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Chinese to English Medical: Instruments Translation Glossary

Chinese term English translation
原试管样品位 sample position consisting of 60 holes for test tube
Entered by: jyuan_us
反超现象 back-filtration phenomonon
Entered by: Lu Zou
可升降机头 height-adjustable handpiece
参比式通道设计 reference channel
Entered by: jyuan_us
吸药管 syringe
复溶 redissolve
孔数不足不必补孔 insufficient holes needn't be added
Entered by: jyuan_us
不相容的 incompatible
中美发明专利 patent granted both in China and US
临床使用部位 body parts for clinical instrumentation
Entered by: Denyce Seow
主机 Main Unit
Entered by: Alvin Liu
似光性 optical-like
引血 establish blood flow
Entered by: Lu Zou
彩色超声波诊断设备 FYR
影像工作站 Physician's Review Station
体外冲击波碎石机 Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripter
医用电子直线加速器 Linear-Elektronbeschleuniger zum medizinischen Zweck
分装热室 Automatic Diluting and Dividing hot room
全自动生化分析仪 Full Automatic Biochemical Analysor
全自动血流变测试仪 Auto blood rheology analyzer
Entered by: jyuan_us
具有试剂完全开放的特点 characterised by a fully open reagent system
光刻掩膜腐蚀技术 lithography mask etching
Battery Access 电池装卸(途径/板/口)
磷酸化 phosphorylated
给药剂量设计 dosage design for drug administration
电钩 electrocautery hook
电腊勺 electric wax spatula/dental wax spatula
直线传播性 rectilinear propagation
DR2台 digital radiography
随机隐藏原则 concealed random allocation
随机连用试剂 reagents to be used together with the machine
隐性吸毒 covert/concealed drug/substance abuse
螺旋CT-GE Spiral CT
Entered by: albertdeng
螺旋CT平扫 plain or noncontrast spiral CT scan
规范性引用文件 normative quoted documents
Entered by: Julia Zou
连续式分光光度计 continuous recording spectrophotometer
Entered by: Denyce Seow
钻孔器 driller/drilling machine
肾脏皮髓质结构清晰 distinct cortical and medullary structures of the kidney
脑动脉硬化性脑病 cerebral ateriosclerotic ecephalopathy
自动中心定位 auto plate centering (system)
Entered by: jyuan_us
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