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Business issues NDAs - can you just sign them? @Korana: No work - no NDA [quote]Korana Lasić wrote: Who thinks it be
worth my time to write to an LSP and ask for
termination of the NDA because it was signed
expecting work from then and they've had no work
Thomas Pfann Feb 26
German Disney Dschungelbuch Übersetzung Nicht Dschungelbuch-spezifisch? Im Film von 1967 scheint
-4590-82f3-af845dcee066]sockeroo[/url]“ nur
einmal vorzukommen und wird in der deutschen
Version als „he
Thomas Pfann Feb 19
Money matters A favourite client asks for new, much bigger TM discounts Check how much difference it makes [quote]Dan Lucas wrote: In theory you could go
back and analyse a few past projects with these
two discount matrices to see if it makes much
difference [/quote] That's what I woul
Thomas Pfann Feb 10
German Blutschnee Blutregen Interessanterweise habe ich gerade erst heute
früh etwas über den Blutregen von Dinkelsbühl
im Jahre 1554 gelesen. Hier der wunderbar
illustrierte Bericht, der damals in den sozialen
Thomas Pfann Feb 9
German Kleine "Umfrage" - Benutzung des versalen ß ß --> ẞ [quote]Heinrich Pesch wrote: STRAßE Das
erhalte ich, wenn ich Straße schreibe, das Wort
aktiv mache und Shift+F3 drücke, in Word.
[/quote] Dein „STRAßE“ ist aber nicht
Thomas Pfann Nov 22, 2020
Covid-19 outbreak Agencies asking to lower agreed rates during the pandemic Why would rates go down? If anything, I'd expect them to go up! [quote]Thomas T. Frost wrote: Have you tried
telling your local supermarket that you are going
to lower their prices 15% during the
pandemic? [/quote] Although, I agree with the
Thomas Pfann Nov 13, 2020
Money matters Freelancer in UK invoicing Spain - VAT registration! UTR (to shut them up)? [quote]Mervyn Henderson wrote: If all they want's
a number, give them the number YP-08361-RL/450,
for example, and worry about it later.
[/quote] I have also, once, given a Spanish
Thomas Pfann Oct 6, 2020
German Dutzende unerwünschte Bewerbungen jeden Tag! Nicht von Übersetzern, sondern von Betrügern [quote]Thayenga wrote: Dies hörte erst auf, als
ich eine Antwort verfasste, in der ich den Rahmen
der von mir geforderten Preise nannte und, was
wohl den Ausschlag gebeben hatte, darauf
Thomas Pfann Sep 15, 2020
Money matters Scam or is this normal???? Neither a scam nor normal They explain why they want this and I don't see a
big problem with this - nor do I see the point of
supplying an easily faked screenshot to verify my
account details. I think it is unneces
Thomas Pfann Sep 15, 2020
Money matters Always ask to be paid for (sometimes multiple) translation tests, reviewing training material, QAD.. Who is being tested? I am very happy to do free test translations of a
reasonable length. However, the following does, of
course, not fall in this category and no
reasonable agency would ask for it to be provi
Thomas Pfann Jul 31, 2020
Business issues Suspicious BlueBoard entries Not suspicious I don't find this suspicious at all. Once in a
while, the company sends out a request to their
translators to ask for a review and some
translators oblige and submit a rating. Of course,
Thomas Pfann Jul 9, 2020
Legal Cancellation fee General note Regardless of whether it is or isn't a scam: Why
would you assume that your work is no longer
needed (and will not be paid) just because a
translation of the same source text already exist
Thomas Pfann Jun 8, 2020
KudoZ Number of points awarded No, don't divide the points Dividing points has been suggested very often but
it is not something I would like to see. Why do we
find it so difficult to make a choice? (See also
the surveys where for some the most po
Thomas Pfann Jun 4, 2020
Business issues Is it ethical to give away your TMs to agencies? Yes, it is ethical to deliver bilingual files if that's what your client asked for Is it ethical to give away your bilingual files to
agencies? Yes. You could, of course, try to
deliver your translations in a non-editable
format, maybe a screen capture or as a handwri
Thomas Pfann Mar 30, 2020
Business issues Is it ethical to give away your TMs to agencies? No agency wants your TMs Why would an agency want your TMs? In my 20
years as a translator, first working inhouse at an
agency and the last 14 years as a freelancer
mostly working for agencies, I never asked
Thomas Pfann Mar 30, 2020
Covid-19 outbreak Corona quarantine diary Then change the rules for all, not let each of us decide which rules we want to follow [quote]Thomas T. Frost wrote: There is a very
major difference between being in open air and in
a confined space in a cafe – particularly if
it's a lone jogger. I'm all for sensible<
Thomas Pfann Mar 16, 2020
Covid-19 outbreak Corona quarantine diary You either enforce it or you don't [quote]Thomas T. Frost wrote: [quote]Mervyn
Henderson wrote: The news last night showed
footage of a female jogger intercepted by the
police down in Madrid or somewhere, and shooed o
Thomas Pfann Mar 16, 2020
German "Globale Suche" in SDL TRADOS Studio Include Subfolders Das müsste aber trotzdem funktionieren. Ich
wollte es ausprobieren, hab jetzt aber kein
Projekt mit Dateien in verschiedenen Unterordnern
zur Hand. In der SDL Community wurde das vor
Thomas Pfann Mar 5, 2020
German "Globale Suche" in SDL TRADOS Studio Alle Dateien gleichzeitig öffnen Möglicherweise gibt es für die
dateiübergreifende globale Suche ein
zusätzliches Add-in. Das weiß ich nicht. Du
kannst aber auf jeden Fall alle Dateien
gleichzeitig öffnen. (
Thomas Pfann Mar 5, 2020
Money matters EU client refusing to give up VAT number Common misunderstanding If they don't have a VAT number (which is
perfectly fine) they pay your full invoice (incl.
