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Business issues Translation SW changing the way we work Happened to me [quote]Vincent Lemma wrote: Has this ever
happened to any of you, or do you expect it to?
[/quote] It did indeed happen to me with a
relatively new client that switched to PEMT. They
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Nov 19
Money matters Client cancelled the project right after your delivery Impostor? [quote]Mohd Hamzah wrote: They actually have
quite good Blueboard record. [/quote] Scammers
will occasionally impersonate a good agency, score
free work from translators and then vanis
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Nov 13
Money matters Craziest excuse from a client for non-payment? Not me, but my mother My mother runs a small business and occasionally
(actually, quite frequently) runs into non-payers.
Most of them are the standard illness and business
failure claims, but one couple won th
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Nov 13
Business issues funny behavior of translation agency Right, but [quote]Anthony Keily wrote: If the agency told
you the job had 6K words and it actually had 8K,
you would have case regardless because they would
have misrepresented the amount of work
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Nov 12
Money matters Long time client struggling with debt - what should I do? Best approach [quote]Thomas T. Frost wrote: Could they pay in
instalments? Is there any monthly amount they
could afford to pay?[/quote] Since you asked
"If you had a client like this, what would yo
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Nov 9
Scams My e-mail blocked by Outsourcer Quit while you're ahead This project has trouble written all over it. If
you can't get in touch with the client now, how
are you going to communicate when it's time to
discuss the quality of the translation, or
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Nov 9
Business issues funny behavior of translation agency Sorry, can't agree Sorry, I'm inclined to agree with the client on
this one. Merely asking for more time doesn't
automatically mean you need more money to go with
it. It could mean you're having computer tro
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Nov 8
Business issues Do you begin a translation before it's confirmed? Double-check before starting Like others in this thread, I've been burned
before by starting before final confirmation and
by clearing my schedule for a job that never came
through. If you're really eager to start, em
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Oct 24
Scams (alleged) Japanese translator scam Super scummy They just make things harder for the genuine
translators among us.
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Sep 30
Localization Gender tags in game localization Check with the client The best person to check this with is the
client/agency that gave you the work.
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Aug 30
Post-editing & Machine Translation Post-editing of MT and MT: WHY do we have to put up with it? Call the police if someone is holding a gun to your head [quote]Reea-Silvia Podeanu wrote: WHY do we have
to put up with post-editing of MT
jobs...[/quote] We don't. [quote]Reea-Silvia
Podeanu wrote: Why should we accept such jobs
when i
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Jul 19
Scams is this guy from strommen is legit? Find out Use the contact address on Strommen's website to
contact them directly and attach a copy of the
email. If it's fake, they'll be glad to hear it.
If it's real, you can proceed with peace of
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Jul 15
Machine Translation (MT) Rates per hour for MTPE Ignore them You would end up shouldering the burden for
producing a high-quality translation... at $0.02 a
word. A waste of time and energy.
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Jul 10
Being independent Long-term freelancing, in a world built for "employees" That's a problem all right [quote]Emma Page wrote: I've already run into
(surmountable but annoying) issues proving my
income for housing/visa purposes [/quote] This is
the main issue I anticipate. I haven't bothe
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Jul 3
Money matters Review/translation rates in India Seriously low Google tells me 1 rupee = 0.014 USD. That's
seriously low. Have you considered working for
international clients instead? In this day and
age, you can live in India and work for clients in
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei May 24
Business issues Agency's client stopped a longterm project with them and placed an online ad looking for freelancers Free your mind Unless A has specifically told you (in writing)
that B is their client, you owe them nothing. For
all you know, there could be an intermediary
agency C between A and B, or something simila
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Mar 7
Machine Translation (MT) What are your thoughs on machine translation? (survey co-hosted with GALA) Why so many Why are there so many surveys about machine
translation these days? Are they trying to change
our minds or bludgeon us over the head until we
get used to the idea? "See, it's normal.
