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Chinese to English IT (Information Technology) Translation Glossary

Chinese term English translation
簽核用語 approval wording
单次稳定运行时间 single stable runtime
Entered by: SHI KANG DU
可循环选择 cycle through
坐席 on-duty; on-site
填充 fill
字号:小一号 size: 24
字体:黑体加粗 HEI” OR SIMHEI
对象池 Object Pool
Entered by: SHI KANG DU
展开符号 expand symbol
工业分包软件系统原型 Industrial Subcontracting Software System Prototype
已读文件 the file read
Entered by: SHI KANG DU
业务功能值 Operation Function Value
业务逻辑的数值返回 value return of business logic
Entered by: SHI KANG DU
上架设备和材料 equipment and materials to be set/installed on racks
上海电信信息内容服务集团 Shanghai Telecom Information Content Services Group of Companies
上海电信数据加工中心 Shanghai Telecom Data Processing Center
中国电信网管监控中心 Network Monitoring Center
中国电信计费结算中心 billing and collection center
一手操作 singled-handed manipulation
Entered by: Germaine A Hoston
平台性 Plateform oriented
人事教育处 Human Resources and Training Office
二次开发 second development
Entered by: SHI KANG DU
以人为本 people-oriented
Entered by: Denyce Seow
异构 heterogeneous
异构数据库 Heterogeneous Database
Entered by: SHI KANG DU
引福致富 bring welfare and wealth
Entered by: Denyce Seow
信息园区 Information park
信息福祉工程 project of information and welfare
Entered by: Denyce Seow
区位码字符 zone bit code characters
Entered by: Steven Hamilton
切片下载 slice download
喷状模 spray mold / spray cast / spray-formed mold or cast / injection mold or cast / spray-up mold or cast
Entered by: Steven Hamilton
内网区域 Intranet
免流量应用 free data-usage apps
Entered by: Michelle Deeter
全程测试 Full Test Pass
公开放号 the public issuance of cell phone numbers
公網IP解綁服務器 Unbinding a public IP address from a server
Entered by: David Lin
兄弟网站 sister website
Entered by: Denyce Seow
国际Internet 出口 Internet connection
程序类封装 program encapsulation
Entered by: SHI KANG DU
空间或机架 space or racks
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