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Getting established Any advice for a newbie? (FR & ES > EN translator) Hello and welcome Welcome Mark. I see from your CV that you worked
in sales and accounts so maybe these, together
with technical and engineering can be considered
for specialist areas. Besides language comp
Josephine Cassar Jul 21
Money matters Ever sent a non-payment report to proz? A link Hello, I am trying, in vain, to find the link
where you report a non-payment issue. Can anyone
point me in the right direction please? The
company in question, alas also in Italy, is not
Josephine Cassar Jun 21
Translation Theory and Practice How much context/info is needed to get the tone of voice right in a translation What Besides those mentioned by the previous persons,
sometimes a text is labelled as 'contract' but, in
reality, apart from the normal legal content, it
would contain a lot of other 'technical
Josephine Cassar May 25 suggestions Please improve "Support" and add a list of "bugs" with ETA Same here and more [quote]Mirko Mainardi wrote: I have a ticket
(about a link in users' profiles that opens to an
error page) that's been open for more than a month
now, and have received no reply whatsoe
Josephine Cassar May 10
Internet for translators New online tool: fast and accurate EU legal corpus search with references. @ Robin Thank you. I find it better than Linguee for ENlanguage pair and sometimes it gives translation
even if IATE does not, and I have used it quite a
few times now. Good work. keep it up.
Josephine Cassar Apr 26
Business issues Blog post: What freelance translators want from translation companies In my case [quote]Tom in London wrote: [quote]Kay Denney
wrote: ...I once got a notification that a
client had opened my mail containing my questions
but then got no reply. OK it was Friday eve
Josephine Cassar Apr 24
Business issues Blog post: What freelance translators want from translation companies May I also suggest [quote]Mike Donlin wrote: Recently in the
Translators and Interpreters ( facebook
group feedback was given for what criteria should
entitle an agency to a ribbon. A list wa
Josephine Cassar Apr 23
Business issues Blog post: What freelance translators want from translation companies Would be nice.. It would also be nice to receive feedback. Just
getting repeat translation jobs is nice but
sometimes, I would like to know how Reviewer would
have tackled certain phrases, etc. not as
Josephine Cassar Apr 22
Internet for translators New online tool: fast and accurate EU legal corpus search with references. Tried it today Hi Jeremy, I tried it out today for whatever I
could not find on IATE and was very glad to find
some or most terms, thanks a lot.
Josephine Cassar Apr 9
Money matters Payment not made and no sign of response to payment reminder Strangely enough I just came across a BB entry made by someone who
had quality issues and who had not been paid. I
received an email about a translation job and when
I checked out the agency, I found 2 or
Josephine Cassar Apr 5
Money matters Payment not made and no sign of response to payment reminder I'm sorry to hear I think as far as complaints about quality are
concerned, it depends when the agency made the
complaints and this should be pointed out and
taken into consideration by Proz. com's support<
Josephine Cassar Apr 5
Money matters Payment not made and no sign of response to payment reminder At least! [quote]Teresa Woischiski wrote: Hi
Josephine, it was written text via Skype. No
call. So I have everything. I will research now
a bit what my options are. A colleague of mine
Josephine Cassar Mar 31
Business issues Claiming jobs Hear, hear, agreed [quote]Lincoln Hui wrote: There are plenty of
agencies out there who offer lousy prices, but who
provide a steady stream of work and sometimes
reasonable deadlines and streamlined invoi
Josephine Cassar Mar 31
Money matters Payment not made and no sign of response to payment reminder SKYPE [quote]Katalin Horváth McClure wrote: We must be
aware of early signs of "different concepts" of
doing business (changing deadlines, rudeness,
disregard for normal business - or even wak
Josephine Cassar Mar 30
Internet for translators New online tool: fast and accurate EU legal corpus search with references. Thanks [quote]Natalie wrote: [quote]Josephine Cassar
wrote: This was my original message but only part
of it is displayed for some reason.
[/quote] The reason is rather simple: the
Josephine Cassar Mar 12
Internet for translators New online tool: fast and accurate EU legal corpus search with references. Dear all, Dear all, This was my original message but only
part of it is displayed for some reason. I
submitted a support request because, when I try to
edit, I get the whole message but it somehow<
Josephine Cassar Mar 12
Internet for translators New online tool: fast and accurate EU legal corpus search with references. Thanks Could you add EN < MT(Maltese) please? Well done,
hope to be able to use for a faster search.
