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Arabic to English Slang Translation Glossary

Arabic term English translation
وضمائمهم ما عدا الوير كو ..and any supplementary fees or charges relating thereto with the exception of the Werko (house and land) tax
Entered by: Mona Helal
قل له غدًا في الصباح Tell him to come back tomorrow morning.
لوذعي spicy, sharp, incisive - of a person : quick-witted, sharp
لقاق talkative/garrulous/loquacious/chatterbox/prattler/babbler
لا حاشا و ماشا No, God (Heaven) forbid
ناقصين As if we need
Entered by: Muhammad Said
من حبنا حبناه وصار متاعنا متاعه We love those who love us and what is ours becomes theirs.
منحبكجي loyalist
Entered by: Assem Mazloum
ممنحيات Graphs
Entered by: Muhammad Said
مدلول meaning, significance, denotation
Entered by: A Nabil Bouitieh
مسلوق rushed
Entered by: Abdelmonem Samir
معلهش It's ok, whatever, anyway, excuse me, sorry, never mind, relax, not a big deal
مصيرك السحل you'll end up dragged (in the street)
ya 7elet-ha spoiled only child
zetna stirred chaos - made a commotion (Literally)/ enjoyed ourselves - painted the town red
آدي وش الضيف All to no avail
أنا يابيه؟ me, bey?
Entered by: Liliane Hatem
أبو كعاب/النكاف mumps
أبجنى تجدنى I'll be at your beck and call if you cross my palm with silver
إزدواجية duplicity
افسات prison officers
الف الف لا بأس عليك Many good wishes
Entered by: Muhammad Said
الفسح outing
Entered by: hassan zekry
المال السايب Unattended money
الاسوياء good
البهدلة وقلة القيمة Insult and lack of respect
Entered by: Lamis Maalouf
الحنجوريين are all mouth
الحجيل hajil dance
Entered by: TargamaT team
الزوهرة zouhra is a Moroccan female name
الشنكحاوى الزعبلاوى merryandrew / buffoon
الشافعات والعذرة In a miraculous way/miraculously
الشاطرة الشملولة smart aleck
الطوشة the fight or scuffle
العملية في بيتها So, it\'ll all stay within the family
العترة Misery
بنطبق شرع الله apply/enforce sharia law/law of God
Entered by: Abdallah Ali
برم الشاصي chassis bending
برازق Barazek
تيـــــــــت saying bad/dirty words or start swearing
تكرم عينك God bless you, God bless your soul
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