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German to Italian translators: directory of translators and interpreters

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German to Italian translators and interpreters » General fields

German to Italian Tech/Engineering translators (3829)
German to Italian Art/Literary translators (4548)
German to Italian Medical translators (758)
German to Italian Law/Patents translators (723)
German to Italian Science translators (11)
German to Italian Bus/Financial translators (5393)
German to Italian Marketing translators (2678)
German to Italian Other translators (968)
German to Italian Social Sciences translators (1327)

German to Italian translators and interpreters » Specific fields

German to Italian translators: Accounting
German to Italian translators: Advertising / Public Relations
German to Italian translators: Aerospace / Aviation / Space
German to Italian translators: Agriculture
German to Italian translators: Livestock / Animal Husbandry
German to Italian translators: Anthropology
German to Italian translators: Archaeology
German to Italian translators: Architecture
German to Italian translators: Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting
German to Italian translators: Astronomy & Space
German to Italian translators: Finance (general) (1137)
German to Italian translators: Automation & Robotics
German to Italian translators: Automotive / Cars & Trucks (1220)
German to Italian translators: Biology (-tech,-chem,micro-)
German to Italian translators: Botany
German to Italian translators: Construction / Civil Engineering (721)
German to Italian translators: Business/Commerce (general)
German to Italian translators: Materials (Plastics, Ceramics, etc.)
German to Italian translators: Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs (1047)
German to Italian translators: Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng
German to Italian translators: Poetry & Literature
German to Italian translators: Cinema, Film, TV, Drama
German to Italian translators: Textiles / Clothing / Fashion (1170)
German to Italian translators: Telecom(munications) (1014)
German to Italian translators: Computers (general)
German to Italian translators: Computers: Hardware
German to Italian translators: Computers: Software (881)
German to Italian translators: Computers: Systems, Networks
German to Italian translators: Law: Contract(s) (1440)
German to Italian translators: Cooking / Culinary (1368)
German to Italian translators: Cosmetics, Beauty (866)
German to Italian translators: Medical: Dentistry
German to Italian translators: Media / Multimedia
German to Italian translators: Economics (1069)
German to Italian translators: Education / Pedagogy (1081)
German to Italian translators: Electronics / Elect Eng (682)
German to Italian translators: Energy / Power Generation
German to Italian translators: Engineering (general) (866)
German to Italian translators: Engineering: Industrial (603)
German to Italian translators: Mechanics / Mech Engineering (1054)
German to Italian translators: Nuclear Eng/Sci
German to Italian translators: Environment & Ecology
German to Italian translators: Esoteric practices
German to Italian translators: Fisheries
German to Italian translators: Folklore
German to Italian translators: Food & Drink
German to Italian translators: Forestry / Wood / Timber (194)
German to Italian translators: Furniture / Household Appliances
German to Italian translators: Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino (661)
German to Italian translators: Mining & Minerals / Gems (117)
German to Italian translators: Genealogy
German to Italian translators: General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters (1176)
German to Italian translators: Genetics
German to Italian translators: Geography
German to Italian translators: Geology (143)
German to Italian translators: Government / Politics
German to Italian translators: Photography/Imaging (& Graphic Arts)
German to Italian translators: Medical: Health Care
German to Italian translators: History
German to Italian translators: Tourism & Travel
German to Italian translators: Human Resources (750)
German to Italian translators: Idioms / Maxims / Sayings (306)
German to Italian translators: Insurance
German to Italian translators: International Org/Dev/Coop (534)
German to Italian translators: Internet, e-Commerce
German to Italian translators: Investment / Securities
German to Italian translators: Metallurgy / Casting
German to Italian translators: IT (Information Technology)
German to Italian translators: Journalism
German to Italian translators: Real Estate
German to Italian translators: Law (general)
German to Italian translators: Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright
German to Italian translators: Law: Taxation & Customs
German to Italian translators: Linguistics
German to Italian translators: Transport / Transportation / Shipping
German to Italian translators: Management
German to Italian translators: Manufacturing (524)
German to Italian translators: Ships, Sailing, Maritime
German to Italian translators: Marketing / Market Research (1409)
German to Italian translators: Mathematics & Statistics (116)
German to Italian translators: Medical (general)
German to Italian translators: Medical: Cardiology
German to Italian translators: Medical: Instruments
German to Italian translators: Medical: Pharmaceuticals
German to Italian translators: Meteorology (45)
German to Italian translators: Metrology
German to Italian translators: Military / Defense (122)
German to Italian translators: Music
German to Italian translators: Names (personal, company)
German to Italian translators: Nutrition
German to Italian translators: Petroleum Eng/Sci
German to Italian translators: Other
German to Italian translators: Paper / Paper Manufacturing
German to Italian translators: Patents
German to Italian translators: Philosophy (423)
German to Italian translators: Physics (124)
German to Italian translators: Printing & Publishing (444)
German to Italian translators: Psychology
German to Italian translators: Religion
German to Italian translators: Retail
German to Italian translators: Safety
German to Italian translators: SAP (200)
German to Italian translators: Science (general)
German to Italian translators: Slang (135)
German to Italian translators: Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc.
