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Spanish Pequeño intercambio con un señorito que me contactó esta mañana Justo lo contrario. [quote]Angie Garbarino wrote: [quote]Mervyn
Henderson wrote: la edad, y el momento. Iba a
mencionar ambas cosas en posts anteriores, pero
desistí por varias razones. Respecto a la e
Yaotl Altan Sep 21
Spanish Pequeño intercambio con un señorito que me contactó esta mañana Difiero. [quote]Mervyn Henderson wrote: ... si ninguno
de los dos hubiera contestado, ni tú a él ni él
a ti. Él ha sido desconsiderado y desacertado,
pero el "tono de burla" lo has puesto t
Yaotl Altan Sep 20
Spanish Recurso: ¿cómo traducir un Hai-Ku? Con el alma. La poesía se hace y traduce con el alma. Me gusta
más cuando se conserva la métrica en el idioma
objetivo, pero a veces es difícil porque suele
suceder que el idioma A y el idioma B ti
Yaotl Altan Sep 16
Spanish Trados archivos xliff Ruta Hola, Victoria. Ese archivo está en la ruta
original del proyecto de Trados. Un ejemplo
es: F:yaotltradinternacionalesSTMarianaTorres20
0529trades-MX Es algo larga la ruta porque<
Yaotl Altan Jul 2
Machine Translation (MT) DeepL Excellent tip. [quote]Tom in London wrote: HINT: ...On the
other hand, you could sabotage it by suggesting
completely wrong words....

