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ForumTopicTitleTextPosterTime bugs Blue board - error message I can access it normally No problem from this end at all. Maybe it was a
temporary glitch?
Walter Landesman Jan 18
Scams Scam or not? Whats does the client really want? Does the client want a Polish to English
translation or just a transcript of the Polish
audio? Those are different jobs and therefore you
charge different fees if you are accept either
Walter Landesman Nov 13, 2020 suggestions Give site staff some training in “moderating” Not the same [quote]Samuel Murray wrote: [quote]Chris S
wrote: 1. A thread is deleted because it’s
about a cat that lives in a church, making it
“religious”. [/quote] Googled for
Walter Landesman Nov 5, 2020
Business issues Scammed by a 5 stars rated agency. Disagree [quote]Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei wrote: How about
this: offer to take the offending messages down in
exchange for payment within 48 hours. If they
don't pay within that time or begin to make
Walter Landesman Oct 26, 2020
Spanish ¿Comillas dentro de paréntesis? Ir a KUDOZ Esta es una pregunta para publicar en Kudoz
español - español:, no
en este foro. Alli seguramente obtendrás
asesoramiento adecuado en breve tiempo y la
Walter Landesman May 7, 2020 suggestions Always-editable thread summaries How can it be useful? I am sorry, Samuel. I fail to see the need for
this or how it can be useful.
Walter Landesman May 7, 2020
Translation in Uruguay / La traducción en Uruguay ALERTA Gracias Gracias por el aviso, Mónica. Estaremos
alerta. Saludos, Walter
Walter Landesman Jul 19, 2019
Business issues Service Level Agreements: Translator's liability for losses Skip it [quote]Kaya Green wrote: What is people's
experience of these agreements, is it common to
have to agree to a clause like this? [/quote] I
was asked to sign this kind of SLA only two
Walter Landesman Jan 30, 2019
Scams Potential scam, not sure Scam for sure. Yes, it is a scam. The same wording in first and
second email several colleagues received a few
weeks ago, myself included. Even the same excuse
on PayPal. Do not proceed, just delete it a
Walter Landesman Dec 17, 2018 bugs Impossible to post forum replies Fixed? No problem on my side, Thomas. I just posted on
that thread
Walter Landesman Nov 30, 2018
Scams Is this client legit or shady? Not sure if I should give my bank info out to them RED FLAG It looks like a scam to me. Do not provide that
info. Please read this
679 <<
Walter Landesman Nov 30, 2018
Scams Does this sound like a legitimate inquiry? Paypal in the US [quote]Samuel Murray wrote: PayPal is not
available in all countries, and some clients'
accountants simply do not want to use PayPal (or
charge extra for using PayPal). What is your<
Walter Landesman Nov 21, 2018
Proofreading / Editing / Reviewing Do you work with a proofreader? NO I review / proofread my own translation thourougly
before delivering. I might miss something though,
a comma, a space, who knows? Many clients have
the translation proofread by an indepe
Walter Landesman Nov 21, 2018
Scams Does this sound like a legitimate inquiry? Similar wording [quote]Colleen Roach, Ph.D. wrote: Walter: you
said you received the same email. Do you mean that
the wording was exactly the same as what I
received but wanting an Eng>Spanish translat
Walter Landesman Nov 21, 2018
Scams Does this sound like a legitimate inquiry? Scam I received the same yesterday, but ENG to SPA. I
asked the same questions. They provided a PDF file
I aso found on tne internet. I insisted on info
about the client: name, address, phone n
Walter Landesman Nov 20, 2018
Business issues A client refusing to pay the full amount and deletes my Blueboard review Intermediates A couple of times I received USD 70 less due to
fees and commissions charged by my bank and two
intermediate banks which took USD 25 each. That
may account for your difference as
Walter Landesman Oct 21, 2018
Scams Possible scam attempt Not a scam It doesn't look like a scam to me. The agency
looks legit. The data required is to be provided
via their own webpage, not to any gmail address as
it is suggested in your post. The proce
Walter Landesman Oct 7, 2018
Business issues Shall I? Don't I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't comply with any of
those requests. This really sounds fishy.
