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Money matters German Tax ID - StNr - on the invoice!? Three tax numbers? Hello to all, I am glad here in Spain there is
only one tax number which I must always use (in
case of invoices within the EU, it is the same
number, but in a larger form, bearing the
Agnes Lenkey Aug 16, 2017
In memoriam Siegfried Armbruster Condolences to his family Such said news to hear. It was always very
constructive to read him and he teached us a lot,
even without knowing him personally. Only
passionate and serious professionals achieve such
Agnes Lenkey Jun 30, 2017
Business issues odd remark about price quote content No, it's not so clear, but probably they are used to impose their conditions Hi everyone, I had the same questions/doubts
(exactly the same ones) as jyuan_us. It is really
not clear how exactly things happened. And yes, I
also think probably Lydie meant "methods
Agnes Lenkey Mar 29, 2017
Business issues Working with agencies portals, vendor portals, supplier's net etc. The best "joke" I've heard today (Sunday)! EvaVer: “I had a case when they rejected their
own form as non-compliant!” This makes me
smile, thanks for this on a Sunday morning! It is
incredible, though. What do they think? I
Agnes Lenkey Mar 5, 2017
Translation Theory and Practice Certified translation - do you translate money? It is NOT allowed to do this Hi, I would say it is not allowed to change USD
to EUR in a translation and this is definitely a
stupidity (sorry for the expression). How could we
do that? It is not within our compete
Agnes Lenkey Feb 17, 2017
Money matters Translation rates per hour Delicate balance, sometimes really tricky to calculate Hi Mariam, It is indeed difficult to find the
right answer upfront. There are so many different
cases, like Alexander says, sometimes you lose,
others you win. I think communication
Agnes Lenkey Feb 1, 2017
German Fachwörterbuch Gastronomie Spanisch/Deutsch So many interesting links, but few result to be really useful ...or often used. There is a list of links on
my website, too, but I made this website five
years ago, when I started out as a full-time
freelancer and it is totally obsolete. I'll hav
Agnes Lenkey Dec 9, 2016
German Fachwörterbuch Gastronomie Spanisch/Deutsch Ein paar Tipps Hallo Jelena, ich benutze diese, vielleicht
findest du was: 1.) Haberkamp de Antón, G.:
Eβdolmetscher Spanien, Spanisch-Deutsch und
Deutsch-Spanisch, Orbis Verlag, 2000, ISBN:
Agnes Lenkey Dec 9, 2016
Interpreting Why is a landline telephone needed for telephone interpreting? Quality issue Hi, I am sure it is due to quality concerns
(quality is higher in case of using a landline).
But in our mobile world this is an "outdated"
(though seemingly necessary) prerequisite.
Agnes Lenkey Dec 8, 2016
Money matters Deduction on fees and freelancers White, grey and black Hi Mohammad, as Katalin and Eva says, the
possibility of grey exists, but it is really not
adviseable. Things should be clear, and clear
means black or white. Only as a side-note.
Agnes Lenkey Nov 26, 2016
Money matters Deduction on fees and freelancers Fees or taxes? Everybody pays its own Hi Mohammad, I don't know what your
client-colleague means by those fees, I would
guess he means “taxes” and/or “expenses”.
Anyway, the only two things you have to bother in
Agnes Lenkey Nov 25, 2016
Powwows Powwow: Palma de Mallorca - Spain Qué pena, Andrea! Tenía muchas ganas de verte! :) Espero que
estéis muy bien. Nos tenemos que reunir otro día
también, después de las fiestas. Un abrazooooo
Agnes Lenkey Nov 16, 2016
MemoQ support Difficulty exporting SDL Trados package from MemoQ Special characters in the title Hi Ann, I once had a problem with exporting
InDesign files through the LanguageTerminal of
memoQ, and at the end it turned out that the
problem was in the titles. They contained special
Agnes Lenkey Oct 10, 2016
Translation feedback area type of translation Financial translation Hi Nicoleta, Personally, I would consider the
translation of the text contained in an invoice as
a financial translation. best
regards, Agnes
Agnes Lenkey Jul 5, 2016
Translation Theory and Practice Translator's note for client vs. translator's note for end-user Two categories with reference to translator's notes Hi Bianca, I mostly work for direct clients,
but occasionally (5-10% of my work) for agencies
to. I think there is a slight difference in these
two cases. I mean, I send my notes to
Agnes Lenkey Jul 1, 2016
Money matters Question about reduced rates for fuzzy matches with CAT Degree of usability of fuzzy matches Richard says that fuzzies below 75 % are generally
useless. May I add that I think this depends on
the type of text AND the languages one works in.
