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ForumTopicTitleTextPosterTime Translator Coop Announcing a new "What I am working on" feature Is there a way to extract this list or get this connected with our other websites? Hi guys, I have not done a great deal of
research for this feature but I was wondering if
there is a way to extract this list of daily tasks
to use in other websites or connect this fea
Argyro Alykatora Jun 10, 2020 Translator Coop The state of the linguist supply chain: a CSA report on translators and interpreters in 2020 Some mixed feelings... Glad to see many linguists still take pride in our
profession which has always been quite
well-respected. Pride cannot feed is
obvious many of us are facing financial problems
Argyro Alykatora Feb 27, 2020
SDL Trados support Bad Parameter error at Idiom WorldServer Desktop Workbench 9.0.1 Thanks... for following-up on this Joseph. Very useful tips,
I will put them into practice and will let you
know! All the best, Ero
Argyro Alykatora Aug 28, 2012
Powwows Powwow: Athens - Greece I will be there! And I can't wait to meet you all. Until tonight
then, Ero
Argyro Alykatora Aug 14, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you accept jobs with formatting issues (.ppt, .doc with images, PDF, etc)? Yes, I do sometimes but I have to say that I am amazed at the response
I get from my clients when I tell them there is a
surcharge...Most of them will indeed go out of
their way to find an editable version or
Argyro Alykatora Jun 21, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: Which demand most often excludes you from jobs for which you would otherwise qualify? Rates... and more specifically minimum rates..noone wants
to pay them anymore despite the increase of the
100-word assignment!
Argyro Alykatora Jun 6, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: With which file format do you most prefer to work? As long as it's not a PDF file... all editable file formats will do. PDF files
usually require a lot of processing after
conversion for which I often find that clients are
not willing to pay.
Argyro Alykatora Jun 5, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: What role has popular culture (movies, TV, books) played in you learning your acquired language? big role...especially music and movies! Living in Greece means that all films, TV series
etc. have subtitles and you get to hear the actual
voice and language of the people involved (wow did
I get to appreciate that when I moved
Argyro Alykatora May 11, 2012
SDL Trados support Bad Parameter error at Idiom WorldServer Desktop Workbench 9.0.1 Well thanks... it's good to know that I am not doing something
wrong! Just in case this happens to anyone else
and they don't have much time left, I exported the
file in segments (.txt file) and used the
Argyro Alykatora Apr 4, 2012
SDL Trados support Bad Parameter error at Idiom WorldServer Desktop Workbench 9.0.1 Hi there, I am translating an xlz kit into
Greek, I have finished the file and tried to run a
spellcheck. It starts alright but half-way through
it gets stuck and I get a Bad Parameter<
Argyro Alykatora Apr 4, 2012
Translation in the UK Working in the UK Freelance or inhouse? Like noted by fellow colleagues, if you are
looking for freelance work, there is no difference
if you live in London, as nowadays most of the
activities are carried online (apart possibly
Argyro Alykatora Nov 9, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: According to your own experience, in which months do you receive less work? Agree with Cristina I am usually very busy in the summer. Last year
September was slow, this year October has been
slow. I guess it depends on the market you
specialize in.
Argyro Alykatora Oct 31, 2011
Social networking Invitations in/to social media: Stop the nonsense please! There are settings to help you avoid that Hi Tomas (sorry for the lack of accent), I was
actually looking into that today in LinkedIn, I
have been receiving about 15 emails per day from
groups, invitations etc. You can go into
Argyro Alykatora Oct 5, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you take on proofreading assignments? Sometimes I have to say no... as I find myself having to rewrite the whole thing
and clean up after somebody else's mess...I do not
consider this to be among the tasks of
proofreaders!Every time before accepting a
Argyro Alykatora Sep 14, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you have health insurance? Yes In Greece the public health system is an absolute
disgrace (long waits, disrespectful staff, shabby
buildings most of the times lacking necessary
equipment etc.) and many people opt for th
Argyro Alykatora Aug 11, 2011 training Expanding your translation business Have you recorded this session? Hi Lucia, I was wondering if there is a recorded
video of this session that we could
access? Thanks in advance! Best Regards, Argyro
Argyro Alykatora Jul 26, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: Have you ever felt down as a result of working alone all the time? Everyone does Even people who work in offices, feel lonely at
times I assure you! You can share a small office
with a friend translator or check out coworking
places that are available all over Europe.