Walter Landesman Oct 5, 2018
Business issues ProZ Pay™: A new way for freelancers to get paid Currency conversion I tried to update my payment preferences to Proz
Pay, but I had to stop because the payment methods
offered are Paypal, which is ok, and bank transfer
in Uruguayan pesos, but not in USD.
Walter Landesman Sep 24, 2018
Spanish effectiveness ¿ qué traducción es preferible ? Kudoz Esta pregunta deberías publicarla como pregunta
Kudoz, búsqueda de terminología. Allí
seguramente en pocos minutos recibirás muchas
respuestas y comentarios. Este no es el lugar
Walter Landesman Jul 17, 2018
Business issues Dear outsourcers, I beg you, enough with tests No begging No need to beg outsourcers at all. I just don't do
tests. When I receive just a request, either I
delete it or quote fee for the test.
Walter Landesman Jul 13, 2018
Business issues Insisting on formats to be submitted by client Ask for an editable file. Unless you have a workable text editor software, I
would ask for and editable format or proper file I
could work on or just refuse to quote and reject
the offer, no thank you.<

Walter Landesman Apr 3, 2018
Translation in Uruguay / La traducción en Uruguay PayPal se instala en Uruguay ACTUALIZACIÓN. ALERTA DE ESTAFA Estimados colegas. Alerta. Me llamó la
atención que hubiera desaparecido el enlace de
Paypal a esa página Pero tampoco
puedo acceder más a esa página de,
Walter Landesman Mar 30, 2018
Translation in Uruguay / La traducción en Uruguay PayPal se instala en Uruguay Tarjeta de crédito Hola Mónica: La tarjeta es rápida, cierto,
mejor que el cheque, pero luego hay que sacar los
fondos para pasarlos al banco. Y el banco emisor
de VISA te cobra por recibir (como gasto
Walter Landesman Mar 21, 2018
Translation in Uruguay / La traducción en Uruguay PayPal se instala en Uruguay Retiros de PAYPAL en ABITAB y REDPAGOS Estimadísimos: Fenecido el acuerdo con Itaú,
surge otra propuesta interesante. En la página
de Paypal vi destacado 'Retirar fondos usando una
cuenta bancaria local' y eso me llev
Walter Landesman Mar 21, 2018 suggestions Why do I have to prove that I´m not a robot every time I want to enter the forum? New feature? What you are saying is very weird. It has never
happened to me and I have never heard of such a
new feature. Have you checked to log in
before entering the fora?
Walter Landesman Dec 26, 2017
Spanish ¿Qué uso tienen los puntos browniz? Para descuento Los browniz también te ofrecían descuentos en la
cuota anual de Proz, pero ya no. En realidad,
actualmente no tienen gran utilidad.
Walter Landesman Dec 16, 2017 suggestions Show the company's info closer to the company's name on the BlueBoard OK now! It looks OK now, Kevin, much better, thank

[Edited at 2017-09-27 15:11 GMT]
Walter Landesman Sep 27, 2017 suggestions Show the company's info closer to the company's name on the BlueBoard The new BB layout needs reviewing . [quote]Samuel Murray wrote: Hello On the
BlueBoard, I suggest moving the address box closer
to the company's name, or alternatively that at
least some extra information is added next
Walter Landesman Sep 26, 2017
Business issues 10400 words in 24 hours Agree with you Dear Nicole, 10,000 words in 24 hours? If you
look for quality, accuracy, no grammar issues,
that's not possible at all. And it is not just a
plain chit chat letter. It's on the medica
Walter Landesman Jul 7, 2017
Powwows Powwow: Punta del Este - Uruguay Error Debe ser "traductores E intérpretes", no "Y". Walter Landesman Jul 1, 2017
Scams How do you find out if an agency is reputable? That's not a test I assume you mean +1000 word free test, am I
right? If that is so, it is not a test but a
scam from the start. A test may be 100-200 words
long, not more than that. I would stay away fr
Walter Landesman Jun 29, 2017
Business issues A new? translation agency offering services as a proz member Why this fuss? It seems a new member who is either outsourcing or
expanding and trying to open or increase his
translators data base. You are free to continue
wit the mentioned recruiting procedure or ju
Walter Landesman Jun 15, 2017
Business issues Send copy of passport to agency? Do not send [quote]Anna Fredrikson wrote: I have been
contacted by an agency that wants to start
collaborating with me. They are a serious agency
with many years in the business and a good Blue
Walter Landesman May 16, 2017
Spanish Problemas con PayPal cheque Pero Paypal no te envía un cheque como en el
resto del mundo? O transferencia a tu VISA?