[Edited at
2017-08-30 12:18 GMT] [/quote] That's what I'
Yaotl Altan May 27
Spanish ¿Cómo encabezar un correo eléctronico? Opciones Si no queda claro a qué sexo pertenecen, pues
estas son las opciones: - "A quien
corresponda:" - "Estimado
Señor(a):" Salu2 cordiales.
Yaotl Altan May 15
Being independent Future of freelance translators in auto-translated world Marketing [quote]Ömer Maraş wrote: Hi folks, future
trends seem to be "shutting down" the concept of
"translation done by translators". I'm concerned
about the future of our profession. Anyo
Yaotl Altan May 11
KudoZ KudoZ - new interface available for testing and feedback Flag [quote]Alex Lago wrote: In the old version you
can see the photos of everyone who posted, in this
version some of the persons have no photo
[/quote] I prefer the old (current) versio
Yaotl Altan Apr 10
SDL Passolo String validation Thank you. [quote]Achim Herrmann wrote: I assume you are
working on a translation bundle TBULIC16. Project
managers can restrict the rights when exporting a
bundle and it might be the case that yo
Yaotl Altan Apr 9
Spanish conversión automática de medidas en memoQ : de pulgadas a milímetros Fantástico ¿De verdad esa conversión es posible? Sería
fantástico, porque hasta ahora yo las he hecho
manualmente, por años.
Yaotl Altan Mar 3
SDL Passolo String validation Hello, dear colleagues: I am using Passolo
2016, but after pressing the down green arrow to
validate i get the message "cannot validate
string(s);" but don't know the reason. I have
Yaotl Altan Feb 28
General technical issues Proz Profile "deleted" Thank you. Thank you, Alison. They told me that it is not
possible to recover it. However, I have a backup
in my profile, which is called "Profile 2". They
would only need to copy it to the main<
Yaotl Altan Jan 30
General technical issues Proz Profile "deleted" Hello, colleagues. I managed to edit my Bio
in my Profile, BUT unfortunately I deleted many of
the information I had there. Is it possible to
recover my Profile as it was 2 days ago?
Yaotl Altan Jan 30
Spanish Formato de números de patentes Para México así: Núm. de patente de E.U. 6,320,XXX Número de
patente: 9950XXX
Yaotl Altan Sep 2, 2019
Spanish Plural vs singular conjugations for reflexive verbs And the winner is... I would use "se observaron 8 errores". Yaotl Altan Jan 15, 2019
Spanish Política de agencias: asignación de encargos al primero que responda Falta de sinceridad Creo que les falta sinceridad a quienes trabajan
en esas agencias. Probablemente cuenten ya con un
grupo de personas predilectas a quienes asignan el
trabajo y recurren a la cháchara para
Yaotl Altan Jan 7, 2019 technical support Problem with displaying CV/Resume in Profile No I can't see the the PDF file. Got the same message
"Not found".
Yaotl Altan Dec 15, 2018
Spanish Uso de guiones intercalados Sin RAE No sé lo que diga la RAE en este tema y tampoco
me interesa mucho. Lo uso sin guiones.
Yaotl Altan Nov 29, 2018
Spanish Espacio como separador de miles según la RAE - ¿Lo aplicáis? Tal vez Tal vez podría funcionar dependiendo del
contexto. Encuentro normal que se use el punto
para separar los decimales y la coma para los
miles o viceversa, dependiendo del país. Es<
Yaotl Altan Aug 1, 2018
SDL Trados support How to change shortcuts in SDL Trados 2017? Hello, colleagues! I am using SDL Trados 2017
and everytime I want to confirm and pass to the
next segment I have to press Ctrl + Alt +
Enter. I think it's easier and faster to remov
Yaotl Altan Jul 23, 2018
Poll Discussion Poll: Has it ever taken you a few months or even a year to send in an invoice? Almost 2 years. Yes, almost 2 years. That happened because I
worked sporadically for a European firm. I
didn't pick their long projects, because I had not
enough time for them, so I chose the tiny one
Yaotl Altan May 23, 2018
Poll Discussion Poll: You get the same text to translate from two separate clients. You: No When has this happened?: An Italian restaurant
receives 4 different couples, then they order the
same dish. Does the restaurant give a discount
because all of them asked the same dish?
Yaotl Altan Mar 22, 2018
Poll Discussion Poll: Has Facebook proved useful to you in getting work? No Proz is more useful than FB for that purpose. Yaotl Altan Nov 8, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: For how many years have you been freelancing? 19 I translate professionally since 1998 Yaotl Altan Oct 10, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Are freelance translators more tech savvy than most other professions? No Designers and programmers are more tech savvy than
us, generally speaking.
Yaotl Altan Oct 2, 2017 Translator Coop A new badge for translators without borders I see it [quote]Danielle Easton wrote: Hi, I've
completed two tasks for Translators without
Borders. I can see a summary on my dashboard
(number of words translated: 3613, tasks
Yaotl Altan Sep 18, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Is the brand of the computer or other hardware you use important to you? Dell [quote]Chris S wrote: We're only typists. We
don't need fancy kit. I buy cheap and run it
until it dies. My off-the-shelf Dell PC is
nine years old. The printer is older still. T
Yaotl Altan Sep 13, 2017 Translator Coop Call for Site Testers: has a new site navigation that needs your test driving Project History I can't find the link to my Project History. Could
you tell me how can I get to it, please?
Yaotl Altan Jul 21, 2017 Translator Coop A new badge for translators without borders Thank you. Thank you, Enrique. I have fulfilled all the
points. So, let's wait :)
Yaotl Altan Jul 8, 2017 Translator Coop A new badge for translators without borders Badge Hello, how could I add the TWB badge to my Proz
profile? Thank you!
Yaotl Altan Jul 7, 2017 membership Does anybody have too much Brownies... 72133 Browniz Oh, I realize I have 72133 Browniz, but don't know
how to spend them. Perhaps they will be with me
until I die! :)
Yaotl Altan Jun 27, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you use cloud-based storage for work? No I save my projects in my computer. I also have the
keys of my apartment in my pocket, not with
someone else.
Yaotl Altan Jun 2, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you set aside time in your work day for exercise? Yes I go 4-5 days of the week to the gym, run between
15-21 km every Saturday and use the bike around
100-120 km a month. I walk at least 4 km
daily. I love Endomondo because it helps me to
Yaotl Altan May 18, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Is there a school subject that might have helped you as a freelancer if you had paid more attention? Yes With Geography and History, I learned a lot about
other peoples.
Yaotl Altan May 16, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Is it important to clients that a translator live in a country where the target language is spoken? No The only important factor is quality, not the
country stated in our address.
Yaotl Altan Mar 17, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: When not working, I love doing/being involved in: Bike, running and cinema. [quote]Chris S wrote: [/quote] Beautiful
image, Chris! I love bikes too, but not so rough
activities anymore. When I feel Induráin, my
lumbar vertebrae say "Hello, we're here".
Yaotl Altan Mar 3, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you have a competitive personality? ? What is a competitive personality? Yaotl Altan Feb 19, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: What would solve your biggest concern at the moment? Love I miss her... Yaotl Altan Jan 13, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Of how many translation sites/resources are you a paid member?, because the other sites tend to copy format and repost jobs. In previous
years, I was a user of other sites, but didn't
notice any advantage.
Yaotl Altan Jan 12, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: What is your ideal vacation? Venezuela Visit Venezuela! Don't believe all those lies in
the Western media and spend some wonderful days in
the Caribbean Sea. In Choroní, Aragua you can
swim in nice beaches and test your bike b
Yaotl Altan Jan 1, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: I prefer to communicate with my clients: e-mail But I prefer short e-mails without all that crap
of repetitive guidelines. Phone is just needed in
very urgent issues, because it's too invasive.
Yaotl Altan Dec 21, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you send Christmas/New year presents or greetings to your clients? Yes Yes, I sent gifts to 3 colleagues in the Things
Translators Never Say, in Facebook.
Yaotl Altan Dec 13, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you play language games, either for fun or to improve your skills? More games. [quote]cloudhunter wrote: I play scrabble with
my kids and so I learn the 10-years-oldish :)
[/quote] Wordfeud and Word Crack are similar to
Scrabble. When do we play a Germany vs.
Yaotl Altan Dec 11, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you play language games, either for fun or to improve your skills? Yes Yes, I play Word Crack, which is called
Apalabrados in Spanish.
Yaotl Altan Dec 11, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you have your own website as a professional translator? Yes Yes, it is , but I think more
clients see me via Proz.
Yaotl Altan Dec 5, 2016
Subtitling Which free subtitling software? Yes [quote]Enrique Chi wrote: Frederica: I tried
Aegisub ( and found it to be very
complete and powerful. It suited my needs
perfectly, although it took me a little bit a
Yaotl Altan Nov 28, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: How do you feel when referred to as a "resource"? Neoliberalism It's part of the neoliberalist jargon, wherein
human beings became "resources" or "units". I'd
like to be called comrade, for sure!
Yaotl Altan Oct 16, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Which part of the computer is more important to you regarding your work as a translator? e [quote]José Henrique Lamensdorf wrote: Which
part of your body is more important: a) heart b)
lungs c) brain d) stomach e) genitalia f)

[Edited at 2016-09-11 10:48 G
Yaotl Altan Sep 12, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: In your opinion, translation bloggers... Scheherezade Surià and Pablo Muñoz There are a lot of translation/interpretation
bloggers who provide visibility to our profession
and share their knowledge by writing and speaking
naturally, without prima donna-like poses
Yaotl Altan Sep 7, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: How often do you replace your paper (book-form) dictionaries? I don't replace them... ..because I'm happy with the information they
still provide me. This is an example of some of
Yaotl Altan Sep 5, 2016

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