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SDL Trados support Inserting footnote(s) in SDL Trados Studio 2009 SDL Comments -> MS WOrd Comment -> MS footnotes [quote]SDL_Guillaume wrote: SDL Trados Studio
2015 lets you add comments to your translations
and comments, if added to a Word file, will also
appear in Word. Kind regards, Guilla
Jarosław Zawadzki Jan 23, 2017
Proofreading / Editing / Reviewing Machine Translation Postediting - Translator's views needed not so similar [quote]lai an wrote: Oh? why do you say
that... I have no knowledge of this area, but
as far as I know Chinese and English are
structurally similar. so ... perhaps Chinese would
Jarosław Zawadzki Jun 2, 2009
Polish Dostęp do zawodu tłumacza TP i ich brak brak TP z litewskiego czy innych niepopularnych
jezykow wynika glownie z niskich stawek. Ja nawet
nie probuje sie uprzysiezac
Jarosław Zawadzki Jan 31, 2009
Translator resources Web site proofreading - East Asian Font problem encoding What character encoding has been used for the
file? If it was some specific Japanese encoding
then on a system with locale set to T.Chinese this
thing might happen: it read the Japanese te
Jarosław Zawadzki Dec 5, 2008
Proofreading / Editing / Reviewing Need a good proofreading tool for Latin aspell its not compatible with MSO, but better this than
Jarosław Zawadzki Sep 6, 2008
Proofreading / Editing / Reviewing Need a good proofreading tool for Latin aspell try aspell, they have Esperanto so maybe they have
Latin too :)
Jarosław Zawadzki Sep 6, 2008
Chinese 碰到一个棘手的问题 ,、 用英西方标点符号的话 ',' 和 '、'
Jarosław Zawadzki Jun 27, 2008
Chinese 熬到11点等到这么一个电话,各位看了别上火 很多中国人都看轻外国人 我是住在大陆的一个外国人。我在这
Jarosław Zawadzki Apr 4, 2008
Chinese 我来开个贴吧:做freelancer所能达到的最高职业境界是什么 得看你的語言對是什麽 我在中國大陸做翻譯(自有職業的)
Jarosław Zawadzki Mar 5, 2008
OmegaT support OmegaT creation error the tags thanks, it was the tags :) Jarek Jarosław Zawadzki Feb 24, 2008
OmegaT support OmegaT creation error Hi I got a peculiar problem I have
translated an odt file (converted from doc) and
all went smoothly until I wanted to open the
translated document in OO. OmegaT claimed that the
Jarosław Zawadzki Feb 23, 2008
Wordfast support wordfast and OpenOffice OpenWordfast There is a WF-like macro for OpenOffice, I have
just found
The problem is it does not support unicode :(
So if you work with Polish and
Jarosław Zawadzki Feb 9, 2008
Wordfast support WF for linux ? that's what i thought When I saw the penguin on the WF site, that was
exactly what I hoped for: WF for OO. It would be
great if it happened.
Jarosław Zawadzki Feb 7, 2008
Wordfast support WF for linux ? o, it's crossover I get it it now. But if this can be called WF for
linux then there is MS Offce for Linux as well
:)))) And Adobe Photoshop too as it runs on
Wine... almost. Misuse of the word "supported"
Jarosław Zawadzki Feb 6, 2008
Wordfast support WF for linux ? Have a look at
.html They claim there is WF for linux? I don't
get it. Jarek
Jarosław Zawadzki Feb 6, 2008
Spanish Help needed with adding accents to Spanish text international keyboard driver if you're using windows there is a very nice
solution. Install
this: Installation
instructions: http://www.robins
Jarosław Zawadzki Feb 6, 2008
Literature / Poetry Does this translation conform to the current English poetics? chinese poetics translating from classical Chinese into my mother
tongue (Polish) means writing the poems from
scratch using the Chinese poets ideas. That's the
olny way to get poerty in the outcome. :)
Jarosław Zawadzki Jan 21, 2008
Polish Piszą o nas... trudny zawód? a według mnie tłumaczenie konsekutywne to
czynność bardzo prosta - jeśli tłumacz sie zna
na omawianym zagadnieniu rzecz jasna - ja nie
czuję żadnego stresu ani takich tam. ale moż
Jarosław Zawadzki Dec 3, 2007
Chinese On-line Chinese dictionary dictinaries
Jarosław Zawadzki Aug 13, 2007
Chinese Pronunciation of 铬 and 纤 thanks now i'm clear on that but there is still one
problem left, namely: when I say 鍍鉻 as "duge"
people don't understand, however everything goes
fine when I use the incorrect form as say "d
Jarosław Zawadzki Jul 30, 2007
Chinese Pronunciation of 铬 and 纤 i'm in guangdong Well i used to think that it's Cantonese influence
since i'm in GD, but 鉻 is gok3 in Cantonese, or
maybe they make the same mistake in Cantonese and
say "log"
Jarosław Zawadzki Jul 29, 2007
Chinese Pronunciation of 铬 and 纤 never as xiān? [quote] But it NEVER should be pronounced as
"Xian(1)". [/quote] Well, it is the
dictionary that says 纤维 is xiānwéi, MS
Pinyin IME claims it's xiānwéi as well
Jarosław Zawadzki Jul 29, 2007
Chinese Pronunciation of 铬 and 纤 Pronunciation of 铬 and 纤 Hi All The dictionaries claim that 铬 should
be pronounced "ge" as in 个, but all the Chinese
people I know say "luo" as in 落. Again 纤
in 纤维 is said to be pronounced "xian
Jarosław Zawadzki Jul 29, 2007
Wordfast support what is the current price of WF latest version? rmb you can send RMB out of PRC? I didn't know that.
Theoretically, they should accept RMB since the
currency is exchangable in many countries
(exluding Continental China of course), but htey<
Jarosław Zawadzki Jul 15, 2007
Money matters average rates in China (ENG - FRA) euro? [quote]0,45-0,5 €/source word. [/quote] I
guess you mean 0.45-0.5 RMB :) that would make
Jarosław Zawadzki Jun 26, 2007
Polish Tylko dla techników! (bo dla nie-techników będzie nudne, że aż zieeeeew.....) slownik co ciekawe w słowniku obrazkowym oxforda nie
można znaleźć klucza inbusowego, w słowniku
technicznym wnt też nie ma takiego hasła -
przynjamniej w wersji komputerowej którą
Jarosław Zawadzki Jun 25, 2007
Chinese Best writing system for Chinese in North America MS-Word has a function to convert Well, provided that the "Chinese translation"
funtion is installed and the user knows it exists,
which is often not the case :(.
Jarosław Zawadzki Jun 14, 2007
Money matters Should I stop working with outsourcers in China or India? The rates The rates/salaries/wages in China are low, not
only for translators but for all sorts of
employees and especially workers. EUR 0.04 per
word (or Chinese character) is very common here.
Jarosław Zawadzki Mar 28, 2007
Translation Article Knowledgebase Article: Major misperceptions about traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese it's not a hk/tw diference the examples of tc as used in hk and tw that you
are presenting are not at issue since they
represent the words of two different languages:
Tawanese Standard Mandarin and Hong Kong
Jarosław Zawadzki Mar 14, 2007

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