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French to Serbian translators and interpreters » General fields

French to Serbian Tech/Engineering translators (15054)
French to Serbian Art/Literary translators (477)
French to Serbian Medical translators (1006)
French to Serbian Law/Patents translators (655)
French to Serbian Science translators (755)
French to Serbian Bus/Financial translators (7562)
French to Serbian Marketing translators (1565)
French to Serbian Other translators (3035)
French to Serbian Social Sciences translators (13447)

French to Serbian translators and interpreters » Specific fields

French to Serbian translators: Accounting
French to Serbian translators: Advertising / Public Relations
French to Serbian translators: Aerospace / Aviation / Space
French to Serbian translators: Agriculture
French to Serbian translators: Livestock / Animal Husbandry
French to Serbian translators: Anthropology
French to Serbian translators: Archaeology
French to Serbian translators: Architecture
French to Serbian translators: Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting
French to Serbian translators: Astronomy & Space
French to Serbian translators: Finance (general)
French to Serbian translators: Automation & Robotics
French to Serbian translators: Automotive / Cars & Trucks
French to Serbian translators: Biology (-tech,-chem,micro-)
French to Serbian translators: Botany
French to Serbian translators: Construction / Civil Engineering
French to Serbian translators: Business/Commerce (general)
French to Serbian translators: Materials (Plastics, Ceramics, etc.)
French to Serbian translators: Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs
French to Serbian translators: Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng
French to Serbian translators: Poetry & Literature
French to Serbian translators: Cinema, Film, TV, Drama
French to Serbian translators: Textiles / Clothing / Fashion
French to Serbian translators: Telecom(munications)
French to Serbian translators: Computers (general)
French to Serbian translators: Computers: Hardware
French to Serbian translators: Computers: Software
French to Serbian translators: Computers: Systems, Networks
French to Serbian translators: Law: Contract(s)
French to Serbian translators: Cooking / Culinary
French to Serbian translators: Cosmetics, Beauty
French to Serbian translators: Medical: Dentistry
French to Serbian translators: Media / Multimedia
French to Serbian translators: Economics
French to Serbian translators: Education / Pedagogy
French to Serbian translators: Electronics / Elect Eng
French to Serbian translators: Energy / Power Generation
French to Serbian translators: Engineering (general)
French to Serbian translators: Engineering: Industrial
French to Serbian translators: Mechanics / Mech Engineering
French to Serbian translators: Nuclear Eng/Sci
French to Serbian translators: Environment & Ecology
French to Serbian translators: Esoteric practices
French to Serbian translators: Fisheries
French to Serbian translators: Folklore
French to Serbian translators: Food & Drink
French to Serbian translators: Forestry / Wood / Timber
French to Serbian translators: Furniture / Household Appliances
French to Serbian translators: Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino
French to Serbian translators: Mining & Minerals / Gems
French to Serbian translators: Genealogy
French to Serbian translators: General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters
French to Serbian translators: Genetics
French to Serbian translators: Geography
French to Serbian translators: Geology
French to Serbian translators: Government / Politics
French to Serbian translators: Photography/Imaging (& Graphic Arts)
French to Serbian translators: Medical: Health Care
French to Serbian translators: History
French to Serbian translators: Tourism & Travel
French to Serbian translators: Human Resources
French to Serbian translators: Idioms / Maxims / Sayings
French to Serbian translators: Insurance
French to Serbian translators: International Org/Dev/Coop
French to Serbian translators: Internet, e-Commerce
French to Serbian translators: Investment / Securities
French to Serbian translators: Metallurgy / Casting
French to Serbian translators: IT (Information Technology)
French to Serbian translators: Journalism
French to Serbian translators: Real Estate
French to Serbian translators: Law (general)
French to Serbian translators: Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright
French to Serbian translators: Law: Taxation & Customs
French to Serbian translators: Linguistics
French to Serbian translators: Transport / Transportation / Shipping
French to Serbian translators: Management
French to Serbian translators: Manufacturing
French to Serbian translators: Ships, Sailing, Maritime
French to Serbian translators: Marketing / Market Research
French to Serbian translators: Mathematics & Statistics
French to Serbian translators: Medical (general)
French to Serbian translators: Medical: Cardiology
French to Serbian translators: Medical: Instruments
French to Serbian translators: Medical: Pharmaceuticals
French to Serbian translators: Meteorology
French to Serbian translators: Metrology
French to Serbian translators: Military / Defense
French to Serbian translators: Music
French to Serbian translators: Names (personal, company)
French to Serbian translators: Nutrition
French to Serbian translators: Petroleum Eng/Sci
French to Serbian translators: Other
French to Serbian translators: Paper / Paper Manufacturing
French to Serbian translators: Patents
French to Serbian translators: Philosophy
French to Serbian translators: Physics
French to Serbian translators: Printing & Publishing
French to Serbian translators: Psychology
French to Serbian translators: Religion
French to Serbian translators: Retail
French to Serbian translators: Safety
French to Serbian translators: SAP
French to Serbian translators: Science (general)
French to Serbian translators: Slang
French to Serbian translators: Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc.
