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SDL Trados support GroupShare has anyone tried it? Overpriced [quote]Scriptor wrote: We are also curious
about GroupShare. But it looks as if no one has
tried it, or at least no one willing to admit it
here. Also could find no independent reviews
Erik Matson Jun 18, 2013
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you accept requests for urgent projects? "Urgent Projects" "Urgent Projects"?? Is there any other kind? ;) Erik Matson May 27, 2013
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you think social networks work for translators? LinkedIn Hi Julian- I totally agree with you -
[quote]As Mary says, social networks - as
their name implies - are for hanging out with the
crowd or "socializing" and not for getting work.
Erik Matson Feb 20, 2013
Poll Discussion Poll: When you tell someone who's not in the business that you're a translator, how do they react? "Not sexy" - LOL LOL@Julian!! [quote]Julian Holmes wrote: I
have learnt that telling people at parties that
you're a technical translator is not sexy at all
and will not get you a babe on each arm. S
Erik Matson Nov 11, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: Did you grow up in a bilingual household? Bilingual household for me, "trilingual" for my son. I'm born in Norway, my mother is Norwegian, and my
father is British. He quickly learned to speak and
understand Norwegian, but when I was two years old
we moved to California and I stayed
Erik Matson Jul 20, 2012
Translation news Linguists capture final days of dying language Thanks Thanks for this interesting article! :D Erik Matson Jul 13, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: After not translating for some time, do you ever forget your translation style? Always translating Same here [quote]Jose Arnoldo
Rodriguez-Carrington wrote: [quote]neilmac
wrote: Sorry, am not familiar with the notion
of "not translating for some time". The longest I
ever s
Erik Matson Jun 28, 2012
Translation news Google takes a stand for endangered languages Excellent Good story by Romina, great initiative by Google!
Erik Matson Jun 25, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: Would you prefer to live in your source language or target language country? Target USA vs. Norway ... after almost 20 years in the
United States, I've had enough and choose

[Edited at 2012-06-25 15:35 GMT]
Erik Matson Jun 25, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: Have you ever worked on a translation project that made you smile? Of course [quote]Mary Worby wrote: If your work never
makes you smile, you're in the wrong job!
[/quote] thoughts EXACTLY!! :)
Erik Matson Jun 16, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: With which file format do you most prefer to work? TTX I can accept and work with any and all formats
(thanks, SDL), however I primarily specialize in
technical translations, and prefer to work with
TTX. There is a very good reason why this
Erik Matson Jun 5, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: How many days off do you take per year for vacations? > 30 Work hard, play hard! I usually try to avoid
Norwegian winters altogether. Thanks to the
professional freedom of being a freelancer, I
decide WHEN and WHERE I work. I usually spend a
Erik Matson May 15, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: What percent of your available work time is booked? 110% The demand for Norwegian translations doesn't ever
seem to diminish. I accept enough jobs to fill all
my designated working hours, and then some...
I need to turn down enough projects
Erik Matson May 14, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: What is the largest number of words you have ever translated in one day? Too many zeroes? [quote]Hipyan Nopri wrote: Working on a local
translation order all day long starting from 5:00
am until 5:00 pm for US$0.0000680605 per
word. It is my first day of going
Erik Matson Apr 29, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: How did you choose your field(s) of expertise? Answer: Many of the above... Multiple specialties, based on all of the
following: Previous career Education in
field Hobbies/interests To meet the demands of
clients Because it pays well
Erik Matson Apr 25, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: Which PDF converter do you prefer? Nitro PDF PRO with OCR [quote]dasein_wm wrote: I have used some of the
applications listed in the poll responses in the
past with varying levels of quality and
satisfaction. Now I just use my PDF program to
Erik Matson Feb 24, 2012
SDL Trados support Google Translator not working in Studio Looking forward to your fix [quote]Patrick Porter wrote: I hope to submit a
version supporting both Studio 2011 and 2009, as
well as a fix for supporting Norwegian, some time
next week.