German to Italian translators: Sports / Fitness / Recreation
German to Italian translators: Surveying
German to Italian translators: Wine / Oenology / Viticulture
German to Italian translators: Zoology

German to Italian translators and interpreters

About membership column Member Profile Keywords Native Language
KudoZ Points
(in pair)
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Identity Verified   Danila Moro
  Master's Degree in Psychology
Translation, German Italian, Englisch Italian, Psychology, Education, Sociology, Social science, Marketing, Questionare, Development, Enhancement, Management, Employee, Narrative, I-Phone, App, Apps, Tourism, Fitness, Yoga, Pilates, Qi Gong, Freud, post-freudian, Statistics, Psychometric, Diagnostic tools, Psychoanalysis, Psychodinamics, Sports, Nutrition, Mountain, Climbing, Ski, Gymnastics, Medicine, Psychiatry, Diagnosis, Mental Illness, Pathology, Health ... Italian
6282 points
German to Italian
Identity Verified   AdamiAkaPataflo
  NOT lost in translation
Italian, translator, marketing, advertising, Werbung, literature, books, market research, Marktforschung, indagini di mercato, creativity, Zeitschriftsartikel, competence, affidabilità, zuverlässig, medicine, tourism, turismo, pubblicità, traduttrice madrelingua Italiana, letteratura, giornalismo, Buch, localization ... Italian
5510 points
German to Italian
Identity Verified   sabina moscatelli
  Qualified and experienced translator
industrial, machinery, press, brakes, calipers, presse, equipments, in vitro diagnostic, gambling, betting, casino, football, calcio, sports, football players, railways, trazione passante, verbali, fondi, fond, videogames, nda, non disclosure agreements, KIID, MIFID, fundo, investment, subscription, redemption, prospectus, vermögensverwaltung, Allianz, fixed income, money market, securities, bond, Verwaltungsrat, board of directors, Sitzungen, minutes, shareholders, meeting, contract law, business, investment funds, Accounting Economics, Insurance, Agriculture, human Nutrition, dermatology, pediatrics, software, food, cosmetics, toiletries, animal, localization, computer, finance, économie, traductions, traducteur, italien, Italiano, Italian, Italienisch, English, Deutsch, Spanish, Français, español, Nutrition, pharmaceuticals, banks, balance sheet, trade, traduttore, translations, translator, Wirtschaft, Finanz, Bilanz, Medizin, Recht, Vertrag, bilancio, economia, finanza, contratti, ... Italian
3384 points
German to Italian
  Long Experience in Business Translations
Marketing, press-releases, operating manuals, customer magazines, technical papers, quality assurance, Patents, legal, food&beverage packaging, paper packaging, elevators, escalators, precision devices, packaging line inspectors, business translations, high-precision measuring instruments, contracts, agreements, specs, German, English, Italian ... Italian
1650 points
German to Italian
Identity Verified   Fabio Scaliti
  BDÜ,ATA Certified,Elect/Mech.Eng.,Energ
electronics, hardware, software, optics, Italian, German, English, mechanics, Elektronik, Optik, Deutsch, Englisch, technology, Technologie, automotive, Automobilindustrie, Auto, cars, automobili, industria, automobilistica, motori, motors, engines, engine, motor, motoren, vehicle, vehicles, traduzioni, translations, translation, traduzione, Übersetzung, übersetzungen, Anlagen, Maschinenbau, plants, machine tools, macchine utensili, impianti, impiantistica ... Italian
1210 points
German to Italian
Identity Verified   Giulia D'Ascanio
  Conference interpreter and translator