VAT) but can't claim back the VAT – their loss.
When quoting you probably quoted your 'price +
Thomas Pfann Feb 28, 2020
German Wie kann man den Preis der Übersetzung von den ganzen Bedienungsanleitungen abrechnen? Analyse [quote]Carla Bindenberg wrote: Ich muss
nächste Woche ein Angebot mit Preis und meinem
Liefertermin erstellen, ohne die 397 weitere BA
angesehen zu haben. [/quote] Darauf würde<
Thomas Pfann Feb 24, 2020
Trados support How much does Trados cost, is it worth it?     Thomas Pfann Feb 20, 2020
Money matters I have worked for this company for several years, but then something strange happens. Misunderstanding? Your first step should be to find out what this is
about. Most likely it is just a
misunderstanding. The project manager might have
run a QA tool over your translation which flagged
Thomas Pfann Feb 20, 2020
Language Industry Events & Announcements "(My) pronouns" Named 2019 "Word of the Year" by the American Dialect Society My pronouns My name is Thomas and my pronouns are he and his.
But that's just because I am a grumpy old
git. Some people add their pronouns after their
name on business cards and in professional an
Thomas Pfann Feb 14, 2020
Translation Theory and Practice Meaning of Back-translation Back-translation for those who don't understand your translation [quote]Katarzyna Slowikova wrote: Here is how the
client describes what they
want: Back-Translation is a pseudo translation
back to English. This is expected to be more or
less a l
Thomas Pfann Jan 29, 2020
Proofreading / Editing / Reviewing How to deal with such a situation? You are doing the right thing - but scale it down a bit [quote]expressisverbis wrote: I am always polite
and respectful in my answers, sometimes I am
funny, but I must confess this can be a bit
annoying and makes me quite sad. [/quote] You
Thomas Pfann Jan 22, 2020
Trados support bilingual files and clean files bilingual file = xliff I assume they want the .sdlxliff file because
that's what they need to update their TM. The
'Export for bilingual review' would only be of
very limited use to your client. But as always
Thomas Pfann Jan 15, 2020
Trados support bilingual files and clean files Working files (.sdlxliff) or project package The 'bilingual files' are just the files in the
CAT tool format (ie. in SDL Studio the .sdlxliff
files). If your client sent you a project
package then they would probably expect you t
Thomas Pfann Jan 15, 2020
Linguistics early or earlier? early vs. earlier than Because they will not all close at the same time.
Some will close earlier than others (but all will
close early).
Thomas Pfann Nov 29, 2019
Money matters Client requesting proof-reading of my already proof-read work for free It's a positive thing Most translators (myself included) see it as a
positive thing to be given that final say. I
don't think it is an unusual process. Several of
my clients work like this and it generally w
Thomas Pfann Nov 27, 2019
Money matters Hourly rate as brand ambassador? Lead linguist / Lead translator The name 'brand ambassador' is confusing (I'd
think of a role like the one Kevin describes). The
role in question sounds more what very often is
called a 'lead linguist' or 'lead translato
Thomas Pfann Nov 21, 2019
Money matters Best rates It means nothing The phrase 'best rate' is an empty figure of
speech in which the word 'best' has no meaning.
'What's your best rate?' simply means 'How much
does it cost?'. Whether a client asks for my
Thomas Pfann Nov 19, 2019
Money matters Client cancelled the project right after your delivery No cancellation So the project was not cancelled but the client
refuses payment claiming there were quality
issues. That's a completely different matter and
none of what has been said so far
Thomas Pfann Nov 12, 2019
Business issues funny behavior of translation agency Lesson learned [quote]Bruno Depascale wrote: This sound
extremely funny and unprofessional to me.
