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Chinese to English Medical: Pharmaceuticals Translation Glossary

Chinese term English translation
四氯化碳 Carbon tetrachloride/Tetrachloromethane
Entered by: albertdeng
赖氨酸 lysine
Entered by: albertdeng
多孔菌科 polyporaceae
Entered by: albertdeng
荆花胃康胶丸 Jinghuaweikang capsule
Entered by: albertdeng
葡萄糖醛酸 glucuronicacid
Entered by: albertdeng
肝糖元 hepatic glycogen
Entered by: albertdeng
20目筛 20-mesh sieve
21金维他 21Vita
Entered by: Lu Zou
2支/次 2 ampules each time
原料药 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)
原料药 辅料药 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), Excipients
去乙酰化酶类 Deacetylase
压迹异常 abnormal (arteriovenous) nicking
半乳糖 galactose
Entered by: albertdeng
卡巴浦 Carbopol
卫统 health statistics
即时标记 radiolabeling for immediate use
単回投与 / 单回投与 single-dose [toxicity study]
单一效果欠佳 a single antibiotic was found less effective
单氨氧化霉 monoamine oxidase
Entered by: albertdeng
单水乳糖 Lactose monohydrade
反馈性机制 feedback mechanism
口含 dissolved in (patient\'s) mouth
双侧基底区腔隙梗塞 Lacunar infarction in basal ganglia regions
受理单位 accepting organization
Entered by: Denyce Seow
参芪降糖片 Ginseng & Astragalis Blood Glucose Lowering Tablet
吐温系列 Tween series
Entered by: Vladyslav Golovaty
同体左右侧自身对比法 intra-individual left/right self comparison method
合并用药注意事项 special precaution on coadministration of drugs
合規性職責 compliance responsibilities
增強作用 enhancing effects
增强脑功能 improves brain function
增生手术切缘正常粘膜 dysplasia surgery w/ incision margin at normal mucosa
增殖老化 Replicative senescence
多太类 polypeptide
Entered by: albertdeng
多糖核甘类 polysaccharide nucleosides
Entered by: albertdeng
Entered by: albertdeng
复方黄芪升白颗粒 Compound Radix Astragali Shengbai Granule
大型医疗设备配置证 license for acquisition of large-scale medical equipment
Entered by: Denyce Seow
大血管和微血管疾病 large blood vessel disease/macroangiopathy and small blood vessel disease/microangiopathy
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