French to Serbian translators: Sports / Fitness / Recreation
French to Serbian translators: Surveying
French to Serbian translators: Wine / Oenology / Viticulture
French to Serbian translators: Zoology

French to Serbian translators and interpreters

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KudoZ Points
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  Jana Davico, traductrice agréée
  Traduction, interprétation, relecture
serbe, croate, serbo-croate, bosniaque, traduction, interprétation, traducteur, interprète, prevodilac, srpski, hrvatski, srpsko-hrvatski, bosanski, prevodjenje, serbo-croatian, Serbian, croatian, bosnian, translator, interpreter, translation, français, francuski, French, montreal, quebec, kvebek, canada, kanada ... Serbo-Croat
20 points
French to Serbian
  Natasa Ikodinovic
  Marketing/IT/Bussines/Finance expertise
English-Serbian translator, French to Serbian translation, Serbian translator, French to Serbian translator, language translation, quality translation, language, Belgrade, English to Bosnian translator, French to Bosnian translator, translation into Serbian, professional Serbian translator, SDL Trados Studio 2011, SDL Trados Studio 2015, English-Serbian translator specialized in social sciences, education field, English-Serbian translator specialized in business, Economics, mathematics, English to Serbian translator, French-Serbian translator, traductrice français-serbe, traduction en serbe, traduction français-serbe, traduction professionnel, traducteur professionnel, traductrice professionnelle, traduction français vers le serbe, français vers le bosniaque, best Serbian translator, Serbian marketing translator, ... Serbian/Serbo-Croat
16 points
French to Serbian
  Sherefedin MUSTAFA
  Eppur si muove!
perkthyes, shqip, holandisht, shqip-holandisht, perkthyes shqip-holandisht, holandisht shqip, holandisht maqedonisht, maqedonisht holandisht, perkthyes holandisht, perkthyes frengjisht, perkthyes anglisht, perkthyes zyrtar, perkthyes i betuar, flamisht, perkthyes gjyqesor, perkthyes shqip holandisht, perkthyes holandisht shqip, vertaler albanees nederlands, vertaler nederlands albanees, tolk nederlands albanees, tolk albanees nederlands, perkthyes, shqip, holandisht, albanees, kosovaars, perkthyes holandisht, perkthyes flamisht, shqip holandisht, holandisht, shqip, albanees, doolaard, nederlands, nederlands albanees, tolk albanees, vertaler albanees, schriftelijke vertaling albanees, schriftelijke vertaling albanees nederlands, vertaling albanees nederlands, perkthyes nga holandishtja, përkthyes nga holandishtja, përkthyes nga hollandishtja, vertaling nederlands albanees, vertaling albanees, perkthim shqip, perkthim holandisht, perkthim shqip holandisht, perkthim me shkrim, perkthim gj ... Albanian/Macedonian
23 points
French to Serbian
Identity Verified   Čedomir Žitarević
  Bilingue, français/serbe
Medical (general), Sports / Fitness / Recreation, Photography/Imaging (& Graphic Arts), Law (general), Engineering: Industrial, Botany, Textiles / Clothing / Fashion, Construction / Civil Engineering, Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting, Astronomy & Space, Aerospace / Aviation / Space, Geography, Livestock / Animal Husbandry, Transport / Transportation / Shipping, Automation & Robotics, Telecom(munications), Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc., History, Philosophy, Psychology, Agriculture, Government / Politics, Journalism, Music, Petroleum Eng/Sci, Cinema, Film, TV, Drama, Architecture, Medical: Health Care, Media / Multimedia, Advertising / Public Relations, Business/Commerce (general), Computers (general), Education / Pedagogy, Engineering (general), Environment & Ecology, Poetry & Literature, Automotive / Cars & Trucks, Tourism & Travel, Science (general), Economics ... Serbian/French
4 points
French to Serbian
  Lillian B Popmijatov
  English to Serbian legal translator
gaming, financial leasing, english, Serbian, slovene, slovenian, croatian, bosnian, serbo-croat, taxes, taxation, Telecom(munications), VAT, law, legislation, border control, customs, EU, Schengen, annual reports, statutes, Insurance, translator, translation, prevodilac, srpski, engleski, slovenački, contracts, agreements, copyright, statutes, intellectual property, competition, white collar crime, dispute resolution, banking, finance, corporate, m&a, company registration, corporate law, energy, social policy, employment, labour, environment, insolvency, restructuring, Real Estate, regulatory, notification, merges, acquisitions, law, government, politics, human rights, Accounting, auditing, development projects, marketing, tourism ... Serbian
