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Poll Discussion Poll: If you had to compare translation, to which of these activities would it come closest? You are so right, Christine Andersen! [quote]Christine Andersen wrote: I do sometimes
compare it to water-colour painting,
[/quote] It is like copying a master piece with
different shades of colors in a way that gives
Rocio Barrientos Apr 2, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Have you ever asked another user on a date? Happy Valentine's day you all.... There are many friendships that develop through
proz, usually with people you never meet, but you
get to "know them" and you care for them. They
become part of your "Translation Village" o
Rocio Barrientos Feb 13, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: What do you do against cold hands while typing or doing mouse work? Alpaca cut-off mittens Living in Bolivia has its advantages. I love my
fingerless mittens Happy 😊 translating 😊
Rocio Barrientos Oct 30, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: In your country, is translation considered one of the most respectable fields of study? Please I would like to hear from the "yes" colleagues.... and where they are from... in order to consider
moving (just kidding) Have a wonderful
day :)
Rocio Barrientos Apr 13, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you lament the loss of languages? Yes! Losing a language is losing a culture! Rocio Barrientos Jan 26, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Have you ever studied to improve your typing skills? Yep! [quote]Parrot wrote: One of a working mom's
ideas of a summer programme. I cheated -
couldn't help looking at the keyboard. But on the
whole I passed. The following summers were more
Rocio Barrientos Jan 14, 2016
Spanish Sad news for the Spanish ProZ community My fellow T-bird... Very sad news indeed. Henry went to Thunderbird
for his master's. The same school I attended, a
very international, state-of- the- science
institution for International Business. He
Rocio Barrientos Dec 26, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: In general, do you think that all translators have certain characteristics in common? Yep! [quote]Texte Style wrote: I suppose most have a
pretty good command of at least one foreign
language? [/quote] We must (we should? lol)
speak and write AT LEAST two languages
Rocio Barrientos Dec 22, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: How often do you get distracted while working? Yes! [quote]Mario Freitas wrote: Very often was my
answer. That's why I chose to work late at night,
where the answer changes to very rarely.
[/quote] Totally agree, I am a night owl to
Rocio Barrientos Dec 20, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Could you have completed your last project without an Internet connection? Ditto, aswell [quote]Teresa Borges wrote: [quote]Mary Worby
wrote: I could have completed the translation
but not returned it.
[/quote] [/quote] Translating is not the
problem, but deli
Rocio Barrientos Nov 25, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: What do you do when a glossary provided by your client contains wrong translations? Same here [quote]José Henrique Lamensdorf wrote: The
worst is when the client provides a multilingual
glossary and, not only I find
mistranslations/mistakes in Portuguese, but also
in other
Rocio Barrientos Oct 2, 2015 suggestions Black ribbon for late colleagues. Nicole Schnell - Witty writing When I heard here about Nicole's departure, I
remembered one poll answer she wrote, back then, I
contacted her to tell her how much I enjoyed it
and that I laughed and laughed. I will
Rocio Barrientos Jan 31, 2015 suggestions Black ribbon for late colleagues. I agree with Henry [quote]Henry Hinds wrote: Yes, I've heard
nothing recently from some of the colleagues
mentioned, and I miss their voices here. It is sad
to learn they have departed from this world. It
Rocio Barrientos Jan 30, 2015 suggestions Black ribbon for late colleagues. I don't think there are black ribbons for everyone who has passed on Two colleagues have died recently: Terry Burguess
and Salvador Lozano (Sal Loz). I don't know if
someone wrote a "little something" about them at, and what is the status of th
Rocio Barrientos Jan 30, 2015
Spanish Uso de "usted" o "tú" en cursos en línea en Latinoamérica ¡Sí señor! [quote]Walter Landesman wrote: Para profesores
universitarios creo que corresponde guardar las
mínimas normas de respeto y cortesía entre
colegas que incluye el usted. El tú implica
Rocio Barrientos Oct 4, 2014
Poll Discussion Poll: Are you proud of your profession? Yes.... [quote]Yaotl Altan wrote: Yes, we are the
bridge among cultures. [/quote] This is
something I say all the time, I will go even
further... we are bridges among souls... I
Rocio Barrientos Jul 29, 2014 contests - discussion of competition in specific pairs Discussion about Poetry with a tune: "Translation of Lyrics" in English to Spanish Keep up the good work! This kind of competitions are
fun. Congratulations to the winner, and ProZ
please keep up the good work! Please provide this
kind of fun activities. It would be nice to see
poetry rel
Rocio Barrientos Feb 13, 2014
Poll Discussion Poll: Which operating system do you use? Thank you for the info! [quote]DLyons wrote: Support ends on April 8,
2014. Windows 8.1 is now out and that's better
than the original dreadful Windows 8. [/quote]
Rocio Barrientos Oct 28, 2013
Poll Discussion Poll: How often do you go above and beyond the call of duty in your work? Above and Beyond I understand by "above and beyond" to go "the
extra mile" so my answer is always, I always try
to give the client more value, and help him/her in
any way I can.
