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Chinese to English Law (general) Translation Glossary

Chinese term English translation
供诉人 testifier
公務上的侵佔使用罪 FYI
国家食品药品监督管理局标准(试行) State Food and Drug Administration Standard (for Trial Implementation)
给付之诉 actions for performance
"同类对照法" and "前后对比法" METHODs of comparison
(Date) 二中民特子第XX号 特 means the ruling is related with special procedure and 字 means serial number
10 号令管辖 If Decree 10 applies or not
Entered by: Katherine Xuan
原告所述属实 The plaintiff's statements are true.
原料验收制度 Raw material checking and accepting system
停牌 Delisting
反革命宣传煽动罪 crime of counter-revolutionary propaganda and incitement
可得利益损失 Loss of Obtainable Profits
双方当事人 both parties
受让申请书 Transferee Application
Entered by: Katherine Xuan
受送达人 addressee
发起法人股 Sponsor's Legal Person's Shares / Founder's share
听证 hearing
合议 panel hearing
合议制审理 reviewed by a panel
向本院提起公诉 file/initiate a public prosecution at this court
坏口子 a bad precedent
填发人 Prepared:
境管 impose exit control on..., put... under exit control, put ... name on the exit control list
夫妻感情一般 tepid, lukewarm relationship
子女抚育费 child support awards/payments
存续资产 existing assets
字号 trade name
Entered by: Denyce Seow
审理法庭 Court of Cassation
审级上的救济 to lodge an appeal with the court of a higher instance
审监庭 adjudication supervision division
家族公益基金会 Family Charitable Foundation
完全民事行为能力 full civil capacity
密等及解密條件或保密期限 confidentiality classification and conditions for lifting of confidentiality or confidentiality term
Entered by: Germaine A Hoston
就法论法,以法会友 to have cordial legal discussions based on legal standpoints
层级递增 ascending hierarchy
工程协调单 (ECM) Engineering Coordination Memo
工程检查验收制 engineering receiving inspection system/ ERI system
工程款支付汇总表 Project Payment Summary
上诉 vs 申诉 charge/prosecution, respond to charge, appeal and petition
Entered by: David Lin
不得对抗善意第三人 may not challenge any bona fide third party
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