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Powwows Powwow: Trieste - Italy Mercoledì 7 novembre Ciao a tutte/i, purtroppo non sono più sicura
della mia partecipazione. Fatemi sapere la data
precisa appena possibile. Grazie e a

[Edited at 2018-10-24 21:38
Cristina Munari Oct 19, 2018
Poll Discussion Poll: Would you recommend new translators to translate on a pro-bono basis? No My answer is completely different. I offered my
services in the past to a few NGO's looking for
volunteer translators in my language and never got
answered. I had my clients, I was only wi
Cristina Munari Oct 29, 2013
Poll Discussion Poll: Is your income higher or lower compared to when you were not a freelancer? Well said [quote]Mike Sadler wrote: I earn about a half
of what I did when I was the vice principal of a
large secondary school with one particular
additional stress (my relationship with my boss
Cristina Munari Nov 4, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: Would you reduce your price if a client was particularly friendly/pleasant? Other [quote]Thayenga wrote: [quote]Noni Gilbert
wrote: If the client was particularly
unfriendly/unpleasant, I definitely wouldn't
contemplate any price reductions. [/quote] In
Cristina Munari Jul 5, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you keep hard copies of all the invoices you issue? Print them [quote]dasein_wm wrote: You do or you don't.
Maybe some people don't invoice? I said yes
because I am required to in Italy. And of course I
always do what I am required to. :roll:
Cristina Munari May 10, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you take any supplements to boost your mental activity? Eleutherococcus senticosus I usually take Siberian ginseng and/or natural bee
pollen in spring, and I drink tea
regularly. Siiberian ginseng seems to boost
mental activity and is a good supplement for
women. A
Cristina Munari Apr 17, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you proofread your translations on paper? No [quote]Jose Arnoldo Rodriguez-Carrington
wrote: [quote]Ty Kendall wrote: To the
32-odd% who answered "Yes"
(sometimes/always)....why aren't you thinking of
the poor trees? :( [
Cristina Munari Feb 20, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: How do you chill out after a hard day's work on a tough translation project? A hot bath AND playing with my cat. Both activities relax
me, and I might take a long walk the following
Cristina Munari Nov 30, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: According to your own experience, in which months do you receive less work? Summer peak Apparently most translators answered that their
slowest months are July and August, when I
personally experience a peak (I usually prefer to
go on holiday in June).
Cristina Munari Oct 31, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: Your top tip for beating wrist pain is: No wrist pain - not yet! [quote]Mary Worby wrote: By which I mean that I
don't have wrist pain, not that I don't have any
top tips. [/quote] We are a lucky bunch!
Cristina Munari Aug 17, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you normally eat lunch at your desk/in front of your computer? No Someone answered that they NEVER have lunch - not
a healthy habit!
Cristina Munari Jun 24, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: How would you describe the process of looking up very hard-to-find words/terms? I voted exciting [quote]Britt D. Laux wrote: :) [/quote] But
it's also time-consuming. Exactly.
Cristina Munari May 20, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: Are you stressed right now? Eustress and distress I find stress stimulating at first and freelancing
involves a lot of positive stress - eustress. When
stress is prolonged it becomes negative stress -
distress, that leads to adrenal gland
Cristina Munari May 16, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: What would you do if you knew that a month from now the Internet would be down for good? I would not believe it [quote]Chun Un wrote: because I would do
nothing at all. If the Internet is down for good,
the world as we know it will be down as well. Why
bother to do anything? Wait and see what
Cristina Munari Sep 7, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you have a yet to be fulfilled professional dream? No, I consider myself professionally fulfilled [quote]Rebekka Groß wrote: :P No, I'm just
happy to do what I'm doing. My dreams are about
other things ;) [/quote] and I agree with
Cristina Munari Jun 28, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: Have you ever stopped working with a client because you just couldn't accept their rates anymore? Overall income [quote]Oliver Lawrence wrote: [quote]Cristina
Munari wrote: Usually agencies accept reasonable
increases. [/quote] That's interesting, because
in a poll I ran not so long ago, only a
Cristina Munari Mar 11, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: Have you ever stopped working with a client because you just couldn't accept their rates anymore? Agree on negotiating, whenever possible [quote]Ivana Kahle wrote: You can always try to
negotiate. I negotiated better rates for myself
:-) By that I mean that I simply sent my clients
a polite e-mail about my new (higher)
Cristina Munari Mar 11, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: Are there other translators or language professionals in your family? No But to be true, two cousins on my father's side
deal with languages, one teaches French and
Spanish and the other is (as a matter of fact,
was) a translator.