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Feb 26
Literature / Poetry Frustrated by translation changes Occasionally Conclusion first: If you desperately need the job,
suck it up and don't complain. Your name isn't
attached to the translation so you have no fear of
it being tracked back to you. That s
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Feb 26
In memoriam José Henrique Lamensdorf What a shock! I just read the news in the newsletter, and I had
to read it two or three times just to make sure I
was seeing correctly. I'm so sorry to hear this
news. I really enjoyed reading his posts
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Dec 18, 2018
Translation news Amazon selects One Hour Translation as partner for NMT-based solutions Good luck with that I have post-edited NMT output before. I can't
speak about other languages but for JP>EN it was
hell. And the client had a thousand and one
requirements for quality, expecting a finely
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Sep 20, 2018
Poll Discussion Poll: Have you ever mixed up the deadlines for different projects? It happened to me I suggested this poll because it happened to me a
few months ago when I took two rush jobs that were
due on the same day. Except one was due in the
morning and the other in the evening...
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei May 24, 2018
Poll Discussion Poll: Has it ever taken you a few months or even a year to send in an invoice? Yes. For one particular client You just reminded me that I'm sitting on a
six-month old invoice for a client...
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei May 23, 2018
Money matters "unhappy" client refusing to pay, but unwilling to say why Not your problem. [quote]megmullan wrote: The clients have
apparently refused to tell them the problems in my
work or let them see their supposed retranslated
version and have cut off all contact, also
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei May 16, 2018
Poll Discussion Poll: You accept a new client's job, and then find they have poor feedback from previous translators. You: Sticky situation I chose "Do the job anyway" but if the sum
involved is large (>$500), I might have words with
the PM just to get to the bottom of it before
losing any more time and money.
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei May 15, 2018
Translation news Lera Boroditsky on how language shapes the way we think (TED talk) Sapir-Whorf? I thought the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis of linguistic
relativity was long since discredited.
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei May 3, 2018
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you find it difficult to stay up to date with news and tech related to your work? I don't try "Do I have work?" "Can I deliver it on time?" "Is
my computer working?" Those are the only
questions that concern me when it comes to
translation news and technology.
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Apr 6, 2018
Poll Discussion Poll: Have you ever submitted a translation test and received no reply? Aha, so I was right. [quote]Melanie Meyer wrote: However, it did
happen once that an agency did not contact me
after I had taken their test, not even to confirm
receipt. At the time, I found that behavior
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Apr 6, 2018
Getting established Korean Language Master's Degree Too limiting An MA in Korea would limit you to working in
Korea/with Korean whereas an advanced degree in a
broader field would open the rest of the world to
you - including Korea. I'm not saying don't
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Mar 21, 2018
Lighter side of trans/interp Eating people is wrong. Even if they're students. Talk about brain food.... Seems to me that they should ditch the "Students"
label altogether and find a catchy product name
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Mar 18, 2018
Money matters Rate: working from Germany and having Brazilian clients Where do you spend your money? [quote]Fernando Naumann wrote: I am not sure what
rate to propose: the typical rate in Germany or
the typical rate in Brazil.[/quote] The typical
rate in Germany, since that's where you
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Mar 17, 2018
Scams New, elaborate scam scheme explained Wow, scammers are so... [quote]ettore wrote: If you are a freelancer, you
do your best to provide a sample with a perfect
French translation and you look for those EN>Zulu
cooperation offers you received. If you
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Mar 9, 2018
Getting established Is there a market to translate from SEA languages? There certainly is Perhaps it's not my story to tell, but you might
find this past thread interesting:
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Feb 20, 2018
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you disclose your real name in your online profile(s)? Only on Proz Only Proz, and even here sometimes I do, sometimes
I use a nickname (TransAfrique). I haven't noticed
any great change to my fortunes either way.
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Jan 31, 2018
CafeTran support CafeTran Espresso 2018 Akua released Idle question What does the code name "Akua" stand for? An
alternate spelling of "Aqua?"
