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Chinese to English Marketing / Market Research Translation Glossary

Chinese term English translation
域名 domain name
压库 overstock
合同编号:专0230 Contract No.: pat.0230
Entered by: Julia Zou
合计人民币金额(大写)柒万元整 amount(ing) to Seventy Thousand(in uppercase letter)RMB yuan
Entered by: Julia Zou
壞車 the car has broken down.
复价 bulk order (discount) price
Entered by: Julia Zou
大有名廚 \"Famous Chef\" Together
备件批(清单见附件1) Spare parts lot, (Please refer to appendix 1 for listed details
Entered by: Julia Zou
好唔滿意 vs. 非常唔滿意 very dissatisfied vs. completely dissatisfied
好酒不怕巷子深 Good wine needs no bush
Entered by: William He
宣传资料 publicity/promotional materials
Entered by: Denyce Seow
上會 high purchase / to grant a loan / credit
不適用[不讀出] Not applicable.(Don't read it out.)
不按照法定要求之責任,索償 liabilities or claims caused by noncomformity with lawful prescriptions
Entered by: Julia Zou
中专毕业 Specialized middle school graduation / Complete Specialized Sec.(Secondary) Education
一级商 1st Tier
交車 Delivery of the car
交收貨品 goods delivery
Entered by: Julia Zou
产品市场运作回顾 review of the product market operation
人体红外感应开关 Human Body Infrared Sensor
人靠衣装马靠鞍/人靠衣装,马靠鞍 Clothes make the man
代办托运至火车站 check to send (baggage) to railway station
Entered by: Denyce Seow
以实物为准 for illustration purposes only
他山之石可以攻錯 another's good quality, or suggestion, whereby one can remedy one's own defects
佢無 He did not
征免性质 nature of exemption
Entered by: Julia Zou
依家 now
促销卖场 Promotion Salesroom
係乜野 what are (the reasons)
係咁啱嚟開呢頭 just happen to come here
係咪 Did (you)
必有过人之处 must have something special
分眾市場 niche market
分销布市 分销布市
喜康力 Gain Advance
善意保固處理 Warranty applies only to bona fide end users
嗰次 at that time
周邊商品授權 associated product licensing
傾吓 talk about
品牌店 brand-name store, designer store
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