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Arabic to English Poetry & Literature Translation Glossary

Arabic term English translation
يغرهن charmed
فلتنفخ الصور في افريقيا امم بالأمس قد انزلوها اسفل الرتب Sound the trumpet in Africa, peoples thereof were yesterday taken down to the lowest
الساحة الروائية والنقدية Novelistic and literary criticism arena
وعسسه بذي بال عندي I no longer give a hoot (pay attention) to ......... & his night watchmen - informants - spies
عمادها شباب معتز بدينه with youth who take pride in their faith at its core
stoep عتبة الباب
يغور في داهية go to hell
في بعديهما الاكثر جوهرية In their more intrinsic dimensions.
فأمر بجزور فنحرت he ordered them to slaughter a she-camel
لون زينب Royal blue
Entered by: Lamis Maalouf
نوافرُ الأضدادِ Oxymoron / the interaction/juxtaposition of opposites
ملاعين الدنيا pitiful/miserable/unblessed/unhappy/luckless
Entered by: Mohamed Rehan
ملحقين عليهن We'll need them later/at a later time
ملحمة عشق an epic love story
منظرة علي الفاضي it is nothing, but a show off
مدللتكم إسرائيل your spoilt Israel
Entered by: Abdallah Ali
أهبة التدلي on the verge of dangling
السُّلامة the flawless/faultless/right/valid (openion/decision/situations)
تشنجات في المواقف Tension
Entered by: Assem Mazloum
درك أوطى lowest level/bottom
Entered by: Liliane Hatem
على موعد مع are expected to / are destined to
Entered by: hassan zekry
" كليلة و دمنة" لإبن المقفع Kalila and Dimna...
"مجنون برقاش" the Barkash village madman
3enjad enak alood You are really a copycat
Al-mar المار The passer-by/ the passerby
Annual moussem of Moulay Abdeslam الموسم السنوي لمولاي عبدالسلام Annual mullato of My Lord Abdeslam
ch'andek what do you wnt to say? إش عندك
Chkoun entina? Who are you?
delivers against peformance expectations يؤدي مهامه وفقا لتوقعات الأداء
ferekeeko فريكيكو
Entered by: hassan zekry
fonda فندق صغير
inaal din God damn....
Joteya جوطية
Mouloud المولد
Nahda shaab fi umma, wa nahda umma min ajal al-insaniat The Rise of a People within a Nation, and the Rise of a Nation for the sake of humanity
raven jigsaw صورة غراب مجزأة الى تسعة قطع
rebat? ribat? (meaning "sudden attack") state of readiness ( حالة التأهب / الرباط)State of preparedness
sadakah Favor
Tlah. Tlah. Agi. up, up here
يكوكنون sniff cocaine
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