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Jan 31, 2018
Translation news "Gender and Family in the Language Services Industry" report from Common Sense Advisory You already know the answer [quote]Dan Lucas wrote: So how will it go? Will
there be special pleading for the translation and
interpreting industry when it comes to gender
imbalance, along the lines that it is diffe
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Oct 31, 2017
Translation news "Gender and Family in the Language Services Industry" report from Common Sense Advisory Seems like ordinary stuff [quote]Hinara wrote: I hope Proz doesn't
jumping on the bandwagon of PC and Marxism by
posting irrelevant articles such as this.
[/quote] That's what I feared when I read the
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Sep 30, 2017
Getting established Frustrated and upset after failing a translation test....(They just told me I passed it) I don't assess translations any more but... I would consider failing a translator over a
spelling error that could easily be caught by a
spellchecker. Running spellcheck on a finished
translation is the most basic of the basics. If<
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Sep 4, 2017
Business issues The cost of an expert, doing what you love and the rest Stop editing for them You're a freelancer, not a slavelancer. Send them
an email right now telling them that you no longer
offer editing services but only translation
services at $0.XX per word (equal to or hig
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Aug 28, 2017
Honors / Citations Let me be the first to congratulate Sheila Wilson Congratulations! I do admire Sheila's ability to stay patient and
polite even when I think a sharper answer would be
totally merited. Congratulations, Sheila! More
niceness on the forums is always a good t
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Aug 24, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Most likely to put me in a good mood (if I'm not already): Why so serious? Relax, guys. These polls are just for fun. Don't
take them so seriously. If you don't like one,
just wait for another. I chose "When I finish a
project" because I always feel like a loa
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Jul 16, 2017
Business issues 10400 words in 24 hours To which I reply [quote]Nicole Coati wrote: I have been contacted
with a job offer of 10.400 words and the deadline
is the following day (24 hours). It's a medical
document. I replied that this turnaround
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Jul 7, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: You get a dream job offer but must travel to a far-away country for the duration of the project. You did say a dream job, didn't you? My dream job would pay £10 million for a month of
very easy work. For that kind of money I would go
pretty much anywhere that wasn't North Korea or an
active warzone. ;-)
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Jun 29, 2017
Off topic Article : What if companies interviewed translators the way they interview coders? True to life The way the "translator" put up with ridiculous
request after ridiculous request from the
"potential client" before finally throwing in the
towel was a little too lifelike *shudder*.
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Jun 29, 2017
Money matters Agency delaying payment - What can I do? Go there personally? If the amount is large enough and the distance
between your two countries is close enough to
travel to without undue expense, how about going
there personally to collect cash/a check? You'
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Jun 22, 2017
Business issues Pay to receive work? Wait and see [quote]Thayenga wrote: They do offer a free
7-days' trial of the tool, but I believe that by
the time the first project will arrive, those 7
days will be over.[/quote] This can be easi
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Jun 20, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: How do you feel when a client doesn't address you by your name in the head of emails? Doesn't bother me Do you have work for me? Yes? Does the phrase
"best rate" appear anywhere in the email? No?
Then I don't have a problem.
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei May 19, 2017
Translation Project / Vendor Management Switching from LSP to freelance work Stick with your LSP I'm with the posters who say the rate of €0.25
is not particularly excessive for the work
involved. You might save €0.05 to €0.10 off
the cost of raw translation by switching to
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei May 2, 2017
Money matters How much to pay an amateur How about a test translation? I know test translations get a lot of flak on this
forum, but this is one area where a test might
actually be useful. How about this: tell your son
to select a short passage (max 300 words
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei May 2, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you have a backup plan for power or internet outages? Yes You can't work from home without one around here.
From 2013-2016 we had "power rationing" where we
had 12 hours of power and 24 hours of no power
then 12 hours of power again, repeat ad na
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Apr 11, 2017
Business issues Disturbing? Strange? Normal? You say that to all the other girls Call me cynical, but I bet they sent that same
email to all the translators in their database,
not just you. If even 10% of them take the bait,
think of savings!
Kuochoe Nikoi-Kotei Apr 6, 2017

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