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Trados support URGENT! Error 80005: Object reference not set... Problem solved Thanks Eduardo, I figured it was a font problem
and simply replaced the font with a regular
one! The system seems to work fine
now. cheers Sandhya
sandhya Jun 10, 2010
Trados support URGENT! Error 80005: Object reference not set... Hi, I repeatedly get this error when opening a
Word doc in TagEditor. Tech specs: Windows
XP Word 2007 SDL Trados 2007, build 835 I
have a 100 page Word doc. I divided it int
sandhya Jun 9, 2010
Off topic Interview with Henry Dotterer, founder of ProZ ... leaves me wanting more... Beats me what ATA found "offensive"... the
interview was very short and I certainly would
love to learn more about the founder of Proz,
considering Phil posted a request for questions
sandhya Jan 23, 2010
Off topic What would YOU like to ask Henry, the founder of Proz? Can we be more positive? Hi, Phil started a topic that might obviously
take a very negative and critical turn. In his
opening post, Phil also specified he wanted to
keep his interview light-hearted and get to
sandhya Nov 8, 2009
Off topic WHERE would you like to wake up tomorrow? Can we censor our imagination a bit please? Hi, We have read lots of innovative and
interesting places to wake up in... but please can
we try to follow Proz forum rules of "decency and
dignity" before we post any thoughts or pict
sandhya Oct 26, 2009
Office applications Looking for reliable word counting program Use a CAT tool Hi, Unfortunately, different counting tools
produce different results. So, there is no one
tool that gives the "ultimate truth" :-) If you
work with CAT tools, trying using Trados,
sandhya Sep 16, 2009
Trados support Working with large Word docs in TagEditor Thanks Thanks for the quick replies. Ach Jerzy, this
is exactly the situation I wanted to avoid - but I
guess I have no choice!! Marijke I will try
your suggestion too.... maybe it saves
sandhya Sep 8, 2009
Trados support Working with large Word docs in TagEditor Hi, I work with: Trados 2007 (Version Windows XP MS Office 2003. I have
gone through the other forum posts on related
topics, but am hoping some wise soul out there has
sandhya Sep 7, 2009
Off topic What would you do now if had not existed. It looks like a hot summer! Hi, Interesting topic and replies. But it does
seem to be getting personal now.... so please may
I request members to be a bit more prudent in the
postings :-) thanks cheers Sandh
sandhya Aug 19, 2009
Across support Unable to install/connect Across client Problem solved Hi, Thanks for your helpful replies. The
problem is resolved now and Across is running fine
on my machine. I did contact Across Support and
they were very helpful with their promp
sandhya Nov 26, 2008
Across support Unable to install/connect Across client Sorry... I forgot to mention, I am using Windows XP
SP2... And yes I read all the previous posts on
Across... but found no solution
there. thanks Sandhya
sandhya Nov 13, 2008
Across support Unable to install/connect Across client Did that too Hi Åsa, Thanks for the reply! Sigh... I
already tried this too. I downloaded and installed
the latest patch from When I start
Across, it asks if I want to download th
sandhya Nov 13, 2008
Across support Unable to install/connect Across client Hi, A new client requested me to work with
Across. I downloaded the Across Client from their
Server and installed it successfully. However,
I have problems when I start Across. After
sandhya Nov 12, 2008
Transit support Transit XV and soft license key Got the license number Hi, An update: I wrote to Star and they were
kind enough to send me a license number and also
instructions to download the latest patch and how
to upgrade the license number! That su
sandhya Jul 11, 2008
Transit support Transit XV and soft license key Contacted Star Hi, Thank you for the quick replies. I did
not receive any license number when I purchased
Transit XV pro. Anyway, I have contacted the
Star office and hope to receive a reply
sandhya Jul 9, 2008
Transit support Transit XV and soft license key Hi, I am using Transit XV Professional since
several years with a hardware dongle. Does
anybody know if a soft license key is available
and how to acquire it? thanks Sandhya
sandhya Jul 9, 2008
Money matters How to deal with an old customer who cannot pay This is business.... so be professional Hi, I respect your desire to be respectul to
someone you consider "elderly" and nice. However,
as someone already mentioned the Internet out
there is really a dangerous place and you ca
sandhya Dec 29, 2007
Getting established Whether full membership is worth taking? More than business... Hi, As one of the members mentioned, we are
"Internet" service providers. So besides looking
at a ProZ membership merely as a "business
benefit", I guess we need to also look at the
sandhya Dec 12, 2007 Translator Coop Where would you like to have the next conference? Proz conferences bring translators together Hi, While I agree with some members that a
conference in Europe or out West is likely to see
more attendees, I think a conference (call it
regional or international) in other parts of t
sandhya Dec 5, 2007
Business issues Quality of agencies Makes perfect sense Heidi, Your posting is one of the most
remarkable ones I have read on this site! In a
single post, you have ably and efficiently voiced
the collective opinion of many of us hardworki
sandhya Oct 6, 2007
Powwows Powwow: Mumbai - India final venue and time Hey Anil, might be a great idea to post the venue
and time on the powwow page. That way, anybody
wanting to attend in the last minute can get there
sandhya Sep 28, 2007 Translator Coop Staff member Justin has passed away Shocking and incredibly sad news I was extremely shocked to read this message.
