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Chinese to English Folklore Translation Glossary

Chinese term English translation
台山市川岛镇下川岛略尾墟 Luewei Market [located] on Xiachuan Island, Chuandao, Taishan
天葬台 celestial burial platform (durtro in Tibetan)
定比有沐春風、如飲醍醐之感。 will surely feel great serenity in the body, and utmost clarity in the mind.
左抽右带的弧形动作 arc-shaped motion with lashing on the left and leading on the right
世界拳坛上处于中等偏上水平 Chinese female boxing ranks a little above average by world standards
Entered by: Gary Key
一静全静、虚实分清 Immobility from one point would extend to the entirety, able to clarify falsehood from reality.
化导社会的作用 change/vary and guide the society
Entered by: Adsion
环环项扣 interlocked
第二义的 of secondary significance/importance - acquired meaning
随遇而安 be at home anywhere / feel at home anywhere / adapt to any circumstance
Entered by: Gary Key
草創之初蓽路藍縷 From humble beginnings and through many hardships
顾客是上帝也是我们的依食父母. The customer is King(god) as well as bread and butter.
让人耳目一新 present an entirely new world, be refreshingly different
Entered by: Gary Key
麒麟 Qilin
陈锡襄在民俗学之外建构风俗学设想并没有得到更多的学人注意 民俗 - culture/tradition; 风俗 - custom/lore
~{0KJ.V\Dj0`<JNdJu1HH|DZ<RH-WiH}<W~} Third division in Nei-Jia-Cuan sector in 80th anniversarial martial arts championships
~{PPTFHgK.~} it flows smoothly and flawlessly
提高人们对SARS的警惕意识。 increase / heighten people's vigilance against SARS
Entered by: Gary Key
无孔不入,无处不有 ubiquitous

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