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CAT Tools Technical Help "Apply the TM breakdown" Simply use Excel [quote]Gregory Lassale wrote: The client is
asking [me] ... to apply a TM discount breakdown
they previously submitted to me. ... Do CAT tools
have functionalities to "apply TM breakdowns
Samuel Murray Apr 19
Getting established Register as sole trader @Mia and Nikki [quote]Mila Di Tullio wrote: I have recently
started to apply for translation agencies as
freelancer and some agencies included me in their
freelance databases but I haven't receive
Samuel Murray Apr 19
SDL Trados support website word count This all depends... [quote]amazonlioness wrote: Is there a way of
counting the words of a website with SDL Trados
2015? [/quote] This all depends on the file
format of the files (and whether you have the<
Samuel Murray Apr 19
Money matters Have doubts in sending quotation Will it take extra time? [quote]Mohammad Mansoor wrote: So shall I count
the repeated words and send them quotation?
[/quote] Will it take extra time for you to type
those words, even if you've translated them
Samuel Murray Apr 18
Money matters To VAT or not to VAT Add VAT [quote]Heinrich Pesch wrote: I just got a job
offer from an agency in another EU-country. The
agency is not VAT-registered. So I think I have to
add my VAT to the bill or what do you thin
Samuel Murray Apr 16
Translators Associations Multiple memberships : Should I do it ? Do any of them actually affect your credibility? [quote]Lian Pang wrote: I am currently a member
of ITI, but I am pondering over joining another
association. The membership fees are not cheap, so
I wonder if being a member in multiple
Samuel Murray Apr 13
Money matters Agency charging fees for payment - is this normal practice? You don't really have a choice [quote]John Gamble wrote: 1). Is charging for
payment, as described above, a standard practice
within the translation industry? [/quote] No.
However, it's a free world, and if your cl
Samuel Murray Apr 11
Wordfast support Wordfast Anywhere, new multilingual U.I. Translate it and get rewards! The UI translation's UI [quote]Fi2 n Co wrote: The good thing is that
Wordfast has decided to open this translation work
to the community (similarly at what does
to localize the website). [/quote]
Samuel Murray Apr 10 technical support Censorship (Staff: two posts hidden in another forum thread as off-topic) @Katalin [quote]Katalin Szilárd wrote: If I didn't write
an email to the topic starter, I would have never
figured out that she didn't report my posts, but
probably somebody from the site staff d
Samuel Murray Apr 10 technical support What you are working on, something strange with what Proz shows @Sabrina [quote]Sabrina Bruna wrote: When I post what I am
working on, Proz shows "posted via my mobile" or
"posted via CafeTran Espresso" when I don't use my
mobile or CafeTran Espresso at all to
Samuel Murray Apr 10
SDL Trados support How can I open a return package? Reopen project and recreate return package [quote]Gianni Pastore wrote: ...and then create a
new return package? I am not sure you can open a
return package [/quote] 1. Yes, I do this often
when clients ask me to make further e
Samuel Murray Apr 6
Legal Translating an unaware resource without permission @Toby [quote]Toby Walters wrote: I’ve contacted a
[client] who said they’d like me to translate an
online ... article ... into English so that they
can use it as a resource/cited reference
Samuel Murray Apr 4
Wordfast support TM looks empty on WFP 3 @Milan [quote]Milan Condak wrote: I do not understand
the text: "When I upload the TMX file into WF,..."
[/quote] Some non-native English users use
"upload" when they mean "load". Some nativ
Samuel Murray Apr 4
Business issues Problem with a translator working for me @Cerise [quote]Cerise Meladone wrote: I got a message
from his wife, informing they had to quit France
to reach Equador, because someone of their family
died. [/quote] Well, it's entirely poss
Samuel Murray Apr 2
Business issues Job posting and Professional Ethics at present @Ritu [quote]Ritu Bhanot wrote: I do not provide work
that I did. It is a client's original work from
legal point of view. I can not send it.
[/quote] But... you're in France, right? Then
Samuel Murray Apr 2
Business issues Job posting and Professional Ethics at present @Ritu and @Katalin [quote]Ritu Bhanot wrote: A professional secret
remains a professional secret. ... Why do they
want to have a look at others' business project?
[/quote] Perhaps they are just testing y
Samuel Murray Apr 2
SDL Trados support Where do I buy another license for Trados 2007 Freelance? 2007 runs on Windows 7 [quote]Robert Rietvelt wrote: ...if you are using
Trados 2007. It is made for XP, any Windows
version after that will give you problems.
