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Chinese to English Linguistics Translation Glossary

Chinese term English translation
聽話 | 聽B的話 Be good | (take/listen to) B's advice
"实践"和"成就" realize/make come true- achieve
Entered by: Bea Geenen
"层面" perspective; aspect; etc.
« 娃 » 应读于乖切,音挽 wai
3-{N-[(4,5-二氢-1H-咪唑-2-基)甲基](4-甲苯基)氨基}苯酚甲磺酸盐 m-[N-(2-imidazolin-2-ylmethyl)-p-toluidino]phenol monomethanesulfonate (salt)
Entered by: Denyce Seow
埋冤 buried while justice not fulfilled
厚积薄发 be well prepared and rarin' to go
取古文篆籀逕省之形 both font style and pronunciation taken from the ancient Chinese Seal Scripts
与是否 ... 有关. ... depend on whether .... (or not)
中华大字符集 Chinese big character dictionary
中国红 Chinese red
Entered by: Bea Geenen
中部分產出 FYI
万事俱备,只欠东风 Everything is in order except what is crucial. Everything is all set except one thing. Everything needed is available, pending t
一條人生的路 life's path
平實 natural
乘兴而来,败兴而归 Set off in high spirits, return in disappoinment; Arrive in high spirits, go home disappointed
亚屈、亚利 subspecies,Subgenus
以為 think, believe, feel (likely contrary to fact)
心存万壑 Being Open-Minded
圣洁与龌龊 the holily pure and the evilly filthy
全型 and 半形 fullwidth/halfwidth
具体时间为理论时间的提前2天至延后5天 the specific (actual) time will be between 2 days before and 5 days after the theoretical time.
Entered by: Weiping Tang
前項但書 proviso(s) of the preceding paragraph
Back Translation 回译
Entered by: Raymond Siu
班门弄斧 Teach fish how to swim
Entered by: Stefanie Sendelbach
空两格 two spaces
等A才B B only after waiting for A
继承 inheritance - succession
Entered by: Bea Geenen
物理即是悟理 physics is reason apprehending
狼狈为奸 in cahoots with
Entered by: Denyce Seow
马新简体 Malaysia-Singapore simplified Chinese characters
警察局裡 | 在警察局裡 the inside of a police station | (inside/at/in) a police station
mandarin and le constructions emphasing things done and plain perfect tense, respectively
Sentence 句子
提前提醒生日的天数 (how many) days in advance to be reminded of the birthday
杀手锏 one‘s trump or master card
Entered by: albertdeng
民族 ethnicity/people group
易北河 Elbe River
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