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Poll Discussion Poll: Do you usually turn your computer off at the end of the day? Only between projects If I have a project that takes several days, I
never turn it off until it's finished and
delivered. Saves me a lot of time and effort,
because every time I sit a the computer, it's all
Alberto Montpellier Sep 19, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you type as fast in your source language as in your target language? Pretty much the same [quote]Noni Gilbert wrote: You rarely have to
type in an accent when writing in English, so I
suppose typing them for Spanish is going to make
my typing slower, but the difference is
Alberto Montpellier Jun 7, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: How many hours do you sleep per day? Used to sleep <4 hours, now it's 7-8, sometimes 10-12!! I had some situations during the past two years
that caused me a great deal of stress, so my sleep
time was affected. Sometimes I slept only for 2
hours or even not at all, even if all the
Alberto Montpellier Feb 18, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: How many hours do you sleep per day? Per day is OK [quote]Chris S wrote: [quote]Mario Chavez
wrote: [quote]Cetacea wrote: I sleep 7-8
hours a [b]night[/b]. Just sayin'... :grin:
[/quote] Blame it on insufficient English study
Alberto Montpellier Feb 18, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Have you ever studied to improve your typing skills? TyperShark I've been using computers and keyboards since I
was a child and I've always loved typing and hated
writing by hand. In fact, my handwriting is almost
illegible now that I do everything on
Alberto Montpellier Jan 13, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Would you say that you are a good translator? Couldn't get any better... I'm good looking, charming, fun and I have a
kick-butt personality. I mean, what else can you
ask from life? :grin: This is quite the peculiar
Alberto Montpellier Dec 24, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Have you encountered any non-payment issues throughout the course of your career? Exactly. Go quick and hard. [quote]Chris S wrote: If anyone is looking for
advice here, go in early and go in hard. The
people who shout the loudest are the ones who get
heard. Do not accept their excuses. Do not
Alberto Montpellier Dec 2, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: How often do you translate into one or more of your source (non-native) languages? More often than some would think [quote]Mario Chavez wrote: I translate into
English certain technical texts by client request,
and the client knows well that English is not my
mother tongue. Some translators and academi
Alberto Montpellier Nov 23, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: How many days off do you generally take per week? As many days as I can... which fortunately aren't so many. Normally I
work Sunday to Friday and the occasional Saturday.
Or I may work for 2-3 weeks straight if there's a
project or a high work load that makes i
Alberto Montpellier Nov 9, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you accept post-editing machine translation projects? I did, recently... Normally, I wouldn't even think about it, but
recently I received a request from a regular
client to do an MT proofing job at an acceptable
rate and with a promising volume. That being
Alberto Montpellier Nov 4, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you have formal education in your source language(s)? Yep... 5-year major in English language. Alberto Montpellier Aug 10, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Have you worked on a translation that required no research (online searches, dictionaries, etc)? Yep I'm so familiar and immersed in my biggest direct
client's work (translating and interpreting for
them) that most days I can do the work with no
research whatsoever. I already did a lot of
Alberto Montpellier Jul 30, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: After how many days without work do you start to become worried? One week or 10 days... the set point for my "worry" trigger. I
really appreciate having a couple of days without
work, especial after some long translation project
or a lengthy interpreting period. I don't
Alberto Montpellier Jul 24, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you request feedback on your services from your clients? Sometimes to new ones... Sometimes I ask new clients for feedback on some
specific aspect of my translation, since
preferences may vary from client to client, but
other than that and the courtesy of "Do not
Alberto Montpellier Jul 21, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Have you ever used the services of a debt collection agency? NAH! It hasn't come to that, but sometimes I'd like
having a butt-kicking gang to claim money from
lazy clients was legal :D
Alberto Montpellier Jul 13, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Is all the software you use in your native language? Of course not My native language is Spanish, and not all the SW
I use is in Spanish. About 20% is in
English. What kinda question is this anyway?
