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Localization Website wordcount Ask for the source files [quote]Paolo Dagonnier wrote: I've already
worked on websites before, but I usually received
HTML files which I would then upload in Trados to
do the wordcount. [/quote] Why don't
Thomas Pfann Dec 4 technical support WIWO "Cool!" / "I Do That" / reply functionality Playgroup [quote]Kay Denney wrote: Clicking on "I do
that" would be pretty poor form. It would look
like you're trying to advertise surely!
[/quote] That's what is sounds like. I
Thomas Pfann Nov 22
Translation in Canada Possibly unethical request from a translation agency Your client needs your help to win a contract -> they'll be happy to pay extra [quote]Thomas T. Frost wrote: Even if they win
the bid, there is no guarantee they'll pass any of
the work to you. [/quote] Exactly. And the
point is that they want you to help them
Thomas Pfann Nov 19
Scams Contacted by a non-registered person -- is this a scam or not? All the hallmarks [quote]Peter Shortall wrote: I have noticed in
the past that "I will require/want/need" and "i"
(lower case) are very typical of scam emails.
[/quote] is the dodgy punctuation<
Thomas Pfann Oct 17
Proofreading / Editing / Reviewing Grammar experts to help conclusively resolve grammar arguments? Agree to disagree With questions of style (and that's what your 'a
software' issue is) there is no black and white,
no right and wrong. You will always get different
opinions and I don't see the point of ar
Thomas Pfann Oct 17
CAT Tools Technical Help "Unique" words 2,000 words to translate, rest repetitions As Jack already pointed out, it means that 2,000
words are 'new'. The rest should be repetitions
(or the client could mean TM matches - 100% or
fuzzy - in which case you'd need to clarify
Thomas Pfann Sep 26
Business issues Is it normal to be contacted via email after someone finds you on ProZ? It's what ProZ is for I'd say this is exactly what the ProZ directory is
for and how it is meant to be used. If you
needed a translator for a specific job, what would
you do? Would you rather post the job an
Thomas Pfann Sep 20 directory What is the use of "what members are working on"? See info and discussion in 'What I'm working on' area You'll find lots of info and discussion about this
feature under See
the FAQ, for example, which contain a number of
possible reasons why translators might us
Thomas Pfann Sep 6
Translation in the UK UK tax on Euro transfers - do I pay tax on GBP amount before of after bank fees? Cash-based accounting [quote]Samuel Murray wrote: Is it legal to
alter an invoice like that in the UK? Of course,
annotating an existing invoice with additional
information would be fine, but it sounds like
Thomas Pfann Sep 5
Translation in the UK UK tax on Euro transfers - do I pay tax on GBP amount before of after bank fees? Two options As far as I know*, you can either use the actual
invoice amounts and convert them into GBP (using
Thomas Pfann Sep 5
Business issues Dear outsourcers, I beg you, enough with tests Dear Daniel / Sehr geehrter Herr Frisano [quote]Daniel Frisano wrote: If you send an email
to a professional (lawyer, dentist, plumber,
whatever) you've never met before named John Doe,
do you start with "Dear John"? I hope
Thomas Pfann Jul 19
Translator resources Resource: How to diversify service offerings in the new gig economy Link works when corrected The problem is the period at the end of the URL
(... .net.) – it should not be part of the URL.
When you delete the period the link will work.