conference interpreter, interprete di conferenza, simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, Simultandolmetschen, Konsekutivdolmetschen, interprete, traduttrice, interpretariato, interpretazione, traduzioni, traduzione, simultanea, consecutiva, chuchotage, trattativa, interprete di trattativa, ad-hoc interpreter, graduate interpreter, Flüsterdolmetschen, whispering interpreting, translator, international organizations, liaison interpreter, phone interpreter, speaker, tourism, Linguistics, TRADOS, MemoQ, Dolmetscherin, Verhandlungsdolmetscherin, Diplomdolmetscherin, Mechanik, clothes, Textilien, Vienna, Italia, Austria, Italy, Italien, Österreich, Prato, Toscana, Tuscany, Toskana, Firenze, Florenz, Florence, Pistoia, Pisa, Siena, Lucca, Massa Carrara, Livorno, Viareggio, Certaldo, Montepulciano, Poggibonsi, Bologna, English, German, Italian, Deutsch, Englisch, Italienisch, inglese, tedesco, Italiano, business, Wirtschaft, economia, marketing, market research, Marktforschung, r ... Italian
1057 points
German to Italian
Identity Verified   Monica Cirinna
  beeidigte Übersetzerin f. Italienisch
deutsch-italienisch, italienisch-deutsch, beeidigte Übersetzungen, juristische Texte, Recht, Wirtschaft, Finanzen, AGB, Veträge, Urkunden, Versicherung, Tourismus, Reisen, Gastronomie, Kunst, Geschichte, tedesco-Italiano, Italiano-tedesco, traduzioni giurate, traduzioni asseverate, testi giuridici, sentenze, diritto, economia, finanza, condizioni generali di contratto, documenti, assicurazione, turismo, viaggi, gastronomia, arte, storia ... Italian
984 points
German to Italian
  S. P. Lozupone
  Technische Übersetzungen Italienisch
Übersetzungsbüro italienisch deutsch, Übersetzung italienisch deutsch, Übersetzer italienisch deutsch, Übersetzung Technik, beglaubigte Übersetzung Italienisch Deutsch, Ermächtigter Italienisch-Übersetzer, Übersetzer italienisch deutsch, Fachübersetzer italienisch deutsch, Lektorat, Korrektorat, Korrekturlesung, Korrekturlesen, Übersetzungsagentur Italienisch Deutsch, Übersetzungsbüro Deutsch Italienisch, Übersetzungsdienst Italienisch Deutsch, Übersetzung notariell beglaubigt Italienisch Deutsch, Übersetzungsservice Deutsch Italienisch, Patentübersetzungen, traduzione Italiano tedesco, traduzione giurata, traduttore giurato, traduzione asseverata, traduzione autenticata, traduzione tecnica, domande di brevetto, contratti, documenti, perizie tecniche, contratti brevettuali, traduttore tedesco Italiano ... Italian
1491 points
German to Italian
Identity Verified   Maurizia Vucci
  19 years as full-time translator
freelance translator, manuals, automotive, Telecom(munications), marketing, software, trados, transit NXT, manuali tecnici, informatica ... Italian
743 points
German to Italian
Identity Verified   Giuliana Buscaglione
  Finance & Technology since 1988
Catalogues - Engineering - Metrology - Manual and Machine Tools - Machine Cutting - CNC Machines - Marketing - Banking - Finance - Manuals - Derivates - CDS - Online Trading - Insurance - Funds - EUREX - Werbetexte - Technik - Werkzeuge - Messtechnik - Fräser - Bohrer - Hydrodehn-, Hochgenauigkeits- und Schrumpfspannfutter - Kataloge - Zerspanung - Betriebsanleitungen - Spezifikationen - bankintern - CNC-gesteuerte Maschinen - Pressautomaten - Finanz - Deutsch-Italienisch - Übersetzer - Fachübersetzung - Diplomdolmetscher - Diplomübersetzer - Versicherung - Marketing - truschino verticale - comparatore ad alta sensibilità - punta a cannone - apparecchi per calettamento a caldo - Sbozzatore - frese a riccio - Börse - Parkett - prodotti finanziari - assicurazioni - ALM ... Not indicated
United States
2829 points
German to Italian