Cristina Munari Dec 29, 2009
Poll Discussion Poll: Is there any particular time when you feel you have more work? Mid year My most productive months are June to September,
but December is very busy as well.
Cristina Munari Dec 20, 2009
Powwows Powwow: Milan - Italy Grazie Grazie alle organizzatrici che hanno preparato i
badge con i nomi per tutti e grazie ai
partecipanti per la simpatia! Speriamo di ripetere
Cristina Munari Oct 10, 2009
Poll Discussion Poll: When do you usually review your translations? Review I always review my finished translations, both for
typos and terminology consistency and I often
review the work of fellow translators. I have
been told that my translations are of extrem
Cristina Munari Oct 8, 2009
Poll Discussion Poll: When do you usually review your translations? Quality has its price [quote]Rafael Molina Pulgar wrote: Almost 1 %
of colleagues don't review their translations!!!
[/quote] Maybe because the proofreading has to
be done by a second translator. Secondl
Cristina Munari Oct 7, 2009
Poll Discussion Poll: How much does coffee help in your work? Espresso macchiato [quote]Lucia Colombino wrote: My brain only
starts to work after the second cup of coffee...
And during the day I need many many more. The
truth is that it's instant coffee, so it proba
Cristina Munari Sep 12, 2009
Poll Discussion Poll: When you travel to a foreign country, do you always try the "typical dish"? Yes! I am open to new flavors and dishes, I always eat
local food when I go abroad and it's usually
delicious! Obviously, as long as the "typical
dish" is not dog soup. I am not a fan of hagg
Cristina Munari Sep 9, 2009
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you charge extra for translating on weekends? Sometimes I do [quote]Sibylle Gassmann wrote: I don't when I
decide by myself to work on weekend, so this
depends from my own organisation. But I do if
customers send a translation job Friday evening<
Cristina Munari Aug 25, 2009
Poll Discussion Poll: How big is your own terminology database? Several glossaries I have four main glossaries of over 2,000 terms
each, technical, automotive, medical and legal,
three of which have been converted into Multiterm
Cristina Munari May 27, 2009
Poll Discussion Poll: Have you ever worked on a translation outdoors? No How could I possibly concentrate on my work while
sitting on a beach? I perform best at night, when
everyone else is sleeping... and definitely
Cristina Munari Apr 21, 2009
Poll Discussion Poll: Have you ever worked with server-based TMs? Shared memories [quote]Tomás Cano Binder, CT wrote: I would
like to ask our colleagues who have used a
server-based TM about the following: 1. Isn't
there a risk that others could be reusing your
Cristina Munari Mar 29, 2009
Poll Discussion Poll: Have you ever worked with server-based TMs? Yes I have I have been lucky enough to work in-house on
server-based TMs for 3 years, as a member of a
Cristina Munari Mar 28, 2009
Poll Discussion Poll: How soon did you invest in a CAT tool after launching your business? After 2 years I waited 2 years just because most of my work
involves translating patents that do not require a
TM - I purchased SDL Trados Freelance last year
and I have aligned memories, created glossa
Cristina Munari Mar 25, 2009
Poll Discussion Poll: Have you ever considered moving to a country with lower costs of living? Italy I live in Northern Italy and life in the South in
somewhat cheaper, but I have never considered
moving to Sicily for this reason. Unfortunately
the countries that I would be willing to mo
Cristina Munari Mar 20, 2009

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