Walter Landesman May 1, 2017
Scams Mark Anderson - Rip off artist Scam 101 As the colleagues said, this is one of the oldest
and known scam. Sorry it was your turn now,
Walter Landesman Mar 24, 2017 suggestions Please remove "More translators and interpreters: [your language pair(s)]" from our profiles Thank you [quote]Maria Kopnitsky wrote: Dear
members, The option to disable this prompt has
now been made available for paying members of the
site. To do so, just click "Disable" in the
Walter Landesman Mar 16, 2017
Translation in Uruguay / La traducción en Uruguay PayPal se instala en Uruguay Otras opciones [quote]Alan Corbo, CT wrote: Que llame a PayPal
para informarme de otras opciones.... Yo
sospecho que todo el asunto de la inclusión
financiera y el lavado de activos tiene que ver. <
Walter Landesman Feb 16, 2017
Translation in Uruguay / La traducción en Uruguay PayPal se instala en Uruguay No [quote]Alan Corbo, CT wrote: Buenos días,
Espero que estén bien. Me llegó hoy una
comunicación del Banco Itaú. Parece que el
servicio de retiros de Paypal queda sin efec
Walter Landesman Feb 16, 2017
Scams Test translation as a scam? Gmail account No legit translation agency would correspond from
a gmail account. That sould have been your first
red light. I am sorry, but it looks you have been
scammed. You may read more about th
Walter Landesman Feb 13, 2017
Business issues Do you know of any existing identity verification systems that freelancers can use? bank account security Dear Samuel, I wouldn't disclose my banking
login details to anyone, for security reasons. No
matter how reliable that site might be. Walter
Walter Landesman Dec 21, 2016
Business issues Blue Board and Low Rates Not the issue [quote]jyuan_us wrote: How come 201 linguists
who have been paid around 0.03 per word have all
given this agency a score of 5? That's the
issue. So OP's question is well grounded.
Walter Landesman Sep 22, 2016
Business issues Blue Board and Low Rates Agree [quote]John Fossey wrote: The BlueBoard rating
only relates to whether colleagues are willing to
work with them again. It has nothing to do with
rates. You can only give them a rating
Walter Landesman Sep 22, 2016
Translation in Uruguay / La traducción en Uruguay PayPal se instala en Uruguay Acuerdo Paypal-Banco Itaú [quote]Rossana Triaca wrote: (adiós tarjeta
Alfabrou, adiós cheques del cambio
Gales). Saludos, Rossana [/quote] Sí, pero
solo si tienes cuenta en el Itaú. Cada uno
Walter Landesman Sep 19, 2016 Translator Coop Announcing Mobile - The translation workplace. Anytime, anywhere. Windows Phone Is it going to be developped for Windows Phone as
Walter Landesman Jun 15, 2016
Business issues Freelance Boomerang IP IP address is from Italy, indeed. Rome,
Walter Landesman Feb 6, 2016
Business issues Freelance Boomerang Same here I got the same, Beatriz. I just replied on my
fees. He insisted on the boomerang issue. I
said I was not interested. Period.
Walter Landesman Feb 5, 2016 job systems Money is not the only thing that matters,! Agree with Enrique [quote]Enrique Cavalitto wrote: Dear
members, The premise that “ for each business
account gets some $$$” is simply wrong. gets income from membership fees paid
Walter Landesman Feb 2, 2016
Spanish Sad news for the Spanish ProZ community Verysad news. I am very very sorry to hear about that too. Walter Landesman Dec 24, 2015 Translator Coop You may receive job notifications from companies using the translation center powered by Rates Dear Enrique, Is there a standard rate as in
the turnkey translation jobs? Or is the company
free to offer any rate and we free to accept or
decline? Or are we supposed to apply with ou
Walter Landesman Dec 2, 2015

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