In the case of the one I quoted abov
Agnes Lenkey Jun 29, 2016
Money matters Question about reduced rates for fuzzy matches with CAT I'd say things have to be balanced We freelancers have so many expenses. I for
instance pay each year: 70 € for web page and
professional e-mail hosting, 125 € for
maintaining my CAT-tool updated and with technical
Agnes Lenkey Jun 29, 2016
Translation in Spain / La traducción en España Agencia revisa y corrige test de traducción O_O Amadeus Me encanta tu ejemplo, Michael, ahora que lo
dices, me acuerdo, de joven vi esta película por
lo menos tres veces... ¡Qué bueno! Sí,
demasiadas notas, demasiados términos
Agnes Lenkey Jun 14, 2016
Spanish ¿Hay alternativa a Dragon Naturally Speaking? Parece que no hay... Hola Tomás: Hace tiempo que le doy vueltas a
probar el Dragon, ya que muchos traductores
veteranos (y muy veteranos) lo usan y están
encantados con ello (las que yo conozco lo
Agnes Lenkey May 2, 2016
Business issues Growing control of translation agencies The same here I completely agree with Maxi Schwarz. Anything
that causes confusion can compromise the precision
of the "hand crafted product" and definitely
increases stress - a very disadvantageous
Agnes Lenkey Mar 10, 2016
CAT Tools Technical Help Clean PDFs to TM solution Depending on the CAT-tool you use_memoQ Hi Rafael, In my memoQ I would convert the
PDF-files first into Word (I do it with ABBYY
PDF-converter), fix the outcome a little bit so
both documents "look alike", go to the project I
Agnes Lenkey Nov 19, 2015
Translation Theory and Practice What do you do in the periods that you don't receive work? Yes, thumbs up to deep thinking ...and to these forums, which are more than once
very helpful both from a practical as well as from
a moral point of view. Thank you for the question
you raised and thank you all for you
Agnes Lenkey Oct 21, 2015
Being independent Coworking experiences It depends on how many (and how they) are working in the same room Dear Fiona, I have used a coworking space and I
think it is a very good idea, even if you have to
pay for it. I loved this daily routine, the
opportunity to get to know other freelancer
Agnes Lenkey Oct 1, 2015
Money matters 0.07USD a word: Where does this sit, really?! About deadlines, markets and rates Hi all, I think you need to target the market
you can serve, and vice versa, depending on your
personal situation, the market type suitable for
you will also be quite narrow. At least t
Agnes Lenkey Sep 25, 2015
Translation Theory and Practice The fear of rereading a translation after you've sent it Oh yes Oh yes, Tom, I feel exactly the same. Pretty
strange, isn't it? But it happens to me all the
time. Even after doing my best. I feel more
comfortable if I have to do a reverse
Agnes Lenkey May 21, 2015
Spanish ¿Cuáles son las verdaderas tarifas? Así es, diría yo también Hola Valery: No creo que el promedio que
aparece en ProZ se sitúe tan lejos de la verdad.
Lo que me doy cuenta cada vez más es que hay
diferencias bastante grandes entre los
Agnes Lenkey May 13, 2015
Spanish Web profesional - ¿opiniones? Muy profesional Hola Elisa: Me gusta muchísimo tu página,
¡ya solo falta que la pongas en inglés! Creo que
es muy convincente y describes muy bien tus
especialidades. ¡Te felicito de
Agnes Lenkey May 4, 2015
Powwows Powwow: Palma de Mallorca - Spain Location of powwow in Palma Lieselotte, Neus & Co, Please check here the
location of the powwow, see you there tomorrow at
Agnes Lenkey Apr 24, 2015
Powwows Powwow: Palma de Mallorca - Spain Reserva hecha Hola a todos, he llamado a Tapas Club Portitxol y
he reservado a nombre de Inés (no entendían
Agnes, así que les dije Inés :) ) una mesa a las
12:00 del mediodía, mañana sábado, el
Agnes Lenkey Apr 24, 2015
Powwows Powwow: Palma de Mallorca - Spain OK, puedo llamar al Tapas Club Hola Samuel y todos, siento oír que estés tan
mal! Uf - te deseo que mejores y tengas un buen
viaje!!! Y gracias de nuevo por organizar el
Powwow. Yo puedo llamar al Tapas Club, supon
Agnes Lenkey Apr 24, 2015
General technical issues How do you arrange your translation files/folders? Folders, subfolders and more subfolders for each year Quite interesting, everything you say. Pretty
much like Tom, I do not store anything in the
cloud, I rather make a daily backup and
additionally copy the data to an external hard
Agnes Lenkey Mar 29, 2015
Money matters Counting words in German Lines vs. words Hi Andrzej, In Germany it is very frequent to
count the text by the number of lines and not by
the number of words. A standard line comprises
usually 55 characters including white space
Agnes Lenkey Mar 11, 2015
Scams Mystery "followers" Google + gmail scams are the same Hi Neil, I get this "follow-thing" also
directly in my mail sometimes. As it seems that it
is from one person I know, I try to open it and
immediately my computer warns me - a
Agnes Lenkey Mar 11, 2015
Translation Theory and Practice Translating a tourist guide Some items shouldn't be translated Hi, I agree with my colleaugues in everything.