Argyro Alykatora Jun 14, 2011
Business issues Atrocious Payment Terms - 90 Days? They can't have it all! So they want to pay reasonable rates and in three
months? I agree with Jabberwock. Increase your
rate and then maybe they will think about it
twice. It's like urgent jobs on a Friday
Argyro Alykatora May 5, 2011
Money matters Two recent instances of questionable conduct Got the same offers I "gladly" received both offers from same
companies and had two different approaches
depending on the time I had on each respective
day: With regard to the first offer, I pressed
Argyro Alykatora Apr 14, 2011
Greek ΑΠΙΣΤΕΥΤΟ... Το έλαβα κι εγώ! Έλαβα κι εγώ αυτό το μήνυμα
από το εν λόγω γραφείο. Εγώ
συνεργάζομαι μαζί τους εδώ
και αρκετό καιρό, όχι<
Argyro Alykatora Mar 24, 2011
Greek Τα επαγγέλματα με τις καλύτερες προοπτικές για το 2011 Πηγή:
id=2&pubid=98621161 Της Κατερίνας
Κοσμά kosma@pegasus.
gr Φυσιοθεραπευτές,
Argyro Alykatora Feb 18, 2011
Being independent How to deal with loneliness People get lonely in offices too When I first went freelance, getting lonely was
one of my biggest worries, as I am a very social
person. Discussing it with colleagues who work
in-house, they often claimed loneliness even
Argyro Alykatora Feb 16, 2011
Business issues What happens when you see a translation test in internet forums? Yes I agree with Philip Even more now that some translators will gain a
client based on the results of the test, i.e. make
money out of it. I don't believe it happens that
often in EN-EL either, but I would point
Argyro Alykatora Feb 10, 2011
Business issues What happens when you see a translation test in internet forums? Thanks for your contributions! I certainly agree, nobody could or should know
everything and this forum is certainly most
helpful to that end. I myself have found it useful
on a number of occasions. Here, we are not tal
Argyro Alykatora Feb 10, 2011
Business issues What happens when you see a translation test in internet forums? So you receive a test from a new client and then
you see a million questions on that test in
translation forums on the Internet. I thought
tests were supposed to prove your competency and<
Argyro Alykatora Feb 10, 2011
Being independent How can we deal with bad manner proofreader Agree with Tomas I think we have all experienced this situation on
a number of cases. Use points of reference or
style guides provided by the client or even
acknowledged dictionaries and grammar books in
Argyro Alykatora Feb 8, 2011
Internet for translators Profile hits by Microsoft I agree with Laurent As Suzan already pointed out, it does not indeed
help at all to see that they visited my profile.
Can give you the option to filter them
Argyro Alykatora Dec 14, 2010
Internet for translators Profile hits by Microsoft How can I stop it? Thank you all for your suggestions. I am not
really sure but what if I could restrict their IP
in some way? Is that possible? I am really annoyed
by this, especially if I think that they a
Argyro Alykatora Dec 10, 2010
Internet for translators Profile hits by Microsoft In the past two weeks, I have noticed increased
hits on my profile in by a Microsoft IP
in Redmond, Washington as well as New York. I
searched in the Internet and found some simil
Argyro Alykatora Dec 10, 2010
Money matters Gullible People: translators who fall victim to non-paying agencies I agree with Tomas What a nerve these poor rated companies have to
still post jobs, I always wonder!! Is it because
they know that someone will still apply? Ban
poor-rated companies YES, but what happens to<
Argyro Alykatora Nov 11, 2010
Scams "Systran Software" Scam_BEWARE I received the same Hi Ivan, I was about to put up a post on this
as well, I received exactly the same email and
responded with saying that I need their full
address and contact details, they never wrote b
Argyro Alykatora Nov 5, 2010

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