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Chinese to English Law: Taxation & Customs Translation Glossary

Chinese term English translation
94年 2005
各种摊派 arbitrary charges
完税证 Tax Certificate
封面 Cover Page of Tax Collection/Deduction Documentations
工商登记联络员 contact person for industrial and commercial registration
已出具售付汇税务凭证 Tax Document of Sold and/or Paid Foreign Exchange Submitted
Entered by: RaffaellaG
不含税销售额 tax exclusive sales
个人所得和税由公司代为扣缴 the company withholds individual income tax
中华人民共和国出入境检验检疫入境货物调离通知单 PRC Entry-Exit Inspection & Quarantine Imported Goods Transfer Notice
万元版 ten thousand yuan format (edition/version)
代開發票/代开发票 proxy invoice issuance
付汇 pay foreign exchange
得抵繳 set off against
勵投資補助地價稅房屋稅 Land Value Tax and House Tax Subsidy of Investment Incentive Programm
国债利率 interest rate of government bonds
债务计税 vs 债权计税 debt vs loan
祙叭祅癘靡 Tax registration certificate
税收入库 revenue/tax collection
稅務中立轉移範圍內 tax-neutral transfer
Entered by: TranslatorJ
级次 level or hierachy
Entered by: albertdeng
纳税自觉 tax awareness
Entered by: Denyce Seow
缴税基数 tax base
进料加工进口料件 imported items/materials (& parts) for processing
重拳出击 to strike a heavy blow
逃税、避税、偷税、漏税 tax evasion,tax avoidance,tax dodging, tax negligence
Entered by: Denyce Seow
附列资料 attached Schedule
X机用票 machine-printed receipt/invoice
Entered by: Denyce Seow
换发税务登记证 reissue Tax Registration Certificate
Entered by: RaffaellaG
核定征收企业 enterprises taxed on a deemed basis
港澳台和外商投资所 Administrative Office for Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan & Foreign Investment
未认定申报 undetermined declaration
Entered by: albertdeng
按适用税率计算的纳税检查应补缴税额 tax deficiency per audit based on applicable tax rate
收入额减除标准 standard deduction for income
Entered by: Denyce Seow
收汇核销联 Slip for the Verification of Export Collection in Foreign Exchange
應賣人 Seller or Tender Offeree

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