Thomas Pfann Jul 10
Business issues What am I earning? Answer 42 is a good starting point. Thomas Pfann Jul 4
Legal Legal clause giving exemption to liability for VAT registration in UK VAT exemption in accordance with UK law, HMRC Notice 700/1 Section 2 ff I agree with Tom. It is not our job to adapt our
invoices to the peculiarities of each country and
the special requests from each customer's
accountant. Having said that, though, I do h
Thomas Pfann Jul 4
SDL Trados support Window (Concordance?) shows up on top every time I go to the next segment Floating window should be pinned into position This window should be displayed, but you probably
unpinned it by accident which is why it is now
floating around (or popping up). Click and hold
the title bar of that window to move it
Thomas Pfann Jun 10
Lighter side of trans/interp Silly magic moments (I just typed the last word of a 6k-document exactly as music ended) What album was that? [quote]Daniel Frisano wrote: By pure
coincidence, I just typed the last word of a
6k-document exactly as the last chord rang from
the album I was listening to. [/quote] That
Thomas Pfann Jun 6
Money matters Billing for handwritten old text Sames as any other job You assess how long it will take you to do the job
and quote your price accordingly. Preferably this
should all be agreed before the job is
confirmed. With work like this, I wouldn't
Thomas Pfann May 19
Business issues "Overbooking" webinars - an acceptable practice? Leaves a sour taste Yes, this happened to me as well this (probably
the same webinar). I agree that attending a live
webinar and viewing a recording of a webinar are
two rather different things. On the one
Thomas Pfann Apr 30
Poll Discussion Poll: Which of these professions do you think has the most parallels with translation? Welder I can't believe the "Beach Bum" option has now
overtaken the welder. Clearly, translators and
welders have a lot in common. Both work in the
background doing important jobs which can ma
Thomas Pfann Apr 23
German 4-Augen-Prinzip mit Agenturen Agentur muss danach trotzdem noch eigene Revision durchführen Die Agentur darf das natürlich durchaus
verlangen, muss diesen zusätzlichen Schritt dann
aber selbstverständlich auch bezahlen (d. h. der
Übersetzer schlägt die Kosten für den Kolle
Thomas Pfann Mar 31
SDL Trados support Add a country variety to a TM Edit .tmx in text editor to create a new TM I think there is still no option to simply change
language variants but there is a simple
workaround: 1) Export your de-DE to fr-FR TM to
.tmx. 2) Open the .tmx file in a text editor (
Thomas Pfann Mar 9
Off topic Dylan, Stones, Beatles, Cohen etc. songs in different languages More Beatles and whole lot of 'Schlager music' STS: Da kummt di Sunn (Austrian German version of
The Beatles' Here comes the
The German version of "I want to hold your
hand" by
Thomas Pfann Mar 8
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you think freelancers are generally more, or less, socially inept than the rest? "I won't dignify that question with an answer" [quote]tomtom88 wrote: Definitely. You don't
have to go through "life at the office", small
talk with colleagues you wouldn't care of in
normal life, office hours, etc. So even if you<
Thomas Pfann Mar 3
Money matters UK agency payment Consider charging in USD? You are not losing out because of Brexit but
because of the unfavourable exchange rate and
because you are charging in GBP. Brexit may well
be the reason for the weak pound but it is not t
Thomas Pfann Feb 27
Getting established Reflections on 2017, my first $US 100,000+ year from translation Honest question [quote]Matthias Brombach wrote: And even if so,
why then still using bicycles and not an SUV?
[/quote] How on earth do you use an SUV for
Thomas Pfann Jan 23
Poll Discussion Poll: Is your phone mostly a work tool, or a distraction from your work? Neither My phone is for receiving emails and accessing the
internet when I am out of the house. When I am at
my desk working, the phone is mostly quiet.
Luckily, I hardly get any work-related call
Thomas Pfann Jan 23
SDL Trados support What File Type is Wanted When an Agency Asks for my TM? TM export (.tmx) Normally, they would want it for their own TM
maintenance, ie. it to update their TM. For that
purpose it would be enough to send them the
.sdlxliff file (which is the bilingual file with<
Thomas Pfann Jan 18 profile help deleted   This all reminds me a bit of something I've never
e-spray-today/]invisible spray[/url]
Thomas Pfann Dec 15, 2017 profile help deleted     Thomas Pfann Dec 15, 2017 Translation Contests Two more language pairs have been closed. Announcing the winners Winning entries? Will the language pair pages be updated at some
point so that we can see the winning entry? At the
moment all pages are still showing all final
entries and the phrase "Winning entries will
Thomas Pfann Nov 28, 2017
Being independent Ethics and the translation sector - no more budget demands + a new forum category please! Not specific to translators [quote]Thayenga wrote: Fact is that all service
providers on this planet (mechanics, doctors,
supermarkets & co) provide their rates/prices, and
it's up to the customer to accept or
Thomas Pfann Oct 1, 2017
Money matters issuing invoices if someone is not self-employed The invoice is not the problem I think you need to wait for some answers from
Polish colleagues (or colleagues who know about
the rules in Poland). Normally, I'd think it's
simply a matter of issuing an invoice, receivi
Thomas Pfann Sep 6, 2017
Marketing for translators What do you think of my logo? It's more than just a book It's a book. But it's also a wing. Anything
else? I like it.
