New feature: case-insensitive comparison with TM.
2014-01-08 New feature: QA > Translation conformity check This can be used to check for changes made to a bilingual file that was exported from a CT project (edited by a proofreader) and then re-imported back into CT.


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ısmarlama kodlama bizim işimiz Feb 21, 2015

Baştan sona okuyamadım bile.

Kalabalık (muhtemelen) ekipler tarafından kodlanıp binlerce dolara satılan yazılımlar var, öte yandan da bu var. İşin içinden gelmenin ve daha da önemlisi, işine tutkuyla bağlı olmanın önemini gösteriyor bu durum.

Bir ara tartışma gruplarına bakmıştım. Igor bir öneriyle karşılaşıp da aklına yattığı zaman hemen not alıyor, "Tamam, bir dahaki versiyona hallederiz" diyor ve takır takır kodluyordu hemen. Kapris yok, oyalama yok. Bilgisayarının başına geçip hallediyordu.

Bu konuda bilinen bir görüşü var mı bilmem ama hep bu düzeyde kalmasını beklememekle birlikte, umarım artan ilgi sebebiyle ileride fiyat politikasında köklü değişiklikler yapmaz; diğerleriyle arasında ciddi bir fiyat farkını daima muhafaza eder.

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yardım dosyası yok ama Feb 21, 2015

Getirilen en büyük eleştirilerden biri pdf formatında klasik bir yardım dosyası olmaması. Ama bu mümkün değil ki! Igor bidiği işi iyi yapıyor, tek başına, yanında 20-30 programcı olmadan sürekli yeni özellikler (başka programlarda olmayan yeni özellikler) ekliyor.

Yardım dosyasını güncel tutmak mümkün değil, bu işi de bir hobi projesi olarak Hans ve Michael yürütüyor, bkz.

Fiyat konusuna gelince, eskiden 80 Euro'ydu, fakat Igor çeviriden çok vaktini bu programa vermeye başladığı için 140 Euro oldu. Ee, ekmek parası kazanmak zorunda o da.

Ama bu seviyede, komple bir program için fiyatı kesinlikle çok düşük. Swordfish 260 Euro, WordfastClassic ya da Pro her biri 400 Euro, memoQ 620 Euro, Studio 545 USD (bunlar web sitelerindeki fiyatlar). Özetle CafeTran, hem de bu fiyata çok iyi bir yatırım.


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fiyatı belirtirken bir yanlış anlamayı düzeltelim.
Ben bu yüzden kullanmayı bırakmıştım.

Cafetran'ın etkinleştirilmesi sadece e-posta ile oluyor.
Bir eposta adresine kurulum bilgilerini gönderiyorsunuz sonra o bilgilere göre size aktivasyon jar dosyası geliyor.
Yani herhangi bir sistem yenileme ya da programı kaldırıp tekrar kurma durumunda yalnızca bu şekilde programı açabilirsiniz.

Bu işlem için de size sadece 1 yıl yardım sağlanıyor (önceden 2 yıldı).
Yani satın aldıktan sonra 1 yıl içerisinde lisansınızı her kurmak istediğinizde size destek veriliyor.
Ancak 1 yıldan sonra satın almış olduğunuz programı kaldırıp tekrar kurarsanız size yardımcı olmuyorlar.

Kimse de bilgisayarını uzun süre sistem yenilemesi yapmadan tutmadığına göre, ödenecek bu 140 Euro (yada eski kullanıcılar için 80 Euro) ücret sadece bir yıllık bir ücrettir.

Bunun tartışmasını çok yaptım ama aktivasyonu teknik destek olarak görüyor karşı taraf.
Benim de mantığım bunu almıyor. Aktivasyon nasıl teknik destek olabilir ki?

Bu notu düşmekte fayda var.
Kullanıcı hakları açısından.
Şu notu da eklemekte fayda var:
Bu nedenle kullanmayı bırakmıştım ancak bırakmamda etken sadece bu değildi.
Ben eski sürümünü seviyordum. Yeni sürümde ekran değişmiş aşağılara bir çok dosya gözat yerleri eklenmiş, açıkçası benim hoşuma gitmedi. Yani yukarıda yazdığım lisans nedenine ek olarak görünüş bir de yavaşlık yaşadığımdan dolayı yeni sürümü almaktan vazgeçtim.
Ayrıca ödeme seçeneği de kısıtlı. Paypal çalışmıyor mesela.
Banka ile ödeme yapmaya kalkınca da hem benden hem Igor'dan bir sürü para kesiyorlar (50-60 euro sadece transfer içindi hatırladığım kadarıyla)
Bunlar da bırakma nedenlerim arasında.

[Edited at 2015-02-23 10:36 GMT]


Selcuk Akyuz  Identity Verified
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aktivasyon meselesi Feb 23, 2015

Ali Bey merhaba,

Olaya sizin açınızdan bakınca hak veriyorum. Igor açısından bakmaya çalışınca o da haklı görünüyor. İnsanlar (özellikle bürolar) bir lisans alıp bunu çok sayıda bilgisayarda kurarak sistemi kötüye kullanabilirler.

En iyi çözüm kalıcı bir lisans dosyası, aktivasyon kodu olabilir ya da bir sunucu üzerinden bu iş çözülebilir.

Görüşlerinizi ProZ CafeTran forumunda yazarsanız eminim sizin gibi düşünenler çıkacak, bu konuda bir çözüm bulunacaktır.

