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Chinese to English Insurance Translation Glossary

Chinese term English translation
10000元至30000元部分给付90% 90% of the expenses incurred above 10,000 yuan (but less than 30,000 yuan) will be reimbursable
墑氭擭嬥曐瑷 longevity pension insurance
安全駕駛貼心手冊 Driver's Safety Manual
寿险保费平台 life insurance premium volume/ turnover
小城镇、城镇 Small Towns, Township
个险期交业务 individual insurance installment payment plans
中華郵政保費 Premium of Chunghwa Post Life Insurance
一式二份 (prepared) in duplicate
年員工薪資所得受領人免稅額申報表 Annual wage's tax exemption declaration form for staff.
并将相关之权益转让给××公司 and transfer relevant rights and interests to xx Company
Entered by: lbone
幼敏 YMY Co., Ltd.
以二次为限 up to twice
作業檢核 progress and completion verification
余类推 and so on/and so forth
依先后顺位 in order of priority
保期 term/period of coverage
Entered by: Denyce Seow
利差損 negative spread
Entered by: Denyce Seow
××弄/鄰××號之 No. x Lin x, Alley x
员购 Staff purchase
冰筒 ice bucket
出险 claim
Entered by: albertdeng
准备金提转差 change in reserve
矗ㄑΤ匡拒场だ皘痜 providing some of the inpatients who have (selective treatment) choices
瞶竭 claims settler
灭失和损失 这两个词都译成loss
第一顺位受益人 Primary Beneficiary
纔磃竭蹿 preferential indemnification
父母住院醫療保險 Parent\'s Health Insurance / Parent\'s Hospitalization Insurance
瑕疵 minor flaws
生育保险 YES
电子选择权 electronic option
銀保 Bancassurance
被保险人 the insured
Entered by: albertdeng
被保险人按照货物从中国境内出口时的发票向保险人申报 The Insured files the invoice cut during the export of goods from China with the Insurer
首年期缴毛承保保费收入 FYP & GWP income
财补 financial subsidy
身故受益人 beneficiary in case of accident
车险车均保费 average car insurance fee
连动债 Series
英商壯生和壯生香港股份有限公司-臺灣分公司 Johnson & Johnson Taiwan Ltd.
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