The KudoZ open glossary is a browsable glossary of terms translated via the KudoZ term help network.

Bulgarian to English Military / Defense Translation Glossary

Bulgarian term English translation
fugasna granata High-explosion (HE) granade
странично изпреварване Lead (shooting)
секунден залп one-second burst
сектор \"ХА\" Cyberattack Sector
фугасен vs осколъчен high-explosive vs. fragmentation/anti-personnel
Entered by: Atanas Dakov
хоризонтална нишка horizontal cross hair
разлагане на балистическия вятър resolving/resolution of the ballistic wind
размеднител (на снаряд) decoppering lead wire
разнобой на оръдията target deviation
родови войски combat arm (branch)
Entered by: Trufev
ресорен инспектор inspector in charge of a particular/specific department
КОС All-dangerous (Public-hazardous) Tools Control
Entered by: Emilia Balke
АЩД административно-щабни дейности -> staff actions
Entered by: Emilia Balke
НКБ NCB - National Codification Bureau
Entered by: Maria Dimitrova
УД управление на доставките
Entered by: Maria Dimitrova
бризантна стрелба shrapnel fire
Entered by: Atanas Dakov
боен спирач на гаубица howitzer muzzle brake
Entered by: Andrei Vrabtchev
боен връщач на гаубица howitzer (howitzer's) recoil mechanism
готовност на място standby
дълбочинно почистване (от мини) (the area will be) thoroughly cleared of (land)mines, deep water mine sweeping
допускам органи на реда admit the Police to; allow access
канцел cockpit
компресорист compressor operator
леки сили light naval forces
напречен равник cross level
носач на панорамата panoramic sight support
оръжезнание weaponology
операция по подаден сигнал operation issued on alert; a tip-off (police) operation; operation on the basis of a tip-off
преносен сухоземен радар portable ground surveillance radar; mobile ground artillery reconnaissance radar; mobile lan-based radar system; land radar
пакет с барут charge of gunpowder
Entered by: Andrei Vrabtchev
пламегасител blast reducer; flash reducer; flash reducing charge
Entered by: Andrei Vrabtchev
полицейска разработка the police inquest/[preliminary] investigation/examination file/record/dossier on, information

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