0 points
French to Serbian
Identity Verified   Biljana Stojanovic
  Translator, engineer, scientist
English, German, Deutsch, French, français, clinical studies, clinical trials, pharmaceutical industry, Medical: Pharmaceuticals, organic synthesis, new drugs, chemistry, analytical instruments, manuals, engineering, Patents, patenti, Patente, brevets, contracts, agreements, food industry, mechanical engineering, life sciences, translator, Übersetzer, prevodilac, traducteur, farmaceutska industrija, lekovi i medicinska sredstva, organska sinteza, analitička hemija, HPLC tehnika, studije stabilnosti, stability studies, Chemie, chimie, pharmazeutische Industrie, Industrie pharmaceutique, dietary supplements, dijetetski suplementi ... Serbian
0 points
French to Serbian
Identity Verified   Ljubica Grgin
  EN/FR/IT to SR translator
english, Serbian, spanish, italian, French, software, localization, it, website localization, trados, trados 2011, trados 2014, trados 2017, memoq, memsource, across, apsic xbench, xbench, transcreation, law, legal, business, contracts, español, italiano, français, google translator toolkit, xtm, translation workspace, ... Serbian
0 points
French to Serbian
  Sanja Dalipagic Andelkovic
  14 yrs exp in translation&interpretation
English, Italian, Serbian, French, translation, interpretation, simultaneous, consecutive, business, marketing, legal, commerce, politics, EU, sports, beauty, fashion, cosmetics, luxury ... Serbian/Italian
0 points
French to Serbian
Identity Verified   Sasa Kalcik
  Passion for translation!
croatian, French, german, translator, english, bosnian, Serbian, slovenian, travel, turism, hotels, appartements, Music, instruments, technology, computers, software, localization, internet, hardware, transport, shipment, fashion, beauty, marketing, travel, IT, information technology, phones, mobile, gsm, Economics, market research, end products, consumer, catalogues, brochures, menu, products, IP, prijevod, stručni prijevodi, medicinska dokumentacija, IT dokumentacija, nutricionizam, suplementi, medicinski prijevodi, prijevodi softver, multimedia prijevodi, prijevod tehničke dokumentacije, strojarski prijevodi, prijevodi hardver, prijevodi hardware, software, pravni prijevodi, računovodstveni prijevodi, interpretation, proofreading, houshold appliance, ... Croatian/French
4 points
French to Serbian
  Đana Šurković
French to Bosnian, French to Serbian, French to Croatian, Italian to Bosnian, Italian to Serbian, Italian to Croatian, English to Bosnian, English to Serbian, English to Croatian, Bosnian to French, Bosnian to English, Bosnian to Italian, Croatian to French, Croatian to English, Croatian to Italian, Serbian to English, Serbian to French, Serbian to Italian, Accounting, Agriculture, banks and credits, charity, finance, medicine, general, electronics, politics, products, law, technical, literature, translation, software, localization, editing, project Management, vendor Management ... Croatian/Serbian
Bosnia and Herzegovina
0 points
French to Serbian
Identity Verified   Branka Ramadanovic
  Multilingual Translator Tel:+38761519602
Bosnian linguist, Serbian linguist, Croatian linguist, Serbo-Croatian linguist, Bosnian translator, Serbian translator, Croatian translator, Bosnian translation, Serbian translation, Croatian translation, Serbo-Croatian translation, English to Bosnian, English to Croatian, English to Serbian, English to Serbo-Croatian, French to Bosnian, French to Croatian, French to Serbian, French to Serbo-Croatian, Spanish to Bosnian, Spanish to Croatian, Spanish to Serbian, Spanish to Serbo-Croatian, German to Bosnian, German to Croatian, German to Serbian, German to Serbo-Croatian العربية إلى الإنجليزية،العربية إلى الصربية، العربية إلى الكرواتية، العربية إلى البوسنية ... Bosnian/Croatian
Bosnia and Herzegovina
4 points
French to Serbian
Identity Verified   Gordana Podvezanec
  A new job is a new challenge!
