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Chinese to English Cosmetics, Beauty Translation Glossary

Chinese term English translation
名贵中药 precious traditional Chinese medicine
太空电热耗 space-simulating radiant heat consumption
Entered by: albertdeng
宝隆/普罗文萨 Barone /Provence
不油腻 Non oily or non greasy
专属 proprietary
专业门诊 Clinic of special section/specialist out-patient
年轻化 rejuvenation
从基因水平 - gene standard?? at gene level
Entered by: Dr. C Li
令肌肤晶莹亮泽 leaving your skin radiant and glowing
建议初期黄褐斑不治 Treatment of early-stage chloasma is not recommended
Entered by: albertdeng
异常瘢痕的临床治疗 clinical treatment of abnormal scar
彩光 Intense pulsed light( IPL)
化学深层脱皮 deep chemical peeling
Entered by: albertdeng
凹凸洞 pock-marks; pockmarked; pockmarking...
Entered by: albertdeng
光敏性药物 photo-sensitive drugs
Entered by: albertdeng
Claims Substantiation of Hair Care Products 护发产品功效宣称验证
Entered by: Mi La
皮肤粗糙 rough skin
现症感染 current infection
Entered by: albertdeng
科技进步二等奖 The second-class award of Science and Technology Progress Prize
红血丝 red blood streak
Entered by: albertdeng
红血丝暴露状态 telangiectasias
纳米超微肽胶原 nano and ultrafine collagen peptide
美体师 Body Beauty Therapist
Entered by: Kevin Yang
瘢痕的精细修复手术 delicate scar revision surgery
疤痕修复仪 a scar repairing instrument
Entered by: Kevin Yang
痤疮印 acne mark
Entered by: albertdeng
甲基桂皮酸辛基 Octyl methoxycinnamate
無光澤 (skin) lacklustre, lackluster, lusterless, dull, drab
相关论文 relevant / pertinent / related / cited theses
白氨基酸S (S)-Leucine
莫溅 fenugreek gum ( or extract )
荔枝前花青素、荔枝肽脂质微粒 Litchi proanthocyanidin, Litchi peptide liposome
萝卜脚 stubby legs
Entered by: albertdeng
非剥脱疗法全彩光嫩肤机 Nonabrasive full spectrum skin softener (moisturizer)
Entered by: albertdeng
香蜂草 Melissa officinalis
角化外膜 cornified envelope
角酸 (角质酸) cutic acid
驻留类产品 leave-in products
轻点于局部 apply gently in dots/ gently dot it on the face
Entered by: Julia Zou
薄霧紗 Thin Gauze
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