Rocio Barrientos Aug 19, 2013
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you suffer from various aches and pains resulting from prolonged computer use? Fingerless gloves [quote]anna purna wrote: I'm interested in your
fingerless gloves, Lucy! How does this help

[Edited at 2013-02-13 10:01 GMT]
[/quote] I have some that do not have
Rocio Barrientos Feb 13, 2013 Translator Coop KudoZ term help system reaches 3 million questions asked Congrats! Kudos to Kudoz :) Rocio Barrientos Feb 8, 2013
Poll Discussion Poll: Would you say that it's difficult to be a freelancer in the country in which you live? Within the culture in which I live... more than the country in which I live Hopefully people will catch on about the fact
that "not going to work" does not mean "not
Rocio Barrientos Jan 4, 2013
SDL Trados support Trados 2007 Toolbar disappears in WORD 2007 Thank you thank you thank you [quote]roak wrote: I went to WORD options > Add
Ins and found that TRADOS8.dotm has been disabled.
It was only a question of enabling that file,
which I did and all was well once again.
Rocio Barrientos Dec 3, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: How many of your clients have you met in person? Fun indeed! [quote]Julian Holmes wrote: It adds to the fun
and enjoyment of translation. [/quote] I have
a question for you. What about women translators?
Do they have to go through the same dr
Rocio Barrientos Oct 19, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: I prefer that my clients call me by... Anything but not Mr. or Mister! The fact that my name ends on an "O" brings about
many confusions... and I have been called Mr.
Barrientos more than once. The instance that I
recall with amusement is the one where som
Rocio Barrientos Jul 31, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: Have you studied an ancient language? Would Quechua count as an "ancient" language? If yes, the answer is affirmative. If no, the
answer is negative. :) Rocío
Rocio Barrientos Nov 2, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: What is your greatest motivation as a freelancer? Other: the possibility of being a "stay at home" mom Hi, I feel/think my teenagers need me at home,
but they also need a mom who works and produces
income, so being a feelancer allows me to be both:
the stay at home mom my kids need and
Rocio Barrientos Oct 3, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you use coined words you have come up with? In marketing, creative writing, etc.... I believe many of us have to "coin" words. In
my opinion language is a living organism, the same
as culture, and adding, evolving, creating,
mixing, adopting etc. terms it is something
Rocio Barrientos Sep 10, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: Which is the weirdest place where you've ever worked on a translation/interpretation job? Ditto [quote]Cristina Heraud-van Tol wrote: At a
legal wedding. She, Peruvian, didn't speak a word
of English; he, American, didn't speak a word of
Spanish but yes, they loved each other! The
Rocio Barrientos Aug 31, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: Which is the weirdest place where you've ever worked on a translation/interpretation job? Hospital [quote]Interlangue wrote: In a hospital room, .
[/quote] Last week my mom had a health problem
and I worked on my laptop at a clinic; however,
concentrating (even inside a quiet room
Rocio Barrientos Aug 31, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you have different personalities depending on the language you are speaking? Interesting question... I can be more direct and to the point when I speak
English, my kids used to say when they were little
(in Spanish) "mom is speaking in English to us,
she is really mad". :) Have a go
Rocio Barrientos Aug 22, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: Have you ever bartered your services for something else you needed/wanted? Question.... [quote]Dave Bindon wrote: I translated a
bar-restaurant's menu for 30 pints of beer :)
[/quote] Did you translate the menu before or
after you drank the 30 pints? LOL :) :)
Rocio Barrientos Jun 27, 2011
SDL Trados support Search/Replace in tageditor 7 build 615 Thank you! [quote]Sharon Toh wrote: I chanced upon this
thread while searching for a solution to this same
problem. It really saved my time by a lot :)

[Edited at 2010-03-28 13:01 GMT]
Rocio Barrientos Jun 26, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: How would you describe the process of looking up very hard-to-find words/terms? Agree! [quote]Caroline T. wrote: and time-consumig and
part of the job. All three really but I always
find it enjoyable to discover new words, words
that I will never ever encounter/use/see
Rocio Barrientos May 21, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you think translators in general dislike working in teams? Personally.... I love working in teams! Have a wonderful day
everyone :)
Rocio Barrientos May 19, 2011
SDL Trados support (352575064) can't process rtf format (when select Translate...or Analyse) This forum is a life saver Thank you so much to all of you for your
help! The Alt F8 solution worked for me, I will
worry about creating a winalign tm
later.... Thank you, thank you, thank
you Rocío
Rocio Barrientos May 8, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you work during public holidays? 95% of us voted either "yes" or "it depends" Interesting figure by all means :). What do you
think? Happy Eastern!