Thomas Pfann Sep 1, 2017
German (Angehörige von) Endkunden kontaktieren und etwaige Relevanz im Asylverfahren Unprofessionell und naiv – vielleicht sogar strafbar? [quote]Matthias Quaschning-Kirsch wrote: Sehe
ich Gespenster, wenn ich einen solchen Übersetzer
für dumm, niederträchtig oder beides halte?
[/quote] Dumm auf jeden Fall, niedertr
Thomas Pfann Aug 22, 2017 job systems "Premium"(?) jobs do not necessarily pay above-market rates Go for it ... ... and quote your price. In German this was
phrased slightly differently ("a rate per word of
up X would be ideal"). If it sounds interesting
(and it certainly does) why not quote your
Thomas Pfann Jul 28, 2017
Scams Could this be a scammer or a phisher? (web crawlers on visitors page) Purpose [quote]Tom in London wrote: Why would these
crawlers be crawling if there's no reason behind
it? Surely it's done with a purpose? I'm very
concerned about the increasing penetrability of
Thomas Pfann Jul 25, 2017
Getting established I need your suggestions for a new business name! Two suggestions: Gorilla Translations Frankfurt & Friends (Oops,
this one's already taken by a bar in Frankfurt.
Shame, I did like it as a name.) Or use one of
the many free online business name genera
Thomas Pfann Jul 25, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you find working for clients outside your country more lucrative than domestic clients? It depends Generally, I charge my clients the same regardless
of which country they are based. However, when I
invoice in a foreign currency it depends on the
exchange rate, and fluctuations can make
Thomas Pfann Jun 7, 2017
Money matters never accept ridiculous offers! It's the same everywhere [quote]Mervyn Henderson wrote: I was wondering
when people take on a cleaner, do they a) tell the
cleaner what the rate is? or b) ask what the rate
is? It's a serious question, but
Thomas Pfann May 18, 2017
Business issues Google Translate strikes again On a lighter note Ask Google Translate to translate the following
sentence from German into English: Die
Volkswirtschaftslehre (auch Nationalökonomie,
Wirtschaftliche Staatswissenschaften oder
Thomas Pfann May 16, 2017
Business issues Google Translate strikes again Terrific Interestingly, the translation changes if you use
the article or enter a whole sentence. The
translation of "a terrific book" or "This is a
terrific book" is rendered correctly. And
Thomas Pfann May 15, 2017
Scams Assistance in relocating - scam? Relocation scam again? There seems to be another one of those 'relocation
help' emails being sent out via the
directory. The sender is a member whose newly
setup profile contains hardly any info. Claims
Thomas Pfann May 8, 2017
Money matters UK tax return plans abandoned It's not buried yet Well, it's not yet a U-turn but chances are there
will be a U-turn on this. For now, the plans have
not been abandoned but put on hold - otherwise
they would have had to rush it through be
Thomas Pfann Apr 26, 2017 technical support Where will your email be delivered if you reply to To the sender Just try it; you don't have to actually send the
email, but click reply and check the email address
in the To: field. It will go to
Thomas Pfann Apr 10, 2017
Money matters I’ll try ask the car mechanic or plumber “I only need 5 minutes work done” next time... Plumber analogies [quote]Fiona Grace Peterson wrote: Ah, the good
old "plumber versus translator" analogy. Didn't
this get boring already? (I guess not).
[/quote] Everyone loves a good "plumber versus
Thomas Pfann Mar 23, 2017
Money matters I’ll try ask the car mechanic or plumber “I only need 5 minutes work done” next time... Affects freelancers/self-employed in all industries [quote]DJHartmann wrote: I'm wanting to explore
the question, why is it okay to ask often highly
educated expert translation professionals to work
on a job for $10 (or less) but no one
Thomas Pfann Mar 22, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: How do you deal with work-related stress? Walk/sleep to recover That's quite a long list of possible replies but I
think the most important option is missing: I
don't. I would expect that most people don't
deal/don't know how to deal with work-related<
Thomas Pfann Mar 16, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you have a business parallel to translation? Other No, I don't. Thomas Pfann Mar 14, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: How would you like to be paid for review or proofreading jobs? No preference The only preference I have is to settle the total
cost in advance rather than afterwards. But it
terms of rate per words or per hour I have no
preference - ideally the result will be t
Thomas Pfann Feb 22, 2017
SDL Trados support Help reading a file analysis report Repetitions and fuzzy matches Hi Louis, The line 'repetitions' is the number
of words in repeated segments (ie. segments which
appear more than once in your file). These
translations do not come from the TM but are
Thomas Pfann Feb 2, 2017

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