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Chinese to English Medical (general) Translation Glossary

Chinese term English translation
孕期糖尿病 gestational diabetes
Entered by: albertdeng
过氧化脂 lipid peroxide
Entered by: albertdeng
主动脉瓣轻度狭窄 mild aortic (valvular) stenosis
Entered by: albertdeng
主型 primarily consisting of smooth muscle cells
Entered by: albertdeng
五官科 Department of Otolaryngology
Entered by: albertdeng
被子弹打穿 shot through
肺經的郄穴 Acupoint Xi in the lung meridian
流出 spill out/gust out
放射性分布均匀 a substantially uniform radial distribution
Entered by: albertdeng
压根部位 root of a tooth
针头 needle head
(右甲状腺)送检穿刺的固定液经离心见少量灰褐色沉淀 punctured (right thyroid) sample in fixative solution displays small amount of sediment in gray-brown color upon
(脑)中线结构 (cerebral) midline structures
...病在上... \\ ...病在下... diseases in the superior region / inferior region of the body
097年03月01日 1 March 2008
111影像学表现 111 diagnostic performance
Entered by: albertdeng
13棱 13 slices
Entered by: albertdeng
24小時尿蛋白定量 24-hr urine protein
Entered by: Denyce Seow
4.5号针头 #4.5 needle
4/5 椎间盘镜下摘除,椎管减压术 endoscopic or endoscopy-assisted L4-L5 discectomy and spinal canal decompression
Entered by: albertdeng
49型玻璃纤维滤膜/片/纸 49 glass fiber filter
4C 胚胎 four-cell embryo
5倍量的丙酮 5 times as much acetone (as ...)
98元气心活 (98-item) vitality and cardiac activity examination
AC anterior chamber
办尾牙 Year-End Dinner
加权象高信号影 high signal on T2-weighted imaging
Entered by: albertdeng
动-门瘘 artery- portal vein fistula
动脉期 arterial phase
Entered by: albertdeng
劳保药品 labor insurance medicine
Entered by: Lu Zou
力尔肽 Thymopentin for injection
Entered by: albertdeng
avL室水平 horizontal depression
基底节区出血 basal ganglia hemorrhage
Entered by: albertdeng
基底段可见磨玻璃影 ground-glass shadow was seen in the basal segment
基因活化 gene activation
Entered by: Denyce Seow
基础窦状卵泡总数 basal antral follicle count (bAFC) or antral follicle count (AFC)
基础看诊 the first visit
原型药物 unchanged metabolite
原发性 Primary
原始心管搏动 primitive heart tube pulses / primitive heart tube pulsation
Entered by: albertdeng
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