Justin was so young. I remember he helped me out
instantly when I sent a ticket concerning a
problem. My sincerest condolences to his fami
sandhya Sep 3, 2007
Money matters Problems with a translator Discussion seems to be over! Hi, I hate to point it out, but the original
poster seems to have brought the discussion to a
close under a new name... see below.... or rather
a few posts above... [Nuria
sandhya Aug 14, 2007
Business issues Client who want to remain anonymous Your reply was right! You were fully justified in demanding a live
contact address. I receive several such
(anonymous) inquiries. I merely use the very
useful "Delete" button on my keyboard to get rid
of th
sandhya Aug 3, 2007
Business issues Payment Issues - With regard to the client I beg to differ... The statement you made below I am afraid condemns
the entire Indian translation industry. Many
members reading this post will assume that is the
way Indian translators and translation comp
sandhya Aug 1, 2007
Being independent The negative side of being freelance Enjoy your choices.... ... if you believe they are the right ones!! I
think Irene summed up our "free"lancing life
beautifully. I am a freelancer since close to
15 years now... and I too have been in that
sandhya Jul 25, 2007 suggestions Suggestion for platinum membership solely in exchange for BrowniZ Clever investment Dear Mahmoud, That was a very clever move on
your part! You took care of future fluctuations in
exchange rates, possible increase in membership
fees and got a 4 year membership free at
sandhya Jul 5, 2007 Translator Coop Let us call it And Henry said.... ... repeat after me "" Once again... all
of you ignoramus... it is ""....
well, I guess if Henry objected or felt offended,
he would lead us ALL through this exercise
sandhya May 6, 2007 international conferences Budapest conference 2007 - Feedback Great experience.... participant from distant India! Hi, I must first start by thanking Csaba
(sorry, CB... but this is a must!). He helped me
get my visa by dashing off an email to the
Hungarian Embassy within minutes of me sending him
sandhya May 6, 2007
Money matters Should I stop working with outsourcers in China or India? The other side of the globe Hi Ahmad and all, Just to sum up and possibly
to sound repetitive! 1) As Ralf suggested,
selection of clients is a personal issue, which
must be based on a set of criteria defined by
sandhya Mar 28, 2007
Translator resources Looking for SAP Glossary from English to European Portuguese SAPterm 2002 Hi David, You can get the SAPTerm 2002
Terminology Database. It costs about 40
Euro. Please visit: Once there,
click on: Our Company > SAP Shop > SAP Knowledge
sandhya Oct 13, 2006 suggestions Suggestions: minimum rate, no multiple profiles At the risk of sounding repetitive.... [quote]Rosa Maria Duenas Rios
wrote: [quote] Dyran Altenburg wrote: Let
me give you an example of a setup that works just
fine without mentioning any rates:
ATA. [/quote] ..