Rocio Barrientos Apr 24, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: How important is it for a translator to have the trait of curiosity? Agree 100% [quote]Dave Bindon wrote: I'm stopping short of
saying 'vital', because I can imagine that some
translators only work in a very limited field with
a vocabulary that barely changes.
Rocio Barrientos Apr 9, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: How many languages does/do your child/children speak? Spanish, German, English and a bit of Aymara Hello, I have 2 kids LD 18 & Stefie 15, both
of them speak Spanish (because it is our native
language), German (because their father is German,
and they go to a German School), Englis
Rocio Barrientos Mar 8, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: When you find (a) typo(s) in the source text, do you warn your client? I consider it part of my job Hi, I do it most of the time. Generally the
clients send their thank yous through the PMs, or
directly if they are direct clients. I
really do feel it is something that adds to
Rocio Barrientos Feb 2, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: Are you happy with your job? Ditto [quote]Adnan Özdemir wrote: I am very happy
with my job. I am the boss, my own boss. Via
tech., I can working from/to everywhere (maybe
from luna too) :D I love it. Very very
Rocio Barrientos Jan 25, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you ever feel lonely/isolated as a translator/interpreter? Yes... I miss co-workers, I miss an office environment,
with small talk and board meetings, I even miss
driving to work :), and having to dress-up every
day, etc. On the other hand, freelancin
Rocio Barrientos Jan 10, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you think your income will increase in 2011? I am with Livia :) [quote]Livia D'Ettorre wrote: I can't be sure,
but I certainly hope so! ;-) [/quote] I do too!
Rocio Barrientos Dec 6, 2010
Spanish (32): Error en clean up ¡Muchas gracias! La conversión a RTF me salvó Rocio Barrientos Nov 3, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: How old were you when you bought/were given your first bilingual paper dictionary? 6 years old A beautiful pocket size German-Spanish Spanish
-German dictionary as I attended a catholic German
school (it was run by catholic nuns who taught us
to bow when greeting someone... my kids
Rocio Barrientos Oct 23, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: You made a glossary, your client wants it. Do you charge for it? I agree with Jennifer [quote]Jennifer Baldwin wrote: All of your
costs of doing business should be included in your
translation rate, so slapping on an extra charge
for glossaries is a bit silly, in my
Rocio Barrientos Oct 20, 2010
SDL Trados support Error 80005 occured when open a .doc file with TagEditor Thank you, thank you!! Thank you to everyone the trick editing the file
in trados worked, I was scared to death while
doing it :) It does work! wow thank you again!!
Rocio Barrientos Oct 19, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: As a freelancer, how do you feel most of the time? With Robert and M.E.W. and the rest :) all of you have explained many of the
dychotomies of freelancing perfectly! Have a
nice weekend everyone :) Rocío

at 2010-10-15 19:37 GMT]
Rocio Barrientos Oct 15, 2010 virtual conferences Virtual conference for freelancers (2010) Good event.... Dear Parrot, I thought I was doing something
wrong, and I was not able to figure out how to go
from one place to the other, I guess I was not the
only one having problems. Once I arr
Rocio Barrientos Oct 1, 2010
SDL Trados support The target document cannot be created because the tag structure in the TagEditor document is invalid Saving in DOC, plus new TTX [quote]Marie-Claude Falardeau wrote: try to go
back to your original file and create a new TTX.
Marie-Claude [/quote] Hi, I am posting
just in case my comment can help anyone
Rocio Barrientos Aug 16, 2010

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