[/quote] I've had no trouble running it on
Samuel Murray Mar 22
Translator resources Translation agencies that post assignments rather than email? Something went wrong... fields in red are required. [quote]Angel Llacuna wrote: Can anyone share your
experience of working as translator for [agency
name]? [Often], when I try to claim a job, it [is]
already taken by another translator.
Samuel Murray Mar 22
SDL Trados support Where do I buy another license for Trados 2007 Freelance? Trados 2009+ can't display context, though [quote]Natalie wrote: [quote]Oleg Prots wrote: I
still have work coming in fom clients in TTXs and
ITDs.[/quote] Studio treats old file formats
perfectly well: you work with them in Stu
Samuel Murray Mar 22
Translation Theory and Practice "mankind" determined a gender-specific word URL? [quote]finnword1 wrote: Dr. Anne Scott from
Northern Arizona University has determined that
the word "mankind" is gender-specific and only
includes men.[/quote] I googled for this but<
Samuel Murray Mar 22
Internet for translators Not coloring links in Chrome or Vivaldi Revisited [quote]Daniel Frisano wrote: Does anyone know how
to set up the color of (both visited and
unvisited) links in Chrome or Vivaldi to the same
color as the rest of the text? [/quote] Doe
Samuel Murray Mar 20
Wordfast support Is it possible to upload tranlsations already done in Wordfast anywhere? @Francesca [quote]Francesca Di Micco wrote: The documents I
have translated have been saved in Word,
PowerPoint or Excel, depending on the source. All
the translations have been made using Trados bu
Samuel Murray Mar 19
Money matters Is it possible to proofread 2000 (source) words per hour? @Jyuan [quote]jyuan_us wrote: [quote]M Ibrahim
wrote: Proofreading is more difficult than
translation. [/quote] Why is proofreading more
difficult than translation? [/quote] Because
Samuel Murray Mar 19
Wordfast support Is it possible to upload tranlsations already done in Wordfast anywhere? What other tool? [quote]Francesca Di Micco wrote: I have a lot of
translations already made with another tool I am
not using anymore and now I would like to use
them. [/quote] If you tell us what that
Samuel Murray Mar 19
Translator resources Resources to translate through a server connection What tool [quote]elisa casaretto wrote: I sometimes work
for a company directly through a server
connection. [/quote] In what program do you do
the translation, then? Is this browser-based, or<
Samuel Murray Mar 15
SDL Trados support SDL Studio: I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! Same thing (kinda) [quote]Michael Joseph Wdowiak Beijer wrote: I
have a permanent warning/reminder on my whiteboard
that says "NEVER USE STUDIO AGAIN!"...
[/quote] We all make such promises to
Samuel Murray Mar 15
Money matters Is it possible to proofread 2000 (source) words per hour? @Li [quote]Li-Hsiang Hsu wrote: An agency tells me
that their proofreading rate is set on the basis
of 2000 source words to proofread per hour. And
their revision checklist of 15 points to ch
Samuel Murray Mar 15
Scams New, elaborate scam scheme explained Confidence trick, yes [quote]Kuochoe Nikoi wrote: It sounds like it can
be avoided fairly easily by refusing to use Johnny
Translator for this project. Even if it weren't a
scam, it would still be risky to use
Samuel Murray Mar 9
Translator resources Website translation: Adding segments live to TM So... WYSIWIG? [quote]Jennifer Richmond wrote: I have translated
several websites already and usually I get my
login to WP, extract the text, translate it and
copy it in again. [/quote] So this is a<
Samuel Murray Mar 8
Proofreading / Editing / Reviewing Proofreading a translated copy that wasn't done by us - how can I do it in CAT tools? I know of none [quote]PangeaLangs wrote: The ideal way, for us,
would be to have the work displayed side by side
as following: Column 1 - source language Column
2 - target language (translation that w
Samuel Murray Mar 8
Machine Translation (MT) Is translation a field I can work in despite the rise of MT? @Andrew [quote]Andrew Dirr wrote: I just want to be sure
I am not entering a "dying field" where there will
be literally nothing left to do in the near
future. [/quote] I don't think the rise
Samuel Murray Mar 7 technical support Force forum/profile to use rectangular photo @Robert [quote]Robert Rietvelt wrote: Remove/delete the
square photo????[/quote] The photo upload
function gives me the option to upload an
additional square version specifically for areas
Samuel Murray Mar 7
CAT Tools Technical Help Idiom Worldserver, Move to the next unconfirmed segment How... [quote]Yuki Okada wrote: My Idiom version is on Windows 10. [/quote] Afterwards, do
tell us how on earth you managed to get it working
