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Bulgarian to English Law (general) Translation Glossary

Bulgarian term English translation
влизам в правомощията си to take office, to be vested in power
внасям проект в правителството to present/ propose/ introduce a bill to the Government
водя на отчет като криминален контингент keep a record of someone as criminal contingent
водим In consideration of the above....
водещ прокурор lead/leading/chief prosecutor
вписано изоставяне на изпълнение recorded withdrawal of intent to enforce
Entered by: Mark Bossanyi
вещни права real rights
вещно право на ползване real/property right of use
Entered by: Pavel Tsvetkov
вещо лице по делото Expert Witness
верност на изнесените факти veracity of the facts presented
Entered by: Andrei Vrabtchev
велий wali
Entered by: Silvina Gospodinova
граждански състав civil panel
годни доказателства prima facie evidence; good/well-founded/sound/ evidences
да изпълняват предмета на споразумението to perform activities subject to the agreement
Entered by: Andrei Vrabtchev
давам статут give/grant a status
даден временно (за земя) без право на наследство temporary concession with no right of inheritance, (land, plot) given for temporary use, excluding right of inheritance
дв. входящ регистър double-entry register
Entered by: Pavel Tsvetkov
дипломна работа graduation thesis
длъжностно лице по гражданско състояние Officer at the Civil Registry
Entered by: Pavel Tsvetkov
до отмяна until revoked / cancelled
Entered by: Pavel Tsvetkov
договор под условие conditional/contingent contract
договорна ипотека contractual mortgage
Entered by: Andrei Vrabtchev
допустим admissible
допустими разходи eligible costs/expenditures
допуск access
десезирам decline jurisdiction
Entered by: Andrei Vrabtchev
детски надбавки child allowance/ child benefit
декоративно животно show animal
деловодна дейност records management
заявяването и представянето за обявяване announced and submitted for publication
заявителски материал assertion
заявен [as] stated / declared
Entered by: Pavel Tsvetkov
зачитам take into consideration
забранителен списък за приватизация prohibitory/prohibitive list of privatization, list imposing ban on privatization, list of enterprises banned from privatization
заготовка за банкноти blank paper for bank notes
задължен субект to be liable under, to bear liability under (the law)
закон за обществените поръчки Public Procurement Act
закона се търкаляше the bill was put on hold/ was neglected/postponed; the act has been tossed around; got tossed; being tossed
заплата първа категория first category labour salary, first labour category salary, salary of the first category
запорирам (сметка) to seize/block/levy/freeze an (bank) account; lien on bank account; levy a distraint upon;
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