[Edited at 2011-12
Erik Matson Dec 4, 2011
Scams SCAM warning: David Baker Secret Shopper® Time to close this? [quote]Alejandro Cavalitto
wrote: Hello, Thanks everyone for using the
forum to raise awareness about scams. I see that profiles are involved in this particular
scam. Si
Erik Matson Dec 1, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: Which of these will you invest in over the next 12 months? All of the above Over the course of a year I will most certainly
spend money in all mentioned categories, starting
with renewal of my membership.
Erik Matson Nov 28, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you think clients consider age an important parameter when assigning a project to a translator? No, don't think so. [quote]Mary Worby wrote: I think a lot of the
time a client or project manager would not be
aware of a translator's age. I have, though, had a
couple of projects recently where I've sug
Erik Matson Sep 1, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you also teach? No, but I'd like to I answered "No, but I'd like to" because I haven't
done any serious teaching on a long-term
basis. Hover, I've done some informal teaching
when it comes to helping people get started as
Erik Matson Aug 31, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: To you, what's most important in life? Family I can't recall ever selecting a multiple choice
answer so quickly before. This was an easy
question to answer: Family! Since family is my
top priority, work/career, health, money, etc.
Erik Matson Aug 7, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: Moneybookers or PayPal? PayPal for any SMALL (less than 100 USD) amount PayPal is so expensive it is ridiculous. I will
only accept it for very small jobs, for clients
who I don't work for regularly. A 50 dollar
deposit here and there is fine, and turns out
Erik Matson Sep 25, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: What time do you normally finish your working day? (your local time) Nocturnal freelancer [quote]Gillian Searl wrote: And since I start
before most people are awake I'm finished
before most people... [/quote] And since I
start after most people have gone to sleep, I too
Erik Matson Aug 6, 2010
Translation news Attackers abuse Facebook's translation application leveraged [quote]philgoddard wrote: I've just worked out
what this word means, as in "The attack leveraged
the power of crowdsourcing" . It means "used".
[/quote] :o
Erik Matson Aug 1, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: Can you type without watching the keyboard? Perfect touch-typing skills [quote]Tina Colquhoun wrote: Does anyone even
vet these polls? Spelling? Hardly a great
advertisement for language specialists... :(
[/quote] Perhaps the most valuable skill I to
Erik Matson Jul 8, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: Have you ever suffered from "burnout"? Yes Packed up my office (computer) and went to
Thailand where I took a month off, after which I
went back to business working from there. The low
cost of living and the natural beauty of the p
Erik Matson Jul 4, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you have a yet to be fulfilled professional dream? ProZ was my dream come true. I realized many of my business dreams just three
days after becoming a full member of this
wonderful website: being my own boss, running my
own business from my computer, being free to
Erik Matson Jun 28, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: By how much has the use of CAT tools increased your translation productivity? More than 50% I am shocked to see how many "translators" don't
have/use CAT-tools. Must be "hobby translators"!
;) I was very reluctant to spend hundreds of
dollars on my first Trados license, but it
Erik Matson Jun 21, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: What is the one recommendation you would make for increasing translator productivity? Specialize and CAT-tools Specializing is absolutely vital. But for
productivity, choosing the right CAT-tool (or
other software) for the job is the most important
thing. Learn all about the various features of
Erik Matson Jun 16, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you refuse jobs just because you don't feel like doing them? YES Often, almost every day. Thanks to, I
have the luxry of doing just that - pick and
choose what I work on, and for who. Of course, for
steady, long-term clients I am much more r
Erik Matson Jun 9, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: What percentage of your clients are international clients (outside your country of residence)? 100% I made it a habit to not take on domestic clients
for various reasons, but largely for tax reasons
(VAT). Also, one of the things I enjoy most about
being a freelance translator is the glo
Erik Matson Jun 7, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you find text reading software useful for your work in any way? Good news is that such software has become QUITE good [quote]ricardonhorta wrote: This sounds a bit
like turning gasoline into water. I'm sure it
can be useful in certain situations, but a
software that could **accurately** convert spok
Erik Matson Jun 6, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you find text reading software useful for your work in any way? NO [quote]Patricia Rosas wrote: I used to use
Cepstral voices (which are wonderful!) and a tool
to "read aloud" in XP (don't recall now what it
was exactly), but Microsoft removed it in Wo
Erik Matson Jun 5, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: When you are doing research for a translation/ term, do you get side-tracked? I'm with the 56%...sometimes But excellent question...I liked this poll! Erik Matson May 28, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: Is the global crisis hitting you harder this year? Thankfully, not at all While the recession has not affected my business
much at all, it was noticeable this time last year
(for about three months - June, July and August,
2009). I am happy to report that thi
Erik Matson May 26, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: How often do you outsource work to other translators? Never I selected "Never" as an answer because this is
the option that most closely describes my history
of outsourcing. However, I wish "almost never" had
been an option, because this is the cas
Erik Matson Mar 22, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you employ the services of an accountant/financial advisor? I would like to This is definitely something I have been
considering, and am in need of more and more for
every word I translate, and every Euro I
earn. Nice poll by the way!
Erik Matson Mar 10, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you think the social prestige of translators is high? No To answer the question, no. To elaborate, neither
high nor low. I feel that this poll had a poor
choice of multiple choice answer options because
they are ambiguous. I don't know why,
Erik Matson Mar 9, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: How many new clients have you worked for so far in the first quarter of 2010? 7 new clients. [quote]Henry D wrote: [quote]Tomás Cano
Binder, CT wrote: I am wondering about the
reasoning of the poll. What is the meaning behind
the poll and what answer is "good" or "bad"?
Erik Matson Mar 9, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: Which kind of dictionaries do you prefer to use? INDEED!! [quote]diana bb wrote: [quote]Philippe Etienne
wrote: The dictionary I prefer is the one that
answers my query. The packaging is
secondary. Philippe [/quote] All
Erik Matson Mar 4, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: Which kind of dictionaries do you prefer to use? All of the above What kind of dictionaries do I prefer to use?
- Well, for translating, I usually prefer
bilingual ones. However, occasionally I use a
monolingual one just to find definitions or
Erik Matson Mar 4, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: What role have original version films, TV or music played for you in learning languages? comments It is great that youths these learn English from
music, television, internet and the likes (if it
weren't for hip-hop, I'd be speaking to my wife
only in Thai), but I totally agree with An
Erik Matson Feb 7, 2010

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