IT, Law, Business, Chemistry, General, Industry, Machines, Civil engineering, Building, Architecture, Legal, Law, Contracts, Psychology, Social Sciences, Social Work, EU projects, eTwinning, Localisation, Croatian translations, into Croatian, English into Croatian, Accounting, acquis communautaire, Agriculture, ASPHALT DICTIONARY French CROATIAN, Audit terms, bankruptcy procedures, clothes, construction and building dictionary, defense techniques ... Croatian
3 points
French to Serbian
Identity Verified   Natasa Poznic - Franceschi français, serbo-croate/bosniaque, économie, politique, sciences humaines, industrie automobile, interprétariat/traduction judiciaire, traductrice littéraire, italien, publications monographiques, anglais ... Serbo-Croat
0 points
French to Serbian
  Eurotranslate Serbia
  Specialized Serbian Translation
Medical translation Serbian, Translation Belgrade, Medical translation Belgrade, Translator Serbian, Translation agency Serbia, Medical translation agency Belgrade, Serbian medical translation, Medical doctors, Life sciences, English to Serbian translation, Serbian translation service, Serbian translator, English to Serbian, English to Slovenian, English to Croatian, English to Macedonian, English to Montenegrin, English to Bosnian, German to Serbian, Serbian to English, Bosnian to English, Croatian to English, Slovenian to English, Macedonian to English, Montenegrin to English, native Serbian, native Bosnian, native Macedonian, native Montenegrin, native Slovenian, native Croatian, native English, Medical documentation translation agency, Medical documentation translation agencies, Medical documentation translation Medicinski prevodi srpski, Prevod Beograd, Medicinski prevodi Beograd, Prevodilac srpski, Prevodilačka agencija Srbija, Medicinska prevodilačka agencija Beograd, srpski m ... Not indicated
0 points
French to Serbian
  ISO 9001/ISO 17100 Certified Translation
iso 17100, iso 17100 certificate, iso 17100 certification, iso 17100 certified translation, iso 17100 certified translation company, iso 17100 certified translation services ... Spanish/French
0 points
French to Serbian
Identity Verified   Darko Kolega
  Your colleagues to translate
Engleski, Njemački, Francuski, Talijanski, Španjolski, Poljski, prevoditeljske usluge, tehnički prevoditelj, medicinski prevoditelj, English, German, Croatian, Italian, Bosnian, Serbian, Slovenian, Macedonian, Zadar, Dalmatia, translation, prevoditelj, Ubersetzer, potvrda, rodni list, dokument, Montenegrian, travel, turism, hotels, appartements, reception, Management, proceeding, Music, instruments, guitar, mandoline, technology, mobile phones, computers, software, localization, IT, internet, software, hardware, transport, aviation, Fisheries, fashion, beauty, marketing, travel, IT, information technology, phones, mobile, gsm, Economics, market research, end products, consumer, catalogues, brochures, menu, products, IP, Deutsch, Kroatisch, Bosnisch, Serbisch, Übersetzungen, Handy, Musik, Geographie, Karten, Stadtplanung, Geschichte, Urlaub, Feiertage, Hotels & Resorts, business, contracts, Attest, food & beverage, front office, brochures, flyers, Zoology, culture, national parks, books ... Croatian
0 points
French to Serbian
Identity Verified   Guido Villa , Engineering (general), Engineering: Industrial, Furniture / Household Appliances, Government / Politics, Law: Contract(s), Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Religion ... Italian
0 points
French to Serbian
Identity Verified   ETC LTD
  Translation into all European languages
Law, Politics, EU Affairs, UN Affairs, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Finance, Science, Technology, IT, Development, Human Rights ... German/English
United Kingdom
0 points
French to Serbian
Identity Verified   Milina Janković
  la magie des mots