Alberto Montpellier Jun 28, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: How confident are you with your translation work? From FAIRLY to TOTALLY I'm very confident, but c'mon, NOBODY should be
TOTALLY confident since the begining about his/her
translation work. Even if you're very good and you
know it, during the translating proces
Alberto Montpellier Jun 18, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you request that clients confirm receipt of your finished projects? Most of the times I do They always confirm, the same way I confirm
receipt when they send me the source files to be
translated, and the same way I confirm when I
finally receive their payment, thanking them and<
Alberto Montpellier Jun 10, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you work with clients when you can't find much information regarding their reputation? Of course it depends... If after some research I come up with little
information, I may accept the job if it's small or
if the way of approaching me makes me inclined to
take a leap of faith. This is a risky bus
Alberto Montpellier May 21, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Which is the most frequent reason why you turn down projects? Sometimes more than one reason Lately I've been receiving job offers for
translating scanned PDFs (veeery dead),
handwritten, with poor quality, at a rate which I
could accept only if I had no other jobs AND the
Alberto Montpellier May 19, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: How many areas do you specialize in? Kinda like Anthony Baldwin... I've done some construction work and worked at a
refinery for a development project, so
Engineering, Oil&Gas and Construction are kind of
my strong suit, but if being an engineer counts as
Alberto Montpellier May 11, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you feel threatened by machine translation? The threat is not MT itself... ...but the way it is regarded by people outside
the translation industry. I've even heard some
translation college "professors" (people who don't
actually translate for a living) heighten
Alberto Montpellier May 4, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you listen to music while translating? I'm a melomaniac!!!!! I ALWAYS listen to music while working, unless I'm
interpreting, of course :) If there's a part
that requires special concentration for the sake
of creativity, I pause the music and re
Alberto Montpellier Mar 28, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you think professional translators require a specific translation qualification to be successful? Ditto [quote]Ian Jones wrote: I have done quite a few
courses on translation in the UK and in Spain and,
to be quite honest, they have not helped me much
at all. Maybe they weren't that effec
Alberto Montpellier Mar 23, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Have you ever suffered from repetitive strain injury as a result of working on a computer? Yep I got an RSI on my left wrist a couple of years
ago, but I'm sure it's not due only to typing,
which I do a lot, but also to playing the guitar.
I'm playing a lot less now, since I have ve
Alberto Montpellier Mar 19, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you prefer working as a translator or an interpreter? Translation I offer both, but I must confess I am a better
translator than interpreter, or at least I feel
better translating. Interpreting makes me kill
the routine and many times it helps me unders
Alberto Montpellier Mar 17, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you regularly work with more than one CAT tool? Yep I use Studio 2009 (for 95% of my work) and WF
Classic for some small jobs. WF Classic saved my
life recently when dealing with a very tight
deadline. Studio 2009 started malfunctioning (it
Alberto Montpellier Mar 11, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Have you ever been asked to do back translation? Too much work for nothing [quote]Chris S wrote: I cannot see how
back-translation can ever be as good as having a
couple of native translators check the original
translation in the normal manner. It's a flawed
Alberto Montpellier Mar 10, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you stay up to date on translation industry news? To some extent, yes. If you try to read too much news, you surely won't
get much work done. I try at least to keep
up-to-date on who's who, new trends, CAT tools and
other technologies, etc.
Alberto Montpellier Mar 6, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: What is the size of your working computer screen? 2 screens: one 17" and the other 20" When I'm at the office, I use a 20", 4:3 aspect
ratio monitor and my laptop screen 10") as
secondary. When I'm out and about, I use only the
laptop screen, of course.
Alberto Montpellier Mar 5, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you use a smartphone for work-related tasks? I'd be lost without it Here, where internet connection is so fickle, my
smartphone has saved my life several times. The
mobile data rates are brutal, but it pays off by
being reachable by clients 24/7.
Alberto Montpellier Feb 27, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: If a client was dissatisfied with your work, would you still charge the price agreed in advance? Something "similar" happened to me recently I had a very tight deadline for a medium-sized job
(for a pretty nice rate), and at the last minute
my CAT tool had a transient ischemic attack :( and
didn't convert the target to MS Word,
Alberto Montpellier Feb 24, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you specialize in a certain field? Duh!! [quote] Other than having indulging this silly
question, I have a question of my own: Is this
Dumb Poll Week by any chance? [/quote] It
certainly must be. I'm sure 100% of translators<
Alberto Montpellier Feb 17, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you work while traveling? Sometimes I do If I'm on a tight or close-to-tight deadline, or
if it's an interesting job, I work while
travelling. Otherwise I just take the travelling
time to read, listen to music or just do nothing
Alberto Montpellier Jan 23, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you manage your billing/payment issues alone or with the help of another person? Bug them till they pay [quote]Chris S wrote: Payment reminders, on the
other hand, still bring me out in a cold sweat.