sandhya Sep 9, 2006 suggestions Suggestions: minimum rate, no multiple profiles My 5 cents from the Eastern world! Hi, I am from India and many of us here
appreciate the efforts of In fact, it is
funny....but some translators even flaunt
membership to Proz as proof of skills :-) I
sandhya Sep 9, 2006
Off topic How long have you been in the business? Great survey - my answers! Hi, Here are my answers 1) Do you work as a
translator full time or part time? - Full
time 2) If you also have a part time job do you
envisage one day switching to full time
sandhya Sep 2, 2006
Money matters How can an Asian translator survive in the West? Translation is a business Hi Zhuoqi, I fully understand what you are
experiencing. Some of us in India are faced with
the same situation. My suggestions, at the risk
of sounding repetitive: 1) Join an
sandhya Jul 5, 2006
Trados support Can SDL Trados 2006 and Trados 6.5.5 cohabit? Can SDL Trados 2006 and Trados 6.5.5 cohabit? Hi, At present I use Trados 6.5.5 and MS Office
2000 under Windows 2000. I recently bought SDL
Trados 2006, but have yet to install it. Now, a
client would like me to work with SD
sandhya Jun 17, 2006
Business issues In continuation...... Educate the client! Hi Chinmayi, I encountered a couple of similar
clients when I first entered the translation
industry 15 years ago. This gentleman was the
Director of a large company, a highly educated
sandhya Mar 20, 2006
Trados support Upgrade from Trados 6.5.5 - URGENT HELP! Thanks Thank you Susanne, Ralf, I have my
answer! cheers Sandhya
sandhya Mar 10, 2006
Trados support Upgrade from Trados 6.5.5 - URGENT HELP! freelance Hi Ralf, sorry, I forgot to mention that. It
is freelance edition 6.5.5. But, I guess you
are right, I need to buy the combo pack,
eh? thanks sandhya [quote]Ralf Lemster
sandhya Mar 10, 2006
Trados support Upgrade from Trados 6.5.5 - URGENT HELP! Upgrade from Trados 6.5.5 - URGENT HELP! Hi, I would like to upgrade from Trados 6.5.5.
to Trados 7.1 (or whichever is the latest
version). However, when I visit their website, I
can't seem to find Trados 7.1. Everywhere it s
sandhya Mar 10, 2006
Money matters Why would a French agency be looking for translators in India??? does low rate = low quality and high rate = high quality? Hi to the international community of
translators.... isn't that what we are? A
community that transcends physical, geographical
limits, borders and boundaries? When we accept the
sandhya Nov 25, 2005
CAT Tools Technical Help Sofitissimo What kind of tool is it? Hi Ritu, Are you sure the software you bought
is a CAT tool and not a machine translation tool?
According to the description on the sofittissimo
website Reverso (I assume this is the na
sandhya Oct 24, 2005
Money matters Immediate payment without feedback from client Quality is priority Number 1 Hi Deependra, As some of the others have
suggested, it is better to put this down to bad
experience and to learn something veryyyyy
important from it - Quality comes first, then all
sandhya Sep 26, 2005
Translation Theory and Practice Do you have to be physically strong to be a translator? .. and mentally too! Hi, I agree with Edward. Lifting dictionaries
has proven to be good for my arms, don't need real
weights:-) But, the thrill and joy I get by
turning the pages of a paper dictionary is
sandhya Aug 20, 2005
Translator resources Multilingual SAP glossaries? SAP terminology from SAP Hi, You can try to buy a SAP multilingual
terminology on CD at 1) Go to: Our
Company > SAP Shop > SAP Knowledge Shop 2) In
this Shop, go to: General > Others (Select SAP
sandhya Apr 27, 2005
Money matters Invoicing - what to do for someone who sends it late? Sometimes late too Hi, I am often late sending out invoices. More
so if the amounts are small. I have a reason: To
save bank charges. As I live in India, many
clients either deduct bank charges from the
sandhya Apr 10, 2005
Money matters Suspicious employer Post negative feedback Hi Pawel, I am sorry to read about your
non-payment experience! While it is true you can
seek legal intervention... however, I must add
that it is longgggg painful process. I am from
sandhya Apr 8, 2005
Translator resources Seeking DE/EN Windows Glossary Computer Fachwoerter von Microsoft Hi Christina, Check out (or
any other Verlag!). Microsoft offers a computer
dictionary (GermanEnglish), comes with a CD-ROM.
Cost is ca. 35 Euro. Perhaps this
sandhya Jan 31, 2005
Trados support Word table cell has no end of paragraph: orphans segments I face same problem Hi, What a coincidence, I was translating
tables using Trados here, and facing almost the
same problem. When I translate a row, both the
target and source appear in the document, as
sandhya Jan 29, 2005
Powwow organizers Powwow Organizers or verified ID members planning to attend them - Help us! ID verification for Prozians from India Hi, Yes, I am a verifier now. You are right
Parrot, I applied late, as this facility was
pointed out to me later by a fellow Prozian. I
received the authority several days after the
sandhya Jan 17, 2005

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