Josephine Cassar Mar 11
Getting established Working with only one language pair in Europe + adding a pair later in life: realistic? But.. I'm not saying you cannot learn another language
to translate in - though, mind you, to translate
from that language, you have to know it really
well, not just obtain superficial knowledge
Josephine Cassar Mar 10
Legal Translating company name in notarial deeds No No, of course not. I don't translate a company's
name. It is a name after all and it is as it is
registered in the official Register of Companies.
Josephine Cassar Feb 16
Linguistics Is this sentence grammatically correct? You didn't You didn't post the sentence with the words 'The
thing'. See above. It's clumsier with the words
'the thing'. It's only in your latest post that
the words 'The thing' appear, not in your o
Josephine Cassar Feb 11
Linguistics Is this sentence grammatically correct? Grammatically correct? Yes, it is but it needs a comma after 'elegance':
What the 12.5" Latitude lacks in elegance, it more
than makes up for in under-the-hood hardware. It
means you wouldn't choose it for its a
Josephine Cassar Feb 11 hosting Reminder: Planned hosting maintenance this Sunday, February 10th I hope... Hi Jared, I'm not a technical person so I do not
understand what the 'planned maintenance' will
involve but let's hope it will solve my
Josephine Cassar Feb 9 suggestions Scrap "inclusive format" threads as they are the polar opposite How sad!! [quote]Robert Forstag wrote: "Under checking"
would imply that that the matter in question could
not be resolved despite numerous repeated attempts
to do so. This seems most unlikely.
Josephine Cassar Feb 6 suggestions Scrap "inclusive format" threads as they are the polar opposite Support [quote]Tom in London wrote: Now that we've got
to the bottom of the first page I hope colleagues
will obey the unwritten rule of all forums that we
should now wander off-topic. Let me b
Josephine Cassar Feb 6
Business issues How do you actually get direct clients? Out and about Sometimes, apart from the suggestions you've been
given, you really have to leave that desk and go
out and attend events such as group meetings,
talks, exhibitions and reunions which are o
Josephine Cassar Feb 2
Money matters Happy New Year from Proz. Non-paying members become paying non-members. Enter the 'Quote Fee'. Quote fee and dollar quoting Why am I not surprised at all this? As a paying
member of, I would have expected Proz
first and foremost to function well before
implementing any change that was announced in
Josephine Cassar Jan 8
Money matters How to get paid when you did not sign a contract? BB Well, that's good news Valérie, but I hope you
made a WWA entry on their Proz. com profile page
to warn others-even just tick a number. A month is
a long time and we all need to be warned
Josephine Cassar Jan 7
Translation news Re-vamped IATE EU terminology database released Can't save settings [quote]Tom in London wrote: Since there seems to
be no way of saving the settings (e.g. source
language/target language) it's no use to me.
[/quote] It does remember your settings but what
Josephine Cassar Jan 3
Business issues I need help with my first potential big client All very worthwhile word of advice Ana Ortega, The answers you got were all very
valid and helpful but do not disregard the fact
that this client may one day disappear just as
mysteriously as he appeared as he might find
Josephine Cassar Jan 1
Money matters Long-term previously reliable client suddenly stops paying I seem to remember Dear Tom, I sincerely hope and trust you do get
paid but I seem to remember that you use this site
to send a message to your client or agency as you
know they will have a look at the foru
Josephine Cassar Dec 20, 2018
Money matters A language agency has not paid for a completed job The BB Dear Dhananjay, I'm sorry for you but the first
thing that comes to mind is the BB. Have you
considered making an entry for them there?
Communication by email also serves as proof that
Josephine Cassar Dec 19, 2018
Translation news Re-vamped IATE EU terminology database released Like Teresa I used to use it a lot too but I just cannot get
the hang of how to use the new version. I used to
think it was so useful, especially for certain
Josephine Cassar Dec 12, 2018
Getting established What kind of material can I showcase as my work samples? Nothing We know nothing about you as the About you section
is empty so we cannot help you by pointing out not
only from where to get your sources but also what
areas might be less competitive and
Josephine Cassar Nov 26, 2018
Proofreading / Editing / Reviewing Do you work with a proofreader? Exactly [quote]Colleen Roach, Ph.D. wrote: There are
all sorts of tips that people have given for
proofreading your own work you can find online.