Igor'a yazdım, hemen ilgilenip cevap verdi:

Hello Selcuk,

So far I have provided the technical assistance/support including the
transfer of the license to another machine for one year since the date of
purchase or license renewal. The licensing policy will soon be reviewed
and I really hope to set up some sort of a license server in the near


[Edited at 2015-02-23 15:08 GMT]


Özgür Salman  Identity Verified
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Moderator of this forum
lisans politikası önemli Feb 23, 2015

CafeTran'ı ucuz olduğu dönemde almıştım, en azından bulunsun diye. Benim işlerimde CAT aracı pek gerekmediği için çok fazla kullanma imkanım olmadı, birkaç senedir duruyor. Ancak benim aldığım dönemde, Ali Bey'in dediği gibi, donanım değişikliği ihtimaline karşı iki yıl destek vardı sanıyorum. Bu yüzden pek gözüme batmamıştı. Şimdi sadece bir seneyse, bu gerçekten önemli bir dezavantaj oluyor.

Şimdi; Igor'a bilgisayarımızın kendine has donanım kimlik numarasını yolluyoruz, o da yine bizim kimlik numaramıza has uygulama dosyasını (cafetran.jar) yolluyor ve onunla çalıştırıyoruz. Bunu belli ki "crack"lenme ihtimalini azaltmak için yapıyor.

Ancak şöyle bir durum var: Trados hariç diğer CAT araçlarının hiçbirinin "crack"i zaten bulunamıyor. "Sen nereden biliyorsun bulunamadığını, hiç yakıştıramadım" diyebilirsiniz ama bir keresinde, daha önce hiç kullanmadığım ve lisansına sahip olmadığım memoQ kullanmamı gerektiren bir proje çıkmıştı. İlk yazışmanın ardından kurmuştum ama iş epey bir zaman sonra gelmişti, zaten uzun da bir işti, süresi dolmuştu vs. Demem o ki, sadece Trados'u "ilaçlı" hâlde bulmak mümkün olabildiğine göre, diğer programlar bu konuyu bir şekilde halletmiş ve cracklenemeyen yazılımlar üretmeyi başarmışlar gibi görünüyor. Acaba bu programları fazla bilen olmadığı için mi malum ortamlar ilgi göstermiyor diye düşünülebilir ama onların bilmediği hiçbir yazılım olacağını sanmıyorum.

Yani, mesele crack konusuysa ve her seferinde kullanıcıyla bire bir uğraşmak zorunda kalmamak için süreyi bir yıl olarak tutuyorsa (satış yoğunluğunu bilmiyorum), bunu başka şekillerde de halletmek mümkün. En azından cracklenmesi daha zor yazılımlar yapmak mümkün.

Bir de şöyle bir durum var ki, Igor'a örneğin sadece bir ram değiştirdiğimde bilgisayarımın ID numarası değişeceği için programın, daha doğrusu aktivasyonun çalışmaya devam edip etmeyeceğini sormuştum, o da sorun olmayacağını söylemişti. Yani komple sistem değişikliğine gidilmedikçe veya belki anakart-işlemci değişikliği yapılmadıkça, sadece ram yükseltme gibi durumlarda sanıyorum desteğe gerek kalmıyor.

License server'ı devreye sokması da sadece kendisinin bire bir ilgilenme gereğini ortadan kaldırır sanırım. Lisansın süresini yine kendisi belirleyecek.

Daimi bir lisanslama sistemi oluşturur veya mevcut fiyatla desteği en azından 2-3 yıla çıkarırsa kendisi için de daha iyi olur diye düşünüyorum zira sadece bir yıllık donanım transferi desteği veriyorsa, bunu kullanıcı nezdinde ancak fiyatın çok, çok düşük olmasıyla (eski fiyatı gibi) cazip kılabilir.

[Değişiklik saati 2015-02-23 19:48 GMT]

[Değişiklik saati 2015-02-23 19:49 GMT]


Selcuk Akyuz  Identity Verified
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Re: Feb 23, 2015

Konumuz bu değil ama kırılmayan program yok, Rusçacılar daha iyi bilir. Bende sadece Trados 2006, DVX2 ve 3, CafeTran lisanslı. Peki arada bir bilgi verdiğim, hakkında yazdığım diğer programlar?

Bunların yeni sürümlerini denemek, yeni özellikleri görmek amacıyla ben de kırık versiyonları kullanıyorum. Ticari amaçla kullanmıyorum, bunlarda çeviri yapmıyorum. Sadece önceden hazırladığım bol formatlı test dosyalarıyla deniyorum. Bir-iki saat oynayıp sonra da sistemden kaldırıyorum.

Bu arada daha önce de yazdığım bir şeyi tekrar hatırlatayım. Birinci elden duyduğum bir bilgi, "ilaçları" zaten CAT programları kendileri yüklüyor malum sitelere. Amaçları ise kullanıcı sayısını arttırıp bürolar üzerinde baskı oluşturmak.

Birinci yıldan sonra yıllık upgrade fiyatı 80 Euro. Bu programın tek eksiği ProZ gibi sitelerde reklam vermiyor, veremiyor olması. Özelliklerine göre fiyatlandırılmış olsa 400-500 Euro'ya filan alamazsınız. Şu Wordfast Pro bile 400 Euro ya!icon_smile.gif

Şu veya bu programı tanıtırken prim filan aldığım yok, çok talep geldiği halde özel ders de vermiyorum. Programların işlevlerine bakıyorum, iyi olanı destekliyorum.

Biliyorsunuz yıllarca DVX hakkında yazdım, ama DVX3'ten memnun olmadığım için şimdi yıldızı yükselen, geleceği olan, bürolardan çok çevirmenleri düşünen CafeTran'ı tanıtmayı tercih ediyorum.

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