Any advice? [/quote] No other choice. Right now
I'm struggling with a payment that shoul
Alberto Montpellier Jan 20, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: How many hours a day do you typically spend on the computer? Who's counting...? Sometimes I spend 6, sometimes 4, sometimes 8 and
some others (halleluyah for large workloads!!)
even 12 or 14, but the latter I do very
exceptionally and only for one or two days; if I
Alberto Montpellier Jan 14, 2015
SDL Trados support Translating MS Word footnotes in Studio 2009 Ta-da!! It worked!! I saved the file as .doc (which
fortunately didn't affect the format or the
content) and the footnotes appeared. No way to do
it on .docx files. Thank you both, Michael and
Alberto Montpellier Jan 14, 2015
SDL Trados support Translating MS Word footnotes in Studio 2009 I have a Word document with many footnotes which
don't appear in Studio 2009. I haven't found any
way for Studio to "see" them. I asked this same
question some time ago and received no
Alberto Montpellier Jan 13, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you think a professional-looking profile photo helps in attracting clients? HAHA!!! [quote]Terry Richards wrote: My photo would be
more suitable for repelling cockroaches than
attracting clients :) [/quote] That's a good
Alberto Montpellier Jan 6, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you think that rates are becoming a tougher issue than they were in the past? tougher by the hour.... The rates issue with agencies is getting harder to
deal with, besides the late payments or
non-payments. Even some agencies that used to be
"reputable" are getting cheap and
Alberto Montpellier Dec 1, 2014
Poll Discussion Poll: Which resource do you consult first when you encounter a difficult term? Mostly online search... By this I mean Proz, IATE, Google itself is a
great corpus (of course, always to be taken with a
grain of salt). If it's technical stuff (very
often it is) I look first in my own glossari
Alberto Montpellier Nov 28, 2014
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you use a tablet for your translation work? Only for reading books [quote]Mario Chavez wrote: [quote]Melanie
Nassar wrote: Even though I could, I never use
them for regular reading; I prefer printed books,
of which I have hundreds. [/quote] That's
Alberto Montpellier Nov 25, 2014
Poll Discussion Poll: How long do you keep your clients' translations after delivery? I have them all For the past 7 years I've been working as a
translator, I have kept ALL the translations. My
biggest and most regular client's information is
confidential, but I need to have it, until our
Alberto Montpellier Nov 21, 2014
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you do translations for free for friends and family? Sure, why not... For friends and family, no problem at all... I
have a lot of good acquaintances and buddies, but
friends as such... it's a rather short list, but
let's stay on-topic. Of course, they don
Alberto Montpellier Nov 20, 2014
Poll Discussion Poll: Have you ever rejected a project for ethical or moral reasons? No Not that I wouldn't reject a project for moral or
ethical reasons. It's just that I haven't come
across any project that goes against my moral or
ethical principles. I hope it stays that w
Alberto Montpellier Nov 7, 2014
Poll Discussion Poll: What style do you like to use when translating? I try to keep the original style, but... Sometimes the original's got no style at all, so I
embelish, simplify, apply a style of my own.
Specially when translating from Spanish. One of my
clients is prone to write very "stylish"
Alberto Montpellier Nov 4, 2014
Poll Discussion Poll: For me, the best thing about being a freelancer is: Actually, in lack of a boss... I have several. Every client is your boss in a
certain way. Of course, they're not breathing on
your neck all the time, but they kind of control
your job. Some are pretty bossy ;)
Alberto Montpellier Oct 16, 2014
Poll Discussion Poll: A client sends you negative feedback. You... Define "negative" The client may have something to say about one
particular aspect of my translation. I've had some
feedback, for instance, on the use of metric or
imperial system for measurement units, or
Alberto Montpellier Oct 15, 2014
Poll Discussion Poll: When working with an agency, have you ever contacted the end client directly? ;) [quote]Christine Andersen wrote: It also helps
to educate the client and make translators
'visible' as real people who think about their
work... [/quote] Nothing to add.
Alberto Montpellier Oct 3, 2014's Virtual Conferences Discussion for's 2014 virtual conference for International Translation Day session (2014): Using trade fairs to efficiently gain new customers (in German) Can't play the videos There's an "unexpected error" message on the
embedded player.
Alberto Montpellier Oct 1, 2014

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