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Chinese to English Computers: Software Translation Glossary

Chinese term English translation
陷下 sunken
浮起 raised
加锁 Failed to lock object A.
偷窥 (network) spying
Entered by: Bin Tiede
反向动力学 inverse dynamics
Entered by: albertdeng
反恐精英 Counter-Strike
Entered by: albertdeng
变量递增 increment
取文管代號目的取嘜頭圖檔 The purpose of obtaining code from document control is to get the drawing of the shipping mark
含概率 coverage
坐席管理 attendance supervision
多纬度威胁预警平台 Multil-dimensional Threat Early-Warning Platform
子目录嵌套 nested subdirectory
实时交互渲染 real-time interactive rendering
Entered by: albertdeng
寄生隐藏 hidden parasite (image) files
Entered by: Bin Tiede
密立方 Mi3 Cake
Entered by: David Lin
小四宋体 Font -4 Simsun
就绪函数 READY function
工况号 Working condition number
中間件 middleware
平面位图 2d bitmap
二次开发 customization (n.) or customized/customizable (adj.)
廓图 outline chart/graph/drawing
Entered by: William He
开源库 Open source library
信息化生产管理系统 information-based production management system
快速扫描线渲染 Fast Scanline Render
Entered by: albertdeng
公共约定 generally accepted code
关键字公钥 keyword public key
Entered by: Bin Tiede
回寫 write back
系統預設值 system default
纹理流程 texturing workflow/process
Entered by: albertdeng
组合号与组合序号 combination number and combination serial number
炒作账户 accounts with involvement in market manipulation
Entered by: Bin Tiede
特殊開窗 special window
盲取证 blind image forensics
Entered by: Bin Tiede
面嚮 oriented
触摸人类梦想 touches the dream of everyone
踩坏 (memory) currupted
Entered by: Frank Feng
进程驱动级 process-driven class
Entered by: Bin Tiede
脚本化 scriptable
Entered by: albertdeng
重新诠释 reinterpreting / reanalysing
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