Identity Verified   A_Nespoli Traduzioni, Übersetzungen, traductions, translations, Patents, brevetti, brevets, SAP, technische Übersetzungen, technical translations, traductions tecniques, traduzioni tecniche, manuali d'uso, documentazione tecnica, adattamento, doppiaggio, proofreading, automotive, macchine, utensili, elettriche, tessili, da stampa, movimento terra, ingegneria, fotovoltaico, ODS, nextnext, meccanica, elettronica, metallurgia, materie plastiche, carta ... Italian
673 points
German to Italian
  Daniela Tosi
  Finance & marketing
SAP translations, SAP Übersetzungen, Übersetzung von Pressemitteilungen, Übersetzungen Deutsch-Italienisch, Übersetzungen in die italienische Sprache für die Schweiz, SAP, Tourismus, Marketing, Advertising, SAP R/3, Business, Credit Cards, Hair-styling, Media texts, Tourism, Consumer electronics, Instructions for use, software localisation, banking software, Bankwesen, Bedienungsanleitungen, Software-Lokalisierung, Logistik, Websites für Hotels, Fremdverkehr, Newsletters, Zeitschriften, Human Resources, Verlagswesen, testi per l'editoria, Belletristik, Kunst, Tourism, Übersetzungen im touristischen Bereich, instructions for use, cosmetics, contracts, Verträge, Rahmenverträge, Lieferbedingungen, Übersezung von Web-Seiten, Übersetzungen für die Schweiz, Schweizer Italienisch, Übersetzungen für die Italienische Schweiz, Translations into Swiss Italian, SAP ... Italian
1060 points
German to Italian
Identity Verified   Elisa Farina
  Politics, Tourism & Technique
Italian, Spanish, English, German, French, translator, translation, interpreter, interpreting, technical translation, legal translation, tourism, travel, labour market, employment politics, literature, History, TM creation, subtitling ... Italian
506 points
German to Italian
Identity Verified   Carla Oddi Italian, technical, engineering, automotive, stainless steel, energy, law, translator, Fachüberserzungen, Italienisch Fachüberserzungen, technische Übersetzungen; Italienisch, Technische Übersetzungen, Automotive, Edelstahl, Hüttenwesen, Metallurgie, Recht, Wirtschaft, Management, tedesco, traduzioni tecniche dal tedesco in Italiano, traduzioni in Italiano, metallurgia, diritto, economia, Management, automotive, acciaio inossidabile, traduzioni giurate tedesco-Italiano trauduzioni giurate tedesco<>francese, traduzioni giurate, traduttore asseverato, traduttrice asseverata, asseverazioni, OLG Düsseldorf, Oberlandesgericht Düsseldorf, Sworn Translator, ermächtigte Übersetzerin für Italienisch und Deutsch ... Italian
430 points
German to Italian
Identity Verified   Paola Gatto
  My 30 years of experience in your favour
inteprete EN>IT, interprete DE>IT, traduttore EN>IT, traduttore DE>IT, traduttore DE>EN, madrelingua Italiana, traduttore, interprete, trattativa, consecutiva, contratti, traduzione tecnica, tecnologia, brevetti, testilegali, impiantistica, siderurgia, energia, energia solare, fotovoltaico, turbine a gas, turbine eoliche, aerogeneratori, statuto, atto costitutivo, verbale English to Italian translator, German to Italian Translator, German to English translator, Interpreter, liaisoninterpreting, consecutiveinterpreting, technology, metallurgy, plant engineering, solar panels, photovoltaics, shipbuilding, welding processes, energy, gas turbines, wind turbines, compressors, quality assurance, legal, legal translation, law, contracts, articles of incorporation, bylaws, minutes of meetings, AGB, Wärmechnik, Gasturbinen, Verdichter, Hubbalkenofen, Vollmacht, Klageschrift, Sonnenenergie, Konsekutivdolmetschen, Photovoltaik, Windturbinen, Berichte, Satzung einer Gesellschaft, Beistatut, ... Italian
439 points
German to Italian
Identity Verified   Alessandro Zocchi
  Bringing reality nearer
