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Chinese to English Education / Pedagogy Translation Glossary

Chinese term English translation
变形观测数据处理 deformation observation data processing
Entered by: albertdeng
专科 Associate College / Associate Degree
Entered by: Marc Van Gastel
04級的年級主任 Grade Supervisor of Year 2004
84教成字004号 84JiaoChengZi004
动态规划 dynamic programming
Entered by: albertdeng
劳动实践课 intern/practice
劳动技术 work Skills
培养单位 university/college/educational organization
Entered by: Yi Yuan
垢病了几十年的 much criticized for decades
Entered by: Denyce Seow
去外國旅行,多帶些美金利便些,你喜歡帶多少便帶多少吧! When travelling overseas the more US dollars you take the better. Take as many as you think you might require.
偏微分方程数值解 Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations
Entered by: albertdeng
偷偷的 (偷偷地) secretly, in secret
博士后流动站 postdoctoral program
博士点授权单位 accredited doctorate-granting (institutions, etc.)
半攻讀 Part-time student
Entered by: David Smith
华北协和女子大学 North China Union College for Women
千萬不要 must never
合卷本 one-volume edition
填鸭式教育 force-feeding education
多A些 do more A (verb construction)
大学入门 Introduction to University Life
大学英语 College English
大学英语六级证书 Certificate of College English Test (Band 6)
大地构造学 geotechonics
Entered by: albertdeng
天然药化 Natural Products Chemistry
女子学堂 finishing school (literally); program (for translation)
Entered by: Zong Yang Yu
学习委员(PRC) study monitor/commissary in charge of studies (PRC)
Entered by: Adsion
学问、专业技能和心智 scholarship, professional skills (/professionalism/specialized expertise), and intellect
学校体育学 Physical Education in Schools
學年/學期 academic year/semester/term
學分/成績 credit/achievement
存储论 inventory theory
Entered by: albertdeng
宏願學校 Vision School
对策论 theory of games
Entered by: albertdeng
專外 foreign language for speciality
工学学士学位 BS (Bachelor of Science) in Engineering
业余文化活动丰富多彩 a variety of extra-curricula activities for cultural enrichment
不上学等着穷,上学立刻穷 If you don\'t go to school you can expect poverty, go to school and you can have it immediately
不“教”的教育 heuristic eduction
严重的是审查过程 the serious problem lies on the review process
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