on Windows 10 (-:
Samuel Murray Mar 7 technical support Force forum/profile to use rectangular photo Hello I recently updated my profile picture,
and I uploaded both a rectangular and a square
version. But now only the square version is used
in e.g. the forums and as my profile pictur
Samuel Murray Mar 7
CAT Tools Technical Help Counting segments The Notepad method [quote]Wilestrans wrote: I need to know how many
segments there are in a TMX. [/quote] Open the
TMX file in any text editor capable of reading it
as plain text, then perform a find/rep
Samuel Murray Mar 7
Translation Project / Vendor Management Makes you wonder..... The wording is odd but the meaning is clear [quote]Robert Rietvelt wrote: [i]Client would be
reviewing this translation internally, so quality
is absolutely required.[/i] Are there any
situations quality is NOT required? Not in my
Samuel Murray Mar 7 suggestions I don't want to be tracked Had another look [quote]Mirko Mainardi wrote: The way things are
now, people have to stop what they are doing,
click a link to an external website, read
instructions on how to "opt-out" of tracking and
Samuel Murray Mar 6 suggestions I don't want to be tracked Accept [quote]finnword1 wrote: Merriam-Webster gives
various definitions for the word "accept" but none
of them means
accept [/quote] T
Samuel Murray Mar 6
Scams New, elaborate scam scheme explained @Ettore [quote]ettore wrote: After some time Arnold
MoneyProvider doesn't see the purchased item,
doesn't receive replies from the seller ... and
files a complaint with the local police.
Samuel Murray Mar 6 suggestions I don't want to be tracked @Hans [quote]Hans Lenting wrote: When I want to close
this distracting message, I have to accept the
conditions. [/quote] I interpret the link
"Accept and close" to mean "I understand this
Samuel Murray Mar 6
Money matters Becoming a translator? @Verde [quote]VerdeNorteOro wrote: - Is there enough
work? Is it possible to work 30 hours a week
translating and 5 hours a week networking? Is that
a realistic ratio? [/quote] No. To work 3
Samuel Murray Mar 5
CAT Tools Technical Help Urgent help needed with alignment or alternative workflow PlusTools, but convert your tables first [quote]Artem Vakhitov wrote: Can you suggest me
another good aligner (free or fully-functional
trial) [/quote] I use PlusTools, but you're
going to have to convert those tables first
Samuel Murray Mar 3
Getting established How to avoid being born dead? @Serge [quote]Mair A-W (PhD) wrote: First, you need your
potential clients to be able to find you.
[/quote] [quote]Sheila Wilson wrote: It seems
to me that you're focusing on what you CAN'T
Samuel Murray Mar 2
Money matters Pricing for a high volume translation project - 1,000,000 words Some comments [quote]serakeskin wrote: The translation will be
... basic, probably beginner level product
descriptions for an e-commerce website. I suppose
it will be pretty repetitive in nature.
Samuel Murray Mar 2
SDL Trados support ADDING LANGUAGES TO TAG EDITOR @Itziar [quote]ItziarVillam wrote: I am completely new to
this! I have downloaded Trados Tag Editor,
uploaded my file but forgot to set the source and
target languages. How/where can I do it no
Samuel Murray Mar 2
Localization Looking for freeware TBX editor About TBX's XCS files [quote]Michael Joseph Wdowiak Beijer wrote: It
also wouldn't open my Memsource TBX as Anchovy
needs an ".xcs" (skeleton) file. [/quote] What
happens when you use the generic XCS file
Samuel Murray Mar 1
Localization Looking for freeware TBX editor @Michael [quote]Michael Joseph Wdowiak Beijer wrote: Just
found out that "Anchovy" by maxprograms is a TBX
editor, and it's free. [/quote] If I understand
correctly, Anchovy is not a TBX editor
Samuel Murray Mar 1 suggestions The option for setting language proficiencies below C1 (Europass approach) isn't helpful here My opinion [quote]Gerard de Noord wrote: This made me
reconsider entering my proficiency in my source
languages on this website, where a new feature was
introduced this week.[/quote] The new feat
Samuel Murray Mar 1
Business issues Help with understanding legalese/legal impacts (liability; agency's SLA) The radiation case [quote]Texte Style wrote: [quote]Nina Esser
wrote: @Texte Style, like Tania I'd really like
to read up on the lethal translation error you
mentioned. [/quote] I just googled and found
Samuel Murray Mar 1
Business issues Help with understanding legalese/legal impacts (liability; agency's SLA) @Chris [quote]Chris S wrote: [quote]Samuel Murray
wrote: This clause exposes the translator to an
unknown, uncontrollable risk.[/quote] Does it,
though? Aren't there rules on unreasonable
Samuel Murray Mar 1

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