medicine, clinical studies, ICF, ICF's, user manual, user manuals, dictionary, dictionaries, information leaflet, veterinary, veterinary medicine, medical device, devices, literature, poetry, e-banking, banking, Accounting, automotive, WBT, WBTs, medicina, letteratura, poesia, banca, e-banking, banca on-line, contabilità, settore automobilistico, web based training, Medizin, Literatur, Dichtung, Bankwesen, Buchhaltung, PKW, Automobilbereich, literatura, poesìa, flexibility, accuracy, accuratezza, Flexibilität, flexibilidad, passione, Leidenschaft, passion, studi clinici, bugiardino, consenso informato, bugiardini, studio clinico, veterinaria, manuale, manuali, guida, borsa, Gebrauchsanweisung, Arzneimittel, Medikament, dispositivo medico, Medizinprodukt, prodotto medicinale, prodotti medicinali, dispositivi medici, medicamento, medicamenti, EMT, UFSP, ALT, BAG, Gesundheit, salute, health system, Arztpraxis, Tierheilkunde, Tierarzt, ETFS, Börsenwesen, Behandlung, trattamento, Therapie, ... Italian
428 points
German to Italian
Identity Verified   Donatella Cifola
  DE/EN/FR>IT Med/Pharma, Legal, Marketing
325 points
German to Italian
Identity Verified   Emanuela Pighini
  Advertising, transcreation, marketing
information technology, computers, software, hardware, networking, internet, graphics, photography, multimedia, audio, Music, Telecom(munications), advertising, Journalism, copywriting, prepress, printing, publishing, graphic arts, biometrics, renewable energy, solar energy, informationstechnik, rechner, rechnernetz, grafik, fotografie, musik, telekommunikation, werbung, Journalismus, werbetexter, texter, druckvorstufe, druck, publikation, reprografie, biometrie, erneuerbare energie, solarenergie, solartechnik, sonnenergie ... Italian
321 points
German to Italian
Identity Verified   Juliana De Angelis
  Translator & Conference Interpreter
traduzione, interprete, conferenza, tedesco, inglese, olandese, francese, simultanea, consecutiva, chuchotage, sottotitoli, madrelingua, translator, interpeter, Dolmetscher, Italienisch, Uebersetzerin, Simultandolmetschen, Konderenzdlmetschen ... Italian
281 points
German to Italian
  Daniele Vasta
  Always in team with experts,
english to Italian translation, english to Italian translations, english Italian translation, english Italian translations, english Italian translator, english Italian translators, language translation, software globalization, localization company, , web site translation, document translation service, document translation services, document translator, multilingual solutions, multilingual translations, software internationalization, technical translations, translation localization, document translation service, translations, traduzioni, traduzioni testi, traduzioni online, traduzione inglese Italiano, traduzioni inglese, traduzione di manuale, traduzioni di manuali, traduzioni inglese Italiano, localizzazione software, traduzioni siti internet, traduzione di manuali, traduzione, traduzioni pubblicitarie, traduzioni, traduzioni scientifiche, industrial translations, uebersetzungen, english, German, Italian, Englisch, Deutsch, Italienisch, inglese, tedesco, Italiano, Déjà Vu 3, Déjà Vu X ... Italian
250 points
German to Italian
Identity Verified   LINDA BERTOLINO
237 points
German to Italian
Identity Verified   Ketty Federico
  Localization, Marketing & Government