Here are the tips that have worked the best for
Josephine Cassar Nov 22, 2018
Getting established Project turnaround time Specialisations Since you've just started out, you naturally
accept jobs in many fields. We've all been there
but it means you are still building up subject
knowledge and, consequently, you take much long
Josephine Cassar Nov 3, 2018
Getting established Better to specialise in one field or in several? I am one such translator [quote]Adam-MSCR wrote: Hi everybody, I came
across a profile the other day or somebody
translating from Italian to English specialising
in art and art history, I believe they work i
Josephine Cassar Oct 30, 2018
Getting established How much did it cost you to get a bilingual website designed? Very expensive quotes [quote]Vivien Green wrote: I'm in the process
of choosing a company to create a website for me
but just wanted to check that their quotes aren't
extortionate. I personally thought they
Josephine Cassar Oct 28, 2018
Business issues Would you sign? Do get down to it Well, you've been a member for more than a year
but you still do not state what your speciality
fields are and there is no information about you
so do you wonder that the concerned agency
Josephine Cassar Oct 20, 2018
Business issues Would you sign this? No and.. No, I wouldn't sign it and have you seen this? I
think this is relevant to your case:
you_translated_they_edited.html Make sure it does
Josephine Cassar Oct 5, 2018
Professional development Preparation Courses for Dip Trans I recommend I did my translation course with Suzanne James
Associates-Translator Training-and they do prepare
for the DipTrans too. The texts were texts from
previous sessions of the DipTrans so they
Josephine Cassar Oct 1, 2018
Money matters Payment problem. Should agency pays me regardless of any situation after they requested my invoice? I hope Let's not forget too that you should make a BB
entry for this client to warn others they might
not be paid with the excuse of 'quality of
translation'. I cannot stress this enough. In
Josephine Cassar Sep 29, 2018
Translation Theory and Practice Bad source text I think I think I would first point this out to the PM who
sent me the file and then, possibly, ask if X was
supposed to mean so and so etc. Very often, the
answer would be that the PM will first
Josephine Cassar Sep 26, 2018
Business issues Blog post: Getting the attention of a freelance translator NDAs NDAs that go on and on and on and then you never
hear a single word from that agency. I have now
decided that agencies that send NDAs with loads of
terms and conditions are the ones you th
Josephine Cassar Sep 19, 2018
Translation Project / Vendor Management Would you consider this deadline tight? Personally.. I find the following unrealistic or unsustainable
too. I personally would not be able to do so many
in an hour-not even the 600 you mention and if you
told them and convinced them you coul
Josephine Cassar Sep 18, 2018
Money matters Agency wanting to negotiate - are these rates too low? Note also That the agency will then ask you for fuzzy
matches discounts when using a CAT tool-and for
pharmaceuticals, it makes sense to use a CAT tool
for consistency, repetition, speed, so take th
Josephine Cassar Sep 14, 2018
Business issues Feedback and co-operation Well.. I welcome constructive criticism or feedback as we
rarely get any and it helps us improve/ameliorate
so long as we too can give our agree/disagree and
it is not a matter of personal,subjec
Josephine Cassar Sep 12, 2018
Business issues You translated, they edited Assuming.. I assume the translator's name will be somewhere
in the first pages of the book so I would not let
it pass. I hope there will also be the editor's
name as he is finally responsible for err
Josephine Cassar Sep 11, 2018
Business issues Building up your reputation on Just a remark I wonder why each poster has no picture in this
thread here. It is the only thread without a
picture. Sorry I deviated.
Josephine Cassar Sep 5, 2018
Business issues Can outsourcer with previously open non-payment report give service provider a negative WWA rating? Very balanced view [quote]Jo Macdonald wrote: Hi Thao, Sorry to
hear about this nasty experience but perhaps both
sides have been a bit heavy handed. Imo if the
client apologised for the reduced PO an
Josephine Cassar Sep 4, 2018
Getting established A few questions when setting up as a freelancer Your rates [quote]Luke Hubbard wrote: Hi, I think I
have my rates sorted for my work as I used the
rate calculator here and to start with, I would go
towards the lower end of the scale until I'
Josephine Cassar Aug 25, 2018

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