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Chinese to English Music Translation Glossary

Chinese term English translation
A sentence 其和声充满了不协和的音响构成 - Such harmony is filled with inconsonant sound structures
Entered by: albertdeng
加花装饰 grace notes, ornamentation
历音 gliss (glissando)
Entered by: albertdeng
叠句曲式 变奏-叠句 = variation-ritornello; 曲式 = (musical) form
吐音 tonguing
Entered by: albertdeng
声部首席 Section Principal
Entered by: albertdeng
天国乐团 Celestial Band
富有张力 full of tension
小慢板 Lentamento
层次铺垫 layer upon layer of orchestral sound
三度结构 thirds
Entered by: Zhoudan
三全音 tritone
下行的音型 -
乐节 bar 或 measure
乐曲的强弱变化很明显 the music is marked by distinct change from strong beats to weak ones.
Entered by: Julia Zou
亚历山大.车尔品 Alexandr Tcherepin
五声性 pentatonic
Entered by: Zhoudan
弦乐声音有点太黏 The string instruments sounded somehow too phlegmatic.
弦音 string sound
引发出一段段趣味盎然的音乐 initiate/create a cascade of intriguing[/captivating] music
Entered by: Julia Zou
使旋律浮在伴奏上 so that the singer\'s voice [melody] floats gracefully above the accompanying music
Entered by: Julia Zou
微妙之处 herein lies/resides the subtle elegance of this piece
Entered by: Julia Zou
在节奏自由的情况下 In rubato
Entered by: Julia Zou
在自由的节奏中演奏 the two instuments are played at their own pace [with their own rhythm]
Entered by: Julia Zou
嘎哦丽泰[GB] Gaerlitai
哑键 practice pedal OR soft pedal
出现两个极强音引出杨琴 Two sforzandoes appear first, followed by the entry of the melody of Yangqin.
Entered by: Julia Zou
全曲由引子、主题、变奏和尾声组成。 FYI 全曲 = the whole work;尾声 = coda
八度散打 playing broken octaves
副首席演奏家 assistant principal XX
回旋变奏体 rondo-variation form
Entered by: albertdeng
Chinese term or phrase 在演奏激烈时 it comes to a sudden halt when the music is intense
Entered by: Julia Zou
移宫 variation of the pentatonic scale
Entered by: albertdeng
科恩格 Erich Wolfgang Korngold
科恩格的《Straussiana》、舒伯特的《小协奏曲》 Erich Wolfgang Korngold's 'Straussiana' and Franz Peter Schubert's 'Concertino'
第一場 the first performance
管弦乐 orchestral music
紧拉慢唱 fast bowing and slow singing
Entered by: Julia Zou
经过音 passing tone
Entered by: albertdeng
甩腔 throat singing
Entered by: albertdeng
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