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Chinese to English Engineering: Industrial Translation Glossary

Chinese term English translation
交接检查。 hand-over check
Entered by: Julia Zou
基面处理 Treatment of Subgrade Surface
Entered by: Denyce Seow
健全测量“两级”交接制 improve and enhance the two-level turnover system for measurement
卸压结构 Pressure Relief Device
南北转战 undertake/do projects throughout China
Entered by: Julia Zou
叠轧钢板 Rolled Steel Plates
合格 pass
合格率 pass rate
Entered by: albertdeng
坚决拒绝回答只提问不答问的人 definitely refuse to answer any questions posted by those (people) who have only posed questions but never answered any.
天府杯银奖 Tianfu Cup silver medal
Entered by: Denyce Seow
太阳垫片 lock washer
Entered by: Shirley Lao
太阳纹面 sunray-patterned
外接柔性电线 External Flexible Cable
实现所策划的结果 achieve the planned results
Entered by: Julia Zou
对过程进行测量 assessment of progress
射出件, 射出镜框, 射出制程 Injection molded parts and eyeglass frame, Injection molding process
带自锁 with self locking mechanism
中间检查 Third Party Inspection
产品的耐候性及保色性优异 The weatherability and color retention of the product are excellent.
五线锁边机 Five Thread Overlocker
Entered by: albertdeng
以企业为创新主体 Enterprise-oriented technology innovation model
弱微风化基岩 slightly weathered bedrock
弔廐彅巕 Scholars in the Spring and Autumn Period( 770-476 BC)
保险解脱力 tripping force
分层 layered/stratified
冷焊和空焊之情形 cold weld(ing) and cold joint/false welding/rosin joint
内衬双层聚乙烯塑料袋 lined with double-layer polythene bag
Entered by: albertdeng
回球洞 ball return hole
借土场 borrow site
倒欠 shortage, negative
环氧压砂中涂涂装 Sand-suppression epoxy resin painting
Entered by: Denyce Seow
球杆槽 Billiard ball bar groove
科学合理管理工程施工进度 scientific and reasonable control on project construction schedule
秉承 adhering to/observing/upholding
空壳现象 cavitation/air void
Entered by: Denyce Seow
线圈定型 coil/winding shaping
Entered by: Roshni Sahgal
纵向变位 Longitudinal elongation
绿色水泥硬化地坪 Green terrace of cement solidification
Entered by: Denyce Seow
组合抗拉荷量 combined tensile strength
细石砼砌块石 finger stone concrete block
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