It is useful to take a look into other similar
guides, that will help you for sure. And it
depends on the editor/publisher as well. In
Agnes Lenkey Feb 5, 2015
Proofreading / Editing / Reviewing Agency sent a proofreading test which is not really understandable I don't see its use, either Hello Andrea, [quote]Bernhard Sulzer wrote: If
their "projects" are all of better quality, then
the test certainly makes no sense with regard to
the actual work of a professional proof
Agnes Lenkey Dec 14, 2014
Scams Lingvopoint - reduce profile info? No, reducing is not the solution But maybe I will take my CVs off. Anyhow, my CVs
are on my homepage, but maybe that is harder for
scammers to find. ProZ is a huge site, so I
understand their predilection towards it.
Agnes Lenkey Nov 19, 2014
Scams Another unauthorised directory listing - The site cannot be accessed I tried to figure out if I am listed, but cannot
access I agree with Matthias
that group pressure is effective, while individual
complaints are not so easy to resolve<
Agnes Lenkey Nov 17, 2014
Scams Unauthorised directory listing I'm there, too :( Hi all, I would like to delete my info from
this site as well, even if my info is "quite"
correct. I really dislike to be listed in places
where I did not register for myself. Visibilit
Agnes Lenkey Nov 10, 2014
Powwows Powwow: Palma de Mallorca - Spain OK, el día 12 pues, gracias y ¡nos vemos! Hola Samuel: ¡Que tengas un buen viaje a
Barcelona! Yo iré el 13 de diciembre, a la
conferencia regional de ProZ. Saludos a
todos, Agnes
Agnes Lenkey Sep 14, 2014
Business issues Why do I find it so hard to say no? Thank you. Thank you for your post, Armorel. And to all of
you for sharing your thoughts. It seems we are all
coping with the same issues during our
work... Struggling to find enough time for my
Agnes Lenkey Sep 10, 2014
Translation Theory and Practice Good command of the target language is more important than knowledge of source language? Mother tongue-issue not mentioned, but part of the answer Hi Sheila and all, I think it was not only
Lukasz, but also others who mentioned this aspect,
for example LilianNekipelov – maybe indirectly,
but it was there, and I think it may be
Agnes Lenkey Aug 7, 2014 profile help My HTML profile experiment Congratulations! It is really nice and clear, to-the-point and
professional. I like it a lot. Hat off to both of
Agnes Lenkey Jun 18, 2014
Money matters Quirks in memoQ upgrade policy One question to Philippe Philippe, Up to now I was translating for
local clients, but now I would like to seek
collaboration with agencies from Germany as well,
as I mainly translate legal/financial documents<
Agnes Lenkey Jun 18, 2014
Money matters Quirks in memoQ upgrade policy I do not approve it, but knew about it from the beginning Dear Anil, I purchased my memoQ licence in June
last year, so it is about to expire. If I do not
renew right now and decide to do it at a later
point, I will have to pay for the upgrade
Agnes Lenkey Jun 18, 2014
Translation in Spain / La traducción en España Starting as an autonomo / English-speaking asesor fiscal in Pamplona or Navarra Some thoughts Hi Giorgios, As Sheila said, you will
definitively need to ask an “asesor fiscal”
regarding all your questions. I do not know if for
the 5-months-period you will need to split your<
Agnes Lenkey May 12, 2014
Powwows Powwow: Palma de Mallorca - Spain Pregunta Oscar Gary, un compañero nuestro traductor que
conocí en el anterior powwow de Palma, me
pregunta si ¿hay algún traductor literario que
va a asistir? Él lo es, y le interesaría conoc
Agnes Lenkey Mar 22, 2014
Powwows Powwow: Palma de Mallorca - Spain Tapas Club, Portitxol, a las 12:30 Hola, Muy bien, nos veremos allí. ¿Dónde
queda el Tapas Club, viniendo de Palma me meto en
el paseo de la playa de Portitxol? Un
saludo, Agnes
Agnes Lenkey Mar 19, 2014
Money matters your best rate ...... your very best rate I dislike it totally Hi Edith, Me too, I hate these expressions in
job postings. I always wonder – very best rate?
How many rates should one have, at least 5 or 10
to be able to choose from within a wide
Agnes Lenkey Mar 9, 2014
Powwows Powwow: Palma de Mallorca - Spain Un abrazo Gracias, Leticia. Espero que las cosas te vayan
bien allí en Suecia. Aquí, regular. A ver si se
anima un poco más la economía nacional.
:) Pensaremos en ti, cuando vuelves de visita
Agnes Lenkey Feb 28, 2014
Business issues How do you feel about proofreading MT? Easy answer Hi Michael, For me the issue is not as complex
as for Lukasz - I would ***never*** accept
"editing" or "proofreading" MT, call it as you
wish, it is always the same nonsense. In my
Agnes Lenkey Jan 21, 2014

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