German to Italian translator, English to Italian translator, French to Italian translator, marketing translations, transcreation, transcreator, video games translator, Nintendo, website localization expert, SAP translator, E-commerce specialist, Tourism, EU translator, translations for governement and politics, DDR, legal translations, contracts, technical translator, MemoQ, Across, traduttore tedesco-Italiano, traduttore inglese-Italiano, traduttore francese-Italiano, traduttore marketing, transcreazione, video giochi, Nintendo, siti web, traduttore SAP, E-commerce, traduzioni turismo, traduttore UE, Unione Europea, politica, governativo, DDR, traduzioni legali, traduzioni tecniche, MemoQ, Across, Übersetzer Deutsch-Italienisch, Übersetzer Englisch-Italienisch, Übersetzer Französisch-Italienisch, Marketing, Transkreation, Videospiele, Nintendo Videospiele, Webseiten, Lokalisierung, SAP, E-commerce, Tourismus, EU, Europäische Union, Politik, DDR, Verträge, Technische Übersetzungen, Mem ... Italian
187 points
German to Italian
Identity Verified   Mariella Bonelli
  Legal & sworn interpreter & translator
traduttrice cuneo, traduttore cuneo, traduzioni cuneo, interprete cuneo, interprete torino, traduzioni, interprete, interprete simultaneo, interprete simultanea, interprete consecutivo, interprete tedesco torino, interprete tedesco cuneo, interprete inglese cuneo, interprete inglese torino, trattativa, interprete cabina, interpretariato consecutivo, interpretariato simultaneo, legno, vetro, costruzioni, architettura, manuali, libri per bambini, riviste per bambini, poesie, rime, marketing, contratti, contratto, inglese, francese, tedesco, revisioni, traduttore giurato, traduttore giurato cuneo, traduttore giurato saluzzo, asseverazioni, asseverazione, translator cuneo, translator torino, translator turin, english translator cuneo, english translator torino, english interpreter cuneo, english interpreter turin, english, German, french, Italian, Italian interpreter, proofreading, wood, glass, Architecture, contract, contracts, marketing, handbook, simultaneous translator, children's books, sworn translator, sworn translation, sworn translation ... Italian
695 points
German to Italian
  Walter Mazzola
  Never missed a deadline!!
Earthmoving equipment, casting molding systems and machinery, sensors, optical equipment, light barriers, fire-extinguishing systems, mechanics, electrostatic painting with powders, greasing, pickling systems, control equipment and techniques, survey and measurement, shearing machines, laser cutting systems, boring machines, milling machines, grinders, transformers and stabilizers, telephone systems, industrial vehicles, conveyors, public transport vehicles, loading devices, air conditioners, garbage disposal systems, water treatment plants, incinerators, machines for the paper making industry, machines for the packing industry Photovoltaik, Papierindustrie, Bauwesen, Forsttechnik Kraftfahrzeugindustrie, Baumaschinen, LV CEE-Richtlinien, Apparatebau, Werkzeugmaschinen, Unterhaltungselektronik, Dentaltechnik, Informatik, Haustechnik, Forsttechnik, Datenverarbeitung, Verfahrenstechnik, Anlangenbau, Elektromedizin, technische Übersetzungen, Dokumentationen, Handbücher, Bedienungsanleitun ... Italian
157 points
German to Italian
Identity Verified   Nadia Tampieri
  13 yrs experience in legal translation
Italian, German, english, legal translation, international contracts, arbitration, arbitral award, Familienrecht, Scheidungsurteil, Erbrecht, Testament, Erbschein, Vertragsrecht, Lizenzverträge, internationale Kaufverträge, allgemeine Verkaufsbedingungen, Gesellschaftsrecht, Gründungsvertrag, Satzung, Unternehmensvereinbarung, Gesellschafterversammlung, Versicherungsbedingungen, Gerichtsurkunde, Urteil, Klageschrift, Schriftsatz notarielle Urkunde, Vollmacht, Immobilienverkauf, Handelsregister, Geschäftskorrespondenz, articles of association, LOI, memorandum of understanding ... Italian
115 points
German to Italian
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