[/quote] And it is quite understandable that
you think that way. However, I wouldn't be
Thomas Pfann Nov 9, 2019
German Wie soll ich mich bei einer Agentur auf Empfehlung von meinem Kunden vorstellen? Was möchtest du hören? Carla, das ist nun schon das vierte Mal diesen
Monat, dass du deine Situation schilderst und um
Ratschläge bittest. Was genau möchtest du denn
hören und warum diskutierst du das Thema n
Thomas Pfann Aug 24, 2019
Business issues Contract through private individual - Legal Matters Don't think about the arrangement between your client and the NGO [quote]Louise Etheridge wrote: The NGO in
question... [/quote] No, there is no NGO in
question. You have been contacted by someone (your
contact) who wants to subcontract work to you
Thomas Pfann Jul 18, 2019
German Bulldozer Sprachschule Watchlist-Artikel Keine Erfahrung, aber online findet sich zum
Beispiel dieses hier:
che-job-angebote-verfuehren-zur-geldwaesche/ De
mnach scheint d
Thomas Pfann Jul 15, 2019
Getting established What stops translators from thriving? Nothing stops translators from thriving Most (if not all) translators I know do thrive.
But, of course, as in all professions, there will
always be some who will be unsuccessful, unhappy
or dissatisfied – ie. not thriving. I t
Thomas Pfann May 31, 2019
Getting established What stops translators from thriving? Being successful and not seeing it [quote]Teresa Borges wrote: So, according to your
definitions it looks like I’m successful, though
I don’t picture myself as successful, all I
wanted to do was be good at my job and e
Thomas Pfann May 31, 2019
Trados support Inconsisten wordcount in Trados Studio 2017 Two different statistics These are two very different things. The values in
your 'Files option' image are a detailed analysis
of the content, while the values in your 'Editor'
image show how many segments/words ar
Thomas Pfann May 31, 2019
German Würdet ihr mit dieser Sprachagentur zusammenarbeiten? Ja. Warum nicht? [quote]Carla_B wrote: Normalerweise bezahlen
Agenturen sehr schlecht [/quote] Das stimmt
nicht. Gerade kleinere, auf Qualität bedachte und
vielleicht auf bestimmte Fachgebiete oder<
Thomas Pfann May 8, 2019
KudoZ KudoZ: Should vote pro/non-pro options be eliminated?   No. Thomas Pfann Apr 30, 2019
Money matters Hymn Translation/Adaptation Rate/Word Off-topic: Translating song lyrics [quote]Sheila Wilson wrote: Good luck with the
job! My husband is a singer/songwriter and he
prefers to write a different song in another
language. He says you can translate the lyrics,
Thomas Pfann Apr 30, 2019
Business issues The extra mile Analogies [quote]Chris S wrote: You don't go into Tesco and
start haggling over the price of their custard
creams. Or ask for them to be gift-wrapped. Or
tell them you'll pay at the end of the mont
Thomas Pfann Apr 30, 2019
Site forums Andrew Morris of the team is airing personal views on a variety of subjects (Staff: 'yes') New role with the aim of sparking discussion? [quote]Fiona Grace Peterson wrote: I see that
one of the newest members of the site
staff is using the site in a way no staff member,
IMHO, has ever done before - using it as a
Thomas Pfann Apr 21, 2019
Scams Private customer - How to make sure I will get paid? Manage expectations, make sure all know what's involved [quote]Tom in London wrote: The basic information
you need before starting work is the client's
registered tax address and their VAT code or
equivalent. [/quote] No. A private custome
Thomas Pfann Apr 16, 2019
German Bohnsack-Regeln: was ist das denn? Vergleich gängiger Transkriptionsregeln Das hier ist ein sehr guter Vergleich gängiger
Transaktionsregeln mit genauer Erklärung der
Thomas Pfann Apr 10, 2019
Money matters Quote suggestion for short story Consider how much you'd make per day or per hour [quote]Felix CHARNLEY wrote: It's like 45 pages
of actual text and a full text page has roughly
200 words. Standard Spanish>English rates are
$0.11 p/ word. I guess that means I have to
Thomas Pfann Apr 2, 2019
Site forums "Agrees" on site forums Disagree [quote]Christel Zipfel wrote: Wouldn't it be
possible to send a notification of those agrees to
the poster? Otherwise, I feel, this feature might
be rather useless as many of us will poss
Thomas Pfann Feb 26, 2019
Pronunciation In desperate help for someone to help me understand a test.....can send it ASAP ...need it done asap What is the test for? Helene, what do you need to do? Do you need to
translate the text or do you need to answer the
questions? If you need to answer the questions,
what role are you being tested for? If you
Thomas Pfann Feb 6, 2019

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