français; serbe; technique; traductrice; traductrice assermentée, sous-titrage, doublage, adaptation, cyrilique; francuski; srpski; prevodilac; sudski tumač, titlovanje, sinhronizacija, adaptacija, ćirilica, француски, српски, преводилац, судски тумач, титловње, синхронизација, адаптација, ћирилица ... Serbian
48 points
French to Serbian
Identity Verified   Mila Djurovic
  Translating is an art
traducteur français-serbe, traduction en serbe, traducteur, assermenté, serbe, français, croate, interprète, juridique, droit, légal, traduction, relecture, relecteur, acte, jugement, contrat, loi, attestation, diplôme, politique, commerce, chimie, industrie, alimentaire, Agriculture, musique, tourisme, voyages, Architecture, Serbie, Belgrade, Belgique, France, Suisse, prevodilac za francuski, prevod na francuski, prevod sa francuskog, sudski tumac za francuski, sudski tumač za francuski, sudski prevodilac, sudski prevodilac za francuski, overeni prevod, sudski, tumac, tumač, francuski, srpski, hrvatski, prevodilac, prevod, konsekutivno, simultano, prevodjenje, prevođenje, lektura, lektor, overen, tehnicki, tehnički, izvod, presuda, ugovor, zakon, potvrda, diploma, politika, trgovina, hemija, bezbednosni list, prehrambena, industrija, poljoprivreda, muzika, turizam, sport, arhitektura, Srbija, Beograd, Belgija, Francuska, Švajcarska, French/Serbian translator, French-Serbian translator ... Serbian
40 points
French to Serbian
  Conference Interpreter Serbian-FR-EN
conference interpreter, simultaneous interpreting, simultaneous interpreter, simultaneous translation, simultaneous translating, Serbian, serb, srpski, srpskohrvatski, serbo-croat, serbo-croatian, prevodilac za francuski, French, prevodilac za engleski, English ... Serbian/French
United Kingdom
33 points
French to Serbian
  Dragomir Perovic
  Translating where the language is spoken
16 points
French to Serbian
  Goran Zivanovic interprète, français, serbe, italien, traduction ... Serbian
4 points
French to Serbian
Identity Verified   Marija Jankovic
prevodilac za francuski jezik, prevodilac za engleski jezik, strucni prevodilac za francuski jezik, strucni prevodilac za engleski jezik, profesor francuskog jezika, profesor engleskog jezika, lektor za srpski jezik, korektor za srpski jezik, prekucavanje tekstova, unos podataka, pisac sadrzaja, upwork assistance, Serbian translator, Paris based Serbian interpreter, Serbian professional translator, Traducteur serbe, Interprète serbe à Paris, traducteur profe serbe, Serbian proofreader, Serbian editor, Serbian localization services, web localization in Serbian, copywriting in Serbian, Serbian voiceover talent, correcteur pour la langue serbe, redacteur pour la langue serbe, localisation en serbe, cours de français langue étrangère, cours d'anglais, cours de serbe en Ile-de-France ... Serbian/Serbo-Croat
12 points
French to Serbian
Identity Verified   SilvijaG
Serbian, Croatian, Serbo-Croat, Bosnian, French, English, Accounting, Advertising, Aviation/Space, Agriculture, Anthropology, Archeology, Architecture, Art, Astronomy, Automotive, Biology, Botany, Building/Construction, Business/Commerce, Communications, Telecom(munications), Computers, Contracts, Cooking/Culinary, Cosmetics, Economics, Electronics, Energy, Engineering, Environment, Ecology, Fashion, Fiction, Folklore, Food & Drink, Forestry, Furniture/Household Appliances, Games/Video Games, Genealogy, Geography, Health Care, History, Hotels/Tourism, Human Resources, International Org., Internet, Interpreter, Latin, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Management, Marketing, Materials, Mathematics, Media/Multimedia, Medical, Meteorology, Military, Montenegrin, Music, Names, Networking, Nutrition, Other, Paper, Patents, Pharmaceuticals, Philosophy, Photography, Psychology, Religion, Safety, Shipping/Transport, Sports, Translator, Translation, Wine/Oenology, Yoga, Zoology ... Serbian/Serbo-Croat
United States
8 points
French to Serbian
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